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hi ,I have test on 10 May ,could you please share your questions with me .I live in London so anyone have test on the same day share from INDIA share the writing with me please please

Anyone from Bebgladish , turkey or azarbajan doing test on 10-5 will be huge help to people in London if they share their writing questions of after they finish

Need Help In Writing Section for my students & Reading Tips required...PLease

hi, I have a test on 10 of May in Iraq, Please share the Task2 writing and anything you remember will be helpful.

Task1: On 26 of April, I was given a table with the ratio of men and women in three years(10 years between each year, that makes total of 30 years) of a country in four areas of employment.
Task2: Negative impact of celebrities, due to their glamor and wealth on the younger generation. Do you agree or not.
Speaking; always try to read the last paragraph (as it is difficult and pressure of time makes it more difficult) and then 1st or 2nd. And copy the answers on your answer sheet. (I didn't know about it, I was told after 40 minutes to do so.)

hi .anyone have a test on 10 May please please share your writing with me .Anyone from INDIA,AZEBAJAN share questions specially writing .Thanks

hi i am taking my speaking test on 8 may at 5 pm too late i am afraid does it have any effect on my score????????

hi masud,
do u remember any of the answers in reading?
if u do so, could u post it for me?

Hi everyone
anybody taking his/her test in Asia countries on May 10.
Please share questions.
My email is

listening answers:
factory, hitchener, supermarket, bakery, paper, agency, tutor, feedback, home visits, job help, Italian, English for engineering, salary ,kings, beer, shipping, concentrated, transport, desert locations, fresh meat and some more...

Hi Abdullokh,
Dont worry. It's a perfect time to speak.
I did it and I got the best score ever.

i guys I have exam on 10th of May
looking for somebody to practice speaking with each other ...
I want band 7
My skype ID : slloom2014

hi ,I have test on 10 May ,could you please share your questions with me .I live in Liverpool so anyone have test on the same day share from INDIA share the writing with me please.

I need IELTS speaking partner. My test is on May 10

I need IELTS speaking partner. My test is on May 10.

Skype live:incrediblemind2

m having speaking test on 5th may
anyone givin on tht day?

hi ,I have test on 17 May ,could you please share your questions with me .I live in ksa so anyone have test on the same day share from Austral share the writing &lisinig with me please please

I need IELTS speaking partner. My test is on May 6.

Skype live:incrediblemind2

Plz anybody help me .... My exam date is 10 May and I live in India .... Any New Zealand stUdent who r going to take ielts exam on 10th my plz send me writing task .....
My email I'd is

Hello guys whoever is taking IELTS test in australia, newzealand or any other asian countries, please post the speaking and writing topics :).
will be grateful to you...!

hi ,I have test on 15 MAY nd m from INDIA..If anybody have test on same day. Could you please share your questions with me.

Anyone from Bebgladish , turkey or azarbajan doing test on 10 may will be huge help to people in London if they share their writing questions of after they finish their test,before 9:00 am in London.

Thanks in advance

Hi guys! I'm goint to do the IELTS exam on next 10th of April.
Would someone like to practice speaking?
My Skype is rogerior.vaz

Hi Simon,

My teacher is suggesting me to write the essay in third person + passive voice. However, I could not see such things in your essays, hence need your advice, please?

Thanks Dheva

Speaking test
part 1.
Job rain and clothing
Which movie u did not lyk
part 3
Public entertainmnt ..thn international movies effct ..on educatn sys

Hi Simon & everyone. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I booked for the 17th of May in IDP test centre for General Training. My current score is W5.5-R6-L7-S8. I need 6 for writing. Would you please help me to raise my score with the probable topics and so on.

i did exam 3 times and my writing examiner and the speaking examiner was the same. how come that? anybody got the same examiners with in u?

yes. same goes to me. I got the same examiner too. Does this mean that my scores will be the same as previous one? I am so worried :(

Hi everyone,

Ill be taking the IELTS exam again on my 3rd try. i wish i can make it this time...

My exam will be this May 17. Hope everyone can share their thoughts... Goodluck to us!

Hi Ferre Lois,

Would you like to practice speaking with me?
My test is on May 17 too in Malaysia. I need band 7

Can anyone give me the link to check IELTS result?

hlo frnd;

today was my speaking:
part1:about rain season in town,shopping
part2:film you didn't like
part3:about lesuire activites,how these will change in future and so on..

I had same question in speakin yesterday
whr r u frm sunny?

It was average. I stutter, made few repetitions. I believe few grammatical mistakes. My topic was about the job you are interested in

I am so unhappy that my ielts is alson in 10 of May, but the place is Sydney, am I the first person to attend the exam at that day?

various speaking q card on 6may
1.any law you like
2. any old person in family
3. any intelligent person you know
4. any communication device you like
5. favourite food
6. any advice you receive
7 postive change in your life you spent on any item
9. favourite advertisement
all these q cards are taken in india in 6may

May 6, speaking exam for may 10th. Azerbaijan.
Here are the questions I can remember.
part 2: describe a time when someone took a good photograph of you? when was it? who? why do you like it?
part 3: do you like taking photos? do you think having cameras in our phones is important? which is better printed photos or photos on a digital screen? what do you think in the future will the digital photos will replace printed ones? is it necessary to be a professional for a news reporting?

my exam is also on 10th of may

but in England

hi ,I have test on 17 May ,could you please share your questions with me .I live in ksa so anyone have test on the same day share from Australia or New Zealand share the writing task 2 &lisinig with me please in academic part

hello everyone,
I took the exam on the 24th of April, when do you think they will publish the results?

hi Rachel, I have a test on 10 of May in Kuwait, Please share the Task2 writing and anything you remember will be helpful.
pleeeeeeeeeeeease :(

my e-mail is :

please please please....

I have a test on 10 of May in kuw, Please share the Task2 writing and anything you remember will be helpful.

my e-mail is

Hi simon and everyone
I have ielts exam in 10 may
If anyone have exam same my time please help me about listening and writing task 2
My Skype : fahad almazroei

Hi everyone. My test on 10th May.anyone have the test on the same day share the writing questions with me.pleaaaaaaaaase

the 24th results of british council are available now, still waiting for idp

hye evererybody. My test on 17th may.
If anyone have exam same with me please help me about listening ,writing task 2 and also for speaking...

my email :

Speaking 07 May 2014 Melbourne

Here are the questions that were asked to me,today. The wording may be different but that is all I can remember sorry.I hope it helps.Good luck everyone!

1.Where do you live
2.What do you dislike about the area that you live
3.Do you think you will live there any longer?
4.Do you work or study ?
5.What type of clothes do you wear to work?
6.Why do you prefer to dress like that?
7.Did you wear/have a special dress for occasions like parties when you were a child?

Cue card :
Tell me about an occasion when you saved money
1.Why did you save money for ?
2.Where did you get the money from ?
3.How did you feel about yourself?

Follow up questions:
1.Do you like shopping?
2.What type of shops do you like ?
3.Do you shop online?
4.What do children spend their money on in your country? you think fashion designers are changing trends on purpose? (not quite the same words,sorry )
5.Why is it difficult for some people to save money ?
6.Do you think men or women are good at saving money?

hi ,I have test on 10 May ,could you please share your questions with me .Pleaseeee!Writing tasks and speaking
Thank you in advance!!

I got my results from April 24,2014 (Sri Lanka)

Listening: 8.5
Reading: 8.0
Writing: 8.5
Speaking: 7.0
Overall: 8.0

Thank you Simon for this wonderful website. I got some help for my writing as well and printed all the writing tasks. After 3 attempts I succeeded. Writing was always the problem for me. At first, I got L-8.5,R-8,W-6,S-7..2ND attempt L-7.5,R-8,W-6.5,S-7. From 6.5 to 8.5 in 3 months

Don't give up guys, remember that "Failure to prepare is preparing to fail". Reach for your dreams.Ask for God's help.

Those are really impressive scores, good luck.
I keep searching for my results, but it is always the NoResults page, I am not sure if my result is not there yet, or the problem is in the way I write my name :' (

@God answer prayers congrats such a high scores.. can you give us some tips on how to aim such score in writing i am also struggling and i need a band 7 for it...t.y

i m from india

Which state?

My exam is on 17th March. Please share your speaking cue cards....

Anyone from Assia doing test on 10 May !
..could you please share Your questions with me
I have the test at the same day from KSA share the
Writng Task2 and any thing helpful please please

Hello guys, I just want to share my experience in IELTS. after 4 attempts, i finally got an overall band of 7.0 that qualifies me to take post graduate studies abroad.

To be honest, this website really helped me a lot. Especially in WRITING. My advice in writing is just practice a lot and learn how to build the idea, structure, coherence and grammar like what Simon always say.

While in SPEAKING, download some applications that are available on ITunes that have TONS of topics. For me, you don't need someone to create a conversation, just record your voice and listen to it. Promise, it will help you develop yourself in speaking English fluently..

Then in READING and LISTENING, Cambridge books are good to help you practice these skills. There are times that you feel impatient in finishing the tasks, but this will help you to improve your skills on the actual exam.

And my last advice is, NEVER NEVER give up!! You will find more strategies and learnings while you do mistakes in your review.

Always ask God for guidance, especially on the exam itself.

Thank you SIMON! I hope there will be more students who will learn and appreciate your website.


Dante from Philippines

@God answers prayers and @ Dante
congratulation.I would like to ask reading and writing did you prepare for reading and writing.


I took the speaking test of the IELTS test in Sydney on Tuesday. I want to give you about the question of the part 2. The part2 question on the card was, "Describe a thing that you took home from holidays, when, where, why, what." Cheer up!

@Dante where did you apply for the exam is it under British Council or IDP? T.y

Hi everyone,
I had speaking test today in Chandigarh, India. The question was any item you brought home from holidays.. What was it, who you gave it to, how did you feel about it. I have LRW on 10th of may...will let you wat ws asked..!!!cheers

Hi Sukhpal,

I am going to attend the speaking test in another hour. Could you please tell the part 1 and part 3 questions too?


Hi vinod,
The examiner just asked me whether i work or nit, how was ur frst day at wrk, wht u do to relax, anthing healthy u do to be ralaxed, and part 3 quest were why people take souviniers with them. What option can a country give rather than selling souveniers, do u like photography, why, is it beneficial to take photographs. Yep that was all of luck with ur exam...and plz dont forget to share ur experience as this would help our other frenz as well...cheerss!!!!

Thank you, Sukhpal.

I just completed my speaking in chennai.

Describe a positive experience you had as a teen ager. What was it? How did it help you?

Section 1:
Do you work?
Has the country's rainfall declined than in the past?
When does it rain where you live?
Why do you like the rain?

Section 3:
Is there anything young can learn from adults?
Which is the best period in your life ? Adulthood or being a teen ager?

punjab..and u?

Hello guys,
I am from bangladesh. Is there any semblance between the question of turkey, azarbizan, london and india.

Are the ielts question of bangladesh is similar to azarbijan, turkey, london and india?

Hi shariff
No, its fortuitous that exams in two countries at a specific day is similar to each other. Please dont believe on that kind of hearsay....

Who is going to to the exam next Saturday would mind do be kind and leave the questions in a post?
I'm going to do the exam Saturday as well, but some places the exam will happen some time ahead.

I have ielts test on 10 May from Melbourne.will let u know about it :-)

hi Hina
i also have the test at the same day could you please share Your questions with me..specially writing Task2 ?


my e-mail is

@ hina,
Please share it with all those who are going to appear on 10th may.

when exatly ielts result for 26 april takers it is on friday 9 may which hour exactly any one can asnwer plz do it

from melbrun and sidney please share your questions banqladesh or india you will be earlier than us

Hi ,I have test on 10 May 2014,could you please share your questions with me .I live in DK, so anyone having test on the same day from INDIA share the test with me please please (Infact everything; reading, writing, listening etc..I will be very appreciative.)

Hi ,I have test on 10 May 2014. Anyone having test on the same day from INDIA share the test with me please please (Infact everything; reading, writing, listening etc..I will be very appreciative.)
my e-mail adresse is;

I gave my speaking test at 8 may 2014 in Bangladesh. Here's the questions at a glance (as far as I remembered) -

part 1-
Questions about full name, Id.
What are you doing right now? Are you a student or doing job?
Why did you choose this job?
Tell me what is your favourite food?
When do you take the food?
Do you think street markets are good for us?
Why do people prefer street markets to shops or stores in a shopping mall?
Will you visit a street market in a foreign country?

part 2-
(cue card) Name a magazine that you read... Why and when do you read it? What are the articles it writes about?

part 3 -
Why do people read magazines?
What impacts it has on people?
when people read the magazines?

Hi Ophilia,
I have got exam on 10 of may at around 1pm in chandigarh India. I will post after exam. Chiao.

Did anyone rcv 26th aprils result?

hi Iam adithya
my test date is on 24th may 2014 in hyderabad,(India) can you please help me out with reading and speaking cue cards plzz..
thanx in advance

I had my speaking today all went well but in one of the question where the examiner asked to explain why do I think learning English is easier/difficult as compare to other languages.

While answering the above question, I put forward a point that English alphabet has comparatively lesser number of letters and said 24 letters instead of 26 by mistake (Tongue twisted .. an unfortunate event).. Does this affect my overall rating in speaking ???
I am really worried.. this is my second attempt and I really did well in other questions ...

My speaking question was:

Talk about the help you do to others
When do you help them?
Whom do you help?
What do you do to help others?

Can anyone help me with Reading,
Please give me some tips and suggestion.

Hi everyone : I have an IELTS test on 10th of May tomorrow in the UK , I will appreciate If anyone from Australia could share the writing task 2 question with me, Thank you very much in advance, This is my Email:

Ielts result for 26-04-14
W= 5.5 but ln February it was 6.6
Reading= 6 but last time it was 6.5
L= 6 but last time it was 7
Speaking= 5.5 but last time it was 6
I really don't know why,
Can anyone give me some advice
This time I thought it would be better but it was not

How to aim such score in writing
Well, I never thought I will get 8.5. I was just aiming for an 8 although I just needed 7.
There are three things that I did
To do this I made a board, in it was these words and phrases:
50 days to go before (your test date)
L-9,R-9,W8,S-8.5 Overall 8.5

Doubt your DOUBTS. BELIEVE in your DREAMS. Don’t just dream. ACT NOW! Don’t procrastinate!

WASTED TIME is the most extravagant expense. Don’t waste time.

No matter how much a LAZY person wants something he will NEVER get it.
A HARD WORKER will get EVERYTHING he wants.

(This might be too much work but I have to do something that will push me to study. I used to tell myself, I will get L-9,R-9,W-8,S-8.5. At times I felt I was dreaming too much or I still cannot achieve those scores so I ended up sitting on my desk and practicing)

Do everything that will push you to do your best. Make a video of what will happen when you pass. Visualize it. Believe that it will happen.

2) I was not that good in WT1 so I printed all Simon’s writing and studied his e-book as well. I bought a notebook and wrote as much as possible. I TIMED MYSELF. At times I didn’t finish on time so I had to put “stop” on my paper but I still continued so that in case the same topic comes out I know how to deal with it.
Note: I didn’t do this but I guess this will help. Try to practice writing using the ielts paper as well so that you don’t need to waste time counting your words since you’re familiar with the paper. By just glancing at it you will remember that you reached the minimum words required.
3) My loving husband found an English expert to help me increase my scores. (if you are clueless of what you’ve been doing wrong and get stuck on band 6 0r 6.5, look for a tutor) My teacher told me that I was just doing few silly mistakes and that’s why I got 6.5.

@ sofia

For the reading I don’t have any problem since I was constant at 8.
I used to read the questions and underline the important words then I read the passage. During practice, I always aim to get 35/40. Make these your goal. I move forward when I can’t find the answer so I won’t waste time.
Above all, ask for God’s help every time you practice. That He may give you knowledge and wisdom to answer the test. May God bless you all.

I completed my IELTS speaking today (10 May @ Iraq), these are my questions that I remember:-
Part 1: Warming up
What is your full Name?
Can I see your passport?
Where do you live?
What do you dislike about the city?
What can be done to improve the city?
Do you like computers?
Are they beneficial?
Are they useful for children education?
Why are they better for education for children?
Being on Time
Do you were a watch? Why?
Do you like to be on time?
What do you feel if somebody is late with you? Why?
Part 2: Cue Card:
Talk about a sport that you like
Why you like it?
When do you play this sport?
What are the equipment & cloths you use when playing that sport
Part 3: Follow-up questions:
What type of sport is common in your culture?
Do people often play sport at your country?
What about women and sport at your company.
Do you think that Women sport will change in the future? Why?
What are the effect of government with regard do sport?
Why do children play sport professionally these day?
Is it good that children are taking sport professionals as models for them? Why?

Thank you Simon!!!
I got my result today......
Listening: 7.5
Reading: 8
Writing: 7
Speaking: 6
Over all: 7
Anyway, it was my first attempt and I am very happy. :)
Yeah, your website helped me a lot. And yeah, I can say this when I found your website, after that day, I never closed it again.
Thank you!

@ god answers prayers
congratulation to you and your husband
please give us some advice in writing essay, it means which tenses did you use and what was the key point in writing.
how did you answer this type of reading questions ( complete the summary using the list of wrds A-I below ), i mean , shall we look at the passage or just words given in the table ?
where did you have ielts exam and what type was it academic or general ?
ANY BODY WHO CAN answer ,please give us advice.


what type of exam did you have ,academic or G


how did you answer this type of reading questions ( complete the summary using the list of wrds A-I below ), i mean , shall we look at the passage or just words given in the table ?

m from india. Is anybody having exam on 15th may? i hve my speaking exam on 14th may. could you please share Your questions with me. thx

Hi Nee.
Just follow the Simon's advice, regarding this type and other type of questions.
Well you won't believe, I had to complete the fill in the blanks with appropriate words from the list for my last passage and I had only 5 minutes left. But due to time constraint, I manage to fill the blanks with most suitable words from the list without looking at the passage. That's why I wasn't sure about my reading task. But at the end I did great. :)
If you want me to advice you, then just go through all the sections of Simon's website, and you will do great. And do lots of practice.
Wish ya best of luck!

I had done speaking test by British council today at Kuwait . These were the questions.

Part One

Do you study or work ?.
Do you enjoy work ?.
Do you like rain?.
What time of year your country receive rain ?.
How does rain fall affect the country you live ?.
Do you wear watch? Why?.
Do you like to be on time? why ?.
What do you feel if somebody is late with you?. Why?.

Part 2 Cue card

Say something about which you like reading.

When you read ?.
Where you read ?.
Why you like ?.

Part 3

How has reading habits changed overtime ?.
How reading habits differ between old and young ?.
Differance between newspapers, magazines and books ?.
What type of books people read in place you live ?.
Do you feel nowadays people are not spending time for reading as before ?.

Good luck!...

Do you part and pray to God.

@ masud

@ God answer prayers
I really really liked your comments and the way you encouraged all of the ielts takers.I think you are really a role model for us.i would really appreciate if you email me some more of your tips and material if you have got.Above all i will save your comment and read it daily to get the same courage.Thanks Thanks Thanks.
my email is :
Thank you.

Writing questions for today! I just finished them! 10 may in Australia

Task 2

The roades in the world's major cities are a problem. Drivers cannot drive freely.(can't remember exact q)
What problem does it cause to individual people in daily lives? How can individual hep to reduce the traffic problem?

Thanks to simon! I wrote them all :)

Is it academic and british council?@jina

whats the task 1 question plz help with that

Hi guys,
Just finished IELTS in Australia.
Writing Task 1:
Describe soft cheese production line
Writing Task 2:
As women and man working full time, household duties should be divided equally (agree or not).
Good luck!

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