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Saturday, September 04, 2010


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Dear Simon,
Is this sentence correct?

Many horror and crime films are far from reality and viewing such movies can cause deterioration.


Hi simon,
What does a paraphrase means?
how can we know paraphrase in the passage?


Hi Felora,

I wouldn't use the word "deterioration". Change it to something like "...can have a negative effect on a person's behaviour"


Hi Nirma,

Paraphrasing means writing (or saying) the same thing but in a different way. To paraphrase something, you can just change some of the words. Look at my writing task 1 lessons to see some examples.



Dear simon,
Could you give some advices on the general trainning writing task1(letters) in future?
I found almost all your writing task1 threads are concentrated on academic ones.

Hi Johnny,

I'm afraid I don't do any work on the general training exam. All of my lessons focus on the academic test.

There are some good books that help you with letter writing for the general test.

Sorry I couldn't help

Hi Simon,

Is it possible for us to use "reduced" in Task 1 like this sentence: In 2008, the number of customers reduced?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Jack,

No, 'reduced' doesn't work in that sentence. The number of customers fell / decreased / dropped.

Reduce can be both transitive and intr. So what's the problem?

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