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Monday, November 08, 2010


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Hi simon
I red the table carefully, then I answered the passage and it helped me too much.
I tried to answer the rest of the exam in the same manner and it was very useful.

thanks a lot

Great. I'm glad you found this useful.


Hi simon,
I red the table,but I have a question ,I dont know in second level what is mean? if this means society dont like left-handed people???
thanks a lot

Hi Roghi,

Yes, it means that society does not treat left-handed people as well as it treats those who are right-handed.

Hi Simon,

I have recently found a phrasal verb "the leading edge", but I haven't find the exact explanation yet. Can you explain it to me, and does this phrase have the same meaning with "the cutting edge"?


Hi Joshua,

Yes, it means basically the same thing as "the cutting edge" i.e. something very new that is leading the way in a particular field.

It's not a phrasal verb though. "Edge" is a noun, and "leading" is an adjective.

Hope this helps

Thanks Simon. I got the idea.


It seems to me that London is on the leading edge of rock music.

No problem Joshua.

Good example Johnny. We normally say "at" the leading edge.

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