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I have speaking exam tomorrow in cairo GMT +2 .can anyone help me with question

Some people think that students can learn more from lessons by their school teachers than from other sources such as the Internet and television. To what extent you agree or disagree.

my name is melad
i need to join this group for ilets

I shall sit for IELTS tomorrow in Malaysia with its GMT +8. Thus I would really appreciate candidates from Australia or New Zealand to post the exam questions as soon as the exam ends. Thank you :)

I am from India. My speaking topic was a childhood toy you had.

My speaking was famous personality.india

I got 7 over all from 25th July exam
Reading: 8
Writing :6
speaking: 7.5
I am so disappointed with my writing and listening I was expecting a much better grade :( this was my first and last IELTS

Paiwand, give me tips on how to score well in speaking

Paiwand la kwe emtihant krd??

My results were as the following:

L 8.5
R 9
S 7
W 6.5

I am not happy about my writing score. Really disappointed ๐Ÿ˜ž. Do you guys recommend asking for a remark or redo it again?

Awaiting your kind early reply.

Choi Yee, my advice is do not memorize, just be a natural as possible. pretend like you are having a normal talk with a friend. you will score high

are H to nawtchya wa bas pity yaka anwsi? mn la hawler krdm bas writing zor kamm bo hatotawa. to lakawe krdt? basha aw daraja zorat bo chya lawa zyatr chand aheni?

I always keep on having 6.5 on my reading when I need 7. I think I always get mistakes with the true false not given question. What to do with this? Any review from the previous exams?

H, if I were u, I would ask for a remark :)

Kak Paiwand gyan, bw awai la baritania bbit ba dctor, nabet hichi la 7 kamtrbet u total 7.5. H waku nawee sha3ireki kurda. Azanm ka aizani.

tegayshtm, ishala amjara ayhenit, mnish disappoint bwm chwnka listening zor zor bashm bas aworzha kesham habw lagal speakerbadlm nabw. bawarbka abw zor zyatr benm la writing w listening balam chy akay awa exama. I wish you the very best of luck dktor gyan.

Zor sopas lagal twsh. Kaka mn shtee zor chakm haya emailakat bnusa ba but bnerm.

Hello Paiwand,

As you said do not memorize and try to be natural but sometime its possible that we know very little about the topic and then we start fumbling, vocab goes wrong, tenses goes wrong and you are done with the time.

Because it is not possible that one knows about every topic specially for non native speaker.

What do you suggest in this situation ?

Hi guys could u please post the writing topic for tomorrow as soon as u finish? So desperate here and tomorrow my last chance.
Good luck for everyone

@ H




Please post the ielts exam questions as soon as you sat for it. Thanks. Am sitting for the exam tomorrow.


Thank you for your reply. Do you know anyone who applied for a remark and any changes occurs?

I have done the exam more than 17 times or more.

What about you NEE, any past IELTS exams? Ty

kaka ama emailakama ranga mnish disan exmmaekitr book bkam. I am disappointed with listening and writing


what you are saying is true, but keep in mind memorization is misleading when it comes to speaking test. what I suggest is try to read about common topics as much as possible, but again remember do not memorize.

best of luck

@ H
Yes I know , changes are possible in speaking and writing . Just recheck it again . I am waiting for my result on next Friday .

hi paiwand pls send some reading tips. congrats for good scores. i need help in reading

I am taking it on August29, 2015
and searching for a whatsapp group for who are taking it on the same day to share the topics

Hi! Did anyone finish their exams? Please if so, could give the question from writing task? Thank you :)

Anyone finishes ielts exam please post question

my writing topic was why people are living more compare to past.

Where did you have your exam Shilpa?

Writing task 2 : prisoners become good citizens. They are the best way to teach school children the dangers of committing crimes
Agree or disagree

Writing task 1 : line graph 4 countries spent on research project for renewable energy

Was that real exam or it's your suggestion CRAZY.?

I have to get the 7 grade

Jabbar: I took the test and just finished my speaking test now

My speaking test : working or student?
Do you eat fruits and staff?

Cue card : a place I go to relax (not at home)

- where
- what u do
-why u like

Part3 discussions related to relaxation

Hi al IELTS takers
I just finished my academic exam

Writing Task 2:
Rich countries help poor countries financially, other think should help them using other way

To what extent do u agree or disagree

By the way it is British council exam

Good luck for all

Wil you please mensiin which country you had taken the exam for today please

Portugal. Writing task 2: Rich countries give money to poor countries, but it's not working. Some people argue that rich countries should give other type of aid other than financial. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Pls send the answer of listening and reading

Hello guys!, I will take my exam this coming august 29, Is there any of you around the world who will take the same date? Please post the writing question task 1 and 2 once your exam is finished.

Hello guys!, I will take my exam this coming august 29, Is there any of you around the world who will take the same date? Please post the writing question task 1 and 2 once your exam is finished; Skype ID: kuthvera07 thank you guys =)

Dear Simon, I've been waiting to make this post. Finally I got my required score in IELTS.
L 8.5
and overall 7.5.
I was struggling in getting band 7 for writing and your website was really helpful in the course. This is the best website for IELTS writing, no doubt about it. Thanks a lot for this great website cheers!!! keep up the good work!!

i already apply for remark my speaking, how long it will take to come out ? anybody have experience about remark ?

Amy where are you from?

Pls share the answer of listening and reading eaxam date 8 august.

When the listening and reading answers will declared

08/08/2015 listening answers:

Section 1

1. birds
2. tent
3. mountains
4. cave
5. waterfall
6. swim
7. back
8. walking boots
9. discount

Section 2

11. C.19
12. pony riding
13. A. city council
14. C. problem farmer faced
15. A
16. J
17. B
18. E
19. F
20. I

Section 3

21. C - people who earn living in this are
22. A - directly apply via electronic digital
23. C - small groups to have a presentation
24. A - given by a group representative
25. C - present adv and disadv of both sides
26. A - earn respect
27. map - B
28. photos - C
29. budget - E
30. comment - D

Section 4

31. aeroplane
32. robot
33. salt
34. quality
35. climate
36. cables
37. chemical
38. oil
39. surface
40. Right

I will put what I remember in listening and it's not on order,,
Plz correct for me if I'm wrong ๐Ÿ˜…

Walking boots
Air plane

Multiple choice i choose number (6) for the q about birds

Am i right?!!!!!

Let's share answer plz

Hi all
I will just write the answer I remember in listening,
The answer not in order
Plz correct for me if I'm wrong

Section 1:
Walking boots

I don't remember the rest ๐Ÿ˜…

In multiple choice I remember that i chose the number (6) for the question about birds

Section 4:

Let's share answers plz

Remarking the exam take around 8-9 weeks

I remarked my writing and took 9 weeks although they told me that it would take between 6-8 weeks!!!!!

Hi all
I will just write the answer I remember in listening,
The answer not in order
Plz correct for me if I'm wrong
Section 1:
Walking boots

Section 4:
Let's share answers plz

thank u Amy

My pleasure

Hello H.

I did an enquiry of results and they changed my band from 6 to 7 in the speaking.


Hi Amy, and JMIELTS,

Thank you for your kind reply. Amy, after the remark, any changes in your writing score, and where did you applied for a remark please? thank you.

I would like to ask for a remark in writing, I think, now it is upto 12 weeks.


I took ielts last 8.8.2015
Wt1 line graph about expenditures in renewable energy sources in for european countries

Wt2 some people believed that people who have been in prison are the best people to give a talk about yhe negative effects of commting a crime.
To what extent do you agree?

Hope it will help as a reference.
Im hoping for the best result of my exam.

Thanks Simon for the helps me a lot.
God bless!

Is there any Bangladeshi students who can share the recent questions?

Hi Simon,

Is there any similarity between IELTS Question in India and Bangladesh. Is there any specific regional zone by IELTS authority in which all the IELTS questions will be same?

JMIELTS, I sat for ielts last week and I don't think I did well for my speaking. Anyway, is there a higher chance of getting a better result if I ask for a remark even when I didn't do well?


I don't think so.



Hello everyone. I have given ielts on the 8th. Can anybody share reading and listening answers please. Thank you

Thanks for the listening answers
I got a nine out of ten on first section
But i have no idea about others
By the way thanks again
British council

Hi, I would like to ask if it's possible to reschedule a speaking time due to work commitments that I can't attend to the speaking time stated on my email?
I called the BC office but they told me, they can't guarantee to give me an earlier or later time . What can I do?

Hi there,

Is there anyone who is going to take Academic exam on 13th Aug? I am in UK and looking for candidates on the same date in Azerbaijan or Iran to share the Writing topic with me.

It is the last chance to take the exam. Hopefully there would be some generous people.

Plz share the answers of reading of 8aug2015

Dear friends, Do you know any website same as this website for GRE?

I need detailed ans for that matching answers 27-30.please reply

Hi there,

Is there anyone who is going to take Academic exam on 13th Aug? I am in UK and looking for candidates on the same date in Azerbaijan or Iran to share the Writing topic with me.

It is the last chance to take the exam. Hopefully there would be some generous people.

number: +447543845078

I am sitting for the speaking test tommorrow 12/08/2015 in Sri lanka,Any ideas on topics???

My experience : 10 th August 2015- India-Ahmedabad location

Part -1
very general question
work / study?
do you like it or not?
what do you want to do in future?

Part 2-

Tell me something , which you are not been able to achieve in your life.


What are the common ambitions among the children?
why do you think, children have type of ambition?
is it good to have single aim or so many ambition?
what are the qualities person should have to succeed in a job ?

Can anyone help me for my ielts practise i want 6 band in each
Help me for what to do

My speaking topic was about a family event that you remember
I gave my speaking test on 8th of August 2015
I putted a point about my brother married
So it was a correct point
Plz give me comments

today my speaking questions was about successful small business in my country.

What are the ans for map in list plz share if anyone know

I think its
Something next 3 i forgot

Amy u r right maine bhi 6 e lgaya ans num of wild birds ka

Hello Simon,

I have one question related to sentence formation in speaking and writing. What to use when there is a singular and plural objects are together,
eg. I am very much thankful to all my friends and my teacher who has / have inspired me to achieve what i wanted.

In the above example, what will be the correct sentence, with the use of Has or with the use of Have ?

I think this will be helpful to many people to help complex sentence formation.

Thanks in advance.

Plz ans me.. what m asking....plz plz plz

Plz post reading answers .....

Harry ?? Kya ye answers bilkul sahi hai??

Please share augest 8 reading answers

Hi Lee here
I m really afraid with writing task 2 & speaking.
Is there anyone to help me.
I m from India does writing task 2 In India are some as in other countries.

Hello friends.
We are going to make a whatsapp group for those who are going to take their ACADEMIC IELTS on 29/08/2015. This group will also provide you with the tips which will surely help you in getting a best score. Please drop your numbers here, I will add you in a whatsapp group. 29th AUGUST 2015.

Dr Arooj

Anyone give response to me plz..... kya ye listening answers bilkul sahi hai???

Hi, can you add my fone number: +84 121977 nine eight nine nine.

Pllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz friends tell me these listening answers are correct or not?? Which is posted by someone...?? Plz plzplz plz tell meeee....

Hi Dr. Arooj,

Please include me in your whatsapp group. Im going to sit for IELTS on the 29th August. My number is +63 9772186546.


Hi! May i ask what will be the expected grade if i wasn't able to answer one question from part 1 of my speaking test?

Although I asked if he could paraphrase it, he just skipped it. Except for the one question, everything was okay and the examiner's face was quite okay for the other part. anyone with similar experience?

I know It really depends on the examiner, but I am still afraid of the grad. i use to get 7.0 in the speaking test though.

No one is helpfull here.. huh ans BEA if the examiner is polite there will b no matter and if u say could u repeat it again.. then they have to repeat... or tgey change the question dont worry

@ BEA,
Part 1 questions is straight forward questions and easy to understand. The examiner will get a general idea about your speaking skills, yet he hasn't decided which score you are. It is a mere introduction or a warm up. It would be better if you donโ€™t ask for repeating questions as it shows your lack of understanding short and yet simple questions. Donโ€™t worry if you are not doing well in part one. Just try to go on.
In Part 2, they are able to differentiate an excellent from good speaker, or so on but not a total band score. They will get an idea whether you are a band 6, 7 or even 8. But still there are rooms for not doing well in this part as well.
However, in part 3, a decision will be made on your final score. Part 3 is the most important part, and examiners are flexible with asking for repeating or paraphrasing a question (just once or try nil). I have got band 7.5 in speaking even I wasn't doing well in part 1 and even some instances of part 2. I compensated my mistakes in part 3 even the examiner was very happy for my answers as he saw a change from a complete mess-up to an excellent user.
My advice is make it a rule, always listen carefully and never be distracted even for a moment to avoid asking for a paraphrase in any parts of the speaking module ( If someone ask a question in your native language, do you ask for a paraphrase or a repeat? I doubt it)

Well-said HPKOMPAK. It would be better to avoid asking for a question to be repeated or paraphrased.


Thank you for your comment !!

So do you think if i did well in part 2 and part 3 , it is still okay??

No u can ask if u did not get it properly no issues...

Hello Guys,

I have one question related to practice. Like for other sections of IELTS, like for listening or speaking , you can find videos on youtube, for writing materials are available for what about reading ?

Does anyone know any source or any website where i can do reading practice.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

I have given exam frm India today!!

Writing task 1 was a table !! It was 3 different tables about a survey conducted asking peoples for their remarks about a new theatre in that area!!

Task 2 was as:: some people say that there is no need to provide international aid by govt. as they already suffers frm unemployment and homeless problems in their own country!! Agree or disagree!!


Hey I have given test on 13 august(today)from India
Can anyone share reading and listening answers or can anyone give me link to today's passgaes??

@Sachin especially you if possible please help

Can you please share the listening and reading answers?

Anyone plzz.. share listening answers

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