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Hi everyone. I am taking my IELTS academic exam on 24th September in Ireland. Can anybody tell me repeated/important topics for reading, writing and speaking? Kindly help me.

@davinder I need ur help please provide me ur Skype id aur whatsupp number . u taking exam from which country ?

speaking topics-a famous person, a famous politician, an article you read recently, a town live

I had exam on 10/09/16 in UK.The writing topic-Many people said that company's should give importance to their employees,others says company's should give priority to their customers.Discuss both views and give your opinion.

helo everyone, can anybody tell me the asnwers of reading section held on 10sept idp academic . if anybody remembers the ans plz post your comments

Hi i took the ielts ukvi last sept 10. Writing is always a struggle for me. There are two maps needs describing one is in 1950 and next is now. I used an incorrect tense in decribing the map on its present.

I've used present tense like this "the business district is extended". I feel so gutted for myself.

Second task was ok.

@sukhpreet singh

What I remembered in the reading section are the following.

Section 2. About robots
( can't remember multiple choice)

Section 3. About dolphins

Not given

Who has answers to the ielts listening section 1 of 10th September. I know number 1 was oakleigh

I am from India and sitting in ielts exam on 8 october
I need 7 in each module
Plzzzzzzz help me
I am academic module student

Booked for 22nd of October.
Recent result :
Overall 7.5, L/R/W/S = 8.5/8.0/6.5/6.5
Requirement :
Overall 7.5, Each band 7
Need a partner, Preparing for PLAB would be great.
Otherwise, whoever needing around that score and preparing for the exam around that time.

hii everyone i m from india and my exam 29th oct in academic i need each 6.0 moudule plzz help me and send me recently topic

I booked the test on the 24th in Canada.
Is there anybody to share the topics in any part with me? Please let me know. You can leave a comment here of email me. (

Thank you.

hi everyone. I took the exam on the 10th of September . I want to share the listeming answers and know whether they are correct please comment(who took it on the same day)


please section 2 if you remember the answers ?
the first 5 questions about the hospital health center ?

i do remember some answers
if you can share the reading answers ?

Hi everyone
Does anyone remember answers of reading and listening general from
India for the test held on sept 10,2016?

I am Ramesh from India and taking up the test on 24th Sept in General. I need to get atleast 7 or 7.5 Pls help.

Dear Ielts-takers, today I have taken listening, reading, writing. The second section from Listening was about vegetables, fruit and spices. I had to match the names of them with their traits. All the answers were paraphrased. So be more attentive while listening this part. I also got stuck in some answers. Third section was easy multiple question section and the question contained few words.I could read and underline the keywords in time. Fourth section is also easy gap fill. One word only and speaker's voice was clear.
In writing section Task one was a table showing the numbers for milk production in four different countries: Netherlands, Austrailia, Guatemala and Tanzania. Netherlands and Austrailia's numbers counted in billions while the rest two's were in thousands. Very simple table. Could hardly find the words to reach the word limit.
Task 2 There is a tendency to allow the workers to do their works at home. It is argued that only workers may benefit it, not employers. To what extend do you agree or disagree. I strongly disagreed and put forward two strong arguments in separate paragraphs to support my opinion. Again not sure, if could get over the word limit or not. However, ideas were OK. I came home and googled the article about it .The arguments were the same. I could stay on topic. However, my vocabulary was not so rich due to the shortage of time. Just thought about the time and word limit. So, wish all the future test takers success. I know that I could not perform so prepared. But what we can do, God's willing...

hello subash
I need that score for academic ielts .where are u currently based?

Please share your exam's answers for listening and reading for the test on 15th of September. Thanks :-)

Writing Task 1: Line graph
Writing task 2: Overeating is harmful to people's health; so the advertisement of certain food products should be banned. Do you agree or disagree?

Hey , I am going to take GT module on 24th Sept , is there anyone to practice speaking with.

Does IELTS writing and speaking questions get repeat?

Hi Sabz,
I am from Nepal.
When is ur exam and Where r u from?

Kindly send me the topics of this month in writting task 2

I'm planning to attend classes for writting and will also work on speaking to score 7 or more in hopefully in the beginning of November.I live in a small town in UK

i have been preparing on my own.but I think it won't work for me unless somebody tells me where are the weaknesses.have u ever taken tuition. how do U prepare for exam

Is this ur first attempt?
R u a native there?
Is it for PLAB u r taking ielts?
I am preparing myself by taking reference from online sources.
I don't think i would need tuition as long as i can manage time to do practice more,which had been my mistake, despite being familiar with the exam to some extent.
And hence trying to devote some time, this time around.
Fingers crossed!

Hi every one I am for India and my exam in 24 sep in academic and I need 6 band in each module pllllllzzzzzx help me and send important plzzzzz

You are talking about this type of section 2 ?

Section 2: 蔬菜水果鲜花的购买建议(新题) 2道配对和一个表格








11-14 :配对Matching
1 – Vegetables蔬菜的配对

11. crop - best value for money
12. potato - top quality
13. tomato - imported
14. onion - bad appearance

15-17 Matching 配对题 – Fruit水果的配对

15. orange - easy to peel
16. apple - bad quality
17. banana - ripe and ready to eat
表格填空 - flowers
18. mixed
19. $12
20. different colours

Please tell me answers of reading of 15 september

Please give me answers of reading and listening of exam of 15 September

Hi all,
cd someone pls just post the genuine answers of listening, esp section 1, exam dated 15th september,

there was a question in section 1 listening wherein the customer Simon Ustowski was inconvenienced.
Does anybody know its answers.
also cd someone pls post the correct answers for reading.

Hi I am from India and in 24 sep have exam in academic .and I need 6 band in each madule ..plzzzzzzz help. Me

i am janki
i am siting in ielts exam 8th october
can anyone help me for speaking and writing module. anyone have cue card or something for speaking?

hello subash
yes its for plab that means i am not native. i am from pakistan. and yes, i have taken ielts recently got result in august and my score was L8,R7.5,W6.0,S6.5. How about preparing together? i got no idea wether it will work,shall we give it a try?is it going to suit u? do tell me. or email me ur suggestion ...its the first time in 3 months that i am posting to someone...

my email is


contact me by whatsapp +86 13902536305 or viber +86 13902536305

Hi I am from India and in 24 sep have exam in academic .and I need 6 band in each madule ..plzzzzzzz help. Me

Hi I am from India and in8 oct have exam in academic .and I need 6 band in each madule ..plzzzzzzz help Me some one give me a tips to improve my score

Yes, CR7_vk18. Exactly. As far as I remember I also answered the same way as you wrote here. I could not here the 20th but I guessed and wrote colors. If you are certainly sure of these answers I would be happy. Because even though I could hear and understand everything I listened, I was not sure and I got very disappointed. My last results were L7.5, R6.5,W 6.5 and S7. In spite of all my efforts, I could not improve my listening and reading skills at that period. Now as I have been working as an English teacher and attended several training and programs, I felt a considerable improvement in my English. However, the IELTS exam was not so as I expected. Now I am expecting either the same results, or lower.

Hey Sabz,
Fantastic...I had been searching partner for Ielts and PLAB too (If we could try that too)
To be honest, It is going to be my fifth attempt and reading score was the only setback in first 3 attempts despite having scored desired score in other 3 modules...However, the 4th and recent attempt(The score that I posted earlier) was good with reading but fared badly with W/S like never before
Although got acquainted with the exam, I could hardly manage time more than a week for preparation in each earlier attempts and so trying to commit this time around for sure
My first attempt to posting in any blog, same goes for my search for a partner too
Looking forward to hearing from you and the ways we can communicate

Hi every one

I am taking exam on 24th fm Sri Lanka. If there is anyone willing to practice with me?
My email


Is there any whatsapp group for Oct Ielts?

hello, everyone. i am hasan from bangladesh. 24 sept is my general ielts exam date. anyone help me or suggestion ....., viber & whats up number +8801671124038.

well we can use watsapp if it's operating in Nepal or u can add my Skype id saba.saba22436, either way is fine.and u can also suggest some other app that u can b happy with.

Has anyone taken computerised academic ielts UKVI? Is it better? I am planning to take it next month so please share your experience.

Hi I have exam on 24th Sept Academic please share ur writing questions. Contact me on my email account,

Hey Sabz,
Skyped U

hello everyone
8th oct i have exam in academic plzzz suggest me what to dooo???? please... i need 6 band..

Hi m hvng exam on 8 oct academic need practice i n speaking

Hi am from India .and I can sit in exam in 24 sep in academic .so pllllzzzzz help me to provide information of writing test 2 plllz help me plz

there is any whatsap grp for 8oct ielts idp exam

Academic IELTS
whatsapp: +358 46 93 86186

For 24th September IELTS exam

Is there anyone can provide us IELTS Academic writing and reading for 24 Sep?

24 Sep IELTS exam
Need help ?

Hello there,
This is Shafaet from Bangladesh Agricultural University. I am going to sit for an exam on first week of November. Feel free to contact me. I am desperately seeking a speaking partner.
Skype ID: shafaetbau
facebook ID:

If anyone from Australia or India is taking IELTS academic test tomorrow (24th sept), do post writing task 2 topic before 12 pm PST. It might help many candidates. Thank you.

Hii my test is on tomorrow 24 sep if any one has idea about task2 plz tell me iam from khalistan my whatsapp no is 9803920839

Plese post writing task2 topic for 24th exam if someone appeared from other country

YESTERDAY MY FRIENDS SPeaking topic Bc India

Describe an interesting sports club in your city

Join IELTS FOREVER wtsap group to share n discuss IELTS topics by sending your wtapp number on


I am going to exam on 24 sep 2016 if any one have answer plz share

My whatuwhat up No 9872027446 pl plz share in academic

My whatsapp 00923318833612
Appearing for gt on 24th September. Please share writing task1 and2

Post writing task 2 topic please for academic module.

Bc india
Wr1: offer music concert tickets to friend
Wr2 : more garbage cause & solutions

Same for idp general 24 sep
Wr1: offer music concert tickets to friend
Wr2 : more garbage cause & solutions

This is Shafaet from Bangladesh Agricultural University. I am going to sit for an exam on first week of November. Feel free to contact me. I am desperately seeking a speaking partner. Skype ID: shafaetbau

Anybody remember listening answers? 24 sep idp

If anyone remember listening and reading answers

Listening - 1) Action, 2) Disscussion, 3)Exhibition, 4)450, 5)17 April,
Just remember this from first section

Task 1:A table and a graph shows number of trips made by UK residence

Team activities can teach more skills for life than those activities which are played alone.

Location: Dhaka
Date: 24/09/2016

Listening Answers: ( 24 sep ,2016 IDP ACADEMIC )

4 450
5 17 APRIL

Sec 4 answers ?

Can anyone remember listening Section 3 answers?

Listening Answers: ( 24 sep ,2016 IDP ACADEMIC )
SEC 4:
Disease ( not sure about order )

Can anyone remember section 2 answer of art gallery map? Please share if any

Anyone remember reading answers of 24 sep

Hi jig$,
I have sent you an email with my whatsapp number few days ago. Could you please add me on your ielts forever group? I have exam on 8th October and need 7.5 bands. My number is +447903951634.

I also want sec 2 and sec 3 listening answers for 24 th sept n @ cr7_vk18 instead of moist the answer is dark i think

My answers for sec 2 map -listening. plz correct dem if u think dey r wrong
Local heroes
Europeon paintings
Don't remember dis one
Members restaurant
Gallery shop
History of photographs
Cinema zone

For next part
One adult two children
Three days

I have exam of GT module from idp in India on 8th Oct. Any help on writing and speaking topics would be helpful.

European painting is not at all and of any option...

European painting is not at all answer of any option...

I am going to take IELTS exam GT IDP in India on October 29. Can anybody outside India add me where the same test would be taken earlier than India.
My name is Rachhpal Singh Sosan
Mobile + 919463241296

Oh so award winning was d answer do u remember for which part?



11. local heroes F
12. European painting H
13. learning zone E
14. members restaurant G
15. gallery shop C
16. historical photograph D
17. cinema zone A
18. science center A
19. 1aduls+2children A或B
20. three days b

I guess instead of european paintings it is award winers

does anyone remember section 3?

Nope , this section was repeated as in 2014 section 2 :) answers are correct

what about section 3?

21 will be interested
22 Survey conducted on large no of people
24 Findings not reliable
25 detailed
27 both sides
Rest i dont remember

@ cr7_vk18 i hope ur answers are right for sec 2

For section 4 is te answer summers or winter

what i wrote is 11) european paintings 12)award winners

@CR7_vk18 from which country u was taking exam?

@nita ans is winter

Does anyone remember the answers for reading part

Hi all, I have written the IELTS academic today in Ireland.The questions I got were so different from the above.
Task 1: 3 pie chart descibing coffee production and consumption around in different contries and who gets the profit from it

Task 2 : News media has negative influence in people's life.Do you agree or disagree? (Question not exactly the same)
Can't remember the reading and listening topics
Overall, I felt the exam was tough..

What was the ans in sec 4 moist or dark?

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