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Monday, January 30, 2012


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Thx Simon,

Great technique to use. I have been doing the same thing with my IELTS students and it is working ;-)
By the way, how can I ask my questions regarding the teaching of IELTS and some hints on it?!
please let me now.

Thanks for that. that is really a good idea and another tip for parcticing the IELTS reading test!

Hi Abbas,

I'm glad it's working! Feel free to ask 'teacher' questions here on the blog too.


No problem Lunn.

Hi Simon,
I find difficulty in writing because I am not good at writing effectively as I have a skill in different field.
No doubt, I can write and communicate appropriately.

Is it good idea to cram your eBook to get band 7 in writing.
I think it covers all the topic. Though, you said that only 24 Areas.

Thanks in advance

Simon can you help me find the clues for all reading test on IELTS vol. 8.
Tnx. :)

Hi x-reader,

The ebook can certainly help - the 24 topics are the most common/important ones to know about.

If you get the ebook, you don't need to learn every idea by heart, but you should use it to make sure you have an opinion and some good vocabulary ideas for each topic.


Hi Gwapo,

I'm afraid that's too much for me to help with here. To cover that kind of thing would take me several weeks working with students in a normal class. You really need to work face-to-face with someone if you want that level of help.

What I meant was just a table. Like what you normally do.

Hi Gwapo,

Ok, I'll try to gradually do some tables for book 8.

Dear Simon
I see tons of candidate who write True/False/not given by mistake instead of Yes/No/Not given, do they get penalized for that?

Thank you Simon. :) you're a gift from heaven.:)

Hi Iman,

To be honest I'm not 100% sure about the rule for that. However, it's better to be safe and take care to write what the instruction tells you to write.

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