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April 15, 2011


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Hi Simon,

I want to buy your IELTS ebook but unfortunately PayPal isn't supported in Lebanon.

Is there any other way I can buy your ebook ?

I already sent you an email regarding this issue and got an auto message from you.



Thank you for your suggestion, Simon.
I also usually invent stories for Speaking Topic as a lot of topics are either never happened to me or not really good/interesting enough to be a story to tell.

As an ex-examiner, do you think the examiner will easily "feel"/ know that we are making the story? Any point to be taken for that case?


Thanks Simon
I won't find this difficult because there are many naughty things that I did when I was a kid. One day, when I was 5 years old, I was in the market with my mother, and we passed close to a toys' seller. I liked one of his toys, but I thought if I asked her to buy it, she would definitely refuse, because every time I ask her to buy me something, she denies my request. I didn’t know we were poor, I thought she disliked me. So, I decided not to move from my place near that seller. I decided to get myself lost in order to break her heart. I was kept in a police station for few hours until she finally found me, and she was totally exhausted.
Now, as I aged and became a man, I realize how wrongful I was. I understand the unnecessary pain I caused to her. And I wish she was here so I can apologize to her. God have mercy on her soul.

Thank you very much for your help, Simon! I appreciate your time and what u are doing to raise us! Many thanks!

Thank you Simon for notify us about the new topic.

I want to talk with one of your students here. how can I give him my email to help me with the speaking section?

Thanks alot.

IELTS examiners sometimes ask weird questions. When I am needed to talk about naughty things, I just feel like I am making a confession to a priest, not an examiner, in order for him to absolve me.


Hi Guest,
On behalf of Christ and by his authority, a priest can absolve penitents and free them from their guilt

Hi Salih, how are you?
if you don't mind I would like to talk with you about IElTS writing.

Hi Zahra
No problem
You may wish to add me here:

Hi Joseph,

I've answered by email.


Hi Poppy,

The examiner doesn't care whether your story is true or not. It won't affect your score.


Thanks Salih, great story!


No problem Trung.


Hi Zahraa,

It's good to see students helping each other! Thanks again Salih!

a realy difficult question

Cue Card

Describe a small company that you consider a successful one, please say
- What company is it?
- What does the company do?
- What are the reasons for their success?


- Would you enjoy working with this company?
- Has the business in your country changed?
- What are the qualities required to manage a company?
- What do you think is better: to own a company or to work as an employee?
- What are the factors that are responsible for running a business successfully?

Hi Liyanwei,

Thanks for sharing those questions. I'll try to use them in a future lesson.

Hi Simon
If a topic is about news, what is the easiest way to talk about that?

Thank a lot

Hi Linh,

Maybe you could choose an easy topic that you have prepared e.g. health problems in young people who eat too much junk food.

I am going to talk about a online shopping company named as Flipkart.com
Company sell variety of products online. They started their journey with the books and they are offering so many products online like laptop’s, mobiles, watches etc.
I guess the reasons behind their success are
Customer service: They have some quick process in delivering good, They take around 3 days to deliver product.
Price: They sell products at some low price as compared to the market price.
Easy Payment option: They also has EMI option in their website for the products whose price is greater than 2500 inr.

Thanks a lot Simon

During my child days i have done lot's of naughty things.But among them all here i wants to most funniest moment of my life .when i was in fifth std. i was studying in my villge school. in school compus there is one banyan tree. on banyan tree there are some honey hives.one day we decided to throw a stone on that and run after that.As school was leaving everyone going out of the school me and my group throw a stone on hives.After that situstion happened.that is quite funny.because honey bess got angry and stings every students in campus everyone is running in any direction.some honeybees also sting me.i came to my home and i just saw my face in mirror.my face was swell like bullon.and Everyone laughing at me.when i went to school there are lot's many faces like me .and i also start laughing that is funniest moment for me and my friend

im going to talk about a certain company situated in Kuala Lumpur. the company named is Perlaking company which is nanagaed by a single person only. I discovered about this company in facebook because of a certain post my friends shared.
it is one of the renowned comestic company in malaysia. the manager is only 25 and he is already living in the limelight.they sell a lot of comestic products like foundation, face cream and other things that can enhance female beauty. but i never consider to buy one from them.

i think one of the reason of the company success is because of the manager itself. he places so much importance in the manufavturing of the products. he makes sure the hygiene of workers in the factory is controlled. other than that, the company is also very successful because they care for their customer well. they make sure that every enquiriea about their products are fuflfilled and they try to satisfy each of their customer.

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