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April 23, 2011


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Hi Simon!
My teacher who now works as an IELTS examiner at British council in Thailand have told me that the reading and listening test are marked by a person who is the local.(Eg. In Thailand, Thai people at British council will mark them) They have the answer keys.
The examiners only mark The writing papers and the speaking tests!

Thanks you for the valuable information!!.

hi Simon
i have a question: how can i reach 6.5 in listening and reading sections. It means how many correct answer should i do to get 6.5. I consider lots of web site about score table some of them saying 26 correct answer is equal to 6.5 but others different. can u help me? Thank you very much!

Hi Burak!
For me, I think that if your concentration is good, and your spelling and vocabulary are good. You would like the listening test much easier than you think. To my mind, I think that if you do a lot of practices and you then should know the formats(Eg. 1st section = conversation between 2 people.) it helps you to focus easily.

The reading test.
It seems to me that I really need to do paragraph headings last because you really need to look for the main idea of each paragraph. Miss them, and come back at the end. You should do "Gap fillings or T F NG" first!

About how many answers you need to score, I don't really know how they grade!

Hi simon
as for the speaking test, is the examiner the one who will give you the score.?

Hi Simon

I also think that because some people have bad hand-writing so that computer may not read his/her words.

Sorry Simon, could you tell me how to do the reading test when I do not fully understand the article

Hi Pete,

Yes, that's right. When I was an examiner I only marked writing and speaking. The reading and listening tests were sent to the IELTS office in Cambridge.


No problem Duc.


Hi Burak,

Yes, I think 6.5 would be 26 or 27. Have a look at the link below, and read Pete's advice (below your question).



Hi Rey,

Yes, that's right.


Hi Tung,

I'm afraid there is not much you can do if you don't understand - just try your best! If you don't understand, you probably need to do more work to improve your level of English.

i think usualy it's like that

band 5.0 16-19
band 5.5 20-22
band 6.0 23-26
band 6.5 27-29
band 7.0 30-32
band 7.5 33-34
band 8.0 35-37

Hi Aidyn,

yes, that's about right. The grade boundaries can change slightly depending on the difficulty of the test.

I took my test yesterday and had a big blunder,in writing test i wrote all my test on question paper as there was a lot of space there,hen i was about to finish one of the invidualators came to me and told me that i have to transfer all my work at answer sheet and only five minutes are left,i missunderstood the answer sheet as an extra sheet.i requested them to give me some more time but they refused,i started copying it with poor hand writin but only shifted task one and few part of task two,i requested them to attach my question paper with the answer sheet,they plainly said no,now tell me what to do as i have already mailed to british councel but did not get any reply,i told them that two years ago i scored 6.5 in writingis there any chance that they consider it Thanks and waiting for your reply

hi simon
i am not good at english but i dont have time to learn long time i booked my exam date with in one month so how can i improve my english with in one month . i asked so many members they said it takes long time by practice with newspapers, magazines, reading novels . is there any other way to lean english which sufficient for ielts . already i wrote 5 times but every time i got 5.5 band only i need 6.5. i can not speak well when exam time. please guide me

I want ask about reading answer.i wrote yes instead of true and false.can examiner give the marks or not.

Does anyone could tell me how the ielts examiner mark the listening test? My problem is , I can listen to the answer and the answers are right apart from the Capital letters writing. I know that we have to write capital letter like: name, place, country or title,etc. but in some case, for instance, there is a tape talking about some type of help, firstly, it wrote, FINANCIAL. I need to write down the second one, which is DOMESTIC. (regarding the FINANCIAL) but when I check the answer, it is "domestic" not capital letter. So do I count my answer is right or wrong? Could anyone help me to figue out? Thanks very much

hi im harshil from most beatiful country india.this question has pondered over my mind many a times and also i got little info about it.ouestion is that how listenting n reading
tests r checked

i believe i just got scammed by the recent IELTS test...i scored 5.5 in Reading and over all 6.5
i sure wnet through a lot of training and all and even i was sure after my test that may be 4-5 could be wrong but not possible for 10 to be wrong..i sure am gona apply for re-checking but is it possible if i could see my answer sheet and question book..coz i do smell something is fishy for sure.

L & R are first evaluated by a group of regulars that are either working part-time or full time with IDP/BC. The evaluation is based on an answer key provided. Those checking your answer sheet do not have the question paper in hand and therefore do not judge right & wrong. They just mark on the answer key they have.

Although they are experienced, I'm not sure they are really trained and therefore are likely to commit small mistakes that would be classified by the candidate as blunders! These difference of opinion could also arise due to a bad day they may have had.

Fortunately, the answer sheets go through a second screening process. This time the answer sheets are given out to a different set of people who mark the paper; again based on the answer key and with no knowledge of the marks allotted in round one. If the results of the evaluations match, that's the score. A difference would bring in a 3rd check.

For writing, the candidate writes the two tasks on two different answer sheets. The two answer sheets are given to two different examiners, one of whom is a senior and the other an assistant. Assuming that the band is consistent (a small range is provided o evaluate consistency), the result is averaged giving a 2/3 weightage to task 2 and 1/3 weightage to task 1.

Speaking ... this is one area where the examiner is king ... no questions asked. Anything can affect your score. Your language, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, your knowledge of the subject, your frame of mind and ... yeah, the examiner's mind set. Although I fail to see the need to test the range of one's vocabulary, this is an integral part of the evaluation.

Hope this helps :)

I wrote true,false and not given instead of yes,no,not given.Is there any chance of marks?

Who corrects the writing exam? Example the person who conducts the speaking exam? Is he the one to mark my speaking exam and give band score or he submits the tape to islets examiner? Is my tape goes to UK for second correctio?

Kindly reply me.



How the reading test is checked?? I mean do they notice everything. Today in class there was one answer i wrote 'failure of either'. As there was option write not more than three words bt teacher marked it wrong as the answer was'failure of' i dont why?? Plzzz help... Answers was failure of systole or diastole. Grammatically my answer was right..

I wrote full word except letter in fill in the blanks in reading will it be right or not for example- answer was (A. stone) i wrote the same except letter A

Hello Simon
I have a question about answersheets of three modules. Is it possible for candidates to see their answersheets after test results come out ?
Thank you in advance

Hello Simon
I have a question about answersheets of three modules. Is it possible for candidates to see their answersheets after test results come out ?
Thank you in advance


No, I'm afraid they won't let you see your answersheets.

Is ielts writing essay is checked throgh computers nd i want to score atleast 7.5 band so please help me

Hi Simon,

I have a question. If a candidate has scored 6.5 in Writing but during preparation, did really well, how will he/she know what are the mistakes done by him/her? I think we should get our checked answer sheets back, only for Writing Tasks. Otherwise, we'll never understand what mistakes we have done.

I have a question that when anyone give 2nd time exam as same in idp ?why bands are not improved or not given by the examinrr plzzz give answer

Hi Simon, my recent score in ielts is as follows. L, S, W - 7 R - 6.5. I had appeared 5 times before & this is the first time my reading score is below 7. Please advise if I can go for remarking. Are there cases where reading score increased after re-evaluation? I am confused as I did the exam well & expected >=8 in reading. Is there a chance of correction error?

I have a question. If the answer key for a question is given as water drops and I have written answer as water ( the instruction says word limit as no more than two) will I be given mark or will it be marked wrong?

Hello Simon,

i have mixed up my task 1 and task 2 papers. i wrote task 1 on task 2 paper and vice versa. i didn't notice until i got home. i feel awful now.
What could be my fate? is that a zero? What's my penalty?

how ielts paper of listening and reading is checked whether it is checked by human being or computer

They are checked by a human.

Hi ...I just want to tht will I able to view my answer sheet???

Hi plz I m v tensed
Yesterday I gave my exam of ielts
N I wrote T F NG instead of true false not given
Is it right or wrong ?
Plz tell me

hi shivani ...same here ....i wrote yes no instead of true false in hurry ...worried

hi simon ...in my writing task 2 i was not able to count the lines or words as i dont have time to do so in the exam .i think i had written 250 words or mayb between 240 to 250 .so how much band score will be deducted ??

Hi..is it possible to view our ielts answer sheet before applying for revaluation

I have a quick question because im so worried
In the t or f qustions i didnt shade the box but instead i wrote Capital T OR F in the answers and not true or false neither did i shade the small boxes which they didnt even give the instruction about shading these small boxes! Am i still gonna be graded for tye T AND F that i wrote? Help please! Thank you

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CAn anybody tell me how many mistake in this

I underwent test on 6th January 2018 at Madurai, Tamilnadu, India. I knew all the answers , I am sure there no chance of making 10 wrong answers. But I got 6.5 in Listening test. Is it possible for the examiner to change answer sheet to make someone score good marks using my answer sheet.

Can I apply for remarking. Will it be a genuine process by British Council.

I supposed to get 8 and above in Listening test. Please guide me.

I am preparing for my exams on 10th February. Today my ielts teacher told me that my listening test will marked through computer screening so I should write all letters in capital. Also my writing is partly running and half print. Please advice if I should write all in capital or continue with same type of writing and write capital for first letter if it is a name or place.

Hi simon i have got 6 bands thrice bt i need 6.5(not less than 6).i got 5.5 each time in writing.how to improve writing?Which according to you is best idp or bc?

I have 2 times experience with ielts examination.but in both exams i have scored 6.5 only..but i have yo get 8 listening and 7 in other three ( reading, writing n speaking).please help withe tips.

I want to know the scope of improving the band in listening in regards evaluation. I have got 7.5 in listening but required 8

Can listening band score be improved in reevaluation

Today I got my result,my 7th attempt,I got 7 for R,S,W,My L score is 6.Comparativelyy my Listening score was good in pre attempts.Is it a good option to apply for revaluation sinc3 ai need 6.5 in listening?

I would like to ask about the marking of the writing task. Does the computer mark our essays in the computer-based test? Would it make it harder to achieve a higher score/band? Thank you!

Hi I am Gurman from India. I appeared for Ielts exam on 24 May 2018. I got my ielts result after 14 days in which I scored 7 bands in listening. But after an year in May 2019 I got a call from BC office gurgaon that my Ielts listening scores are 7.5 instead of 7. Please suggest what should I do now to compensate for my loss of 1 year

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