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July 21, 2010


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Great ebook. Pls include me on the list too. Thx :)

Hi El,

If you have bought the ebook, you are already on the list.

Thx a lot. I have just received the email :]

Great book with loads of ideas. It helped me a lot in my past IELTS test.

Thanks Simon

In this controversial essay,
can I suggest an argumental introductory paragraph? Like below....

" Persistent deliberation is happening as to whether it is desirable for the human race to develop bioscience. "

hi simon

should i memorize the ideas about every topic?

Hi Simon,

This is some ideas about cloning:

Cloning is unnatural and not ethically correct.

It leads to the psychological harms on cloned human

Cloning is against nature and creating life is God's responsibility.

Thanks for your comments about the ebook El and Felora. Up to now, everyone seems to find it really useful.


Hi Chloe Ahn,

Yes, your introduction is fine. Personally, I probably wouldn't write "Persistent deliberation is happening", but it's not grammatically wrong. Maybe I'd write "There is great deliberation among scientists (OR politicians/governments etc.) as to whether..."


Hi Omima,

Memorising can be a good idea, but you also need to practise using what you have memorised. You need to be able to change what you have memorised, or add ideas, depending on the question. I don't recommend memorising full essays, but it's good to memorise useful words and phrases for different topics.


Hi Emy,

Thanks for your ideas. Just remember that "harm" is uncountable, so don't use it in the plural.

Hi, Simon
I have been practising wiring introductions to different essays. For some questions, I don't agree with either of the opinion stated, and I would like to say that maybe both of them has advantages and disadvantages. Is this Ok?

For example, Nature VS Nurture
How can I write a better introduction? Could you help me?
Thanks a lot!

Hi Adverb,

It's ok if you don't agree or disagree - just make sure that you explain this position clearly in the introduction e.g. "I do not have a strong opinion about this issue because there are good arguments on both sides." OR "In my opinion, both arguments are valid, and in this essay I will explain my reasons for this view."

Hi, Simon.
About this question:
Some people think that companies and individuals, rather than governments ,should pay to clean up pollution that they have caused. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Should I focus on who should pay to clean up pollution or I should mainly write about whose responsibility it is to protect the environment?


Hi Adverb,

I think you could mention both points, but you should be careful to make sure that the main focus of your essay is on cleaning up the pollution.

Hi, Simon. As you told us, different type of questions may require different introductions to allow us to discuss both sides.

For example:Do you agree or disagree?
Introduction:Some people believe.... There are strong arguments both for and against this idea, but overall I take the view that....
I have found introductions like this very useful. I would like to ask you for an additional favor. Would you please consider giving us a lesson demonstrating how to write a good conclusion. I know you are very busy, so I hope it's not too much trouble.


Hi Adverb,

Have a look at this lesson that I did a while ago:


Also, look at point 2 in this lesson:


Hope this helps


Hi Simon,
I guess these links were erased. Could you give me the new ones?

And also thanks for help.

Hi Funda,

Here they are:



El, can you give me your Email Please

thank u for your lesson

Hi Simon,
I'm a fan of your excellent website.
could you please send me your extra paragraphs relating to some lessons such as "genetic engineering" or "immigration" that you sent to your email list?
unfortunately we don't have possibility of buying your useful ebook in our country!

Hi Simon,

Shall I use some names such as organization, research institutes in my writing exam? For example, "So far, the National Academy of Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the European Commission all agree that GMO foods are safe to eat. A large scientific study from 2013 found no "significant hazards directly connected with the use of genetically engineered crops."

Thank you,

Thank you very much for your instructions.its really helpful.

• Genetic Engineering is the process that can be detrimental effects over the structure of crops and immune system of human.

• In spite of fact that genetic Engineering contribute to growth speed of the plants, it can effect adversely them in terms of quality and taste.

• The medicines, used to diversify flowers and plants, might give some serious damage to natural environment and wild life in the long period.

Hi Simon
I'm a huge fan of the website
Here is my essay beginning, I would like to share it and also give me some advice thank you

Scientific therapy has been concerned in our world.human is continually engaging in this subject which is genetic manipulation .some people believe that genetic engineering will change our life. However, some opponents do not support this idea. In this dissertation will discuss both views and conclude by giving own opinion

Hi Simon,

I have just went through your Ebook for ideas. My question is if they are all to be considered as topic sentences only? or I can use them as supporting ideas as well. and how I can link them efficiently to create a reach one full paragraph if that is applicable?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Dina,

Most of the sections in the ebook are arranged in terms of 'topic sentence followed by supporting ideas'.

Here's an example of how the ideas could work together in a paragraph:


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