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Sunday, October 30, 2011


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I do not know how to appreciate you for your useful website, especially, Task1.
from Tabriz, Iran

Dear Simon
thank you for your advices.
I have one question with respect to writing task 2: In many countries today insufficient respect is shown to older people.What do you think may be the reasons for this?. What problems might this cause in society.
this question from official IELTS practice material 2010.
What they mean by older people, is it the elderly population in the country.
can we contradict or give balanced opinion or we should plan our essay with respect to the idea that there is insufficient respect and then talk about the consequences
thank you

Hi Simon

I got my IELTS results. I got listening-8, Reading - 6.5, Writing -7 and Speaking -6.5

I followed your daily lessons very seriously and prepared every topic from your ebook. Many thanks to you. You are doing great job to help students. I will recommend your website to all IELTS studnets.


Hi Simon, it is the first time I have jointed in your interesting website. I found it is very informative and helpful.

Dear Simon
How are you!
Can we have more pie charts practice for essay-1?

Thank you very much!

No problem Elaheh and Bongbeng!


Hi Hassan,

Good question. I suppose it could mean 'anyone older than the person showing insufficient respect' but I think it would be easier (and totally acceptable) to focus on elderly people.

This is a 'problem and effects' question. I don't recommend contradicting the question or giving a balanced view - just accept the problem, explain reasons for it, and explain some effects.


Congratulations Sonali - great scores! Thanks for recommending the site.


Hi Sunny,

I'll try to do another pie chart question soon. However, you shouldn't think of pie charts as a 'different' type of question. Pie charts just show numbers, so the task is the same as a bar chart, graph or table question. Just describe and compare the numbers - there is no special language for pie charts.

Thank you Simon for your help

sir, plz help me 4 preparsation fo writing test in ielts.it is very difficult to me task-1 and essay writing body. i shall be very thanks to u. if u give me some tips and hinds.

Hi Shakeel,

All of my tips and materials are already here on the site. Just have a look through the "writing task 1" category to see my lessons.

It is very useful.thanks a lot.In my opinion not need tutor who follows this site.
greetings from Baku,Azerbaijan

Thanks Elvin.

using complex setences in writing increase ielts band is this correct?

Hi Sukhjeet,

Here's my advice:


Hi Simon , i found your website really very helpful , its full of knowledge for IELTS takers. Please, I want you to give some more advise for reading task. I am really very bad at it.

I have only 25 Days.i am not good at English what can i do for writing please give me some suggestion about this i hope u will help me

hi i want to ask about reportoir regarding speaking . do you have e book for speaking also

sir how much is the ebook for speaking?

I don't have an ebook for speaking Michel. All of my speaking materials are here on the site.

for daily lesson plz refer me the link

Hello Simon,
I thank you very much for your useful information. I have a question on grammatical range in speaking part of IELTS exam. which grammatical instructions are important?
Thank you again.

Hello Simon,

Hi I want to ask about ebook four modules material in one book.

Hi Deepak,

No, my ebook is only for writing task 2. It's aim is very specific - to give you ideas and vocabulary for common topics.

Have a look at the contents page and an example chapter by clicking on the link below.


thank you for all shares :) I'm a beginner with ielts and i feel extremely lucky to know your website!
Best wishes for you!

hai simon
i have only 25 days to prepare for my ielts exam.kindly guide me.for me writting and reading difficult....its the first time i joined in ur website...intersting one...thank u so much

You are brilliant Simon, your lessons are absolutely clear and focus on the point; thank you very much.

Hi Simon, I got band 8 in my speaking, listening and reading component but only band 6.5 in the writing one. I am convinced that I did well though, can you advise me?

Hi Simon,my exam is coming near it's my first time.. I want all tips in each module to get band 7 . Please help me..

Hi Simon.

I wish you good health and happiness.

You have mentioned about band 7 words and phrases are you confident about using? But how can I recognise band 7 words during my lesson and where do we find band 7 words.

Thanks for helping for all students from all over the world. Your work is very meaningful. I think

I think that is the key point. Many Chinese young students only want to memorize some models, which is useless.

can i write an essay and post , so that i will know my mistakes if u correct it.

Hello, Simon,

My name is My Bounthanongsack, the staff of Department of Planning and Investment of Attapeu, from Laos PDR and I have to compete in Australian Scholarship Awards(ASS) in 2016 and I need to improve IETLS writing test banding score must meet 6.5 to 7. My point is I really need to be your student and How much will you charge me, by the way ? Before I take a test in ASS office then I have to take an exam in Vientiane college in December 2015 in Vientiane Capital. So I have only 5 five moths left, howeverk, do you have any short course.

I am looking forward to hearing a good news from you soon.

Kind regards,
Promotion Investment officer
Department for Planning and Investment of Attapeu

Contact info:
(+85620 99654269, 02059975869)

Hi Simon.
I wonder whether classifying the essays is important or not and what will we write if we don't know these types of essays.I hope you will answer as soon as possible :)

Really helpful!

hello Sonali can u plz tell me what is required for 7 band in writing

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