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Sunday, August 08, 2010


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I agree with you , more confident is important

Thanks Basheer

They follow a strict scoring system when assessing your writing and speaking. Finally, examiners are individuals who work alone; they don't have time to discuss or compare scores.


I am sure it is very difficult to pass IELTS in UK. The examiners are very strict. I gave IELTS twice in my home country and both times without preparation I got 7.5 in writing and speaking.

Here in UK I have given IELTS 7 times and have also taken private tuition for IELTS but fail to score 7 in writing and speaking in one sitting. I have even scored 8 and 8.5 in writing and speaking but not in one sitting.

So now I am going back for a week to give IELTS in my home country.

To be honest, I found taking test in the UK is much easier to take the tests in Asian countries. I was too desperate to get my Speaking 7.0 in the first hand, after I received my result from the UK with Speaking at 6.5. Hence I attempted a second time in Malaysia, guess what? My speaking rose to 7.0 finally and my writing consistently fell at 6.5 for the following 6 tests in Malaysia. I was so frustrated and went to take the test in Taiwan, guess what? My writing was 6.5 but my speaking was 7.0. It is such an irony that I found that IELTS is playing trick on my tests and I have never feel like changing my name in my life! The most important point is, in my last test, I was very confident that I will definitely score 7.0 for my writing. For my speaking, I am very confident that I could get more than 7.0 because I found my performance was much better than previous attempts which also gave me 6.5. I am so depressed and I really don't know what to do. How I wish I can turn back the time, and do as many attempts in the UK when I was still there in the first half of this year. :( God knows how much I love the UK and I shouldn't come back to Asia. *roll eyes*

On top of that, my writing was at 7.0 when I took it in the UK. My friends also kind of agreed with me that, whilst you can, just take the test in the UK instead of Asian countries.

but i have heard headphones are not provided for listening section in uk which can make alot of difference

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