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24.09.2016 Banglasdesh(General IELTS)
Speaking Test: Introduction, color --- Cue Card: Gift. FlowUpQuestion: Gift Related and Books.

Writing Test: You faced a problem at airport and you satisfy for their service. Write a later about --- What happened? what problem you faced. stuf help..............

Has anyone taken the IELTS general on the 24th of sep 16 , i need the listening answers

Yes I have given in India and need the answers too

@ nita

It ask for season means winter.

@ jig$ it can be summers too

Someone plz post answers for sec -3 in listening for 24 sept india

Do you still remember the answers for section 1 and 4 ?
for 3 i think the last 4 was quite hard i guessed them all

The answers for sec 1 n 4 are already posted on the previous page n if u remember the answers dn do post dem

Today i gave my speaking in khalistan cue card is your favourite meal and discousion about homes and change of preferance of food .. Thanx simon u really helps me thanx alot

I did the IELTS academic of the 24th in Sydney. Writing task 1 was a table with 3 countries. We were asked to compare. Task 2 is fossil fuel has been used by countries of the world. Some countries have introduced alternative sources of energy. is this a positive or negative development? Discuss.
Section 4 of listening deals with the history of a pencil.
Speaking cue card was important news you have received. What was the news, when and why was the news important? section 3 and 4 deal with methods of receiving news in the olden days and now. How the internet has helped businesses improve and the advantages and disadvantages of internet business.

No its summer

What is answer of 31st question of 24 September ielts listening

If anyone need speaking cue card topic than message me on whatsapp +917508261671 I have only 52 topics and topic in exam is also come from this topics everytime

21 plenty of information
22 A
23 B
24 C
24 September

I write 1 action movie but its answer is only action

Section 4 ......dark because moist is already given

My exam was not like the one posted in the previous page
1- women calling a tourism agent to book for a trip i think her name was jahne smith
4- Pen and pencil history

Its in india I think paper is different for each country

@Eunice i took the exam in sydney too , do you remember any answers from first section in listening ?

Task 1 is not so good on 24 september

I confirmed that meaning of damp is moist so answer is dark

Can anyone tell me answer of 12th question of listening .....recent awards or European paintings plzzz tellll me fast if anyone know plzzz

It's Europeon paintings
Do u remember answers for 25-30 for listening

Listening Answers: ( 24 sep ,2016 IDP ACADEMIC )

1 ACTION MOVIE ( 2 word )
4 450
5 17 APRIL ( 1 num + 1 word )
10 GUEST ( section 1 was repeated as in august2015 and answers are confirmed by ielts examiner )

Sec 4 answers ?

Listening Answers: ( 24 sep ,2016 IDP ACADEMIC )
SEC 4:
Disease ( not sure about order , sec 4 was repeated as in june 2015)

@karan @ssharma @nita @jigs

* answers were confirmed by

@cr7_vk18 plz share the answers for sec 3 of listening n reading too

@cr7_vk18 where u download paper 2014 and 2015 (listening and reading)
plz message me link thxs

Does anyone gonna attend 8th OCT 2016 IELTS General test? I've booked it already. Please share any good information or even the exam topic.
I'm in Australia.
Please contact me by email. (

Hi everyone... I think answers for section 2, map , are as follows...
11 local heroes
12 award winners
13 learning zone
14 gallery shop
15 members restaurant (*plz check, order for 14th and 15th*) I think this is correct
16 historical photographs
17 cinema zone
18science center A
19 not sure(one adult with two chikren/ two adults with two children)
20 three days...

it is
2 adult with 2 children.

are you sure about science center?

Anyone know the answer of section 3, second part.


Other research -?(option with statistics?)
Market research -?
Further finding -?

@Mahesh.Hey....I am sure about ,science center.
But r u sure about two adults, two children, because earlier someone has given answer as one adult and two children

@mahesh, and please check answers for section 2, question 14 and 15....I star marked them...

Hi jig$,
I have sent you an email with my whatsapp number few days ago. Could you please add me on your ielts forever group? I have exam on 29th October and need 7.5 bands. My number is +919872682942


@komal give me your email id il send u link in mailbox :)


Listening SECTION 1 :

1. The three movies (Comedy Romantic), action movie

2. Discussion will thriller: discussion

3. The action film festival: exhibition

4. Capacity: 450 (interference term is the first two films are 150, third portion 450)

5. The second type of movie start date: 17th April

6. There were six meetings

7. pay dues Month

8. bookshop can have promotions

9. tickets

10. You can ask guest to attend

Listening SECTION 2 :

2 is a map of the first half of seven questions, art gallery diagrams are easy to locate secret speaking speed after three chaotic choice - which the authors recommend for the whole family together (science center) What is included in the minimum full price tickets (1adult + 2children)

Introduction to a gallery

Two-leveled museum: level-1

meeting point, where they stand now, is in the middle of level-1 which displays the figures of local heroes

left room is the recent reward local history, then European painting

the room at the top-right corner learning zone

then mid-right room member restaurant which provide menu of dinner

bottom right gallery shop


take the lift up to the second floor, you will see display of the historical photograph

top mini lecture room is the cinema zone

18-20) Multiple-choices

18 what is the best option if you with the family?

A science museum (the kids' favorite)

B historic museum

C maritime family ticket?

19 what is the minimal size of the family if you want you to buy the family ticket?

A 1 adult and 1 child

B 1 adult and 2 children

C 2 adults and 2 children ( NOT SURE )

20 how many days is valid with the XXX pass?

D 3 days


S3 is a tutor and 2students discuss research on the psychology and music. The first four options, three people discuss it easy to listen to; after six paired on certain elements and certain attitudes / action pairs.


S4 are three burrowing animals: Temporarily Burrowing burrowing enthusiasts and permanent burrowing. Temporarily burrowing animals like that there was a hole (entrance) of an animal with a sense of (smell) food. Burrowing animal lovers say there like damp, dark (dark) animals have to find the hole (water) that there was a permanent burrowing animals (blind), there is a cave (fish)

Cave dwelling animals

Fill in the blank

The cave ecosystem in which troglobites reside can be divided in to 4 zones:. Entrance, twilight, transition and deep cave.

31.Troglobites often have very low metabolisms to survive in a low oxygen environment where food is scarce because of their low metabolisms and sedentary life styles

32.1st animal live near cave entrance. Temperature is important

33.2nd animal live inside the caves main factors:. Food supply, temperature and humidity.

34.They sometimes eat eggs

35.3rd animal live outside the caves affected by disease

36.Floodwater can be detrimental to troglobites species. Extreme winter temperatures are also intolerable.

37.Bird and bats in caves prey on troglobites.

38.Humans also pose a threat to them.

39.Pesticides and sewage from cities poison troglobites communities.

40.Scientific cave explorations can also harm these creatures

hey cr7_vk18 , i have an exam on 8 oct plzz add me in ur whatsapp group nd smone who has exam on 8 oct from aus, nz or anywhere plzz drop the topics after their exam ... my whatsapp no. is +919814089629

reading answers?

firm evidence
1 false

silver bullion


Anybody, who appeared for ielts general - Reading answer?

Hi everyone ...I AM a student of ielts academic.
MY paper will be on 13 october .I need to get 6 overall .plz send writing task2

I am little doubtful about the sequence of section 2, questions 14and 15....
Members restaurant -15 (i think,)
Gallery shop -. 14 ( i think)

But u hv given opposite.. please confirm.

I think answer is REWARD WINNERS


Please reply

Hello Everyone,

My IELTS test (General Training)will be on 8th October .
If any of you willing to have conversation are most welcome

If there is a group of whatsapp please someone add me on group. I need to hear about some recent infos and questons. Thank you.. +905055637130

Reading answers plz.
If anyone remember

Group add me plz.

Hello everyone. I also took test on sep 24 at ─░DP. My listening was about chess tournament in section 2. Could anyone tell me answers for 39 and 40 for section 4?

Hello everyone first of all check synonymous of damp it is moist so answer is dark in fillup of section 4

Its one adult

Hello can anyone tell me about section 1st answer .....action or action movie plzz reply friends

Hey friends if anyone need speaking topics then I can send pdf document on WhatsApp +917508261671
If anyone want contact me u really get one topic from 52 topics only

Plzz tell me the ans of readings 24 sept. 2016

You can also share your questions, answers and other informations on Facebook page:

Booked for 22nd of October.
Recent result :
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Overall 7.5, Each band 7
Need a partner, Preparing for PLAB would be great.
Otherwise, whoever needing around that score and preparing for the exam around that time.

hey karan if u have some essay topics thn send me

cr7_vk18 My id is
If possible please provide me your whatsp number or skype id I need your help


I need answers of reading nd listening of exam of 15 September,,plzzzzz tell me

Please tell me answer of general ielts reading of 24th September 2016.

Check synonymous for moist

Ssharma ; are u sure its winter
I think answer is summer

Some people think that hard working and determination are the key factors for being successful in the life, other people feel that other factors are important. Discuss both sides, what is your opinion?

Please chk answer for section2 , 24Sep 2016 test
Sequence for ques14 and 15
I think 14 is gallery shop
And 15 is members restaurant (in map )
Is it correct or opposite

Sec 4 answer is dark, coz it is given as damp and ......, where damp means moist so moist is already given nd thus the ans is dark.

Yes its rite.. m asking about section 2

Please anyone clarify my query regarding section 2 , map area
11 local heroes
**12 ???????(European painting or reward winners)
13 learning zone
**14 ????(members restaurant or gallery shop)
**15????(members restaurant or gallery shop)

12 Award winners, 14 gallery shop, 15 members restaurant G.

i Wrote Dark

sec 1st ans is ACTION, not action movie.

@Sunidhi, Ans is reward winners. 100%
European painting was just to confuse.

Thank u Gthri and Mahesh.
Cr had given answers opposite to it.
So I was really worried..
And wat about
One adult two children or
Two adults two children ????

In section 1
Was it six formal MEETINGS*
OR six formal DINNERS **
as answer???

Meetings 100%
Not sure about second, i have written 2 adult with 2 children

U remember reading section

Academic or General?

General training

Plz tell me the reading answer of 24 sept. 2016 academic

I have written 1 adult with 2 children but not very sure....

Do anyone know wen can v expect the sep 24 official answers to get released, was it after our results or bfor?


There was one que in section 1 reading,

Non members are allowed.... What's an ans?

14 gallery shop
15 restaurant

Plzz tell me about summer or winter

One adult with two children
I am sure

Its Winter...

Please tell me answer of general ielts reading of 24th September 2016. (Idp India exam)

(DONT remember it's answer coz it was the most difficult.)
@ Karan
WINTER is the answer

I don't think official answer key would b released

@mahesh answer for non members are allowed is A

Reading first sec
Non members allowed A
Purchaces can be made A
Learn from outsiders C
One to one training B
Can learn from watching others C
Age no bar A

Doesanyone remembers the questions from reading part

@mahesh, ssharma nd sunidhi do u guys remember sec 3 in listening, especially from 25 to 30?

My test will be on 8 oct in amritsar. Pls help me guys. My requirement is6.5

My test will be on 8 oct in india pls help me

My test will be on 8 oct in india pls help me

cr7_vk18 My id is
please send me link asap
If possible please provide me your whatsp number or skype id I need your help


@Gthri Yes i have been asking everybody about 25 to 30 Que. (Listening). Even that was certainly tough for me...
I highly doubt on

Other research
Market research
Further finding

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