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Please share your speaking test questions....

Anyone will attend the academic exam on 24 of may share the test with us

Today was speaking test in Amritsar,India.

First part questions were about animals
Cue card-positive experience in teenage life.
Questions related to zoo in third part

Hi Scindia,

Wad your speaking in Alstonia?
can you please confirm the questions that he/she asked?

Writing task 2 topic on Saturday May 17. I don't remember exactly sentences but you can still get the main message.

Children can effectively learn from watching television. Therefore they should be encouraged to watch TV in both home and school.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

i have ielts general in Liverpool Uk on 07th Jun.
Please keep the good work and help others by posting questions. Thanks

Hello guys.had my exam on 17th May in cue card was about something good you think you do to help other people .
what is it ?
how often you do it?
why you do it ?
explain what it is important to do it ?
Part 1 was about where do you live,do you like cooking and whether computers are good or bad for us?
Part 3 was about responsibilities and sharing.

My friend cue card was about describe a moment when you share something you own with others .
what was this thing?
who did you share it with?
why did you share it?
and explain why was it important to share it ?
Good luck everyone and keep it up.

Anyone will appear in the academic exams on 24th
Please ahare the topic of the writing section
This is my email

@Erkin.please I need your help. Share your writing and reading if you remember some of the answers ,(true.false.not given).many thanks .Best of luck

Cue card
Describe the time when you were very busy
Part 3:
Television how much changed as compared to past?
Can old people manage to do the tasks in specific time or not?
How much children watch television?
What children learn from watching television?
Some questions were related to timetable.

Part 1:
Where you come from?
Do you work or you a student?
Do you like english? Why?
Do you like cooking?
Who does cooking where you live?
Should we teach children how to cook?
When you study in morning or afternoon?
Which is the besr time to study?
Which television program you watch?

Melbourne Australia,
21 May Wednesday 2014 speaking test

Cue card:Talk about a friend you know for a long time
1.what do they look like did you meet
3.what did you do together

but I can't quite remember the last bit starting with "explain "

@ielts victim okay i'll do my best. I need help also :/

Does anyone has the listening answers for the test on the 17/05?

my speaking test is tomorrow, i'm nervous :(

Hello, speaking questions of today from Azerbaijan.
Section 1- about street markets
Section 2- describe a famous person (not from your country) that i'd like to meet with him/her

@Erkin, of course I will help you. Best if luck to all of us.

Pls I have test in 24 May Anyone will appear in the academic exams on 24th Please share the topic of the writing section and any think he can emotion and this my mail

I have exam in 24 may, I'll share the questions with you

please anyone has the exam on 24the of may share us with the task2 please

anyone have idea why they started of giving 2 seperate sheets for writing?

thank you Layla , I will wait you pls


Yes, they started giving 2 separate sheets for letter and writing and if you need separate sheet for task 1, then they give you an extra sheet for task 1. I got yellow coloured sheet for letter writing and white coloured sheet for writing task 2.

@ haneen
please share the writing.. please?!

please share the writing.. please?!

please share your writing task 1 and 2. anything that you can remember. please..


Where are you doing the test? Academic module?

I'll post the questions here after the exam on 24 May in London.

Hope Nara will post the question here, too.

Whoever doing the exam on May 25, please share the Writing questions here as soon as finishing the Writing test!

sure ,no worries.where will you take the test?

what time is your exam? i'l be taking on the 24th too.

New Zealand. how about you?

anyone have a test on 24/May in Azerbaijan please please share the writing questions here .thanks for your kind help.

22 May speaking test -Sri Lanka.
Part 1:
Are U working or studying ?
Are birthdays celebrated in your country?
Are children or adults celebrate more?
What have you done on your last birthday ?
Are you traveling by car? Why or why not?
Do you think in future everybody need to get driving license?
Part 2
Explain about first mobile phone you bought
Why ,when, where U bought it?
Explain how it affect and change your life
Part 3
At what age people start using mobile in your society?
Is it a good thing that young children using mobile? Why? Or why not?
Nowadays people need to travel less for their business due to advance in technology ,are U agree or not? Explain
What happened to the interpersonal communication with new technology?
Is it a good or worst trend?

Thanks alot. Do u still remember the writing questions


Around 10am to 12.30pm UK time.


What time will you finish Writing?


I'll finish by noon in the UK.


What time will you have the exam?

I'll take the exam on 24th May, very excited!!
Please share your writing and speaking part
and hope you guys good luck in exam!!

My speaking part 2 and 3 in New Zealand were like Basthian from serylanka.

I already got my result from the ielts exam that i took last may 10, 2014. During that time, reading exam was very difficult and 1 hour was not enough. Im very disappointed with my writing for i only got a band score of 6.5. Below are my scores:
Listening - 7.5
Reading - 6.0
Writing - 6.5
Speaking - 7.5
Total Band Score: 7.0

Here's my score last january 2014 exam:

Listening - 7.5
Reading - 8.0
Speaking - 7.0
Writing - 6.5.
Total Band Score: 7.5
I did the retake because i am aiming for a band of 7 in writing.

My exam will be in next Saturday May 24,i live in Saudi Arabia ,those who will attend the exam in far east , will you please share your Writing exam topic as soon as you finish the exam.
Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
My e-mail

Are you in new zealand?
When did you take the exam?

Anyone from the Philippines who took ielt this week period, please share your questions...

Guys I did my exam in Jeddah-Saudi Arabia
And I received sms from the British Council says :your results will be delayed due to technical problems... Does anybody has the trouble?

Same here in Vietnam but you still can view your result online.

Did u receive sms also?
And did you receive the results for 10th of May??

I received the email saying the result will be delayed because of the integrity of final results. I am not really understanding, what is the integrity for?. they will inform me ASAP next week.

My L,R,W will be on 24 May. I think U will be doing the test before us. Please share your questions as soon as U finished. Thank U.

I will be finishing around 4.30 p.m in local time. I think we have 4 h and 30 min gap. I will post my questions as soon as I finished.

Please post your questions once you will be a great help to us and good luck for your exam.

yap, i'l post the questions.
let's help each other.

DAMN, I cant preview my results.. We paid 200$ for exam entry, and what a poor system they had!!I received the email saying the result will be delayed because of the integrity of final results. Guys, u also couldnt check ur results for MAY 10TH? (IDP OR British C.)

Yeap, the same story about checking the results for 10th May :(

I found my results in British Council website for 10th May. 8.5, 7, 6.5, 7 overall 7.5

Unfortunately, I need 7 in everything to apply for immigration. Will there be any improvement if I apply for revaluation?

taking my written test part 24 may

i start 9 o' clock GMT+2, will post my writing topic.

hpe to see topics from from east! thanks guys, good luck

nO RESLTS for IDP.. :/

anyone gave the speaking exam today ?
What were the questions ?

Anyone gonna take ielts in Hong Kong for immigration purpose.
Can discuss or study together .planned to have exam on mid June


I have a test in Thailand on 24 May and I will share a writing topic as soon as possible. (Academic IDP) Anyway, those will take the test in the same day in Australia Hong Kong, Vietnam etc, could you share the topic to this website?
Thank you in advance,

I cant check the result on 10 MAY 14 as well in Thailand!

It shows "NO Results Found" is it the same as mine?

Yup, i got sms on 22 May about the delay in issuing IELTS result. However, i can view online result today.

Huong, where and when did you take IELTS?

@kate yes the same here! I took an exam at IDP, I Called them, they said some people can check their results, but others (my name also was in that list) should wait, the system is rechecking their results again..

Anyone gonna take the speaking exam today ?

i m frm india n my exam is on 24th may,, is it possible
that any other country people appear in same test before us
,, if yes thn plz guyz send answer as wel as writing task,,

This is what I received:


We are sorry to announce that due to technical issues, some IELTS results for the IELTS test date on 10 May will be delayed. As a result of the technical problems candidates will not be able to receive a Test Report Form on Friday 23 May. We know how important your results are to you and we apologise for any inconvenience this will cause. Please be assured that we are working on a resolution as a matter of urgency. We thank you for your patience and results will be issued as soon as possible

Thank you

Best Regards
IELTS Administrator


Listening: 8.0
Reading: 7.0
Writing: 8.0
Speaking: 6.5

Overall: 7.5

I need 7 in each part,thinking of remark for speaking.

@Vinod,is it the first time you failed in one part?
6.5 in one component has happened many times in my tests.
I doubt Ielts organization's intention of keeping people striving for years to get their target band.

We should do some research and find out what are the satatisitcs of the passing rate?

Ielts test centres really have made massive profit from candidates ,such as I have paid nearly 5k USD for ielts.

@abdullah u took exam at IDP? what Do u think, will we get the results today? i also coudnt get my reslts..


This was my first ielts attempt. I too need 7 in each part. I thought I did much better in writing. I don't know whether they are doing this intentionally, anyhow I will try for a second attempt.

Do you know if I apply for a revaluation, will there be any improvement?

Hi ellsee
My exam was on 17 of may in uk
Writing already shared by somebody anyways
Task 1: line graph showing no of fish on y axis and years from 1982 to 2007 on x axis four types of fishes how their no changed over the period shown
Task 2 : as the machines have become sophisticated they have replaced hard physical work are the positives outweigh the negatives?

hi Elise
i have given ielts exam so many times but always stuck in writing, i also mailed them that u are taking so much money for the exam,just tell me my mistake why i am lacking, so that i could improve in next exam but they said they dont have such provision.we should do something

Hi gays
I have test in USA but I don't Know any country has same exam so pls if any one know about this exam tell me

The same as well i got my British council ielts results. 10 May 2014

0/v 7

I thought i did my reading part this time well. surprised by the results.


Will there be any difference between the online results and the TRF form? I am expecting for something like that to happen.

I am tired to take the whole exam again.

ı have an exam tomorrow ı have more than 12 hours to begin please write here writing task 2 questions

Anyone from Australia or Singapore will take exam tomorrow? Please share to me as soon as possible. Thks in advance

I just finished my speaking

Describe a moment when you save money for special thing.

when? what? how did you felt when you saved money

Pls share the writing task 2. Please...

Please share the question of the exam in 24 May,especially for the writing and reading.Thank you very much.

My exam is in less than 2 hours. @ellsee, have you finished the test ?

plz anyone will attend the exam in azarbijan, bangladesh share the question for listening reading and writing.

anyone take a test on 24 May, please share your writing topic it will help many people' fate in here.

Thank you

Just about to start in 15mins.

good luck @buds and @ellsee

About to start in 30 mins. Hope you all the best guys

6h and 30 min to the exam. I am bit nervous.good luck to every body.i think we all need good luck.
Please share your questions once you finished.

I will start in 10 minutes. Good luck for everyone to take part in the ielts test on 24th may

Hi Simon,
I have no words to express my gratitude, I got 7.5 in all bands and your e-book and your website were the only source for my study, last year I got L6S6W5R5.5 and now 7.5 in all bands because of you. Now I can be registered midwife in New Zealand. please just read simon's tips and websites, I only used your lessons. I really appreciate your help and support.
Best Wishes

Got the IDP results
W: 6.0
S: 7
been loosing in writing and reading
I'm trying my best but not working out...!
Simon, if I go for ebook what is the extra material you will be providing me??

Would you say how the e-book is?
i would like to go for it..
Let me know

hey guyz plz share as soon as u finish ur academic test n best of luck to all of you

Academic task 2: Sydney
Many young people who leave school hold a negative attitude towards learning. Why does this happen? Provide solutions.

hey Bri3n,, this is of academic??
is it possible to come in India now??

I only used simon website, target 7 book and idea book, i just used simon idea from his ebook with a little change. it was only a dream for me but now my dream comes true, thanks God and simon.

any one has any news abt 24 may exam put now plz

Help please
I have the exam in England today
Which country's question task 2 is similar to England's

Same with Bri3n

Hi, anyone completed today's IDP IELTS exam?

Speaking in Canada:Working or studying;
What helps you concentrate on long-hours study;
Why it is become problematical to study when you are aging;how often you repair house hold goods.
Part 2:Describe a hard time that you experience with some equipment/ Tv, washmachine.../
Part 3:everything about enventions/ past ,future, people's ability ,effect on society/

I think the question from Azerbaijan will be the same for England
my exam will be at 9 am GMT

anyone from Azerbaijan,, share the writing task 2 for academic please
Many thanks

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