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My cue card today
Describe a stage of ur life

I will be sitting for IELTS ACADEMIC PAPER on 12th September. Any tips ...

Hi everyone,

People keep asking what was the topic in Aus USA or UK etc. Can anyone tell me if there any chance to get same question?

If so, how can i guess which question from past may get in Sep12?
Iam taking in Tashkent.

If anyone knows anything please text via whtapp telegram viber
to +99890 3199389

Many Thanks,

I going to take IELTS test from india Cochin 19th of sep (reading,writing,listening)

I'd there any chance I can get answer for reading section as I am struggling in that section and also need somebody to help me out and gib me some tips as days are very less to pratcz..

First, I would like to say thank you mr simon - you are a great teacher.

It is good way to share and help each other to get successful in the IELTS exam So I anyone tell others about this website and what it gives to them , they will come and share and make the IELTS exam easy

If I and you make a group about our exam we will help each other,

for example If I from Middle East And you from USA it whatever , there is a different time between those countries so one of us can help other

please share this website

i have IELTS exam in 7-October-2015

I Need to make a group in whatsapp app or skype or anywhere for connecting

my mobile number is +966550375968

Hello everyone, I'm new here. Can I pleas know if we get same topics or questions for ielts exam in all countries.

is there any whats app group for 12th September General training ielts exam. please add me.


My ielts exam will be on 12/9/2015 I am afraid please Simon help me to get band6 or more..

Hi anyone here who is going to take the exam on 26th of Sept.. ??

Hello, I'm appearing in IELTS General Test on 12th September from Canada, any group of fellows for same data?

Hi everyone! My name is Assel, I'm from Kazakhstan, Almaty. And I need in someone, who can help me with the speaking part of IELTS. The date is on coming Saturday. My skype id is ssasel

Is there any whatsapp group for 19/9/2015

please contact


I m going to take IELTS test from Iran 8/08/2015 general training

is there any group to help

I m going to take IELTS test from Iran 08/10/2015 general training

is there any viber, telegram group to help

Hi guys,
I will really appreciate if there are any aussie or kiwi friends who can send us WT2 question as soon as they complete their test on 12.09.15. or anyone taking test on that day pls pls pls send WT2 question...

If anyone interested in forming a group to study IELTS for recent or later exams, pls add me. my phone +998903199389 or 0011998903199389. I believe we can benefit greatly if we organise a group to study.


Hi Nodir / Somayyeh ,

Did you guys got any group? If not we can form ours. I'm taking exam on 12 Sep too.

hi, I would appreciate if we have a group for 12th September Academic exam, I am from Nigeria, would appreciate if we can share questions either on this platform or on Whatsapp. my number is +2347064259364. Nodir and Somayyeh, we can have a group. My speaking test is on 11th september

Hi Guys

I have a group of IELTS on Telegram

if you want to join us please sent a message to me

we make a plan to get the target IELTS exam

there is many way to prepare for IELTS

mobile: +17402393123 29-19-63,beside srihasa hospital,kona medical building,
suryaraopet,dornakal road.xgnsssg


I am have exam on this Saturday 12th sep, Can we form group ? whatsapp me on +44 7404218357?


The development of new technologies is increasing rapidly and this influences people’s life more then ever before. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give your own opinion.

Hi Guys
I have a group of IELTS on Telegram

mobile: +17402393123

just tell us when will you have the IELTS exam and you will find someone of us have it in the same day and he or you can share the questions of exam

mobile: +17402393123

join us on telegram app group for IELTS exam


or use a direct link

please share some most common topics in speaking and writing(academic)
I have exam on 12th..feeling nervous..please help



IELTS group on telegram


pls help me for writing and reading as my exam is on 19th india.which question can b expected?please waiting for reply


hey Sne

my exam on 19th also

contact on telegram app
mobile number:




Guys from Asia, please share academic wr task 1 and 2 topics as soon as you can this Saturday(12/09/15)

Hi everyone be aware and never trust and believe on some faurdster offer as we all can see it above. Completely rubbish and request simon to block such people by using this blog for deception and fraud. Thanks



hi Everyone

join us on telegram group about the IELTS
just send a message to me and I will invite you to our group ❤️👍
contact on telegram app
mobile number:


I have exams on 12 Sep, please if you could share me , i will really appreciate , 00971555996562 or mail me on , am GMT +4

Thanks rkhan.

I've deleted the comment offering to sell answers.

Plz add me on telegram my no is. 00447861722504

Hello Everyone,

I have lots of information to get more than 7 band in Listening, General Reading and Speaking Module, but instead of this, I am looking for General Writing module tips and tricks, as I required 7 minimum in this module. So anyone want to know about these three module tips and tricks, do mail me on Moreover, if anyone can please help me out for writing task I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance.

I have exams on 12 Sep, please contact and share me some tips or results. I will really appreciate. GMT +7

Hi All,

Recently i have join IELTS class for preparation please help me in providing usful tips or notes. I shall thank full to you!

hi Everyone
join us on telegram group about the IELTS
just send a message to me and I will invite you to our group ❤️👍
contact on telegram app
mobile number:


Hello Everyone,

I have formed whatsapp group for who are giving exam on 8th Oct GT. If you would like to join then send a message on +919428894680 and i will add you to the group.


please add me to the group my exams on 12th sep

I am planning my test GT next month. Anybody from Pakistan like to share the recent test contents.

hello everyone my exam on 8 oct i want some questions for me i want 6.5 each

help me plzz i need a help exam on 12 sep .any ideas for the exam .zain

Hello everyone,

My GT exam is on 12th September.
Can anyone share Writing task 1 and task 2?
I'm GMT+5.30
Your help is really appreciated.


Hi ,have an exam on 12th September in London . any one from Azerbaijan please contact, need help and share the writing tasks please. Thanks

Hello everyone,

I have GT exam on 12th September?
Is it ONE common paper for the whole world?

Pls add me on whats app. +94 718 999 142


Speaking topic is Describe a series of education progaramm you watched

Is anyone from Azerbaijan on this blog.
Please contact,for exam on this coming

hi everyone. i'll be taking my IELTS on sept.12 hre in the Philippines, for those who are done with the test, can you post the academic task 1 and task 2 writing question here? it's my 3rd take, and it's always the problem which is my problem. i need 7, and i always get 6.5 :( help pls..

Jessica from Philippines. You will be the first who will take IELTS around us. Please share the writing and reading topics as soon as you take it...

Hi Everyone,

I am from India. I have my ACADEMIC exam on 26th Sep. Pls anyone share your questions for speaking, reading, writing and listening.

Thanks in advance.

hi KM. I will also take the exam on 26th.

Hi Please share the writing task 1 and 2 after you finish the exam on 26th .

Can anyone pls share writing task 1 and 2 just after finishing the exam on 12th September??
Orelse add me on whats app +94 718 999 142


Speaking part 2 on 12 september is Describe the time when you decided to wait for something. I took it 20 minutes ago. Other questions were about hometown teachers technology and pace of life. Also social networking sites

Hi!I have my exam @Sri Lanka.I have problem with writting.

Where are you from Nadya? Thank you.


Is any body taking the ILTES etxam on 26 Sep 2015 in Newzland my what'sup no is 8179625057 plz help me out thanks in advance.

Thank you Nadya! I'll share mine later.

I am bit confuse about my reading module... My exam is 8th,october

If there have any whats app group for discussing , please add me , +8801772594980

Plzz create a whtsapp group gr discussing on 21 november i hve ielts exam....plzz add me in whtsap +917830333331

Hi Ali , you are taking the exam on 7th Oct GT or Academic?

Hi I am Joyson from India, I am taking the IELTS exam on 26th sept.ACADEMIC.I need to score at least 6.5bend any one help me reading ...too much confused in true false notgivenand ticky blanks.

my ielts exam on 12th speaking topic is The occasion you attend and the thing you forgot on that occasion and introduction topic snaks..plz help me ... tomorrow my exam

Hi guys, upload your exam questions for GT, i am having my speaking tomorrow, would be letting you know soon !! All the Best :)

Sept 12 Speaking Exam: Academic Module
MY CUE CARD: Describe a person who can use/speak a foreign language.
FRIEND 1's CUE CARD: Something about relaxation
FRIEND 2's CUE CARD: Something about painting

Please share writing task topics for 12 September General module!

hello, my exam is on 26th September, if anyone is interested in practicing speaking task pls let me know, it would be great help for both of us ahead of the examination.
Skype address is and mobile number +91 9975606268

thank you for the speaking exam topics nadya and travel and the one from india :) how about the writing tasks, are anyone of yo done with the written exam?

Hi Travel and Nadia,

Thanks for the post.

Any one from Russia, New zealand or UTC+12 to UTC+14 time zones pls post your exam topics....

Hi Sophie,

Which country are you from? and when is your speaking test?

thanks Nadya Travel, speaking test china 11th Sept.
1- sports in home country.
2- que card. some one who knows how to dress well.

3- fasionable clothes ,some are intersted and some not why?

Just now I finished my speaking test in Sri Lanka
Part 1 as usual working or studying ?
Part 2
What type of fitness you doing in your life?
When you started to do ?
Who is motivated?
How offten do this ?
Part 3
All related about fitness

Hello Guys,

Some people have exam on 7th Oct while some have on 8th Oct. So is it possible that the same topics come in next day test specially for writing for GT module ?

Part 1
what are u feeling in a house or flat?
Popular spors?
Prefer playing or watching

topic is about a company

Sorry for some mistakes I'm not comfortable right now

Spors= sports

Part 3

What is disadvantages of family businessn?

Hello everyone,
I have an Academic exam on 12/9/2015 +4 GT Please try to share the reading and writing test, it is my fourth time to enter the exam I need 6.5 plzzzzz 00971504779248 WhatsApp

Hi Guys, please help me with IELTS writing for 12th September

0094716677204 watsup


Results of 29 Aug out.... I got L 8.5, R 8, W 7 and S 7.

i finished my ielts speaking test today.

she started with introduction.
# where r u from?
# where grown up?
# is ur city good to pepole for better scope? why?
# r u working or studying?

CLUE Card ;
A celebration that is important in your country.
* when the celebration take place
* what people do during the celebration
* what you like/dislike about it.
and explain why this celebration is important.

# which are the national festivals in your country?

# which personal events people celebrate in your country?

# do you think people will visit any country to attend any festival? why?

# do you think people celebrate festival, it's waste of money?

# have u ever visited historical places or museum in your childhood? which?

# is it good to visit historical places? why?

# when you read any historical news paper or magazine last time?

# do you like to do group work?
did you do group work in childhood?

Thanks meghna that was quite helpful ,glad u remembered all the questions .

Hi guys,

Pls share with me General Training writing task 1 & 2; sit exam on Sep 12 GMT+4.

Thanks in advance.

I have test on Sept 12th, GT .
Appreciate if someone can share his/her questions.

pls help me for writing and reading as my exam is on 19th sep india.which question can b expected?please waiting for reply

Hi Glenn,

Can you provide more details with W1 and W2 please? I'm about to take the exam in 2 hours.

Can anyone explain thi word L4 and R2??? What that mean???


L4 listening part 4
R2 reading passage 2

my exm on 26sep add me in whats up group n give me some suggestions . Please

hi Everyone
join us on telegram group about the IELTS
just send a message to me and I will invite you to our group ❤️👍
contact on telegram app
mobile number:



Hloo everybdy .. Plz share answers as soon as possible. Thnks

MATHAN , did you do IDP or British council test.What do you recommend the best. There is a difference in exam fee also.

Is anyone writing ielts exam on 19th sept at hyderabad

+923458885693 please add me

Please friends east of the world, please share questions about today 12 sep 2015 exam

Please friends send to me questions about 12 sep 2015 academic exam

please friend share question about today academic exam 12 sep 2015
watsApp 00966507079130

Hey everyone!

I'm Samantha and this will be my first time taking an IELTS exam (Academic). I'm just wondering if it's similar to the English N/O level Cambridge exam? (which I've taken in secondary school).

I'll be taking my exam on the 26th of September. I need to acquire a score of 6.0 or more.

Thank you.


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