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Regarding re check of ielts result, is it possible for the score to go down? Has anyone experienced thus before?

Any one tell the ans of listening on 17 dec

Hi Guys
My recent General IELTS writing test task 2 question was an opinion essay:
Some people believe when travelling overseas in order to know the country it is not a good way to stay in the hotel. Do you agree or disagree with the statement. Write your own opinion.

Can AnyBody Tell Me The Ielts Test Were Every City Same Or Change?????


Iam Ramana from India,i would like to take my Ielts Acadamic test on Feb 11, requirement is 7 in all, i felt this site is helpful to me. if anybody want to take test on same date plz share me the information and questions. my mail address is Plz friends help me


Hii am satish.i am planning to take exam 21 january so plz help me and plz give me writing task 2 and tell me sample question answer of listening reading

I am planning to take an ielts academic exam on 14 January also, i am living in Sweden, if anyone in Southeast asia would also take an exam on the same date, kindly please share your experience. Email me on


i'm vaasu from hyd...i going to write my IELTS test on Jan-12th
any tips and advice to score more than 6

is there in any whatsapp group add me


Im planning to book my test in january, i need overall score 7 with 6.5 lowest from each part, its my second attempt, i had one last year, overall 7 but 5.5 from writing, went without any preparation just to check myself

Hello Simon and everyone,

I have been struggling to improve my writing score 5.5 since last year. I need to get only 6.0
I had opportunities to fix my essays and had lessons, and I have studied vocabulary by using your ebook. However, I still have gotten only 5.5. Unfortunately, I live in a country in which I usually dont use English everyday.
I mainly have used e-book for building up my vocabulary, but is it enough?
how should I do?
kind regards,

Hlo plz hlp me
I got only 5 band each
I want 6 each plz plz plz anybody hlp me
My whatsapp no. 8559035691 plz hlp me

I appeared in December 10th test. As I remember for the Writing Part 2 Topic was:
Government should pay fees for every student who want to study in University. To what extent you agree or disagree ?

Describe your house.
What is visible from the windows?
Who is your favorite celebrity?(Why)
Do you want to be a celebrity?

Describe an advertisment you recently saw( and the related questions)

What features should advertising include?
do you think government should ban some advertisements?

I am new here, ...Why are you aksing for the last questions in the IELTS, are they the same at the other, .... How does this work?

December 17th, 2016
part 1: education
part 2: chocolates
part 3: electronic equipment ( I told about laptop)

Writing task 1:
percentages of graduate workers(male/female) in Norway, Netherlands,Germany and France

Writing task 2:
young people pass leisure in shopping instead of voluntary work, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Hope it will help others :)

Hi friends, i have one doubt that why all are asking about previous questions and answers. Is there any chance to repeat,is there anybody got the same questions. plz friends reveal this doubt.

can anyone give me answers of 17 dec reading or listening

HI Shivv and Agne A, since you are taking the exam on Jan 7, could you please post your answer as soon as are done? Also are you taking general exam?
Thanks for your help.

I am still willing to prepare rogether with whoever is taking general exam on Jan 7.
Good luck for all of us

Today I got my result
R 7.5
L 7.0
S 6.5
W 5.5 :( how can i improve my target is at least 6 in each band

Do they take the same tests on all locations for a certain time, or why are you so interested on these test questions? Trying to figure it out ;-)

I think sometimes you might see the same exam at different locations.

Hi guys
Anyone have an exam on 21 January academic version from Azerbaijan please contact thanks a lot

Hello everyone

I have exam on 21 Jan.

Hi Eima surely I'll inform my asked questions. My speaking is on 8th. I'll be most happy to help u all.

Dear Dangol
Your results are very good,, but the writing is 5.5 :/
Sorry for this
Which day you have your exam? Was it general or academic?

Please I want to write ielts by January I need help on December question

Thanks a lot Shivv, it's highly appreciated!

To join ielts group

,text me+919898601857


I am taking IELTS General training on January,7

Kindly add me to IELTS group . My mobile: +970597661005

Thanks in advance,

I have band 7 in ielts, my target is 7.5, I have a very good study plan, I am taking the exam on the 14th of January, and looking for study partner from UAE or Oman ??
If you are interested, please provide me with your contact details.

hi i am taking my exm on 7th jan

Anyone i will take the IELTS (Academic)exam 25th February 2017 please post the reading,speaking,listing and the writing task 1 and 2 answers please :

I booked ielts academic test on 11th of february 2017 . I am from Malaysia and my target score is 7 overall . My mail address :fulong98@hotmail,com .I hope I can get useful information and questions.It will help me a alot. Thanks

Any one took the ielts exam on 17th of December in Riyadh?

Any serious group for study within 2 months?

hey my exam date is 14 jan and i am to warry about my speaking test last time i got 5.5 in speaking but my requirement is 6.5 so please help me to archive good band....

hi friends, this is ramana.
iam getting 6.5or 7 in listening in my regular mock test.but iam getting only 4 or 5 in reading,my reqirement is 7.
plz, friends tell me how to improve reading.
i want some tips plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
iam planning to take my ielts acadamic test in FEB 11.

speaking topic..... why bags are important, criteria while selecting bags or suitcase, uses of carrying a bag when you travel, occasions you take bag with you
cue card: A Business you would like to start
what business, where you start, what you need to start, why it is important to start such a business
Discussion: about importance of business
difference between working in a company and owns business.... advantages and disadvantages of both, skills required to start a business
Writing: It is important to keep large outdoor public places like parks and squares in cities and towns. what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement

Hi guys
Any one who has an exam on 21 January from Baku Azerbaijan please contact. Thanks

hi, i will appear on 7th general IELTS , anyone please share question of speaking test .


hi, i will appear on 7th jan 2017 general IELTS , anyone please share question of speaking test .


hi I have been teaching IELTS for 5 years specially speaking. If you want to have a private lesson on skype or whatsapp please add me : deliam80 or send me a message here

Hello every on i will be writing ielts this january please i will need any helpful material

Hello i will be taking ielts academic on 21th and my target is 7 please everyone i need helpful materials my emial: thanks

Hi mitchel, how long have u been preparing?

is it overall 7 ?in cacdemic ielts

hi, i will appear on 7th jan 2017 general IELTS , anyone please share question of speaking test .


Hi everyone.

I'll take IELTS GT on 7th Jan 2017 in Istanbul.

I would be grateful if someone taking exam this day could share speacking topics. I especially relay on you, shivv :)

Hello Tania
I will take the exam on 21 of Jan in Baghdad/ Iraq .I did IELTS exam before and I got 6.5, but it has been expired .However, we can share the information and can do skype conversation.

Hi guys, here is a academic writing Task 2 question, and I think it is quite hard to plan and write, does anyone have some ideas about the following question---
Some psychologists now believe studying the behaviour of 3-year old children can predict that some children will grow up to be criminals. To what extent do you believe that crime is a product of human nature? What can be done to solve this problem?

Hello People.. Anyone taking exam on Feb 11 Academic. Let me know. We will form a group

Hi, I am taking general on 7th jan 2017, in Canada. Please, can someone share the writing questions? Anyone taking exam at European/Eastern time, please let me know. How can we create a group?

Hello guys,

I am taking my IELTS test in January 14th

is there anyone taking the test around that date ?

Hi everyone.

I'll take IELTS GT on 7th Jan 2017 in Istanbul-Turkey.

I would be grateful if someone taking exam this day could share speaking topics.

Many thanks email adress is :

Hi Fahad,
I am taking the test on the 14th of January, where are you taking the test ??

Hlo Dear Simon
I have confusion in overall view in writing task 1
Where we should write the overall view
In second paragraph or in final
Which is good for getting high score
Thx and replay soon

Hello all,
My IELTS exam will be tomorrow ( 7th January ) in Brisbane, Australia. is there anybody from Brisbane?

Hi Aisha ,

my exam will be in Saudi Arabia

Please add me to group. +994556428270
Plzzz from Azerbaijan.

Hey guys,

I had my IELTS Speaking today in Berlin, Germany.
In Part 1 he has asked me very general questions about what I do and also what I study. Also, has he asked whether I work and why I started studying what I study right now.

Part 2: He has asked me about difficult times during university.

Part 3: Questions on the extent of Part 2. He was going further into depth.

Hi Fahad,
Are you interested in studying group on Skype ?
Please give me your Skype ID so I will add you.

Please add me to group. +994556428270

Hello all.
Shiv, Alex, Issam, Tania,Tenigma, Grewal and all who r taking the exam tmr. Plzzzzzzzz post ur answers for listening, reading [if possible] and writing topics as soon as u r done.
Thanks and GOOD LUCK

Hi fahad aisha when you have your exams? I have my exam on 21 January in uk

Brisbane, Australia

Many universities are providing online courses to the student as an alternative of on campus.
Do you think it is positive or negative development?


Writing task 2
Kathmandu, Nepal

Some people say 18-years-old driving is good and some say minimum age should be at least 25. Discuss on both the views

Listening 7/1/2017:
15th October
Izord (name)

pressure (not sure)

That what I remember. Answers aren't in correct order

Listening 7th Jan. india
Sec. 1 Abt booking art halls.fill in blanks
Sec. 2 Abt gym McCartney and map
Sec. 3 mcqs and match info
Sec. 4 fill in the blanks

Writing. Task one letter to colleague as u leaving ur current accommodation and telling to opt that same accommodation. Why u leaving
Yell about accommodation
Why it will suit him

Task 2 some believe driving car age limit should be 18 while others say it shud be 25. Discuss both views and give ur opinion

who live in AUSTRALIA and NEWZILAND plzz added me. my what's app number is +8801842502944

7 january. General test. Location UAE. Writing topics were (1) you are leaving your apartment and you think your friend might need that who is coming next month. Write a letter to tell him why you are leaving, hows ur apartment,why it is good for your friend. (2) some ppl think driving age is 18 while other argue it must be no less than 25. Discuss both views and give ur opinion

GT 7th Jan TR

task 1
letter to a colleague. you're moving out of your current accomodation and you'd like to offer this place to him.
-reason of moving out
-description of the accomodation
-why it may suit your colleague

task 2
related to the age for car driving, 18 vs 25. discuss both points of view + your opinion

1)canoe tours - matching statements with paragraphs, the same letter may be used more than once
2)workouts during working day - ???
3)bus service for school - T/F/NG
4)business security - filling gaps
5)history of chocolate - matching statements with paragraphs + multiple choice + T/F/NG

Good luck to all! my speacking part is on 8 Jan, tomorrow.

Listening 7/1/2017:
15th October
Izard (name)
Security passes
Regularly monitored

These are 100% correct answers which i remember. Test date 7 jan

In AC reading of 7th Jan

36-40 -- what are the answers? Yes/no/ng

Test in leads Uk
Writing a pie chart about shopping .secondly it was mainly children at primary level should learn foreign languages .

Tried but could not find good ideas
Reading was extremely difficult .



I dont remember anywhere that
Security passes
Regularly monitored

Is this academic answers

i think these 4 answers are from the reading section, from the text related to business security, aren't they?


Anyone knows listening answers ielts pakistan 7 jan?

yarn law price y
chased out y

wathing sports
cells complicated than monkeys y

usa regulation
vet relted

reading really hard

in G Reading...last 3 answers ...Y NG and F

I wonder if IELTS questions are different for each country? I took the Jan 7 test in Japan but saw almost no answers like above. In listening some of my answers were (not in order):
Fizroy or Fitzroy (forgot)
6 months
lower or load (not sure)
The map was about a parachute site.

hi my exam on 21 please add me in whats up group
ielts academic india

please add me to a skype group, i am planning to do my test on end of feb
skype id :danu20033

Oh yea i added aome reqding answers too. Apologies.

Hina u can find listening answers mentioned above for pakiatan also. They would be same

Anyone can post some speaking topics too for 7 january gt exam?

Anyone doing the exam on the 14th ??
Where are you doing the exam ??
And are you interested in studying group (only for the 14th of January candidate please) ?


Dear friend
could you please post your recent speaking exam?
I have exam on 21 any study group ?
thanks in advanced

Thanks everyone for sharing!

Hello Aisha r u interested in study group ?

Hi friends please add me in to ielts group
Loga +97156292797

Hi friends please add me in to ielts group
Loga +971562927997

Add me

Ac on 21st jan
Send questions please from aust new zealand

Money will be rewarded and guranteed

Hi friends what about the answers of reading for the exam held on 7th Jan

Hi add me in ielts group...+2347084100139

+905068763468 please add me 14 january ielts whatsapp group

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