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hello , i have exam on 30 july in abudhabi and i need to get 6.5 or 7 can you give some ideas to develop my speaking and reading practice actually i find the reading one is harder can you help me ?

i have exam n 16 july
if any one have exam in same day and befor saudi timezon tell me please ><<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>

question asked in India writing task 2 was similar to this , some people believe that children have to engage in organised activities diring leisur time while other believe thatthey have to spend time accordin to their wish


For those who has a test on 14 July. Please share your academic writing test either task 1 or task 2. Thank you.

hello everyone .. who will be taking the exam on july 30? +639178907676 (*whatsapp)

16 july in Singapore.. Anyone from Australia taking general tomorrow?

1. Some people think it is more important to spend public money on promoting healthy lifestyle in order to prevent illness than to spend it on the treatment for people who are already ill. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

2. Some people say that health care and education should be the responsibility of the government but others think that it is the responsibility of the individuals themselves. Discuss both the views and give your opinion. STATUS:

3. Many people believe that cycling is a healthy and environmentally friendly mode of transport. However, it is still unpopular in many countries. What are the reasons? What could be done to encourage the use of bicycles among wider population? STATUS:

4. Some people think that poverty of developed countries will be solved if government provides free education for 6 years. Do you agree or disagree? STATUS:

5. Many children spend more time on watching television and less time on active or creative ideas. Explain the measures to be taken for children to participate in creative activities. STATUS:

6. Some people does not know their neighbours. Explain both the causes and solutions. STATUS:
7. A lot of people believe that the amount of violence shown on TV and in the cinema affects the actions of our young people and therefore increases the amount of violence in our society today. Do you agree or disagree? STATUS:
8. In the past, when they travel abroad they experienced different things. But nowadays, almost all the countries look similar and they get same experience. Explain the reasons and advantages of this trend outweigh disadvantages. STATUS:
9. Watching sports in a leisure time is considered a waste of time by some people. Do you agree or disagree? STATUS:

10. Some people think that all teenagers should be required to do unpaid work in their free time to help the local community. They believe this would benefit both the individual teenager and society as a whole.
Do you agree or disagree? STATUS:

11. Many people regard film as less important art forms than literature and paintings.
To what extent do you agree o disagree? STATUS:

12. Nowadays, we are living in a throw-away society. What are its causes and what are its problems? What could be done to address this issue? STATUS:
13. Reducing global environmental damage should be handled by governments rather than individuals. . How far do you agree or disagree? STATUS:
14. If a person is given a choice between life without work and working a lot. He would prefer to have a life without work. Do you agree or disagree? STATUS:

15. There are some motives for people to work. Some people think money is most important. Do you agree or disagree?

16. Government should provide loans for Post-Graduates in scientific fields. It is not necessary to provide for non-scientific fields. To what extent do you agree or disagree? STATUS:

17. Nowadays, the number of companies operated multi-nationality, has increased. To what extent are they responsible for the local communities in which they are operated? STATUS:

18. Many parents think that it is good to help children in their homework but others think that parents should not do that and it is their own duty. Discuss both and give your opinion. STATUS:

19. People use Tv, Cars, Fridge. Do you think disadvantages outweigh the advantages? STATUS:

20. In many countries, there is no access to education for children in remote villages/communities. Some people believe that the best solution into provide teachers and schools. Others think computer and internet connection is better selection. Discuss both the views and give your opinion. STATUS:

21. Nowadays young people are admiring media and sports stars, even though they do not set a good example. Do you think is positive or negative development? STATUS:

22. Some people say that when children under 18 are committing a crime they should be punished, while others believe they should be educated. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your own opinion. STATUS:

23. Some parents think that it is a good idea to give some money to their children while others think that is waste of money. Discuss both the views and give our opinion. STATUS:
These are the recent writing task 2 questions. I collected it from google. Approximate words may be used.Your confidence level may be increased by practicing these questions as they are repetitive. But not sure wethr you will get this question or not. this is just for your practise.

I have exam on 16th July in kindly share writing questions and also reading questions as soon as possible...
Thank you!

please post the writing topic

Waiting for written tasks atleast... good luck guys for today's exam..

Kindly post writing questions of 16th July...need help...

Kindly post your writing questions of 16th july

no one :(

Can someone post the answers of listening on 16 july in australia

if any one test on 30july or on 4 august message on watsapp number8427037751 for tips

Can anyone post questions of writing task for 16th july?

Done with my ielts exam.. Pm me for the details..

I am going to take my first IELTS test on August 20. Very stressful

today on July 16th writing topic is
recently you change the apartment Write the lettre to your frn ..
-describe about your new apartment
-describe why you change the apartment
-invite your frn to visit at your new apartment

some people think that every day given the homework to the student is not good or other think it is necessary need the extra study at home to success the school.give both view or your view with example .

I have to say sorry because maybe in this comment there is some of word missing..

thank you for everyone to help me from this website...

writing was bar graph
task 2 agree or dis
chuldren shoud have agood behavior as addtional with their education

Writing task 2 general in india: in many countries,
students spend their free time in doing homework. Is this good or bad..

General at Pakistan
Writing task 1: letter you forgot important thing in hotel during business trip.

Writing task 2: increase number of private cars problem and solution.

16th July 2016

Task 1: Table shows the how many people worked in difference sectors like business, transport etc in New zeland in 1993 and 2003.

Task 2: Some companies think that sponsor sports is a good way of advertising. Some people think that it is good for world of sports while other people say it has disadvantages too.
Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

July 16 Manchester

17 March
High user
Sports specialist


Task 1
Bar chart showing damaging the fertility of lands due to tree cutting, over grazing and crops farming in Asia, Africa, Australia, and....

Task 2
Shools should take responsibility for both formal education and children's good behaviour. How extent do u agree or disagree?

Anyone remebering the Listening and reading ans, please post here.

28 March
34 market road

Hi jessi
Can you please other answers of reading and listening as well if you remember because I had got same test as you .

I mean can you post some more answers as well

Verbal skills
Clever pill
Plastic surgery
United state

Hi everyone
Can someone post the answers listening and reading for 16 July

July 14th Listening answers please

Agreed with Yusof pretty much and thanks for recalling that much. Appreciated!!!

Section 1
2. 17 March
3.34 Market Road
5. European
6. High user
7.8. 9. Cant remember exactly
10. Sports Specialist

Section 4
(Could not arrange in order)
And unable to recall 3 more here.

Kiran can you recall a bit more here. Thanks

Reading 16th july

As Yousef mentioned
Elective medicine (am nt sure)

3rd passage was about Brain enhancer by different medications
About stroke Amphetamine enhances the electrical impulses but in ques Amphetamine was not mentioned so I put False

Matching Facial expressions were easy

Trying to recall, if anyone can help, appreciated. Thanks

The carpet case was the last answer but I missed two in this section

In listening section 4 what the ist answer in second paragraph what images?

And also there was one answer about snake in Last section

Hi everyone
Please your answers for 16 July listening and reading

I think section 4 is almost complete by including snake and carpet.
Section 2
14. Against Structured learning
15. Practical
16. Shop -G
17. E
20. Conference - either D or C ( am nt sure)

Section 3
Flow chart
26.Listening to the class
27.Sharing ideas
29. Drawing
30. Report

Recent speaking topics in Singapore plsss...

Guys when you post the questions and answers, could you also post the test date and country or city? Much appreciated.

Can you share 14th July academic ilets auestion with answers i mean listebing and reading

please post 16 july answers academic reading india

Can anyone post writing questions for July 16 academic test in Bangladesh...

Hi guys
Could you please confirm answers for section 2 listening
Is it sign namesif needs to do different activities and is it cycling restricted in some path
Also is it 10:30
Motivation or practical ????

Hi guys

could you please tell listening date 7th or 17 and listening section 4 first answer

I wrote 10:15 and effective but I m not sure about that

@ rini
It was 17 March

Its 10.30( half past 10) and am nt sure abt other two..
We r discussing abt 16th July UK academic ielts

Thank you Jessi for replying

Hi , after few attempts I got my required results. So I would love to help people , if anyone need academic materials please provide your email address. I can give them for free. If anyone lives in Melbourne I like to help them for free ( I can provide materials as well as support ). Also, I would like to thank Simon. This site helped me a lot. If you follow his advices and writing structures you will definitely get good marks for IELTS.Good luck to you all.



JuLy 16 th chennai

Writing task 1: Recently you purchased 2 items from online but wrong products are delivered. Write a letter to company manage about the issue and write
1/Describe the items
2/What was the issue
3/How do you want them to address this situation.

Writing Task 2: Now a days children spend their most of theit free time doing their home work. Do you think this is good?

Reading : section 4 about archiology survey

Listening : section 2 : A map
Section 4: About computers

Speaking : describe a big company you would like to work in the near future.

Do not remember others.

Test date 16july
Task 1
Your planning to go somewhere out for some days. Write a letter to your neighbour for take care of house when u will on trip.In your letter
-why your going outside.
-what he need to do in your house.
-what he should do if there will any problem in your house.
Task 2
Some people argue that spending a lot of money on birthday parties, wedding parities and some other celebrations is a waste of money. Other think it is good for individuals and society. Discuss both of views and give your own opinion.
Part 1
What's your name?
Where do you from?
Your favourite room in hour house
What thing would you like to change in your house
what do you do in weekend evening
What do you do in weekday evening
Any particular activity that you don't like to do in evening, why ?
Part 2
Describe a place with a lot of water.
You should say
Where it is
How it looks
What people do there
explain why you like that place
Part 3
What is importance of whater places in our socity ?
What kinds of water place if have in our world ?
What importance water have in our life ?
Is there any differences between using water in theses days than in past , what ?
should Swimming teach in schools ?
In your country ,swimming skills are teaguh in schools?
How could we save the water?
Is there some areas in your country where is lake of water ?
Art gallery

16.07.2016 - Ukraine,Kyiv

General Reading:
Reading was a bit tricky, there was a big story about Sushi in Passage 3 and about water sport activities in Passage 1.

As far as I remember, the answers were:

fire drill

Can anyone post another answers?

hi guys my test on 30 July and I have the lot of problems to find the answer in reading please someone helps me to find any website where I do practice for free.

Could any one share General writting task of the exam on July 16 in Sydney? Thanks a lot!

Hi everybody,

I will be taking the written IELTS test on 4 AUGUST. I would highly appreciate if someone can share the questions, especially those who are in Australia or New Zealand.

Hi all.

Answers for listening of 16 July india

Section 1
5 November
Round trip
By bank transfer

150 pounds
Wheel chair

My exam on 30 July in india i want get 7 Band in
Listening and speaking please help me my WhatsApp
No. 8503072380

Want to make a whatsApp group for the exam in August.
Post your number and I'll add all of you.

Hi I am Gita from Indonesia. My IELTS exam (Academic) will be on 30 July. I like to discuss about IELTS materials.add me on whatsapp : +6282225279340


I had exam on 16 July Writing Reading and Listening and on 19 July I had speaking. I am waiting for knowing my score, but, in my opinion, it will be about 6 from each section. I need advice, can I raise all section from 6 to 7 in 2 months daily practicing 2-3 hours.

I will below share some info about my test.

It was an discuss both views and give your opinion essay. Topic was
Is it good for children to have daily homework.

Describe a big company.
Why work there is good.
What is doing company....

I described Microsoft.

Hi my IELTS Academic on 4th August. Please post ur quest -writing task.

Hi everybody,

I will be taking the written IELTS (general) test on 4 AUGUST. I would highly appreciate if someone can share the questions, especially those who are in Australia or New Zealand. please meassage me I update ,my Skype id or whtsup number

My test in August, is there has any WhatsApp group add me, my no is 9815542472

@123 I will taking exam written IELTS (general) test on 4 AUGUST. I would highly appreciate if someone can share the questions, especially those who are in Australia or New Zealand. please meassage me I update ,my Skype id or whtsup number

I am going to sit for the IELTS GT exam on 30th July and speaking on 28th. Please help me guys, by the way it is my 3rd attempt and all the time I got 5 in reading.

Iam going to take Ielts Gt exam on Aug 4th.It would be appreciable if someone one can help me by sharing questions or ideas thoughts or suggestions.
my whatsap no is +971502719157

Please post answers for IELTS exam held in India on 16 july 2016...
I remember few answers from listening section one
5th November
Bank transfer

If anyone remembers any answers to listening or reading part for IELTS exam in india on 16 July 2016 , please post as soon as possible


Thank you tremendously, Simon!

I was looking for IELTS tips and guides, and I just found your blog. It is literally a treasure! Honestly, I don't have enough time to go through all your tips and lessons because I just discovered your website! I was reading Cambridge and Barron's books for the past two months.

By the way, my name is Sara. I am from Saudi Arabia. I will be taking the IELTS Academic Test on July 30th and August 13th. I would highly appreciate it if anyone can be so kind to share questions, tips or ideas, anything would really help.I took the IELTS twice 4 years ago and I got 6.5.

Now, my target band is 8.

Please contact me at

My whatsapp number is private and I don't want to share it online.
Can anyone who has a whatsapp group email me his/her number to add me on their group?

Thank you.


hi, i am from india.My exam is on 28th of August,
plz help us with writing topics and reading passages

Dear Simon,

Thank you for your fantastic blog, tips and advice. Within two weeks, I got reading from 7 to 8, and writing from 6 to 6.5. Overall, I got 7.5. This was my second attempt and I am satisfied. I was not aware about your blog when I prepared for my first test. You are the Northern light :-)

Hi all,

If at all, its helpful, my tips are:
i). Reading: the keys are vocabulary and grammar. Some questions are just a pure test of synonyms. Some are just grammar test.
ii). Writing: If you'd just follow Simon's structure then you would get at least 6.5 like me, I think. I wasn't aware about this structure until I read from Simon's blog. His sample writings are super useful, both task 1 and 2. Secondly, try to make sure you answer the question, the micro topic, not the broader topic. Task 2 questions are super tricky. In particular, if you need 7 or higher.

Lastly, good luck to all of you, keep it up!

Any good speaker wanna improve ILETS speaking...

Add me on SKYPE : sloom2014

Correction :


Any good speaker wanna improve ILETS speaking...

Add me on SKYPE : slloom2014

Hi can someone tell me if the questions from July 16th will be the same as 30th july??bit confused thanks

Hi everybody,

I will be taking the written IELTS test in AUGUST. I would highly appreciate if someone can share the recent ielts general writing questions, especially those who are in india

Hi Kelly,

Is it possible to get same quesions I don't think so....

Hi ram,

Thanks for your effort :) can u plz tel me r They from general writing or academic

Has anyone remembered answers on general reading July 16,2016?

Anyone still remember of listening answers July 16 ?

if any one test on 4 august and on 20 august message on watsapp8427037751 for reading tips

Anyone still remembers answers for listening and reading part for 16 July 2016 exam in India..please post asap.thanis in advance

Idp test on 20 august who have question paper of reading and writing contact me on whtsapp9592491040

Hi all, i have test on 13 august In US. HELP ME :' i have taken this exam 5 times.. my number for watsupp :+966507499728
who has test on the same date and live in India or new Zealand or even from any place on the world contact me pleassss
thanks in advance

Hi.. anyone who will be taking on july 30? (most specially from. new zeland?) pls contact me thru whatsapp +639178907676 thanks

Who's idp test on 20 aug pls message on what app +919780840400 for help me in gt writing and reading.

Anyone who took their speaking test today? July 27? Kindly share the questions pls i badly need those. Thank you

my ielts test is on 30 July.. Anyone from Australia taking ielts on 30th? plz if u then please upload the questions of the writing tasks.
my skype is ulfath@raf

My speaking test will be on the 29th of July and writing, listening and reading tests will on the 30th of July. I am taking the exam here in Doha, Qatar. General Module. I am so stressed actually. My target band is 7

ELTS Academic on 4th August. Please post ur speaking and writing task

Academic on 4th August. Please post ur speaking

I am going to my speaking exam now , see ya

Hello, I am not able to preview my 16th July Ukvi ielts result from Manchester. Is there any one who is having similar problem? Im worried. Should I wait for the certificate?

Hi I have ilets test tomorrow 30july please if anyone knows help me writing and reading

My test will be started 9am in Australia

i will taking exam written IELTS (general) test on 4 AUGUST. I would highly appreciate if someone can share the questions, especially those who are in Australia or New Zealand. please meassage me I update ,my Skype id or whtsup number

Hi jessi
Why are not able to preview?has the college send you any notification email?

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