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Friday, July 23, 2010


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For me if they asked me this question,
i will describe the famous Barbie toy
Which I think all girls have played with it (:

Good choice Alanod. You could describe the different clothes and accessories that your Barbie had.

what about meccano ??

Hi Saif,

Yes, Meccano is a good idea - it gives you a lot to talk about, and you can also say that it is an educational toy (similar to Lego).

hi simon

could you please tell us as to how we can achieve 9/9 in speaking? could you also give us some 9 band speaking samples?


sorry simon

i didn't see the reply you gave me in the previous post. sorry for the trouble. no answer needed.

thanks a lot

No problem Nishad.

hi Simon How r u doing? Could you please tell me how to get band 6.5 in 3 sections such as reading,writing and speaking.I would appreciate you if you suggest me with right way.
I am waiting for your valuable suggestion.

Thank you


Hi Jewel,

There is no special advice that I can give you. Keep following the daily lessons on this website, work hard, do practice tests, and find a teacher who can check your work.

Hard work and persistence are the secrets to a high score.


good day simon! i found your website and it is really of great help for me.. i am taking the general training mode of the IELTS test this coming aug 21..hope you can give me some tips..thank you

oould you discribe doll for me. for example

Hi Yen,

I'm afraid you will have to do this. It needs to be a personal story - describe a doll that you have had (I've never had a doll).

Simon hahaha funny.. I will give you a doll =D gift for your kindness haha =D

Thank you

This was asked in Mumbai India on 2nd feb 2013. I would apperciate some expert replies on this. It may help us for exam :)


Dear All,

Here is my description for this topic:


Let me talk about LEGO, which was a special and my favorite toy as a kid.

LEGO is actually a brand of children's building blocks and it consists of small, colorful plastic bricks and figurines that can be assembled in different ways. LEGO is one of those toys that encourages children to use their imagination and creativity to build other toys.

I received my first set of LEGO bricks when I was about 10 years ago. My father gave it to me when he came back from a trip to the US. I remember it was a large spaceship and I had to follow the step-by-step instructions to put all the hundreds of pieces together. It was definitely a challenging task for me as it took me several days to assemble it, but I surely enjoyed it because it gave me a sense of achievement and satisfaction once I was able to accomplish it.

I remember playing with that LEGO spaceship in my home's bathtub and I would make up my own space wars or underwater missions. And if I got bored with the large spaceship, I would take it apart and build smaller vehicles like planes, cars, or boats.

All in all, LEGO was probably the toy that I spent the most time with as a child. I really loved the fact that I could build different things out of my imagination!



Here is my description,

The most special toy I received when I was a child was a game console of course. My brother gave it to me as a birthday gift when I was ten or eleven. It was the most sophisticated and most interesting toy I could imagine at that time, when computer was scarcely to be seen.

The console has a white cubic box, which was its working system, and two red controllers. Also there was a slot on top of its box, where you needed to insert a game card in it when you wanted to play games.

I was really excited to play with it. And the most incredible part of this console to me was that it allowed me to invite friends to play. And this co-play experience really taught me something at that early age in my life that in order to win a game campaign, you should fought hard and fought like brothers and sisters with your partners, watching each other’s back throughout the game.

Hi Simon,
do you think describe my cat is appropriate?since i think she is my pet my friend and toy also...

Hi simon,
just practice my answer here.
The special toy that I had when I was little was given by my dad. He gave it to me as a gift from a tip to another city. It was a panda doll, which was very soft and as same height as I was five. When I was little, my family used to live in a small town.Products were not rich. It was my first toy. I liked it so much that I made her as my sleep toy. She was a good company during my childhood. however, one day, my cousin visited me and he liked it as well. He tried to take it away from me and we fighted for it. unfortunately, during the fight, I broke one leg of her, the cotton run out. I still cant forgive my cousin about it until my aunt bought me a similar one. It is so funny for me now.

Hi Simon, here is my sample :D

I am going to describe my car toy which my mother gave me at my 5th birthday. She bought the present in Hanoi city where she had has a meting there. When I opened the gift, I was so surprise and felt crazy about the toy.

My car has red colour body with four green circles. Its size is about a dictionary book with Toyota brand name in front of its body. It also had engine which was run by pin. It looks like a racecar I had seen in Oto racing TV show.

I loved my car so much. I usually played with him alone on our home basement. My friend envied when they were watching my car but I never shared my car with them. At night, I put my car on my bed and said goodbye to him before going to sleep.

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