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I had Speaking Test on 6th November 2014.
Here I'm sharing my experience...


1) Whats your full name?
2) Where do you live? Do you like your area? and Why?
3) What kind of facilities children get in your area?
4) Do the people of your area know you? Why?
5) Do you know them? How?
6) Which season do you like most and y?
7) Why dont you like other seasons?
8) Do you want to go any country where extreme hot or extreme cold? why not?
9) Have you ever talk about season with your friends? why not?
10) Do you like photography?
11) Tell me something about your photography. when do you take photo usually?
12) What do you chose as your subject for photography?
14) Why do u like to take photos with them?
13) What do u do after taking the photos?
14) Do u like to learn photography course? Why not?

Cue Card-

Describe A person who is not belongs to your country and internationally famous and you want to meet with him.

you should say

1. who is he?
2. why you want to meet him?
3. what will you do after meeting him?
and 4. why........

Follow up-

1.Do you know any one who meet with her?
2. Why famous person different from general people?
3. have they any advantage or disadvantage for being famous? why?
4. Can famous person create impact on general people? how?
5. Can they influence young people positively and negatively how?
6. Why famous people become famous? what they do to be famous?
7. Despite hard struggle some people can not be famous. do u agree? y?
8. Can they keep international relation? does it influence your country? how?

Im sorry i dont remember the questions.. of any READING passages.

@scientists could nd find differences between @malaria and __INSECT__
@malaria cause___ heriditary____
@ hungry ppl could have food because __ afford__
@i dont remember if thr was Providing.

SPEAKING MODULE (India): i felt it was too Lengthy for me.. i had no tym to give detail answers or to conclude my answer in any way...As i was interrupted all the time with new question every time.

1. Tell me about Yourself( your full name etc)
2. Tell me about ur Studies
3. Are you happy of the subject you have choosed?
4. Whats next after ur studies? what would u lyk to do?
5. How Is ur Writing(i dont remember exact question for ths )
6. Can others understand ur writing ?
7. Can you knw the personality of the individual with the writing?
8. Do you have any Favourite School Teacher?
9. why is she ur favourite and what did she do to u ?
10.Are you still in contact with her?
11. would you lyk to be a Teacher?

Cue card:
Tell me abt the Programme of a RADIO/TELEVISION abt which u talk to ur friends?
1. What is The Programme?
2. What is it About ?
3. What are the Likes and Dislikes of the show?
4. Do you feel certain shows on Radio/television should be controlled?
5. Do you think it is the work of the govt to control them ?
6. do u think is it good to watch TV/ or listening to the Radio?

1. DO you think television can have impact
on Education?
2. what are the disadvantages of television?
3 which shows are more popular in your country?

Academic Module 0n 8th November 2014 (Bangladesh)

Writing Task 1

The graph shows the ownership of cars per household in UK between the year 1975 to 2005.

Describe, Compare and comment about graphs in 150 words.

( plotting of "No" in 100% line was not exist in the question, as I'm not so expert in creating graph so I put it here, rest data are as per question)

Writing Task 2

Crime rates are minimized due to advance of technology and solving pattern of crime.

agree or disagree?

what u remeber about second passage what it is @syeda

I had speaking on November 9,
What is your name?
What shall I call you
Describe your home town
Is your place good for family and children to live
Questions regarding birthday celebrations
Wat s its important
Do u celebrate ur last birthday
Is it necessary to celebrate birthdays
How cn v make birthdays special
Cue card-
A thing u bought nd don't often use
What was the thing
When u bought it..where
Why u don't often use it

Questions on advertisements nd shopping
Influence of advertisements on shopping
Quality or cost important

My friends got the following topics-
An interesting animal
A thing u borrowed frm someone
Traffic jam u experienced
A foriegn country u wud like to visit
A law
Something u wish to learn bt cant learn it now

where were u and ur friend took exam ?

8/11/2014 Listening Answers (APAC)

Section 1

1. summer
2. lake
3. nutrition
4. soccer
5. safety
6. fire
7. speaker
8. swimming
9. Puslinch
10. 4.15

Section 2

11. C - Trimming branches guidance
12. D - pocket ladybugs free
13. A - cafe
14. D - gift shops
15. Murry Garden - native plants
16. Vincent Garden - living in dry land
17. Smith Garden - edible plants
18. Lulean Garden - alternative plants to your yard
19. Gameron Garden - adding soil nutrient
20. Sadioly Garden - has special color

Section 3

21. C - returned to students with feedback
22. B - method
23. strictly obey rules
24. Interview
25. font
26. project
27. note
28. 2 copies
29. 11 May
30. procedure

Section 4

31. mission statement
32. C.V
33. 500
34. C - training sessions
35. C - A profile for student's career plan
36. C - Provide the requested academic help
37. A - your company colleague
38. 30 June
39. twice
40. administration officer

Hi sinister
Could you pls help me with some practice material as iam going to appear on 6 December.

Please let me know if anybody wants to do speaking practice

Please here is my email

Hey sinister_rock, i took the test in Nov 8th too. I also got the answer as you gave but about question 25 in section 3. Are you sure with "font" because I heard it "form" because "font" has "t" as ending sound so it's easy to recognise. Are you sure about that?

and about 26, I was absolutely "change" not "project"

Academic Module 8 November 2014

Writing Task 1

The graph shows the ownership of per household in UK between the Year 1975 to 1985.

Writing Task 2

Crime rates minimized due to advance of technology and solving style.
Do you agree or disagree?

anyone taking the Academic IELTS on Nov 13 APAC region?

hi dears
im appearing on November there anybody who is going to appear on that day in india or azerbajan?Please post speaking and writing questions.
Dear Far,
I read that u r from Uzbekistan can u share ur experience with me about how to get 8?

please post november 12th,2014 speaking questions from aus/ can help us

any one taking ielts test on nov 12,2014 for speaking nov 13 LRW......please post questions

Hi guys.who can share the writing topics which are hot ??

Anyone has speaking test on nov 12th? Please share..

Hey guys!

Could you just let me know whether it is content to use such introduction or not.

The question is.... 'When children use computers every day, this can have more negative thank positive aspects. Do you agree or disagree?'

And my introduction for this is..
'In recent years, computers have been settled as an essential part of people, the young in particular, in their everyday life. Although I agree with the statement that the use of computer by children entails more drawbacks overwhelming its advantages, I also believe that there are, of course, several significant positive aspects.'

I just wonder whether I can insist the positive aspects on this essay.

So confused....

Thanks in advance

@ Alan..v took exam frm India.

Speaking question of november 12 academic @2014....

Hey Guys,

Finallllllly I can announce that I am done with IELTS, it was a very long journey of around two years trying to get the 7 in each result and thanks GOD got it this month.

i just wanted to tell you do not give up,, i was about to give up many times i've done 12 times and I got bored and frustrated, but it really needs a consistent practising and enthusiasm.

I really appreciate Simons work on this website, it is brilliant and helpful in all modules, THANKS YOU SIMON.

I want also to thank my teacher Miss EMMA, she was a big supporter,, and you can get in touch with her for a private lessons, she is brilliant and generous, and can help you with you level step by step to get you to the result you need in IELTS, her Website is

Good Luck All

speaking questions please post of 12nov 2014

@Razan Congradz buddy...
i am also struggling to get 7 in each.. specially writing, in all my 5 tests my writing score is constantly 6.5 :(.. my vocabulary is not advanced and im confused about writing style..

which essay format/style u followed to get 7 in writing ? please send me writing notes on

i am gng to write ielts exam in the month of december ..can any 1 pls send me practise materials to my mail id and also tell me which books are good for preparing

Hi simon please post nov 13 IELTS writing listening and reading questions.It will help us a lot.

Hai, Nikki.

Have you done the speaking test today?
If so, how was it?
I'm gonna sit for the test tomorrow, for all 4 sections.

Hoping to get a 7.0 in writing and speaking.


Thank you the great advice on the reading section for GT. Is there any way you please send me as much GT previous/practice test? or any TRUE/FALSE/NG material. I will greatly appreciate any practice material

result is going to be online soon on for 1st Nov test... exactly when BC will upload result, 12am ?? AEO uploads at 5pm but donno abt BC timings

hi Asghar,, Thank you

to be honest,, I followed Simon's method of 2 sentences for the introdunction and one sentence for the conclusion .... and the way he writes the 2 body paragraphs is just smooth and easy if you practice to do it the same way,,, I printed out all of hs essays and read and comprehend them ,,, it really helps...

And as i said a teacher called Emma helped me correcting my essays and she detected my errors and helped me out of them,, try to contact her

Hi, guys! please give me feedback for may task 1 essay. thank u in advance :)

Cambridge (plus 1) test 1 task 1.
the graph below shows how money was spent on different forms of entertainment over a five-year period.

The bar chart represent statistics on the amount of which was spent on 5 various types of entertainment from 1995 to 2000
It is clear that, the US was far more exceeded on entertainment expenditures that of the Asia and Europe within five years.
In 1995, total 184 billion dollars were spent on entertainment in the US, while his figure was 97 billion in Europe and only 67 billion in Asia. It can be seen from the chart that the main part of money was went to television and publishing in the world entertainment markets, when the remaining part was divided among music, video and cinema in the given period.
In the following five years entertainment expenditures increased dramatically, rising 73 billion to 257 billion in the US. Similarly, in Asia and Europe the money which was spent on entertainment went up by 43and 34 billion to 110 and 131 billion, respectively.
In brief, it can be noticed that the amount of money increased equally for each separate form of entertainment in the given three regions within five years.

Can any one post writing questions for 13th november for academic module... it help to other people.

Simon or any one took the test.

please post Nov 13 IELTS writing, listening and reading questions.It will help us a lot.

please help us

Listening random

Yes (A)
Yes (A)

I forgot part 2,

part 3
I forgot the rest

hi dejapoo,
can you tell writing topic

Writing please

can anyone please tell me the writing task :( please

a current layout of convention centre and future layout.
This is easy.

Task 2,
do you agree or disagree
research show that overeating is as harmful as smoking. Therefore, advertising of certain food products must be banned like smoking adverts

Any speaking topics guys?

Hello, friends please give some feedbacks for this essay.. Do i need some changes on this or not?

Success means the desire was strong enough?To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In today's world, many peoples are getting chances to experience a joy of employment. Additionally, various sacrifices and knowledges can be the attributed for these generally positive trends. However, others believe that, without a lot of struggles as well, citizenries are able to embrace the goal.I will explain both sides of views and try to reach a conclusion.
It is true that, nowadays, in many parts of the globe, no one is staying on tensions in their lives. It means, they have become successfully experts to pull out a joy. Similarly, owing to their a good educations and cognizances on the concerned pre-plan, today they are now called as successful person. It is fact that, to get a high level of position, a typical person must has to graduates from a university. Considering this fact, peoples often prefer to gain their target, since their childhood. So their desire become strong enough to upgrade their intelligence, which is an enviable for them to grant the target. For instance, Ram Krishna Dhakal, one of the most popular singer of Nepal since his childhood, has now recently got an award of being best singer. He got this only because of his desire and sacrifice on this area. It means, only those could be fortunate one, who indulge themselves in desired plans.
However, other oppose these views. Firstly, they claim that, nowadays, peoples can easily be lucky enough in portraying the image of success. It is to say that, most peoples have their own known professional belongings, owing to which, it sustains them to acquired the level of that position. Similarly, it means that, no any solid desire and talent are indispensable to become famous in capability. Another aspect regarding this topic is, some inhabitants get an ample opportunity to be well known unexpectedly. For example, if certain people attend on seminar, where he or she have to exhibit his or her views and ideas, such thought could attract some third person, who would provoke him or her to be a part of concerned business, which fortify his or her lives consequently. Thus, a plethora of endeavaor and a huge strive can not be sometimes the factors of being success.
In conclusion, although behind some success has some prominent desire and struggle, but in some situation, this can not be the cardinal reasons.I personally think, without any sacrifice peoples also can achieve their goals.

Hi guys!

Is there any one who has taken essay correction introduced by Simon?

How about that ?

What should I prepare for?

I think I would go for another attempt looking at today's test.
Let's kill it, guys!

Dejapoo where you from?

Hi, CJ.
I'm from one country in APAC region.

my ielts exam questions were
speaking part1
talk about shoes?from where u buy ?

speaking part 2
describe an old person

speaking part3
why u respect old people?
is it better to give job to old people than young and what are the advatages and disadvatages of this?
talk about future of old people?

writing task 2
should we finish publishing of books newspapers and magzines as there are lot of things available u agree or disagree with this view?

Listening random

Yes (A)
Yes (A)
October 15th

Reading random
bright light
federal government

last 4 answers
not given

thats all I remember by far.
Anyone can share their answers? I wanna know how many questions I got right.

hey guys please check my essay there any mistake?

Please share Academic writing topic for today for European countries,India,China.

Hi everyone,
I had my academic IELTS test today in the UK Belfast.Just wanted to share my experience abt speaking part of the exam.The examiner started asking me what do I do and do I enjoy my job etc, then asked about shopping the questions like when was it when I did shopping and he asked if I prefer big shopping malls or small ones, then what time of the day I prefer doing shopping. Then he started asking me about seasons,about seasons in my country and what season I like most and why. then what people do in my country depending on seasonal changes.
My cue card question was: Describe an app that you use in your mobile/tablet. then the questions like what is that app how often do you use what for do you use and explain why this app is useful for you.
The follow up questions were about technology, like is it bad or good,what is the difference in teaching technology to young people and old people. what for do I use technology in my every day life.

Cherry can you remember the task 2 weiting question?

I would like to thank Simon for his great support of all IELTS takers across the world.This is a wonderful website,I found out about this website only 3 days ago just before my todays exam but I have been studying it for 3 days and received priceless tips and points.Hopefully will get a high enough score as I need 7,5 at least in each area.

Good luck everyone and Thank you very much our teacher Simon!!! :)

hi rock and simon, my exam 22 November acadamic
#please update in this day.
Be kind

idp Ielts test 13 nov 2014 in ludhiana (india)
Writing task two

Some people believe increasing business and cultural contacts between countries are a positive development .while others argue that it is a threat to identtity of a nation ?
Discuss both view and give ur opinion?

I write about globalization and its benefits for economy
In bp2 i write about some effects on culture ..i used sufficient vocab
But unsure about content relevancy.

Is it correct?

Task 1 was two pie charts revealing the proportion of energy sources of one country used for energy production .

Reading was tough as it contains about 15 (yes/no/not given questions)

Listening was fairly easy first two sections were mcq' while others contained almost easy blanks .

If anyone can shares answers it will be helpful

I'm just getting frustrated with Ielts. In my first sitting, I received Speaking 8, Reading 8, Listening 7.5 and Writing 6.5. On my 2nd attempt, I received Speaking 6.5, Reading 8.5, Listening 8.0 and Writing 7.0.
It's sounds ridiculous that my speaking suddenly can drop to 6.5. In cue card, I spoke for continuous 2 minutes fluently. I just don't get it.
Pls advise.

Hi Simon
I'm from Hong Kong and it was my first time sitting the ielts.
I only had 2 weeks to prepare for it and this was the only website that I read before I took my exam, but it really helped me a lot.
I lacked confidence in writing and speaking so I read a lot of your writing samples and followed your way of doing it (the paraphrase-overview-details-details approach)
I thought I did really badly in speaking but it was surprisingly better than my expectation.
I got an overall 9, with Listening9, Reading 9 Writing 8.5 and Speaking 8.5
I'm really satisfied with my results, thank you sooooo much!

ahhhhhhhhhhh such bad luck.. i got
Listening: 7.5
Reading: 6.5
Writing: 7.0
Speaking: 7.5
Overall: 7.0

damm u Reading passage 3.. was so tough, it was something about Fastfood and effects etc, but was very confusing and bamm 6.5 :(

this time i luckily manage to get 7 in writing n speaking but Reading falls behind.. wht badluck

:( gona have to appear for one more time hopefully last time, Ameen

I have an ielts test on 22 Nov 2014
I'm from Vietnam. Please help me about reading speaking and writting if you took an exam
I'll attend speaking test tomorrow 15 Nov 2014
Any one please tell me about speaking test in ur country if you have speaking test on 14 or 15 November 2014
Please email for me if you can





David, well done!

I also had sit on 1st November, but the result is indeeeeed horrible...

7.0 listening
6.0 reading
5.5 writing
And 7.5 speaking....

I have no idea what the hell happen to my writing....

Cheer you up! You can do this!

Hello again ielts takers
Could you tell me how can i improve my reading skills in ielts?any recommended books to use ?

@ Mel Tam
congrats for such high score
where r you from ?

hi. will be having my academic exam on nov 22 in riyadh. If you can give me some helpful tips. thank you

Dear Simon/Mates,
I am hoping someone can help me with this query...
For the following essay, can we write maintaining a right mix of younger and older employees is better?

Some people think older employees are more useful to a company, some people believe younger employees are more useful in modern society. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

thanks :D
I'm from Hong Kong

13/11/2014 Listening Answers (APAC)

Section 1

1. Acacia
2. AR87BU
3. photography
4. flower
5. nursery
6. waitress
7. weekend A
8. after 7pm c
9. holiday A
10.lunch time B

Section 2

11. Occasionally pain in neck
12. Hand's movement
13. Pay attention too much on enjoyment
14. B. 5
15. A. 6 weeks
16. B. $45
17. Breathe over the water in 4 weeks - A
18. Can learn swimming after first four lessons - C
19. Swim with instructor - A
20. Head under the water in the first week - B

Section 3

21. 15 October
22. summarize
23. social
24. value
25. software
26. organization
27. slide
28. read aloud
29. colours
30. filmed

Section 4

31. mountains
32. story
33. tunnel
34. roof
35. outside
36. fire
37. noise
38. space
39. basement
40. flooding

Dear sinister_rock,

Thanks for the answers. However, I'd like to ask few Qs:

21. Is 'October 15th' also correct?
24. Is it right to put 'values'?
28. Am I right if I just answered 'read' without aloud?

Need your help. And can you please share the answers for reading part?


I got my target
Listening. .... 7
Speaking .......8
Overall .........7.5

Exactly what i wanted. Anybody who is interested...i can give the tips which i thought would work on IELTTS

Thanks a lot for all. Who helped,,,.specially this site...ryan..simon.....and all......

Hi, Avanthi.

Can I contact you via email?


Dear sinister_rock,

Do you think if my answers were:
21. October 15th
24. values
28. read
I would still get them right?

And can you post the answers for Reading section?


Yes certainly.... contact me on
I will excatly tell what worked on me to go for my target.

@ dejapoo

Answer 21 and 24 is right and you will lose mark for the 28th.

Lesson for you if repeating exam: Never write "th", "st", "nd" after the dates EVER in IELTS test. Never EVER!! By doing this, you will take the uncertainty out of he way. Pass this message to your friends as well.


Okay, thanks very much!

Avanthi, congrats! Please share your secrets :).
Thank you

Hey.... avanthi....congrets for your score pls send your secrets on

hi guys
i got mu IELTS score overall 8
r - 8.5
l- 8.5
w- 7.5
s - 7
i m so happy good luck to all of you

I've also wrote 27TH MAY in my listening idp
Hope it will counted as correct

Thank you for all tips which you send me.


Hey huge congrats what you have done.

Could you share some tips about how you achieve the goal that you have desired...... Writing in particular.

My email is

Hai Avanti good to hear your results ,can u send some tips for my email its

@ Avanthi

Hi Avanthi. Can you please send me the tips for the IELTS? I will appreciate it.
My mail:

Thanks a lot and congrats :)

hi avanth,can you please send me the tips for ielts
my email
thanks alot

Is it

Yes . Basically for reading...type this on youtube
"IELTS Reading Questions 01-True-False-Not given Jason T"
You will find about 9 videos with clear explanations, which will definitely change your insight into reading passages.

Speaking is best at.
It helps to structure your own answer to whole lot of answers

Ryan's task 1 and 2 books are very valuable with simon's e book.

There is nothing to say about the importance of simon's blog and his way of writing . Always keep in touch with simon's posts and always read the questions of recent exam questions posted here. There is a very high chance of repetition in speaking and task 2.
To my suprise i saw reading passages were also repeated.

Listening, practise by quickly focusing full attention to multiple choice questions and maps , which are the most difficult. What i did was to underline the key words and got the idea of each stem of the multiple choices, soon as the paper was given without looking at the first page. Even when the recording is going with the example, i kept on concentrating on MCQs , only when they start the recording for the second time, i started looking at the first 6 questions, since those are definitely easy, can concentrate while listening, which will never succeed in MCQs and maps.
Also used the extra time given to check the answers , to clearly read the next set of questions and to be clear on what areas we should focus on.
While reading circle whether it should be 1 , 2 or 3 worda only.
After all 40 answers are taken , then the following time will be adequate to re check the answers, with spellings and correct wording.
Recording might say "touching " but the answer should be " touch"
Also "every month" should be " monthly"
Also " 25th October" should be " 25 October"
That time is enough to check all those

If you need more information in writing , please contact me on
I am happy to share, what i feel worked on me, eventhough every thing differs according to the individual.
Best wishes to all.

@ Avanthi
Can you send me some tips, writing books about Academic writing???

Best wishes......

Hi Guys,

got my results for the test held on 1st Nov 2014. Its actually disappointing for me.
Listening 8.5
Reading 6.5
Writing 7.5
Speaking 7.

I want 7 in each band. I never scored under 34 correct answers in practice tests [within 1 hour's time] but I felt that the real exam was much more difficult.Specially the last section. What do you guys think?

Anyone had done 3rd section of reading first? as with the counting down it is even more difficult!

Thank you
Nishma from Sri Lanka

@ Nishma

Allocate 25 min to the 3rd passage
20 min to the 2nd
15 min to the 1st

..type this on youtube
"IELTS Reading Questions 01-True-False-Not given Jason T"
You will find about 9 videos with clear explanations, which will definitely change your insight into reading passages.

please share tips and recent exam paper
I have a exam on 22 November 2014 IDP.

I have given ielts 3 times and yet not succeed in getting 7 bands in each module. I may not be very good but I am definitely not bad to achieve 7 in each. I am pretty sure that IELTS has become the money making machine. They have a very intelligent and smart system which refrains people from getting 7 in each band. Do You agree ?

@ tinash
Sorry for the dekay.. you have written in the easy in the "Discussion " wrote as" both sides will be discussed before a conclusion is made" this is correct in discussion only....this is clearly an argumental you should say .....your position ,,,,whether you agree or not in the introduction....not in the conclusion....

Then second and 3rd para can be on .....2 main facts to say why you agree ....

Hi Guys,

Would like to share my experience with IELTS on Nov 1st, because this website and practice tests were the only source of my preparation for this exam. Your insights, discussions were very useful for me to crack this at the first attempt.

Got my score as below:
Listening (8.5) Reading (8) Writing (7) Speaking (8) and overall 8

Have to say was lucky enough to know about this website only 5 days before my exam and till then only prepared using practice ielts tests.

My tips for listening is very simple, practice tests and that is it, concentrate on the audio and you will surely crack the listening. If you miss any question then leave it there and concentrate on the audio, orelse you will miss the whole section trying to find what the answer was for that one question.

For reading, have always had problems with True\False\NG so have decided before the exam that will only take that section at the end. My preference was fill in the blanks firt, then the headings section, followed by match the following. Because have always noticed that t\F\NG are very confusing and might not be a strong scoring point. so dont waste time on those and end up having no time and loosing marks on easy sections.

Writing: Have to say that time management is the most important in writing. Myself took 30 minutes for first task, i.e. letter for accommodation which nearly proved very costly for me. I then had to rush through my second task and was always running short of time. When the invigilator said last 10 minutes still had to write around 50 words and also the conclusion part. Rushed it and somehow could not conclude appropriately. when the timer was at 5 minutes, stopped my essay there and made sure to cross check the 2 essays for spellings and grammatical errors. I think it is very important to make sure that what you write is correct grammatically rather than focusing on how many sentences you wrote. Clearly could find around 3 -5 mistakes which I was able to correct first and then used up the last 2 minutes to write a quick conclusion. I thought not able to conclude properly might cost me a 7 but after the result was very happy that going through the essays again and correcting any errors was useful in impressing the examiner.

Let me know in case you guys have any queries so that can help you. Once again appreciate all your help and this website for helping me crack the exam at first attempt!!!

Hi guys I am going to write Ielts gt on 22 November
Please share recents questions

Can any one share speaking task 1 common questions ?

I have a exam on 22 November 2014 IDP.
Can you please send me the tips for the IELTS?

Hello, everyone!
Somebody says that we must not write dates in this way : 28th October , for example. However, in the answer sheets of many books that is correct...
What is really true? How to write dates in the IELTS: 28th October or 28 October?

hi guys,

I'm from Sri-Lanka and did ielts 3 times but never archive the required band score 7. it's really stressful...please help me friends to achieve my goal. planning to exam jan 10 2015.

my email :


Hey pls give me tips for reading ..i have exam on 22 Nov....punjab...thanku
my email id

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