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Guys, anyone who will be taking ielts academic tomorrow, dec 19, kindly post the writing task 2, thank you guys....

Dec 10 rather,

Anyone who will take the exam tomorrow please post the reading answers and the task 2 and one please :'(

is there anyone taking ielts exam academic on 10-12-2016, please post anything about listening, writing task 2 or speaking questions? if there an what'sapp group can you add me +201009855292

Anyone from Azerbaijan writing exam tomorrow plz update questions

I'm going to take the Ielts Academic on December 10th, in Brazil.

can u share theverything questions after the exam please

Can I have the info about the question of the exam today?

please send me the info to

Can I have the info about the question of the exam today?

please send me the info to

Please guys anyone who takes the test today share with us

My speaking topic was
An activity you would like to do after work or study?
what is it?
How you do it?
where you do it and what you feel after this??
Line graph about birth rates in the uk by women from different age groups.
More people than ever before traveling to different nations.
why is it happening?
Is it a positive or negative development?

I just took the exam today and put down T/F/NG instead of TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN, I'm wondering if I'll lose mark because of this? Many thanks!

You should have paid attention.Now just pray

Hi guys,
Please add me to that group

Hı guys i need answers does anyone have?

I have appeared the speaking session yesterday
Can you describe your home?
is it near to busstop?
How long you will be here?
Can you describe a mistake done in the past?
where you did?
when you did?

reading passage one was related with lie detecting machine uses eye movement 2 was meat consuming in human diet and Thé last one warming which effects new zeland. does anyone have answers?

writing task 1- a line graph with 3 different categories namely news, sports and drama programmes watchers in 2008 at a UK university. lines were showing the change in percentage of students during 12 months.

writing task 2- in today's world only private companies are paying money rather than governments for science and to carry out scientific research. does advantages of this situation outweigh the disadvantages?

November 19 Academic:

Part 1
Are you working or studying?
Tell me something about your work?
Are you happy about your work?
Are you planning to change your job in the future
How do you spend time with your family?
Who among your family member is the most similar to u?
-the closest to u?
Do you have a favorite celebrity?
Who is your favorite celebrity in your country?
Do you want to be a celebrity?

Part 2
Describe a time when you became so busy
-when did that happen
-what did you do
-what did u learn from that experience

Part 3
Advantages of pressure at work?
Importance of having days off?
What is the best way to compensate the employees who are working extra hours/days?
What if the company cannot compensate the employees financially for working extra hours, what other ways can u suggest?
Do u think that modern technology reduce the pressure at work nowadays?
-in what way?
-give example?

Writing 2:
Some companies sponsor sports to advertise themselves. Some believe that it is beneficial to the world of sports while for others, it has disadvantages. Discuss both views and give your opinion

I want to know what are the answers in reading passages for detecting machine uses eye movement 2 was meat consuming in human diet and Thé last one warming which effects new zeland. does anyone have answers? + section 4 listening elits was about cyrus persian empire ! anyone have answers for that ?

thanks a lot

Part 1 listening

Theater(not in order)
Part 4

By the way answers are not in order besides i am not sure of them. It is just initial brain storming so that others correct me and add to tgem

Part 3 gaps, also not sure at all

For matching parts with opinions
Introduction(fully prepared
Technology(too long
Conclusion(add more examples

more for part 4


hello CC
In my opinion u will loose marks, bcoz I took ielts academic in August this year and got the unexpected result of reading, after reading ur post I realised that might had been the reason.I did write initials only on the answer sheet. do tell me after u will get the result on 23rd. also confirm with us frnds.


My listening has following answers:
80 (not sure)

Section about park
Most popular koala
Problem with dog,s place
Discount in gift shop

Map of the park was vary easy and clear
All answers are not in order.

Writing task1
You have been applied for new job in foreign country, friend of your know enough about this country. Write a letter to him, tell about your ner job, why you've been applied and ask him about country.

Writing task 2
Nowadays children have fewer responsibilities then earlier. Some people tell that it is positive development, others consider that it is negative trend. Write both sides and add your own opinion.

Topic about Library
Topic about fire service
Topic about making application
Topic about ants

Does anyone speaking task and cue cards?? Please advise!

speaking cue card:

talk about a time when you prepared for a special moment

-when was it?
-what did you do?
-who helped you?

was it a success or failure?

part 3
-about taking risk

Hello all

I sat for IELTS yesterday:

Are you living in house or apartment, describe it.
What do you see from windows.

Cue Card:
Describe a moment when you used your imagination
Part 3 was on imagination and children

General Writing:
Write a letter to a friend asking him/her about a country in which you got a job offer.
Task 2: Nowadays children in the past have more responsibilities than today. Discuss positives and negatives (both views) and give your opinion with examples.


Part 1:

do you work or study? what do you do in your job? why did you choose that job?

do you take photos and what do you do with your photos? which one is better looking a photo or a video?

do you read books? have you ever read a book more than once?

Part 2:

describe a place that you go for relaxing

-where is it
-what do you do there
-how often do you go there

Part 3:

how old and young people relax?

is relaxation important while working or
studying? how? do light, decoration and noise affect concentration?

is it better to do something new if you want to relax?

Hi guys if any one set the ielts exam on 17th
Add me to group

Thank you

Hi Tolga
Can you please tell where you took the exam please?

Anyone taking ielts academic on 17th December in the far east (Asia and middle east)? Can you please immediately post the answers of reading and listening if possible and the writing topic?


Writing task1
line graph /
birth rate in 5 different age groups /
between 1987(?) to 2008

Writing task2
More and more people travel abroad.
1.Why is this the case?
2.Positive or negative ?

-What you do
•Do you work or are you a student?
•Why did you choose to do that type of work
•Is that a popular job in your country?

-Sunny days
•Do you like sunny days?
•Do you like going (or being) outside on sunny days?
•What benefits can (or do) people get from sunshine?

•Do you often see advertisements?
•Have you ever bought anything after seeing it in an advertisement?
•Do you like (watching) advertisements on TV?

Describe a useful app or computer program for a smartphone, computer or tablet that you have used.
•what the app is
•how long you have used it
•what you use it for
and explain why you think it is useful

•Do you have any apps on your cellphone?
•How much time do you spend using these apps?
•Do you think parents should control the amount of time their children spend on the Internet (Or, using apps on their smartphones?

and some more questions about IT industry.

The examiner chose questions in a variety of topics. He chose questions according to my answers.

whatsapp group
.+91 9898601857
Text me to join

Hi there!
I had my speaking part yesterday.
There were mostly general questions, like describe your weekend. In the end I had to talk about being part of community

Hi John and everyone!

I set the IELTS AC exam on December 17th. Is there anybody else taking the exam same day? I'm going to try to post the questions as soon as I can after exam. Where do you live John? I am in Canada.Thanks!


My speaking module was today. In the first part examiner asked me about my work, singing, your favourite singer, about gifts.
Cue card
Describe a mistake that you done in the past
When and where
What you have learned from the mistake


I live in Turkey, and my exam date is same as yours 17 December i will post the questions for you and you will have enough time to review them thanks to time difference,anyone from Australia Asia or +8 hour difference countries here on the mentioned exam date?

Hi sabz:

I emailed IELTS official(UK) and the below is what they responded (However, since I didn't take the exam in UK, I'm not sure if the standard is the same worldwide)

Greetings from the Helpdesk and I hope all is well with you.

We recommend that candidates follow the instructions given in the question paper and write their answers in full. However, "T/F/NG" may be used instead of "True/False/Not Given" and "Y/N/NG" may be used instead of "Yes/No/Not Given", as long as candidates make sure it is clear which answer they have chosen.

Candidates can write "Yes/No/Not Given" for questions where it is specified that the answer should be in the format "True/False/Not Given" and vice versa. Candidates will not be penalised for this.

I'm happy to help where I can with any further questions.

Kindest regards,

Michelle M. Vicencio | Helpdesk Analyst

Thanks everyone. Kindly we need someone to share the listening answers please.

Part1, 2, 3 and 4.

Best regards

hii everyone i m from india and my exam 17th dec in academic i need each 6.0 moudule plzz help me


thanks for writing back.since it's clear from the email that test takers shall not be's quite relieving after all, many students make this mistake.

Hi christeel and how are you ?
I live in the UK and I'm taking the exam this Saturday.
Call me if you need to practice

Hi pudel and Ramy
Could you please let me know where you set your exam ?
And please I hope everyone who post exam questions or feedback to mention where he took it and academic or general?

Hello please post10th dec general training Delhi answers

please anyone knows about UKVI IELTS?
i need help

Anyone taking ielts academic on 15th December in the far east (Asia and middle east)? Can you please immediately post the answers of reading and listening if possible and the writing topic?

my exam will 17 dec plz give me some tips for reading

Please I need help

1.(a) Work or study
Why this subject
(b) about hat and cap
(c) about noises
2. place to visit in your hometown
3. discussion about countryside and city/town

Gurjeet where r u from? My exam on 17th too.
Like you i have reading and writing problem, try to join the WhatsApp group mentioned above.

Anyone having exam on 17th december please text me on +91-9619593982. Specially people from New zealand, Australia, Japan, Singapore, etc. All the eastern countries. Thanks ! :)

Is anyone doing exam today? If so, please write questions asap.

I took exam on 15 dec.task 1 was a combination of pie chart and table, and task 2 was " some people think that it is the most important thing about being rich that gives a chance to help other people. to what extent do you agree or disagree.?1st passage of reading was about carnivours plants

15 dec reading passage
You should spend about 20 minutes on Questions 14-26, which are based on Reading age 2.below.

Fatal Attraction

Evolutionist Charles Darwin first marvelled at flesh-eating plants in mid-19th century. Today, biologists, using 21st-century tools to study cells and DNA, are beginning to understand how these plants hunt, eat and digest - and how such bizarre adaptations arose in the first place.

A The leaves of the Venus flytrap plant are covered in hairs. When an insect brushes against them, this triggers a tiny electric charge, which travels down tunnels in the leaf and opens up pores in the leafs cell membranes. Water surges from the cells on the inside of the leaf to those on the outside, causing the leaf to rapidly flip ir shape from convex to concave, like a soft contact lens. As the leaves flip, they snap together, trapping the insect in their sharp-toothed jaws.

B The bladderwort has an equally sophisticated way of setting its underwater trap. It pumps water out of tiny bag-like bladders, making a vacuum inside. When small creatures swim past, they bend the hairs on the bladder, causing a flap to open. The low pressure sucks water in, carrying the animal along with it. in one five-hundredth of a second, the door swings shut again. The Drosera sundew, meanwhile, has a thick, sweet liquid oozing from its leaves, which first attracts insects, then holds them fast before the leaves snap shut. Pitcher plants use yet another strategy, growing long tube-shaped leaves to imprison their prey. Raffles’ pitcher plant,from the jungles of Borneo, produces nectar that both lures insects and forms a slick surface on which they can't get a grip. Insects that land on the rim of the pitcher slide on the liquid and tumble in.

C Many carnivorous plants secrete enzymes to penetrate the hard exoskeleton of insects so they can absorb nutrients from inside their prey. But the purple pitcher plant, which Jives in bogs and infertile sandy soils in North America, enlists other organisms to process its food. It is home to an intricate food web of mosquito larvae, midges and bacteria, many of which can survive only in this unique habitat. These animals shred the prey that fall into the pitcher, and the smaller organisms feed on the debris. Finally, the plant absorbs the nutrients released.

D While such plants dearly thrive on being carnivorous, the benefits of eating flesh are not the ones you might expect. Carnivorous animals such as ourselves use the carbon in protein and the fat in meat to build muscles and store energy. Carnivorous plants instead draw nitrogen, phosphorus, and other critical nutrients from their prey in order to build light-harvesting enzymes. Eating animals, in other words, lets carnivorous plants do what all plants do: carry out photosynthesis, that is, grow by harnessing energy directly from the sun.

E Carnivorous plants are, in fact, very inefficient at converting sunlight Into tissue. This is because of all the energy they expend to make the equipment to catch animal's - the enzymes, the pumps, and so on. A pitcher or a flytrap cannot carry out much photosynthesis because, unlike plants with ordinary leaves, they do not have flat solar panels that can grab lots of sunlight. There are, however, some special conditions in which the benefits of being carnivorous do outweigh the costs. The poor soil of bogs, for example, offers little nitrogen and phosphorus, so carnivorous plants enjoy an advantage over plants that obtain these nutrients by more conventional means. Bogs are also flooded with sunshine, so even an inefficient carnivorous plant can photosynthesise enough light to survive.

F Evolution has repeatedly made this trade-off. By comparing the DNA of carnivorous plants with other species, scientists have found that they evolved independently on at least six separate occasions. Some carnivorous plants that took nearly identical turn out to be only distantly related. The two kinds of pitcher plants - the tropical genus Nepenthes and the North American Sarracenia - have, surprisingly, evolved from different ancestors, although both grow deep pitchershaped leaves and employ the same strategy for capturing prey.

G In several cases, scientists can see how complex carnivorous plants evolved from simpler ones. Venus flytraps, for example, share an ancestor with Portuguese sundews, which only catch prey passively, via 'flypaper’ glands on their stems. They share a more recent ancestor with Drosera sundews, which can also curl their leaves over their prey. Venus flytraps appear to have evolved an even more elaborate version of this kind of trap, complete with jaw-like leaves.

H Unfortunately, the adaptations that enable carnivorous plants to thrive in marginal habitats also make them exquisitely sensitive. Agricultural run-off and pollution from power plants are adding extra nitrogen to many bogs in North America. Carnivorous plants are so finely tuned to low levels of nitrogen that this extra fertilizer is overloading their systems, and they eventually burn themselves out and die.

I Humans also.threaten carnivorous plants in other ways, The black market trade in exotic carnivorous plants is so vigorous now that botanists are keeping the location of some rare species a secret. But even if the poaching of carnivorous plants can be halted, they will continue to suffer from other assaults. In the pine savannah of North Carolina, the increasing suppression of fires is allowing other plants to grow too quickly and outcompete the flytraps in their native environment. Good news, perhaps, for flies. But a loss for all who, like Darwin, delight in the sheer inventiveness of evolution.

Complete the notes below.
Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the passage for each answer.
Write your answers in boxes 14-18 on your answer sheet.
How a Venus flytrap traps an insect
* insect touches 14 on leaf of plant
*small 15 passes through leaf
*16 in cell membrane open
*outside cells of leaves fill with 17
*leaves change so that they have a 18 shape and snap shut

@ Atmiya amin where u can get this passage

please tell the speaking topic of part 2

Favorite song

My topic for 2 part was about favourite app

My topic for part 2 was favourite app too @11rat

Hi, could anyone share there writing task 1&2 pls who have just recently had the test? Thnx

Will the writing task be the same for all countries?

pl share speaking topics

My topic for part 2 "describe an appointment that you have missed".

@Atmiya. I took exam on 15th in the UK but my reading passage was completely different than you mentioned here.

@Dhruv, what was your topic in part 2 of writing section?

@Dhruv what is your listening answers Dhruv

please share writing topics

I just finished the exam today here in Oman. My writing task 2 question was: Most of the youth today prefers to spend their leisure time in shopping centers instead of malls. Do you think it is a positive dvelopment or negative development?

How would you guys answer this one?

Scratch that.

Most of the youth today prefers to spend their leisure time in shopping centers instead of organised activities like sports or music. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

@beachplum I wrote about negative results. The first one is about finances(my example was like "consumable things will cost you when you get old") and the second one is about habits and success in the life( I included the PISA results). But I remember that I accidentally wrote one time habbit instead of habit. I hope grader would miss that :D

Kosmos, looks like you've done well on the exam.. crossing fingers that we'll get our desired scores. 😊

In Turkey, writing task 2 question was the same.In my opinion, each part of the exam was quite easy compared to exercises i did at home. Btw i have a question,in speaking test i didn't the meaning a Word in the question, but i still answered in a way. Probably i didn't make sense much. How would affect my score do you think?

Anyone has booked exams for january?

In many countries young people prefer to spend their leisure time in shopping instead of that they can spend in organised leisure activities such as(music or sports)
do you think this is positive or negative developement ?

which i mentioned above was asked in india

In the U.K. Task 2 was . English language is becoming popular as a global language. Does the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Give your opinion.

@Floom what was your speaking cue card? Could you share it please?


Part 1
Where do you live?
What do you think of transportation system in your city?
Other questions were about advertisement in my city as far as i remember.

Part 2

Describe someone you enjoy spending time with.

Who is this person?
What do you do together?
Why do you enjoy with something with her/him?

And then some questions about the same topic after my speech.

Part 3

Do you think friendship is more in working and studying?(That might not be exactly like that. But more or less meant that)

@ Agne A,
I did book for General Jan th. Anyone is taking it on the same date?

Sorry Jan 7th

Hi Everyone, I am thinking of creating an IELTS group for those who are taking General IELTS on Jan 7th. Please pass your number with the country code if you are taking same type of exam on the same date. Thanks!

pls tell me about the 17 dec reading.its easy or not.... can anyone tell me about the 1st passage name

about refrigerator iventor ad invention @dec 17th readng pas 1

sorry,inventor and invention. if anyone want to contact me +918667471904

Can anyone give me the questions and answers for 17 December 2016 academic IELTS ?

Can anyone give me the questions and answers for 10 December 2016 academic IELTS ?

Can anyone give me the answers for 17 December 2016 academic IELTS ?

Uk academic 17 December

Young ppl spend time in shopping center rather than good leisure activities
Reading lot of mcqs listening was not very difficult

I also want the answer of 17 December can any one give us the result............

21-phone book

Hi everyone,
I have just recently found out this website, so just wondering if Simon has mentioned how to practice writing by ourselves before? Or anybody knows how to? How do we realise our mistake if we mark the writing ourselves? Also, it would be hard to come up with any improvement because it was your idea right?
I've got writing 6.5 want to get to band 7 or higher.

Hi I'm taking exam on 7th Jan.

Hi I'm taking exam on 7th Jan.

Hi everyone.
Anyone from Azerbaijan who have an exam on 21 of January please contact

Does anyone know answers of british IELTS 15th December reading module?

Please post new exam questions. Speaking. Or writing. I'm taking general

I am planning to take exam on 14th january im from Turkey and my target score is 6.5 overall ,my mail address: feel free to contact i can share questions

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