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April 05, 2011


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Hi Simon,

This site is very helpful because you can go straight away to the task you need .

Thank you for your valuable .


Hi. Simon! Can you give us some ideas about the speaking topic of something naughty that you did in your childhood, piece of electrical equipment, something that you have broken!
Many thanks for what you have done and are doing to raise us!

Mr simon I need to have an answer for a question :

I'm just wondering : In the reading exam , I wrote T/F/NG instead of True/False/ Not given, is it acceptable or not?
Please give a certain answer because i'm worried about that?


Hello Simon,

I need to ask you this question about how the ielts examiners score our overall band.Out of 40Q. how many correct answers do we've to make in order to get band 7/7.5 in all 3 sections besides speaking?
You know,I thought, I did fairly well in my last exam but all I got is 6.5 and I couldn't make it more then that even though 'am practising harder...dunno whatelse to do :( Any suggestions would be highly appreciated and Big Thank-x to you for listening to our problems.

No problem Sulaiman.


Hi Trung,

I'll do the 'something naughty' question soon.

For the 'electrical' and 'something you broke' questions, you could use my lesson about a mobile phone:



Hi Ahmed,

T, F, NG should be fine.


Hi Maya,

You need 30 out of 40 to get a 7. My advice is to keep reading (not just IELTS reading) and keep noting down new words and phrases - just keep improving your overall level of English.

Thank you so much for your encouraging words Simon.

No problem.

Yes i have enjoyed this one a lot, the modules which you have selected are really good and they were much informative.

will i get score for writting t,f,ng instead of writting true false and not given

will i get score for writting t,f and ng instead of writting true ,false and not given in ielts reading exam

Yes, that's fine Miruthu.

dear sir plz send me ielts lactures.

Dear Simon,
its awesome how you show the technique to improvise efficiently in reading,
Love you man.....

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