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April 02, 2011


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I do have one to one classes but I think I'm 100% happy about the material I practice . eg /
Cambridge vocabulary book I don't know how can I get used with its way of showing the vocabulary & the only thing I get from these privet classes in the reading is " timing me "
I think they can do more than that in reading for me .Don't they ?


sorry, I meant I am NOT 100% happy

Hi simon. I just want to ask if you have previous exam questions for examinees in the UK? If you have, could you at least, tell me one question? Do they differ with each examiner or sometimes the same in one location, in London for instance? Looking forward for your reply on this matter. Thank you!

Hi Moone,

Yes, I think you could do more together than that - maybe you should discuss it with your teacher.


Hi Elen,

Students leave questions on the "recent exam questions" page in the menu on the left. All of the recent questions I know about are on there (maybe they don't always put the country).

The reading, listening and writing exams are the same in every centre in the same country (and often in several countries in the same time zone), but the speaking exam will be slightly different for each student.

Of course, the questions change every week, and they are not repeated in different countries.

Hope this helps

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