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January 22, 2012


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Yesterday, I attended the General IELTS Test here in Germany.
In listening I made simple mistakes by being over-smart; trying to see two or three questions more before I hear the one I should be concentrating on.

Reading again was horrible because I could not find the answers through scanning or skimming and thus could not manage the time.

In writing Task 1 was satisfactory where as in Task 2 I believe I went a little out of track. Question was:

Internet and televisions are the strong means of media in today's world. Some people believe that radios will be totally replaced by them. Do you agree or disagree.

Speaking was better compared to others to be honest.

Hi Simon
I am Hakan.We would like to get IElTS 6.5 degree.How ccan we take this degree from Turkey?or FCE please help me immediately Simon.

Dear Hakan
It is simple. I can answer this question for you. Study hard.

hii simone

i just wanted to ask you that i got 5.5 in rading and speaking...and 6 band in writing and 6.5 in listening.My overall band is 6. i have to get 6.5 band with no less then 6 band in each module.So how many days of preparation is required?i wanted to book my test date after one month. and please give me practice tips. Thank you very much for your time and consideration i really appreciate it!

Hi Sanjaya,

Thanks for sharing. Maybe you should read this lesson about skimming and scanning:



Hi Hakan,

Just find your local test centre and take the test. Here's the link you need:



Hi Ami,

It's impossible for me to say how many days you need. Just do as much practice and preparation as you can. All of my tips are here in the lessons on the site.

Good luck!

Hi Simon,

I am Alex. Can you help me and clarify me what exactly is put on word account ? I search information in web but there are too many opinions and I'm confused :)

Thank you

Hi Alex,

It's simple. Every word is counted as one word, even "a", "I" and numbers (e.g. 1999).

Hi Simon,
The other day my IELTS teacher told me that I have to have capital letter in direction words (North, South, ...) when I wrote them without capital in a listening test else I'll lose points. So I'm just wondering ...

Hi Thanh,

You won't lose points for that in the listening test.

Hi, Simon!
You said it wouldn't make difference to write all in lowercase, so does this mean we can write names and places in lowercase?

Hi simon

my first IELTS' overall band is 5.0 .i got 5.5 in listening and speaking and 4.5 band in writing and reading . i have to get 6.0 band with no less then 5.5 band in each module.i always don't have enough time to finish my reading and writing.last test,I just finished only half and one reading passages ,and writing task 2. I have no idea for My reading speed .always don't know how to describe task1's paragraph .my next test is February 25 ,can u give me practice tips. Thank you very much for your time .

Hi Anuar,

Yes, in the listening and reading tests you can write everything in lowercase if you want.


Hi Sonia,

There are too many tips for me to describe here. You'll need to go through my lessons to learn more.

In your case, my main tip is that you need to focus on FINISHING the reading and writing tests. You just need to keep practising until this becomes easier.

Hi Simon
The question is: do we have to use capital letters if an answer is a name or a name of the road ( for example: Oxford Street)? Will it be a mistake?Thank you)
- Sergei, Russia

what if I write, "Central" rather than CENTRAL or central, is this answer is acceptable in ielts listening?

Hi Simon,

I am Mandy. I have two questions :) The first one:Is it necessary to write things in capitals in both Listening and Reading part, if i want to use capital letters? The second one:Does 27.01.1973(a date written in this way)count a number, not three?

Thanks a lot if you can help me to solve my problem.

please help me to give one suggestion on using of capital and small letter in reading and listening answer. sometime I am making mistake to count proper noun and using small letter. then the answer is wrong. should I use all capital letter in a word?

Hi Simon,

Is it okay to do the IELTS writing tests (the letter and essay) in all CAPS? Thank you very much!

hi simon,if i write Central Station as central station/Central station/CenTral STation then what will happen? will i loose my marks.i think you have understood my problem.

Hello Simon;

I wrote my IELTS Exam on 9th of november 2013
I wrote all my Answers from reading and writing in Upper case (capital letters).....for Instance: EXAM

I hope that I did well during the exam time but after I got my results I was shocked with my score
I never got 5.5 Bands in listening and I expected at least 7 or 7.5 what happened I didn't understood I got 5.5 both in listening and reading very sad :(((

Please help me friends I got depressed .......

Hi Simon,
Someone told that me I had to write True, False and Not given all in capital letters (TRUE, FALSE, NOT GIVEN) ,otherwise they wont count the corret answers!!!!!!!!!!
Please help me I'm so stressed ....

Don't worry Parastoo, that advice is wrong!

any one plsss answer for Reashad Hossain ...
i have the same doubt.................

any one pls answer for Reashad Hossain, i have the same doubt.

Hi, can u guide me, as we can answer in "capital" or "small" letters in reading and listening module but what about the "true,false and not given or yes, no, not given" do we answer these question in capital as they will always instruct in exam write "TRUE,FALSE,NOT GIVEN, YES, NO, NOT GIVEN" Can we write these in small letters in answer sheet or we have to follow the instruction?

Hi Simon,
are we really allowed to write all the answers in capital letters in the reading/listening section? That's great, as I was worring about making mistakes there..but just to be sure: Is this written somewhere on the british council homepage or somewhere else "official".
Don't want to offend you in any way, just want to be on the safe ..

Hi Sophie,

Here's a link to the official advice about this. Look at page 6, 'test tips'. The last tip for listening, and the penultimate tip for writing. For reading, it says that the same rules apply as for listening (penultimate tip).


I hope this helps.

Hello Simon,

I would like to know that when writing down my answers of TRUE/FALSE/NO GIVEN questions on my answer sheet in reading part, can I write "true/false/not given" or even "T/F/NG"?

Thank you in advance.

Hi simon,
I just wrote lower letters ( building construction) at the beginning of the line.is it correct or incorrect?thank you

do you know any websites that correct IELTS writing for free?

Hello dear Simon.
I took my IELTS exam yesterday and I wrote all the true, false and yes, no questions as below:

True, False, Not Given
Yes, No, Not Given

someone told me they are totally wrong because they should have been all in capital letters!!

I am so depressed and full of stress now.

could you tell me whether or not it is true?

Many thanks

I used capital letter for first word and then small letter in listening,so please tell me that is it wrong or acceptable.e.g Voice,Apology

In the ielts test exam 14th April, 2018. Instead of write TRUE, FALSE, NOT GIVEN, I wrote: true, false, not given.
Please let me know that this was right or wrong
Many thanks

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