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April 17, 2011


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I have a question. If the question asks me to describe a piece of electronic equipment. Can I talk about computers? I think it is a piece of electronic equipment.

Hi Simon!
If I got a topic"Describe something in home that stopped working"

But I can't remember it and feel uncomfortable to speak. Can I directly tell the examiner to describe about Mobile phone instead?

Hello Teacher,
I'd like to ask you a question about Speaking part 2. Should I keep Eye contact in this part? Because I find it difficult to continue talking if I look at someone. I've tried this with my friend and I lost some ideas.

Hi Simon,
I Had a new topic in speaking part 2. I was little bit confused what I have to speak on this topic?
here is the topic !!!!

Talk about a law which you would like to propose in your area. Please say

- What would that law be?
- Why do you think it is important?
- How would you enforce this law?

Can please give me some ideas?
Your help would be appreciated !!!!

Thanks !!

Thanks Simon for your tips, I have applied them here in order to prepare what I would say if I was asked this question in the exam:

My favorite magazine is called ( Medical Updates). As the name implies, it contains information, news and reports about the latest developments in medicine. I usually pick it up from the campus of Medical Association. It is distributed freely, and published on monthly bases.

I find it interesting because it keeps me updated with the most recent discoveries in medicine such as stem cell therapies. These therapies are expected to revolutionize the way for treatment of many diseases like cancers and Diabetes mellitus.

Recently, I read an awesome article about the potential role of an enzyme called ( telomerase) in slowing down of aging process, and extension of our life span. I was totally fascinated by it. Such a thing was mentioned only in fictions , and for long time people couldn’t even dream of it. Now it is becoming true. What sublimity!

Hi, nguyen trung.
are you vietnamese? i know a person who get 8.5 ielts in your countries.this is his email,maybe he can help you a bit.
his yahoo is traitimbinhyen.

sorry it is traitimbinhyen1112

Hi, Budaha.
Thanks for your help! I have already added him into my friend list. How about you? My yahoo is oscar.nguyen89@yahoo.com. whether you want to have a chat to exchange the tips?

Hi Trung,

Yes, you can definitely talk about a computer.


Hi Pete,

Yes, I think that would be fine.


Hi Mohaned,

No, you don't need to worry about eye contact in part 2. Just focus on what you are saying.


Hi Jay,

Maybe you should choose something easy like "a fine for dropping litter (rubbish) on the floor". Then you can talk about protecting the environment and making your local area more attractive to live in.


Hi Salih,

You've got the right idea!

Please tell me the answer of cue card my cue card is discuss about a newspaper u luv to read and what are the difference section printed in the newspaper and which section u like the most or do u think this newspaper is popular

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