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Thursday, September 08, 2011


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This is yet another great lesson to improve writing Task 1 essays! Thanks Simon!

A quick question, though, would it be OK to include personal assumptions or opinions about why certain stages occur the way they occur? I mean, sometimes it is just quite difficult to reach 150 words by describing a simple flow chart... please advise.


Hi Martin,

I'm glad you like the advice. I'm afraid you can't include opinions or assumptions - the examiner will consider them irrelevant, and this might affect your score.

I agree that it can seem difficult to write 150 words. Make sure you do the summary in the way I suggested, then describe each step in detail - you should find that gets you to 150 words.

Alright, thanks for the advise, Simon~
You have a nice weekend!!!

Thank you so much for your useful help. I have just known my IELTS result this morning and I got my required mark. I got 6.5 overall
(L7.5 R7 W6 S6) and in fact, I only spent 2 months learning IELTS myself and I spent most of my learning time on your website. So I think that I will recommend more and more my friends to your website. Wish you all the best!!!

Thanks Long, and congratulations on getting such a good score!

Dear Mr. Simon,

Do you have any advices for writing about maps in task 1?
Please help me because I have never written about this before, although, I do try to think, may be I should use comparative form in this kind of essay.

Thank you very much.

Hi simon
Could we use the word the chart demonstrates instead of the chart shows n can we use it in graphs too?


Thank you very much for you helpful advice.

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