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hi sir i need 7 in each module, could you please help me out in achieving it.
thank you!

anyone will take exam this Saturday 19th of November

Yes I am :(

Yes I am )

is anyone taking the General IELTS on December 3rd?

Anyone taking IELTS academic test on 26th Nov?

Please add me to IELTS group
My exam on Dec. 24th.

My Number 00966556989396


Its out already

Anyone add me to IELTS Group my exam on 19 of November academic

Here is my number998998493245 contact me via what's app, the ones who are from AUstralia or New Zealand

My exam is on 19th November, speaking test will be on tomorrow the 18th. Waiting for your email.

How wasyour exam Janaka??

8089770203 , I have exam on 19th

my exam is on 26 Nov please add me IELTS group

Hi Janaka, could you please share your speaking test topic here? Thank you in advance. Or anybody who took the speaking test of 19th november ıelts could share the topic?

my exam on 3rd december

Anyone from Australia who is taking test on 26th?

My speaking test was held yesterday and it went excellent. My discussion topic was to describe an event I was very happy with. Also we talked about my major in the university, my favoriteabout colorr. we talked a lot about how parents should help their kids prepared, etc. thanks

I will be taking my IELTS in Pakistan on Nov 26. Can anyone guide me what should i expect in writing task 2. this is my first attempt ever.

Hi everyone,
Is there any what's app group where we can share the exam's answers?

My exam will be on 17th of december. Is there any whatsapp group ?
Thank you

Hi Rima, thanks for sharing.. does it means the question for 19 November 2016 speaking task 2 "describe an event I was very happy with" thanks in advance and looking forward for your quick response cos im going to have speaking test later today.. thks

my exam will be on 26th november i need 6.5 each

Kindly send me the topics of this month in writting task 2

Hii,anybody have test on 3dec Idp Punjab.

hi i just done my speaking test..the topic include advetisement...card topic good news, what, when and where you receive good news and how you tell your good news. after that talking about how you share your good news. important of news and how to share..good luck guys

Hi Guys,

Got result today, L-7.5 R-7.5, W-7, S-8.5
I can't explain in words how i felt. My advice for you all is practice, practice and practice and go through the techniques as instructed by Simon. thorough preparation is the key before taking exam, don't waste your money. Thank you simon for your invaluable help.

Good luck guys,


I just did my speaking test today .... my title is bout advertisement

Hi, dears! Please, add me to the group. All numbers given here refused in my ask cuz they don't have group. I sent message to jig$but no results (
Here is my number :+998972757521

I wish u to succeed in ur IELTS exam, Tam! Cheer up!

Congratulations Robin (ieltsvictim). You're not a victim any more!

congratulation robin !!!

SG writing task 2

Some people say we do not need printed newspapers anymore.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Anyone from Australia or New zeland? I have my general test on 10th December.My No : 8754466291

To Ceddie where do you live please!!?

Please share today's writing and speaking topics asap.



Today's topic for task 2 is about international cooperation an opinion essay. Task 1 is a bar graph and a table about the percentage of population and a prediction in 2020 and 2040

India - Chennai

Task 1 letter : you are travelling to other country, write a letter to your manager referring your family member for a job.
Task 2 essay: when you travel to foreign country, is it safe to stay in hotel or not.

Thank you Simon, Julia. I would be glad to share my experiences with others.

19 nov. Test answers please

hi guys,

could anybody post the speaking questions from the 19th Nov?

much appreciated

If I challenge to re-check for my IELTS results, is there any chance to change it?? Is there anyone, whose results were changed because of re-checking?? I just need one/two proofs...


Ielts listening answer on 19/11/16
Lane name
Horse riding

Listening answer 11-20
11 soft
12 close
13 10-15
14 Rubbish ????
16 gas
17 family
20 training

IELTS challenge
Are you sure about 380
I wrote 285🙈🙈🙈

guys could any one help me?! I just took ilets test today and want to check my listening answers section 1 and 4. I would be happy if you guys share your opinions and resaults with me.
2- 52
( I can't remember the name)
Section 4
land bridge
And if any one remember section 4 allows one word only or more, tell me please.

I forgot these 2 answers for section 1

ı took today 19 nov academic in turkey
my writing 2 task was Today the world has many urgent problems and solving them is possible by nations’ cooperation.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?
and speaking they ask me about e books ///if i work why i choose that job

Hey marzie,

İ don't remember 'maintenace' i think it was something else but i believe there was cliffton also damage

But other than that we did the same.

Also i think it was no more than to words or and number

Thank you mert
And do you remember answers of mutliple questions for section 3 too?!
It was about cocoa in australia..first one which had said what differs it from another comapanies , I choose the one which said, because it buy products from small companies or some thing like this.. but not sure.. and the second one which had said , the wast of products for what used to in Australia, I choose for feed to crops.. at first it said for recycled papers. but another one said nowdays they gave it to farmers and they use it for crops.. but I'm not sure about both of my answers.. however I guess they are kind of wrong.:(


section 4 ..Prevention....Advantages...not sure

section 1 ...returnable ...not sure...

Sec. 4 listening
32. Tunnel

could be wrong or right, but as I remember my answers in listening part such:
section about underground mine
-hats in various sizes
-uneven ground in places
-ask for help (steps)
-no need for protective clothes
section 4
-They can produce, sell and market by themselves smth like that
-feeding crops
-waste products for farm animals
-affordable products
-further research on waste management in the industry
last section
-10th thousand (not sure but as if it is "th" emphasis like 10th millenium BC)
-land bridge
-(I missed the food preparation in Jomons)

And also -reduction- and -damage- in the first part of listening. nothing left about map questions in my mind.

I think we have stones in section 4 too

I just remember about map that laboratory was not at A, it was in H. But not sure

'helmet' mentioned in 1st part

helmet I also wrote helmet

Hi all.
Yes there is stones in section 4 but instead of spears I think it was arrows. Cause animals get smaller and he mentioned arrows or maybe I am wrong. For food preparation it -stones.
Laboratory is H but what about museum was it I or A I put A but not Shure reduction and damage are correct in the section 1

In section four it was no more than 2 words

So section one answers are
For section 4
Land bridge
Forests or forest not sure

Anyone remember reading's last 3 answers?
I put

Yes Tik, I think these are the right ones in blanks. Just, Cliffton with double f. I heard arrows for the same reason that you mentioned. Thus "Arrows" sounds more reasonable now. Yeap, also there is -helmet- in sec 1.

What about multiple-choice questions? remember any?

UAE - Center task 2...Increasing of garbage problem and their causes ....

is'nt it villages?! Are u sure Tik about that?

villages and forests

Sorry guys you are right
Forests I think
Regarding map museum is A or I?
Laboratory is definitely H

Tik and others: Where was this listening exam? Can you guys mention the country or zone when you post your answers? Because it helps others to understand better. Cheers!

Listening Answers section4 (31-40) : 10,000, Land Bridge, Forests,Arrows,Nuts,Villages,Stones,Population,Marriage,Rice.

11: A 18, H


Thanks MayaFrench.
Can you please tell me which one was correct regarding map for museum. Was it I or A?



hey tik and others-can u guys recall the answers of reading section?!

Can anyone tell the answers of reading part?
answers of listening test from tik and mayafrench are matched with my answers. So i think our reading parts' question were also same.

Will anyone from Singapore take the exam this 26 Nov?


As far as I remember
Not Given
Not Given

The rest was quite easy but the last passage's last three answers were

31. 10000
32. land bridge
33. forest
34. spears
35. nuts
36. roofs
37. stones
38. population
39. marriage
40. rice

Hello Jey do you remember map answers? Particularly museum was A or I?
Also the questions 25-29?

reading fill in the gaps
termite fishing wand

Jey are you sure it was forest not forests?
Also there were villages
What about spears the narrator mention about spears but later told that due to animal species
Got smaller they used arrows?

as far as my memory helps it was "forest"

but "villages of round buildings" is illogical here. therefore the answer must be "roofs"
it was also mentioned in the listening

i think the museum was "I" 'cos it was said "go west and turn left"

yes am going to take ielts test on 26 nov

Jey As far I remember, the sentence was that( not exact): they were living in the caves but now at.... of round buildings...
So I think villages is more reasonable than roofs since they can not live in roofs..but not aure

I also think that it was forest
Villages is the right answer for sure
I also remember go west and turn somewhere but I was on further west no need to turn anywhere but the narrator told to turn somewhere as you said

Also arrows not spears

Jey, as far I can remember, The sentence was like this," they were living in caves but now are living at........ of round buildings"
I suppose villages are more reasonable than roofs in this sentence..

last reading anyone remember..fill in the blanks, 37 to 40......the 4oth one like analytical... verbal....memory....can some one please share

Guys what's your opinion about reading?! was not a little tough?! I hardly can answer the questions:(

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