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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


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Hi Simon,

Is it correct to say: increase the burden on taxpayers or a burden on taxpayers?


Hi, Simon.
I watched this video today,and I think the presenter put forward a new concept which is to increase child survival. I figure that what he is trying to say is that we can have a smaller population size when the whole world can join forces to increase child survival. How is this possible? With traditional values(having boys equals more wealth and happiness) being so prevalent, how will the practice of increasing child survival reduce the size of the world's population? What is your take on this?

Hi Felora,

We say "increase THE burden on..." and we say "something is A burden on..."


Hi Adverb,

Good question. I think he means that when more children survive, parents don't need to have so many children. As I understand it, he's saying that in some of the poorest countries, couples have many children because there is a high probability that some of them will die. The higher the child survival rate, the fewer children people tend to have.

As you say, it's an interesting concept.

wonderful presentation sir. The aids he used were simple but effective. This will really help me teach my students with simple teaching aid with accurate and correct information.

This video is very lucerative

Hi, Simon.

Your site is great. Recently I found out this site.

Thank you for everything.

Hi, Simon.
Thank you for your recommendation.
I like the way his presents the topics. He used both technologic and classic way. That was efficient.
Thank you for creating this blog.

the industrialized world,
In the developing world,
in the new world
emerging economies,
a big gap/ an enormous gap
the economic level
But in contrast to this,
be saving to be able to buy a pair of shoes.
grow the economy
on a very remote destination
relatively well-educated
severe climate change and energy
by converting back to
the next generation

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