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Sunday, July 11, 2010


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Dear Simon,
Could please let me know whether this intro and conclusion is appropriate for the above topic?

Lifestyle is one of the primary right of the individuals in each society if the government is based on democracy. I personally believe that people in any part of the world have to decide their own way of life which suits them best.

In conclusion, it is wise to claim that individuals in each society should have freedom to choose their lifestyle, otherwise government may face serious of problems which require lots of effort and expenses to compensate the conflicts.

Kind regards,

Hi Simon:

These are the questions in China(10,Jul):

Task 1:These are three maps for a village in three particular years 1800,1900 and 2000,describe the changes during the 200 years;

(26,Jun,the task 1 question also a map:a centre in 1988,and the plan for 2015,describe the changes)
It seems that the map questions are very popular now.

Task 2:Some people think that younger people are not suitable for important positions in governments of countries. Others argue that younger people have new ideas in these positions. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for that.(I think it also ask for opinion)



Hi Felora,

Yes, your introduction and conclusion are appropriate.


Hi Joshua,

Thanks for sharing these questions. Yes, it's interesting to see map questions being used more often.

Hi Simon,

Can you write some ideas about task 2 topic above?I tried to think about it,but I can hardly wrote a clearly structure.I think I just did not have enough ideas.



OK, I'll think about this for tomorrow's lesson.


I've done the lesson now. See 14th July.

I have got that.Thanks!

No problem


Today I attended the academic IELTS exam at Cambridge Centre and below are the topics asked


Task 1 - Water distribution in 4 different countries based on the quality of water

Task 2 - Working class people spending less time with family and friends. Why is this and what are effects of this on family & society


What is the book you read when you were a child?
Who gave you this book?
What is the book about?
What are the things that interested you in the book and explain why?

Thanks for sharing this Swetha. Good luck, I hope you get the score you need.


I just took the exam in Manchester on 10th July. The writing task 2:
Some people think that governments should make decisions about people's healthy lifestyle, while others think that people have the right to make their own decisions. Discuss both view and give you own opinion.

Hi Jean,

Thanks for sharing your question.

If you are living in Manchester and you need extra help, you could come to one of my lessons. There is a free lesson next Friday 17th September. Have a look at http://ielts-simon.com/manchester/

q2: some people should be encourage by government. it brings many benefits. do you agree or disagree?
i answered level my best. however, i got 6.even though;i have to got 6.5 for each subject.there fore,how can improve my knowledge? please help and provide some solution

Hi Jane,

It's difficult for me to help because the question you gave me is not complete. I think you forgot some details from the question because "some people should be encourage by government. it brings many benefits" is not clear - some information is missing.

In general, to improve your score you need to develop good ideas in each paragraph of your essay. You need to use some excellent vocabulary if you want to get a 6.5 or 7. Have a look through my writing lessons to see what I do. My ebook is also full of good ideas for most IELTS writing topics.

All the best


Hello Simon
From where I can find your ebook?

Hi Dipak,

Here's the link:


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