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Saturday, May 21, 2011


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I write topic in ielts writing task 2. But i write out of the topic. Then i get band?

I write university as high school in introduction of task1 and spelling of further in task2 how many bands can be duducted by this mistake?

In writing task 1.i attempted well I may score 6 bands.where as in task2 I wrote only 200 words approximately.and I did not answer question properly.how much could I score in my writing

hi ,i have just given my ielts exam last week and i have done a mistake by opining more advantages of economic development in introduction and then i wrote an extra point of disadvantage in later paragraphs i.e. 3 points of disadvantages and 2 points of advantages but in introduction i have favoured advantages .kindly, tell me the band deduction for this .

Hlo I wrote writing task 2 off track..I m totally confused can you tell me that how much effect it on my bands

Hi Simon
Thanks alot for your help ...your website really helped me alot
I got my result band 7 but I've got only 6 in writing despite that I wrote a v.good task 2, but i think task 1 was unfortunate. Does it worth to do remark to get 6.5
Thanks in advance

Hello Simon,
I took general test. In writing task 2 instead of writing littering I wrote loiter in few places say I used around 4 times. I need a band 7. I am afraid as it changes the meaning of what I am trying to say.

Hlo Simon,
I have written the effects in place of cause in writting task 2.
How many bands will b deducted due to my silly mistake ?
I am really worried about this .
Please reply as soon as possible.

hi simon.my ielts exam was on saturday .by mistake i had written 300 words in task 2 .is there any penalty for overwriting.am so tensed.plz reply to my question

Hello Simon,
I just took the IELTS exam today.

I believe that I did really well on Task 1 in writing. However, task 2 was under length (approx. 20 words short). How serious would it affect on my writing? Though i wrote the essay with good content!

Hello Simon,
I just took the IELTS exam today.

I believe that I did really well on Task 1 in writing. However, task 2 was under length (approx. 20 words short). How serious would it affect on my writing? Though i wrote the essay with good content! 6 band score is possible or not with all this?

Hi Simon,

I just realized one thing. If the Examiner 2 is only for the purpose of re-mark, then the examiner 2 for re-mark would see the original result given by the first examiner. Is that right?

Thank you,

Hi simon. I wrote dollars instead of pounds in tabular chart, because only the symbol of currency was given and it was not mentioned in words. How many bands will be deducted?? Plz reply .

Hi simon
I have not written the conclusion of writing task2 bcz of time shortage.how can it impact my band score now ?

Dear sir
I wrote task 1 on task 2 sheet paper in my ielts
What happen now.
How much effective is this .

Hi Simon
Sir I m really worried about my test could you please clear my mind... I did well in ielts writing task 1 but my task 2 wasn't so good ... Let me tell you what I have did ... They asked that nowadays companies are using sports events to promote their product.some people think that it has wrong effect on sports. I wrote mostly about their company advertisements through sports events and I said a little about its wrong effects on sports... Could you please tell me to which extent it can effect my score???

In Writing task 1, I misinterpreted one table (in all 2 were given) and wrote my answer based on that interpretation (actually I mistook 'number of potatoes in kg/person' as 'consumption in million tonnes' as the same unit was used in the other table). Table 2 interpretation is fine and my overall writeup is fine English-wise but the interpretation is wrong. Task 2 went fine and I could get 8/9 in that. What score could I expect in overall writing?

Hlo Simon i have some query..

yesterday on my exam i didn't complete my conclusion. i just restate only and i ran out of time because i was stuck in task 1 and i forgot about time . not only that in task 1 i wrote people in stead of worker or employee.
whats the total marks that will be deducted?????

Hi simon
my task 1's introduction and overall is good but body paragraphs are not.
How much score can i get?

Hi simon, i forgot to fill my candidate detail in the additional sheet provided for writing task 2 .would i lose marks?

Hi simon..
I gabe my exam yesterday.. Task 1 writting went well but in task 2 i was unable to write more than 220 words.. I just wanted to know to wat extent my writing band will b effected.. Wats the penalty for writing under word limit.?

Is there an upper limit for word in IELTS Writing Section 1 or 2? I yes, will I get penalized if I cross the maximum word limit in IELTS writing task 1 or 2

Hi Simon, i just wanted to know how the IELTS is scored. i took my test yesterday and the problem that i have now is that i did not discuss both sides in writing task 2. However, i did describe one side and i also gave my opinion in my essay. so basically i wanted to know how much band score will be affected by this.

Hi! I mistakenly wrote IELTS Task one in task two material. Does this affect my result? Exam supervisor said "it's ok" as there was no option. I'm so sad about what i did.

Hi I gave my ielts exam today.. in the question there was a part which said give your reason and examples from your own experience on the topic..I did not give examples as I ran out of time...I gave reasons and covered all other parts of the question...how many marks will I loose?

Hello mam/sir
I have wrote my IELTS exam last week and in task-2 I have exceede my word count above 350 words.
Will it be going to effect my bad score?

If I discuss other opinion before explaining my opinion ,in an opinion essay .will it be wrong in terms of task achievement.

Yesterday I took ielts exam.i did well in writing task 2 I guess probably I will gain 6.5.however,in writing task 1 I ran out of time and I just wrote introduction and a part of second paragraph. Is it possible to earn 5 for writing?


I had my ielts test today and I forgot to write the example in writing test task 2

Will i be punished for not writing the example

Hello Simon,
I did not get time, to count letters; but I completed complete sheet for task 1 n took One extra sheet of task 2 n completed the front page 2 for task.Can u help me in giving an idea?
Thank u

For task 1 I used complete sheet front n back,n task 2 complete sheet with an additional extra front paper I covered

My all modules went on very well,except reading module,I'm not sure of chooses.So,unfortunately If I get 29 marks,my score would drop to 5.5 in general reading?
Thank you in advance.

What penalty would it be if i wrote more than 200 words in Writing Task 1 and more than 300 words in Task 2.

This happens quite often because sometimes there will be more then 3 graphs with different subjects or units and then write comparison, so this would be exceed the word limit.


No penalty! There isn't a maximum number of words, so don't worry.

hi ,i recently gave my exam and in writing task 1ni wrote an overview but started with , to conclude, .. what do u think my band score would be deducted for this or not?

hi ,i recently gave my exam and in writing task 1ni wrote an overview but started with , to conclude, .. what do u think my band score would be deducted for this or not?

Hi Simon,I took the IELTS general and in the letter writing part, I failed to end the letter with "best wishes"or "regards"since it is an informal letter. Instead, I used "Yours sincerely", how much would I be penalized? Many thanks!


I wrote an idiom on pins and needles while writing a letter to HR of company where I got interviewed. How many band scores will be duducted for that?

I took Ielts test today and wrote an essay on problem and solution. I addressed all the issues, provided solutions. But I was running out of time. So in the end, I wrote 'with the problems and solutions stated above I conclude my essay '. Will I be penalized for this?

Sirl took my ielts exam today.l went overlength in task one task two was ok will l get 6.5bands

Could u please respond sir.

HELLO! Say me please how long is a 200 word essay ?

I took the test today and the question was about governments spending less money on rural transportation than the urban transportation. But ı confused the meanings of urban and rural and write the whole essay by talking about city centers by saying rural areas. Besides than that I believe my essay is really good. How bad it will effect my score? What is the maximum score I can get with this mistake?

Hi simon
I took my ielts lask week Saturday , I discovered that in the writing test both in task 1 and 2 I forgot to put my work I paragraphs.
Please how much mark will I lose for that?

I could not write the solution line in the conclusion. Is this gonna effect,? I wrote the conclusion : paraphrased intro and wriiten problem also but missed one line of solution in a cause solution esaay.
How many bands will be deducted for this? Words would be more than 250

When marking the Task 2 writing, are grades for all the band descriptors linked to the task response?. For example, could a student get a low score in the task achievement because they misunderstood a word in the task, but still get good grades for lexical resource and grammatical range and accuracy because they write fluently using academic English?

Hello Sir i am very afraid as i have done task 1 of about 145 words but i have covered all points and my task 2 was very good can i get 6.5 or 7

Hiii. Simon I think my task 1 is short around 25 to 30 word. Will it affect my band score .. maximum how much word I can short?? How much band score can i get ??

Hi Simon,

Need your help in understanding the below issue which i faced in my ilets exam recently.

I did well in task 1.

In task 2 i ran short of time and i couldn't write my conclusion para. though in my introduction section i mentioned which way my essay is going to inclined.

would i be loosing my band score if examiner asked me to stop after i just wrote to conclude and couldn't finish it off.


Sir how many bands are deducted for irrelevance in one body paragraph task 2

Hi! I wrote 250 words for task 1 and about 500 words for task 2. The thing is I explained all the points in the task and did not go off topic. How many marks will I lose?

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