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@rock,thanks for sharing tips.i am wondering how do you remember all the really rocks


18/10/2014 GT Reading Answers (APAC)

I could recall only 30 of the 40 questions :(

Answers may not be in order.

Questions 1-8

1. You can buy new thing by giving your used thing (Ad C - Cycle shop)
3. Largest in the area (Ad E - north east region)
4. Clothes for every occasion from
famous designer brands (Ad F - clothes shop)
5. competitive quotes (Ad C - Cycle shop)
6. Reduced price for under 21 yrs old (Ad D - laptop shop)
7. You can try without buying (Ad B - bike shop)
8. extra information on location of the shop (Ad B - bike shop)

Questions 9-15

9. Health and well-being (passage A -gym)
10. no roof (passage B - outdoor swimming pool)
11. specially patrolled location (Passage B - outdoor
swimming pool under 8yrs old)
12. This can replace you renery (Ice cream shop)
13. This location has a restaurant (Last passage - a cafe, a grill
with own waiter)

Questions 16-20
16. computerized form (If full time employee had to
miss a part or all day at work, the request must be filled via)
17. police (who makes money while on break)
18. Disciplinary action

Questions 21-26 (Smart Card /access card)

21. Department Directors (who make amendments regarding employee uniforms)
22. outside door (requires special permission)
23. Final pay (must return smartcard/key before receiving ...)

Questions 27-40

27. rainforest (habitat having greatest types of ants)
28. tall and distinctive (kind of location -female look for male for mating)
29. the chemical message (queen talks to others via)
30. an unfertilized egg (first batch of larva eats)
31. a few days (how long first worker ant live)

32. Not Given (Australia has greatest no.of ants than rest of the world)
33. True (type of nest that is specially designed)
36. False (how males and females born - it was other way round)
37. False (dominating numbers of females and males in the nest)
38. Not Given (external conditions determine when male and female leave the nest)
39. False (males live longer once go out of the nest)

40. B (Title of the passage - Australian Ants: Distribution and lifecycle)


Yea..I dont know how but believe me sometimes I, myself get surprised of my own memory.

If you post your answer after this we will benifited big amount.Becouse we are people of ielts all the people here are 2nd 3rd 4th even 5th 6th time examinee.

@ sinsister

Thanks mate hope i should reach up to 6 at least in all. hope for the best

@ Sinsister
i need only 6 in all .i have done two times but my score dropped second time than first time ..What i should now..please help me .:-(


Are you having trouble with reading section only? Did you do academic or general training IELTS?

What about the listening part? It was difficult. The speakers spoke too fast.

anyone for 1st Nov Test from AUS/NZ?
I would be taking my test on 1st from India

what can be the best answer for speaking test part 2 question.
What is the one good habit which your friend has and your want to acquire it?

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