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Hi jessi
I also can't review because my result has being withheld

Hi jessi
I can't preview my result as well ,it has been withheld

Australian people, please give us the writing test of 30 July and also the answers of listenig and reading please please please

Any questions in writing please?

hey i have my ielts test on 30july 2016.. Pakistan
will any one give the test before paki time ?

Please share the questions

July 29th Speaking Test, Qatar

Do you work or study?

What time you think you can work better?

What makes you happy while working?

How much time you spend at home?

Do you spend more time at home or outside during freetime?

Do you wish to spend more time at home in the future?

Cue Card:

A sport time that you wish to learn for the first time.

What sport item it is.
How you learn
Benefits of the sports

What sports are famous in your country?

Do you have individual sports items in your country?

Do you think childrens are able to participate enough in sports at school?

Is it important to participate in sports?

Apart from sports what helps to stay fit?

Compare to olden days, do you think childrens are involving much in sports?

hi satnam singh.. pls contct me thru whatsapp +639178907676

My result for 16:July Manchester also did not release and I received email inform my that my result is withheld, there is any problem,and when will be released.

Please give 30 july writing academic exam topic. Email

Any news on writing topics?

I've taken ielts test in IDP Vietnam on 30th July. Writing task 1 is map and task 2 is : The gap between the rich and the poor is becoming wider. What is the problem of this and measure ?

Hi guys
I have received an email informing me that my result was withheld for 16 July
Do you know how many days will take to be released !!!!!!!
Thank you and good luck all

Hi dear all
I had general ielts exam on 30th July. Any one remember any listening and reading answer??

30 th academic :women should be in military and police work force.discuss both views

How was the IELTS exam 30 July???

Hi guys,
July 30th exam in KSA. Writing task 1- line graph about three types of theft such as car theft, house burglary and robbery.

Task 2- some research shows that over-eating is more widespread than hunger. Why is over-eating cause more problems than hunger? What can we do to solve the problems of over-eating

Any listening answers???
5 hours
10 weeks
Watch time

Hi everyone,
Please post the answer for listening and reading test of 30 July

5 hours
10 weeks
........ these some answers of listening test day 30th july
the speaking test was in the same day , she asked me about my house and what i like and dislike in it , then the cue card was about story or novel i found it interesting

Can you remember any answers of multiple question??
About the whale question correct answer was a or d???

If any one want tips of reading writing lisning connect me on my whtsapp 9592491040

@robin singh plz provide me the Skype id .i will taking exam written IELTS (general) test on 4 AUGUST

Writing as mentioned above

5 hours
10 weeks
By boat (msq)
First whale was the answer of the last question about the whales
Driving license

30/07 exam Regarding the question about whales,, i put this sequence
Any idea regarding this ??

Pl share latest speaking topics asap.

Thanks in advance

For whale??

Dear Jig,, i am not sure about the first 2 answers of whales question,, but the third one is A for sure bcz in the listening he said; its size is quarter the size of blue whale

Dear Simon Corcoran ,

I want to author a book about the preparation for the IELTS Exam and have thought of finding a co-author for my book with the purpose of releasing a comprehensive book about IELTS that could achieve high sales on the book market. Fortunately, I have gotten the opportunity to see your distinguished works on your website and thought of you as a co-author.

Here is the book design :

Section (1) is your section:

In this section, your hilarious experience about IELTS will be tackled.

Section (2) is my section :

In this section, I will be addressing particular IELTS examinees who need to treat their problems related to handling the IELTS Exam.

Basically , I will address:

(a) the problems of the Middle Easterners and how they can be treated .I have been collecting a lot of information about the Middle Easterners' weak points and the reasons of their staggering in the Exam.

(b) the problems of the Chinese examinees .I have thought so much of excluding the Chinese examinees from the book ,since they have serious problems that can not be handled in just a few pages in a book.It is not easy for the Chinese to pass this Exam since the first time. They may take it 4 or 5 times, and this is attributed to their educational background and the fashion of learning English . They basically depend on writing skills on the account of all the other receptive and productive skills.This means that they need to treat the problems of developing the English skills before taking the IELTS Exam.Then I have thought of including this sub-section again for those who can genuinely benefit from it , taking into consideration that I have an experience with the Chinese in Canada and China.

(c) the problems of Latin American examinees. Although it is a small precentage of the Latin Americans who join universities in the English-speaking world , I have thought of dedicating a small sub-section for them .That is because I have had the opportunity of giving private tutoring for Latin Americans wanting to take IELTS Exam. Moreover, I speak Spanish and that helped me so much to understand their train of thoughts when they process the IELTS questions.

The book title can naturally be modified by you. I am just suggesting its title :

Main Title : Practical Guide to Pass the IELTS Exam
Sub-title : [Functional Tips with Sample Model Answers for all IELTS Examinees]
[ Probem-solving Guidance for the Middle-Easterners, the Chinese & the Latin Americans]

I look forward to hearing from you , Simon.

Please find attached to this email my portfolios.

Kind regards,

Tamer Osman
English language lecturer
Department of English Studies,
School of Foreign Languages,
Zhengzhou University
Member of International Journal of Applied Linguistics and Translation , New York , USA

Thank you Simon, your work on this page saved my future academic career. I will raccommend this page to every IELTS student that I will meet.

Now I give you back what’s on my faculty.

The type of test : General Training
Date of test : 30.07.16
Location of test : Boston, USA

Writing Task 1 :
The manager of the company wants to make a change to help the environment and ask to his employees some suggestions.
Include in the letter:
– What could be changed
– the effect on the environment
– how can it be done

Writing Task 2:
Some people think that giving a mobile phone to children is not a good thing, while others believe the opposite. What is your opinion?

Thank you again Simon!

Osman,perhaps your aim is to help students but mind you, no book can solve all the issues or most of them. If a book can, then why on earth we see still these issues? So far we have a horde of books available and none did the job because English a language which is closely associated with the western culture. Students from overseas learn English but they 'forcefully translate' ideas from their L1 to English (some time word to word , phrases to phrases or even sentence to sentence translation). Unless they learn English with its 'culture' they hardly overcome the language barrier. We sometimes call it ' making sense in English'. ESL students do not understand this because their 'sense' is in their language which is correct so how are they supposed to learn 'sense' in English? In fact, they write English with a non-native sense.

Apart from that, no IELTS examiners would reveal the official assessment -- be it an IELTS writer or ex-examiner. Most of them would try to 'brush up' than going into the details of the rubric.

If your aim is not about money but helping students, then you might as well research about this. Chinese students prefer to memorise essays. Even though a few students can use English, they try to use as many academic words they know because they think more difficult words will increase their bands. This is not true, however. They seldom reduce the density of errors and think errors don't affect the score. They may not even understand faulty collocations or etc.

Anyone knowz the 30 july reading answer....?

Anyone remember listenning or reading answers .....of 30 july....?

Hi, Jessi

Any update when they will release 16th July result.My result also on hold.

Is anyone here for preparing ielts exam... I wanna improve my English nd I got 5.5 in each module in my last exam... WhatsApp me +918288810084,... For practice...

Hi, I will take the general ielts on 4th of august, please if anyone can share the questions. Thank you very much

Hi Mina,
Please share the writing task 1 and 2 questions.
I will be taking GT on August 20, in DOHA.

Hiii,m hazel. Will anybody give me the tips of reading and writing

Hello, I will take IELTS Academic on 4th of August. Is there anyone here to add me on whatsapp or skype to share some tips? My number is +905058657780.

Dear @Jane and @Robin, I guess you will take the exam on the same day with me, can I contact you?

Hi Kiran, Ali, yosuf

Sorry couldn't visit the website for last few days, I was in shock. Yes my result is withheld by Ielts investigation team. I appeared in Manchester. No idea, when they are going to release the result. Its pretty unfair. They couldn't even tell me a probable date for result. I am pretty upset. I heard they took a month starting from the test day. So hopefully around 12 August, we r going to hear from them and around 16th August, we r going to see our result, if everything goes fine.. Please do post here if anyone get any info regarding release of result. Thanks

Hi Rini, one of friend appeared on 18th June UKVI IELTS and he got his result on 21st July and another friend of mine gave IELTS on 25th June, she received her result on 26th July by post.

Both of them received an email on 13th day of test mentioning withholding of result and another mail 3-4 days before getting the result from the test center. Most probably we r going to see similar sort of thing.
Post here if u find any info. Thanks

Any idea why they are holding the result.How is ur friends results.Is it good result.


They sent a mail mentioning result is under investigation, thats it.. my friends got their required score for visa application. Im also waiting for the same.. feeling terrible.

hello friends i am taking my general module IELTS on 20 august anyone who is taking in Australia or New Zealand please message me,will update my skype and watsup. thank you for your help and time.

hello friends i am taking my general module IELTS on 4 august from Singapore anyone who is taking in Australia or New Zealand please message me, writing task immediately base after finish paper at ur timing 12.30 pm .because our time difference around 5 hours please help me

I will gave exam on 4 august pls gave me some tips 9646310322

Hi i m giving IELTS Academic on 4th August.pLease post ur writing questios.

I'm going to take an exam next morning in London. Anyone please share writing question. My phone +13107567600

IELTS General Writing Task 2. 4th August'16

Shopping is becoming as a part of life-style activity, replacing people's traditional hobbies.

What are the reasons of such development.

Do you think this is positive or negative development?

Academic 4th of August, writing task 2

Increasing of the amount of household , what are the causes, how to reduce it

Household waste

Today's bc general task india

Task 1 : write a letter to your company director to dnt close cafeteria due to nt enough use

Task 2: more people do shoping as leisure activity than traditional hobbies
What are the causes? Is it positive or negative development?

CUE CARD : describe a program you recently seen on television

hello friends i am taking my general module IELTS on 20 august anyone who is taking in Australia or New Zealand please message me, writing task immediately base after finish paper at ur timing .thank you please contact me if anyone is takeing.

Can someone post listening answers for gt that conducted on 4th August

1 E-mail (Markeing)
3 sandwiches (after)
4 station (not airport)

Closed(hotel is)
Management(skill improve)
Health (affected)

Project discussions


In Cambridge today. Academic module
A half year


4th August GT Birmingham
1. e-mail
2. Project
3. Summary
4. Closed
5. Noisy
6. Sandwich
7. Station
8. 6 month ( half of a year)

9. Handing questionnaire to see fitness

Section 1 matching information
1.designed centuries ago: paragraph hving garden designed in 1930
2. Going to hv vegetables: u will see greens
3. Extra activity: paragraph containing photography and flower arranging
4. Introduce water: paragraph containing fountain

Section 2

Section 3

Order varies.

Listening on 4th August
1 E-mail
2 Sandwiches
3 Station
4 costly
5 Hospital
6 Noisy
8 Health
9 Management
10 Distribute
11 Comprehensive



BTW, what you have chosen for the listening part 2 questions( from 20-25) regarding discussion between two students regarding music and its affect?


Hi. Who has exam on 13th of August. Pls contact me. My email adress:

@Mina: If you have different timezone with others, the ielts council will change their questions, so i dont think it will work.
Good luck to you.

Who's British test on 20 August plz send me answer on what's app 8437470003 who have question paper reading listening and writing.i fill paper in India

Hi, am gonna write exam on 20the August, plz share the questions on my email: plz plz..! Thax

Hi Jessi, Kiran any idea whether we can see the preview result if they r releasing our result on 12/08/2016.

hi everyone, i am gonna take ielts next month and i need to get at least 6. i am good at reading and listening but i have to improve my speaking skills so i am looking for a speaking partner. mail:

is it possible to book successive 3 dates in a month in uk for academic ielts.


Hi I have ielts test on 13 aug please anyone help whtsapp no 9876792470

I am from India. My test data is 13 aug please anyone help me .my whtsapp no 9876792470



Rini and kiran

If u have given academic IELTS, you are able to preview it online. I dont know exactly which date. I am assuming they will let us know an update abt the result out. I have given UKVI IELTS, so I cannot preview it online unfortunately. I have to wait for getting the result by post. However I have appeared again on 4th August. I don't take any risk. I have seen many posts of previous candidates those had waited for 3 months for their result. So its better to be in safe side. Although, I am not in safe side either. Few of the candidate's 2 subsequent IELTS result was withhold too for 3 months. So nothing is absolute. I'll recommend you guys to take the IELTS again.

Any body appearing for General module on 20th Aug 2016

Hi guys, I have just left speaking exam on 11th of August in Baku. So until that day If anyone remember cue card topics, would you please post here. Thanks in ADVANCE and GODD LUCK to everyone who has left any exams.

You are right we don't have to wait for the result as nobody is sure about it.

Guys who had speking exam today? Plz post here what topic was on your cue card.

Hey I guys, I'm a good English speaker and wanna practice english speaking with a partner to get a score of 7 in ILETS...

My Skype ID: slloom2014

Hey I guys, I'm a good English speaker and wanna practice english speaking with a partner to get a score of 7 in ILETS...

My Skype ID: slloom2014

Hi there
I'm going to take the exam in 10th of September.Anyone else?

i'm also taking ielts general on 10th Sept.

Hi Guys, my exam is tomorrow. Who will take exam 11 Aug plz post here the topics in speaking, especially Task 2 (Cue card).Even today if somebody sit an exam plz write here what was the topic. Thanks in Advance.

Hi simon. I took my UKVI for Ielts on the 30th of July and here is the question. Please make an essay regarting this topic.

The gap between poor and rich becoming wider. The poor became poorer and the rich became richer. What are the causes? Give some measures to prevent this.

Hi everyone. Today I am going to take Ielts speaking exam. Doen anyone have already took today? If yes plz write cue card topic. Thanks

@ le which country u will take exam

Hi I am taking my ielts test on 20 August in new Zealand. Need to clear writing and reading. Can anybody help me for that? Anyone taking test on same day in new Zealand?

in Baku, Azerbaijan

Can I know the result date for the July 30th 2016 ielts exam ?

Statement: James is a follower of Clare's experiment.
Question: James studied under Clare.

Dear Simon, what will be the answer (No or NG) ? I'm confused.

Answer is yes .. Hero7

Hi Rico
When you are going to appear in ielts exam

My test is 13 aug please any post Answer of listening and reading ...thanku

@jitha r u taking general / academic?

Hi Jane, plz send me the ielts questions on August 20th one. My email id:

Hello Everyone,

I am going write IELTS Academic on 10th September in UK? Is anyone interest for group study?


@sukhmandeep I am going to take the exam on the 13th as well, where are you located ??

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