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Friday, November 26, 2010


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Hi Simon
I took part for the 27th of november ielts exam .writing parts was about computers and its advantages and disadvantages in the future.My speaking was about saving money and a product i bought after saving money .and they say do you know someone who is in debt?They asked me about consumerism.Is it on the rise?The listening part four was very difficult .I got 7.5 before ,but this time maybe i could get 6.5.The graph was a chart and a table .both of the was easy to write according your advices.please pray for me to get tha result ;otherwise ,i should strart studying again .Again thank you for all you have done for us in your sites.

Hi Soodabeh,

Thanks for sharing your questions. I wish you the best of luck!

Hi Simon,
what is the structure of the below sentence?
''Machines have replaced people in areas like manufacturing and agriculture, and whenever a new technology is introduced, there are redundancies''
is it passive?can i say HAVE BEEN REPLACED ?

Hi Farnaz,

No, it's not a passive sentence. It's a normal active sentence:

"machines" is the subject, "have replaced" is the verb (present perfect), and "people" is the object.

"have been replaced" is passive - this means you need to change the subject of the sentence:

People have been replaced by machines...

Simon, what do we need to write in task 1 and 2? passive or active voice? which one is more academic thank you

Hello Simon,
Can you help me this answer?
Do you think special effects and animation make movies more entertaining?

I dont know answer this question .
I hope you can help me.
What are some of the problems associated with playing video games?
Thank you

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