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Friday, January 28, 2011


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Hi,Simon.I've just joined your website, and I hope it will benefit my IELTS preparation a great deal.
Would you be so kind as to tell your opinion about the introduction I wrote to the following writing task 2.
It has been claimed that workers over 50 are not responsive to rapidly changing ideas in the modern workplace and that for this reason younger workers are to be preferred.To what extent do you agree or disagree?
The age can become an obstacle in many various cases.A common example of this is a generally believed impression that people whose age has exceeded 50 are less likely to adapt to the hectic working environment of nowadays,and that only young employees are able to fulfill this role.However,I firmly contradict this perspective for a number of reasons.
Thank you,Simon.

Hi Sabina,

You seem to have the right idea.

I'm afraid I can't give more feedback than this - too many people ask me to check their work, so I have to stick to my rule of not giving corrections or scores.

I've done some lessons about introductions. Have a look through my task 2 lessons to see what I advise.

Best regards

I understand,that it is not possible for you to respond to every question.Therefore,even those few words are very appreciable by me.
Best regards.

No problem Sabina.

Hi Simon,
Can you give us some band 7 - vocabulary about the topic: a place of natural beauty in your next lesson? I want to talk about a botanical garden but I don know how to get high score with this. I would like to thank you in advance

Hi Moon,

Try looking for descriptions of botanical gardens on the Internet by searching on Google.

For example, I found the page below - it has descriptions from visitors to botanical gardens:


It is so great.How can you find many interesting pages like this. I am very grateful for your quick reply. Have a nice day :x

Hi Moon,

Thanks, I just did a quick Google search.

The city I love to visit

The city I love to visit is Maidan Shahr in the south-west cost of Kabul city. This city is also called the apple’s city because the largest apple gardens are located in this city. The city nestles among the hills and sea. But, what outsiders little know about it is the scenic beauty of this place. The cleanliness and the proper planning of the city is completely exceptional which has no parallel in the area. The valise and beaches in many places are yet not touched by tourists. The sight of the sea and the cityscape from the hill is a breath taking sight. There are also many historic mosques with a lot of stone carving and classic minatory called Kohzad’s School that are astound.

I find this city very charming and ideal place to relax in.

Good ideas Ahmad.

Hi Simon,

I have been through your usefull hints.I am taking exams on this Saturday.could you advise me last minute tips plz?specially in speaking and reading.

Thanks for consideration and time.

Hi Couldd,

Have a look at the advice in the lesson linked below:


Hi Simon,
My teacher gave us the topic about our hometown, and I should say where it is, what type of place i is, and how I feel about it, and here is my speak about my homeown. Can you please help me what I missed on it. Thank you so much!
My hometown is Hai Phong, a modern city, located in the North of Vietnam. Although severals parts of it are industrial, it is still a green place. Hai Phong is also a coastal city had the largest sea port in the reason. Being the third populous ciy in Vietnam, it is considered as quite a vibrant city. The center of town is always bustling no matter day or night. And the ouskirts is not much less lively. The city is also famous for amazing tourist destinations such as Do Son beaches, Cat Ba island, Cat Co island, beautiful caves and outstanding rock formation.
Hai Phong also has some problems about traffic congestion on rush hour like almost modern cities , but I think it is an ideal place for everybody, especially young people becasue the cost of living is fairly reasonble, the pace of life is always vibrant with endless thing to do and see. And I guess what I like the most is the good sense of communication there. People are hospitable and willing to help. And I really enjoy living there.

Hi Lane,

Your description looks really good to me!

Thank you!
I worried that I made some mistakes!
Your website is really helpful for me!
Have a nice day!

Hi Simon
I have a question related to the speaking.
So, can I use phrases in the real IELTS speaking examination???


I want to ask something about speaking that i usually get blank during IELTS speaking test on that movement i didn't get the answer could you please help me related to this matter.

Hi Bobur,

Yes, you can use phrases.


Hi Juhi,

I think that's more of a psychological question than a language question. You'll feel confident with more practice I think.

Hi, Simon
Can I describe a museum in my city for all these questions?

Apart from number 5, I would say yes.

Hi Dear Simon,
Many thanks for your advices..Everybody suffer from when they try to describe music,film and book.. Could you give us some extra-ordinary adjectives and ideas. Many thanks

Hi Simon,

My teacher gave us the topic following. Can you please help me what I missed on it. Thank you so much!

Describe an interesting historic place
- what it is
- where it is located
- what you can see there now
- why this place is interesting

I am going to describe one of Hanoi’s most important historic places – Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam, or Temple of Literature. It is a temple of Confucius and includes the "Imperial Academy", Vietnam's first national university.

Located in the centre of Hanoi capital, the temple attracts a lot of foreign tourists. Once come there, they can take a look into the art of architecture which is based on Confucius’s birthplace. The gate opens onto three pathways which continue through the complex. The centre path was reserved solely for the King. The interior of the site is divided into five courtyards. The first two courtyards are peaceful heavens of ancient trees and well-trimmed lawns, where scholars would relax away from the bustle of the outside world. The most interesting things here are stone steles sitting atop stone turtles inscribed with the names, birthplaces and achievements of top students in royal exams. While thoroughly enjoy the Temple, visitors can also have great time exploring the Temple’s gardens and taking snaps of beautiful flowers and hardworking bees along the way.

The Temple is interesting to me because it displays one of the few remaining examples of the specific architecture of the Ly dynasty and it marks the first elite university of Vietnam.

Hi Simon,
The topic asks about describing a place that you have studied or worked.
I will talk about a building that I used to work. But what tense should I use? It's in the past but the building still is there.
For example:
-The building is surrounded by small gardens and a boulevard. (is or was?)
-This office is the headquarter of the company (is or was?)
- My company provides mobile services nationwide. (provides or provided)
I talk about the past but all above ideas are still true.
Please help...

Hi, simom
I don't understand a grammar structure of the following sentence: London is famous for "it's" history, culture, art, museums. I think "its" is better, alright?

Hi Juhi,
I want to make speaking practise.
Are you interested?

Well noticed Thuy. I made a mistake!

Hi simon,

I am worried about my IELTS exam. how can i improve my writing and speaking. In case of writing sometimes i am unable to gather ideas.

Hi Simon..would mind if U give some advice on speaking section as I am living in broken English society and I have only 10 days to go...

Well, the beautiful garden I want to tell with you is this one in my home town.
In the garden, everybody can see a lot of beautiful flowers such as violet blossom, and many trees. Besides, it is pond. In the middle of the garden, there is a fountain and swing.
Everyday, my father often dog walking around the garden. My mother often go for a walk and get some exercise. My younger brother and I like go fishing in the morning and flying a kite in the afternoon.
I like this garden because it's help me sharing moments with loved ones and be close to nature. Beside this place is very peaceful and fresh air. I feel comfotable after a hard work.In summary, those are the reason why I find this garden very wonderful

Hai everybody. My name is ahmad. I'm looking a partner for speaking practice. whose interested to skype with me can do add me on skype. Here is my skype ID ahmadzubairyahaya

Hello Simon,
Can you please tell me the answer to this question
If Part 2 in speaking test requires " Describe a place that you visited", so which tense of verbs we should use? past or present?
Thank you very much.

a famous place in vietnam

Tajmahal in india

Hi simon
plz send me writing topic material task 2 for 6.5band

describe a country in which you would like to do work for short time.
how can we speak on it which points i should encolse???

I want the answer for que card : describe a place where you often visit

Hi.could you help me improve my skills ielts speaking?

Hi simon
plz send me writing topic material task 2 for 6.5band.I am Chirag Khunt

Hi Simon
Could you help me improve my skills IELTS Speaking ?

Hi simon
I prepare have a exam for IELTS. But I do not know how to review.
Could you guide me?

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