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It depends on what reading are u talking about academic or GT I was taking GT and I would say it was one of the easiest reading I have ever had

I was taking Academic..

I took the exam and results were announced a few days ago.
My scores L:8.0, R:6.5, W:6.0, S:6.5, O:7.0.
During my preparation, I compared my essays with Simon's samples and I expected to get a higher score. I needed to take at least 7.0 in each section.
Do you have any recommendation for preparation?
Do you think that I can increase my results 7.0 or higher results in a month?

Many thanks,

Hi guys who shared Nov 19 exam's answers. Could you please share the country where you took the exam at? I got to know that Tis is Armenia. How about the others?

Dear Marzie, I am the same as your circumstance except my speaking usually above 7. I have trained for almost 6 months and tested 2 times still not able to get over 7 in writing. That is very depend on other factors too such as examiners and location where your test took placed.
I did several test in Australia which i believe the marking was quite easier than my current country Vietnam. So the variant of your point should be deduce 0.5 point to make sure you will not disappoint with your mark. Good luck, i am taking other test next week, wish me all the best.

Villages of 10 round building.....not sure may be wrong but i heard like that....

reading was too tough....

Hi, anyone remembers the answers of the reading test GT in Australia on 19th of November ? Thanks

anyone has last 4 blanks in reading section of man and women sense of humor topic......

i choose a wrong word at introduction paragraph it effect the meaning of sentence. Rest of the letter is relevant to topic but now i see introduction part may seems irrelevant :(
How much it effect my score ?

can anyone share his speaking questions with us?

Hi everyone, I am taking exam on 3 Rd December, my number +918586895977.A by one would like to discuss

for me, reading seemed a piece of cake. cos I found all the answers with one attempt

19th of November
does someone remember the topics of speaking?

Hi, everybody who wants to take ON 3RD OF DECEMBER you can take questions from 55 cue card questions from sep to dec
Abd part also there
Good luck.

what will happen if you take a formal warning in IELTS?
Will it affect the score?

Hi guys, may I ask you to add me in Ielts group.My phone # : 1-416-939-5190 Thanks

Hi guys
Can you please post the list of speaking questions the examiners are currently asking?

Last year a blog user provided such questions here and many students had one of them in the real exams and benifitted significantly.

my speaking question was describe a timeline when you are busy
when was that time
what you feel
what did you do to manage

guys could you please add me to the IELTS group?! +989356015469

Jey , were you taking academic test?! It was really easy for you? what books did you practice before test? I mean, what is your success secret?

I mean reading..

Hi, everyone!
I'll take my Academic IELTS on 26 November
My number is 89167938962
Wish all of you good luck!:3

Add me to any IELTS WhatsApp
My exam at December 17th
My mobile number


Can anyone please share listening answers (general) for 19th Nov. I appeared from Chennai, India.

This is my speaking question for Academic on 19th of Nov:
Part 1: - where you live
- about newspapers and magazines
- about walking
Part 2: Describe a time when you shared something with other person or other people
Part 3: - what are the ways to teach children to share
- what advantages and disadvantages of sharing
- why do some kids not want to share at all
- do you think there should be something to keep for yourself (not sharing)
or something like that

can any one please upload answers for reading test for 19 November 2016held at london

Tell me what do you guys think about speaking test. My experience is that test have not a fixed topic for speaking. Each examiner will have group of cue cards for candidates depend on what they think is most suitable.
I used to have on time when my speaking cue card repeated exactly same as previous exam took placed 1 month ago. I spoke with no hesitate because i know that topic and thought about it lot since first attempt.
However, the ridiculous things happened when my first one without thinking it too much got 7 but my second one with well repair only received 5.

Please post answers of academic reading ?? Exam date nov.19 2016

Please add me to an ielts group (general), my exam is at Dec 10th... My number is +962796212129

hi, i will be going for the test next month please add me to the group: 00971508938748

anyone have the answers of academic reading held on 19th nov?!

Hi guys
Please victim and ielts challenge could you tell me please where you took you exam
Thank you

My Exam is on 21st January 2017, Plz add me on Group, here is my number +250788717228.

Pl share recently asked speaking Cue cards

Hi I have IELTS EXAM on 26th Nov.
Please share your questions or add me on your group

Hi.I took my IELTS exam 19th November.
My speaking question was about changes (main topic), flowers and transport

19 November 2016 General Training
My listening answers:


1)Bike type:classic
2)Special package: 52
3)and some money more as a: deposit
4)Insurance also covers against: *Missed the answer*
5)Cant remember the question: (two) lights
6)With bike you will get: helmet
7)With bike you will get: repair (kit)
8)A new bike with: reduction
9)Shop will close tomorrow until 6:15 (PM)
10)Address: Cliffton

11)What does speaker says about Hats:
-need to wear always
12)People who cant move up and down:
-Should ask for help
13)What does speaker says about the area outside the mine:
-all area is wet
14)What does speaker says about Underground area:
-limited access
15)what is prohibited everywhere:

Map questions:
20)*cant remember the question*

What does teacher suggest students about the presentation

21)Introduction part:
22)History part:
23)Geography of chocolates:
24)Chocolates and environments
25)*Cant remember the question*

26)Australia cocoa chocolate business model:
Grow, Supply and distribute
27)Australian cocoa is stronger because:
-they add nutrients in their seeds
28)Australian cocoa is currently:
-making people aware of their products
29)Waste products:
-feed to animals
30)what should students do next:
-know about waste product management

Section 4:

31)people used:
-land bridge
32)*Cant remember the questions*
-10,000 (BC)
34)started using as weapons
35) *Cant remember the question*
36)started living in:
-*missed this* fluke is: villages
37) pairs of
38)increase in:
39)change in:
-marriage (ceremonies)
40)main crop:

@ali u taken exam from which country

Hi anyone going for test on 3rd Dec 2016

Yes I am

I just finished my speaking test. Part 1 was about work and chocolate. Part 2 was about sports center in your town, what facilities, who uses it and how important it is. Part 3 is still related to sports. I was thinking of Simon's lesson the whole exam. Its really hard to think of paraphrasing during the exam. Hopefully, I will achieve band 7🙏

My exam is tomorrow academic can anyone suggest possible questions

@ naz- Karachi, Pakistan

Any one here have thr exam on 26th??

tomorrow my academic exam please share 26 nov

Anyone here frm new zealand

please share the exam 26 nov

Hi i have Ielts Academic exam 26 th Nov please msg me on my whats apps +17788693465

Pl share today's exam topics asap.


Some people think that young people should follow the tradition of the society. Others think that young people should be free to behave as individual. Discuss both views and give your opinion
26th nov essay topic

Hii frnds,plz share recent speaking topics India .Tomorrow will be my speaking in jalandhar .plz help me

I had speaking exam 10 minutes ago.

1) describe where you live in. In appartment or house?
What do you see when you look out of the window?
2) do you like reading books when you are child?
3)do you like reading e-books? Why?

Cue card:
Dedcribe the time when you are busy
When?/why?/how did you handle with this situation?
How dou you feel?

3- some people think the play might be used as a way of teaching. What do you think?
4-what are some advantages and disadvantages of preesure at work? It was something like that

Now a days children have more freedom
What extent Do you agree or disagree

Academic uk

Hlo my exam will be on 3th december and academic bc ...plz add me in a group ...

Advertisements are becoming more and more common nowaday
Is it negative or positive?

Academic topic Thailand

can u contact me by whatsapp +8613902536305
many thanks

@ali u have any Skype id. plz contact me

listening and reading answers of 26 Nov?

listening answers from india or uk please of 26 Nov. need it.

Any one from India had written IDP 26

This is for Ali
The answer to insurance is damage. Listening part one answers were similar to those of mine.
Answers regarding mine is different
11. Various sizes not to wear all times
13. Uneven places
Also do you remember answers to the map especially museum was I or A?
And are u sure it was forest or forests?
Also if you can remember answers to those questions about students and tutor I will highly appreciate that.


Most of the people have chosen various sizes and uneven, i dont know why i chose them, i guess i have missed some thing as i was listening a lot of stuff about color variety not size variety. I must have missed something and chose the wrong one.

I was confused about forest/forests. I think forests is right thought I wrote forest because it makes sense more as lecturer was not talking about any particular forest, he was talking about generally

Did you write arrows or spears in section 4?

I could not remember the map answers, one was really tricky so fingers crossed.

I dont remember the tutor suggestions to students i missed some of them too SIGH

@ naz and grace:

give me your Skype ids. I will add you guys.

Hii frnds,today I had speaking and my cuecard is describe a song which is interesting.

I have an exam on Saturday 3rd of december
could you add me to what's group
my number is 00966563545265
thank you

It is arrows for sure cause he mentioned that animal species grew smaller so no need for spears to hunt them. I don't remember maps answers though I remember only one museum cause till now I am hesitant if I made right choice A not I.

Hi, I'll be taking the academic exam on December 3rd. If anyone is interested, I could create a whatsapp group.

suleyman how was your exam bro :)

thanks for helping yaman

Who had test on November 26, please share listning test answers. Here are some of the answers which I remember:

plz add me and provide pak time I ll contact you'thxs naz

3rd December guys, add me please IELTS general

@ Tik If its arrows then good for me :D
What about lectures MCQs? did you choose the same answers or did you choose differnet than mine? If different please let me know what did you choose in them?

Will share results here, i guess they will be available online on 2nd December? I am not sure about the timings as the site says "Australian Eastern Standard Daylight 5:00PM".

I am worried about some of the reading answers, I wrote (biggest "Selection" of job adverts) as i found widest its synonym and in other one i wrote payroll-services i was confused if we need to write work-life balance team or payroll services. As the instruction said that two words i chose "payroll services". Finally in last three answers, i wrote "credit" which were no more in use "radio" which was in every house and a fluke for the other one "excploration" i know its wrong. Do you remember what you write in these answers?


I searched but could not found your skype id. add me up ali.ssuet

@ Ali
payroll service is correct.
I also wrote credit, radio and technology not exploration.
Unfortunately I don't remember lecture MCQ as far as I remember 2 was to remove whole section
Last one include more details but I am not sure if those are correct since that part of listening was really difficult to me

Hey @Tik,

I was referring to other MCQs in which they were discussing about model of the company, seeds and waste management. these ones:

26)Australia cocoa chocolate business model:
Grow, Supply and distribute themselves.
27)Australian cocoa will be stronger because:
-they add nutrients in their seeds
28)Australian cocoa is currently:
-making people aware of their products
29)Waste products:
-feed to animals
30)what should students do next:
-know about waste product management more


As far as I remember the answers you displayed are correct. I also choose the same as you did.



Thanks a lot for the replies :)

my exam is on december the 3rd? please I need help

plz share speaking topics of 26th november,

I will be taking the exam on december 3rd, I want to create a Whatsapp group, but please, if you share your phone numbers, add the international prefix to the number so that I can add you on WhatsApp.

@Ali where are u from?

Guys I wound be taking my ielts exam on dec 10 , 2016, I'm hoping someone who would be taking also on that same date would post the writing and speaking questions, I will be taking here in Saudi Arabia, guys pls do post, thanks a lot....^_^

@Tik share your contact

Can somebody please answer map questions in listening for 26th nov exam?

Was it 'Kaistone' trails or 'Keystone' trails in listening section 1?

3rd December - IELTS general 11:15 am 0012069929963

@ Tik,

Karachi, Pakistan

impressive really very impressive to look at your listening have a very good, brilliant memory,to be honest i have no idea how you remember all these answers from 1 to 40 even a small scripts completly different with us ,when come out from the exam room,is completly outminded and the giddiness .hope you will get it what you require.

I have just created a WhatsApp group for the people taking the IELTS exam on December 3.
If you are taking the exam that day, please share your phone numbers and I'll add you.

Hello I have an exam on December 3. Pls add me to your whats app group +994504408614

If Anyone from Australia,Seoul or Tokyo are taking the exam on December 3 Pls add me to your whats app +994504408614

Anybody writing academic on dec 10 in perth .please let us know the speaking questions

Please add me to an ielts group (general), my exam is at Dec 10th... me be whatsapp +375336993426

does anyone let us know the listening & reading answers of Nov 26th test please?

Hi! I have an exam on December 3. Please add me to your whats app group +79817083402

Hi I will give IELTS Academic on 17 th Dec. Please add me on your Whatsapp group

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hi i have general ielts exam on 3rd of December please add me in whats app group Qatar +97433762614.

hi sir i have taken ielts previously and scored 5.5 in each module and am taking my test again on december 15 so can u plz give me suggestions to get a band of 8 bcoz its mandatory. so plz help me and add me to your ielts group

My general ielts exam is on 3rd dec
My number is 7794000054
Add me

@Lovey and @Olga, where are you from?

Please share you numbers using your international prefixes!

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