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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


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hi simon......
1,the average person
2,have the highest
3,high risk of developing
4,high risk of heart disease.
5,put it sraight on.
6,weight's used to cost.

My answers are:
-the average person
-had the highest
-higher risk of developing
-higher risk of heart disease
-put it straight on
-what it costs

The average person
higher risk of
risk of heart disease(cancer)
put it straight on
weight issues of

Hi Simon,
* the average person
* have the highest
* higher risk of developing
* higher risk of cancer
* put stress on
* obesity cost
Thankx Simon

Hi, Simon

Today's listening is much tougher than last time.

1.the average person
2.had the highest
3.higher risk of developing
4.higher risk of heart disease
5.put it straight on
6.Weight issue cost

Many thanks.

hi, simon
1. the average person
2.has the highest
3.high risk of...
4.high risk of heart disease
5.put it strain on
6.weight issue costs
thank u very much!


the average person;
has the highest;
higher risk of developing;
higher risk of heart disease;
put it straight on;
Weight issues cost.


the average person
have the high
high of the developing
[too noisy]
high risk of heart disease
Weight issue cost

Thank you verymuch

hi simon
If this will be the listening test i am sure that i will never score good marks. it was very fast and answer are all close in one paragraph. I listen twice or thrice then able to answer .

the average person
had the highest
higher risk of developing
higher risk of heart disease
put it strain on
weights issues cost


1. the average person
2. had the highest
3. higher risk of developing
4. higher risk of heart disease
5. puts a strain on (= puts pressure on)
6. Weight issues cost

Thanks guys. Some of you need to check question 5 in particular.


Hi Shahla,

Don't worry, the answers will never be so close together in the real test. I made this exercise with the aim that you should listen to it several times.


Ohh Thankyou

No problem

While the person tell us unnecessary information his pronunciation is good, but when he says the answer he begins to chant!

Hi Erbol,

He's just speaking quickly - it's normal for an English speaker. With more practice your ear will get used to it.

Ok, Thank you

Thank you vry much I lraned a lot :)

hi Simon

it is very difficult for me to write speedily,because the answers are very close,but there was vv short time to note down,i understand what speaker was saying,i could not write down the answers v quickly

Hi Simon, i am new in here, here are my answers for this video.
- the average person
-have the highest
-higher risk of developing
-higher risk of heart disease
-put the strain on
-weight issues cost

I like this audio since it is truly a challenge

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