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@rock,thanks for sharing tips.i am wondering how do you remember all the really rocks


18/10/2014 GT Reading Answers (APAC)

I could recall only 30 of the 40 questions :(

Answers may not be in order.

Questions 1-8

1. You can buy new thing by giving your used thing (Ad C - Cycle shop)
3. Largest in the area (Ad E - north east region)
4. Clothes for every occasion from
famous designer brands (Ad F - clothes shop)
5. competitive quotes (Ad C - Cycle shop)
6. Reduced price for under 21 yrs old (Ad D - laptop shop)
7. You can try without buying (Ad B - bike shop)
8. extra information on location of the shop (Ad B - bike shop)

Questions 9-15

9. Health and well-being (passage A -gym)
10. no roof (passage B - outdoor swimming pool)
11. specially patrolled location (Passage B - outdoor
swimming pool under 8yrs old)
12. This can replace you renery (Ice cream shop)
13. This location has a restaurant (Last passage - a cafe, a grill
with own waiter)

Questions 16-20
16. computerized form (If full time employee had to
miss a part or all day at work, the request must be filled via)
17. police (who makes money while on break)
18. Disciplinary action

Questions 21-26 (Smart Card /access card)

21. Department Directors (who make amendments regarding employee uniforms)
22. outside door (requires special permission)
23. Final pay (must return smartcard/key before receiving ...)

Questions 27-40

27. rainforest (habitat having greatest types of ants)
28. tall and distinctive (kind of location -female look for male for mating)
29. the chemical message (queen talks to others via)
30. an unfertilized egg (first batch of larva eats)
31. a few days (how long first worker ant live)

32. Not Given (Australia has greatest no.of ants than rest of the world)
33. True (type of nest that is specially designed)
36. False (how males and females born - it was other way round)
37. False (dominating numbers of females and males in the nest)
38. Not Given (external conditions determine when male and female leave the nest)
39. False (males live longer once go out of the nest)

40. B (Title of the passage - Australian Ants: Distribution and lifecycle)


Yea..I dont know how but believe me sometimes I, myself get surprised of my own memory.

If you post your answer after this we will benifited big amount.Becouse we are people of ielts all the people here are 2nd 3rd 4th even 5th 6th time examinee.

@ sinsister

Thanks mate hope i should reach up to 6 at least in all. hope for the best

@ Sinsister
i need only 6 in all .i have done two times but my score dropped second time than first time ..What i should now..please help me .:-(


Are you having trouble with reading section only? Did you do academic or general training IELTS?

What about the listening part? It was difficult. The speakers spoke too fast.

anyone for 1st Nov Test from AUS/NZ?
I would be taking my test on 1st from India

what can be the best answer for speaking test part 2 question.
What is the one good habit which your friend has and your want to acquire it?


The best possible answer is - Talk about friend's study habit!

Southeast Asia Bangladesh Bhutan British Indian Ocean Territory [includes the Chagos Archipelago] Brunei Darussalam Cambodia Disputed Territory [includes the Paracel Islands and Spratly Islands] India [includes the Andaman, Laccadive and Nicobar island groups] Indonesia Lao People's Democratic Republic Malaysia Maldives Myanmar Nepal Philippines Singapore Sri Lanka Thailand Timor-Leste Viet Nam this country must done exam before 4-5 houre ago exam date please share your listening and reading answer as you remember please us.i am in Bangladesh and my exam 22 November Accadamic

Reading is difficult to me. Anyone can help me how can I improve my score?

@rocks writing is my weak area i am not bad in reading and speaking .i feel i am good in listening but last time (first attempt) my score was 6 in listening.i need over all band 7 (academic).please help me.thanks in advance.
god bless you man
all the best !

ple send me all ans. my twst on 25oct 2014. im realy sceard

hey jay
i have my IELTS exam on november 1st
Im taking test in USA
can you please
let me know the writing questions
and you are one person taking from india which is 10hrs farward than me:)

Hi all,
Please if any kind person can help me out with reading test "General" on 1 Nov, I am really very close. a small help can let achieve the desired band (6) this is 4th attempts for me.
Answers would help, the last long passage title would help too
my email is
I am looking for a person from Australia; New Zealand had a general Ielts on 1 Nov please. Many thanks


what's your e-mail address?

@ Sinsister,
Thanks alot for reply weak areas are listening and reading ..writing and speaking is ok but the problem i have work and that is y i could not able to do practice a lot ..:-(

My week area is task 1 and and 2 of writing. i need sample essays and vocabulary
Plz mail me if anyone have

@ sinister

would u mind posting about good habits speaking

hi, i want to help me in practice reading test


well, as your target is Band 6.0, it doesn't need a lot of efforts. You can certainly do that by practicing over the weekend beside doing your full-time job. If your existing level is Band 5.0 or Band 5.5 in listening and reading, then after practicing for just a couple of week with dedication, you can get Band 6.0 very easily. For listening, try to do the test in Cambridge IELTS book part 8 and 9. Listen to every word the CD says and also read the instructions very carefully. To get Band 6.0 in listening, you need to know that you must have 23 correct answers. Therefore, even if you get all of the answers in section 1 (Questions 1 to 10), then it is very likely to score Band 6.0 in that particular test if you listen carefully to the CD and read the questions beforehand. You may find trouble with Multiple Choices initially, but with only 2 weeks of part time practice, you surely can get rid of most of those worries. All you need to remember in listening - that you need to hear every word of the CD out!

For reading, you would need 30 correct answers to score Band 6.0 in General Training module which could be a steep requirement to your existing reading skills. But as I said earlier that Band 6.0 doesn't not require rigorous practice. In the reading part you would need to concentrate more on questions 1 to 26. These are very basic questions whose answers are pretty straightforward. Meaning, you can easily find those answers in first couple of skimming of the texts. To answer True/False type of questions - you need to know that you only require to verify the question with the information given in the text/passage. If you over think (go by what your mind says) then you will be wrong. So, just be careful here. If you get about 25 of those 26 questions correct, your target is not that far from here! Just remember that to answer questions 27 to 40 of the reading test, you should have a minimum of 23 to 25 minutes.

Describe a habit of one of your friends that you would like to acquire.

You should say:

who the friend is

what the habit is

when you would like to acquire this habit

and explain why you would like to acquire that habit


Every person has some good habits and some bad habits. Bad habits are difficult to break and new habits are hard to form. While bad habits interrupt our life and prevent us from accomplishing our goals, good habits often makes us the better person and they make our life well organized too.

One such good habit that I would like to acquire/adopt is a study habit of one of my university course mate called Nick. We’ve been friends ever since I started university, because I found myself sitting next to him in our first lecture and we kind of just got talking.

Anyway, moving on to what is habit is, well first of all, he always does really well in all our exams, you know, like coming top or second in most of them And what amazes me Is that he doesn’t seem to study all that hard, but still manages to do so well. For example, as well as studying, he’s also got part-time job, which I’m sure must take up quite a bit of his time. So, it’s really impressive to see his task management and task prioritization skills.

As for when I would like to acquire this habit, well, I know it will be bit hard for me to change my existing study style and adopt Nick’s study habits. But, I am sure I am can start learning from him now then I can gradually develop the same study techniques like him over the time and I would be glad to see it in action in my final semester’s exam.

And finally, the reasons for why I would like to adopt that study habit are threefold. For one, it will make a well organized person for sure. Secondly, this study technique can drastically improve my academic performance and finally, because of the high grades in my final examinations, it could help me to land on my dream job.


I hope it helps.

Plzz...guys help me I need 6.5

I need 6.5band
My week areas reading and writing task1


I have IELTS Academic exam in Germany on 25 October. It's my fourth and last chance for an application, anyone did the exam in different time zone ?. I need to know how was the exam ?. Please, I need the writing tasks and reading as well if it's possible

I'm taking the test on 25 October, tomorrow and I have like 17 hours left.
If any of you could kindly share what you'd do if you were in my position, I will be really thankful.
And if any of you have any clue about the test on 25 (academic), spread your words~~~


If I were you, I wouldn't try to learn anything new. I would have done the rivision of speaking test part 1 to 3, brush up the vocabulary needed for task1 and also memorise my writing plans for task 2 for each type of essay. Wouldn't cared about listening and reading as its too easy.

@sss - Sure, I would share the questions to you.

Anyone from AUS/NZ for 1st Nov.

I badly need help !

@ sinister_rock
i have been following this page and especially your advice for couple of months which has been a real help for me, although i have not received my required band. overall i need 7.5 and atleast 7.5 in reading. i have sat for 4 test, got 6.5,7,7,6.5 so could you help me please.


@ sinister

How are you bro, how about the result of 11th october?? i was looking for results but i think they put up the results after 13 days but one of my friend told me that they gonna publish results today, thats 24th oct.

Let me knoe your result.


Which module of the IELTS are you doing?
Which section of the test is holding you up?
To score overall Band 7.5, you need to score Band 8.0 in one or two component of the test if there is no specific requirement such as Band 7.0 in each. To do that you should target Listening and Reading (if you are doing GT). This is where it is very easy to get high score because you are the one who take control of the scoring here as opposed to scoring in Writing and Speaking where the examiner decides your band score.

Let me know your specific requirements and I will help you out.

Email me at:


Good to hear from you after a long time. Yes, I hit the bulls eye eventually. It happened just today! I wasn't say I am over cloud 9 or anything as it should have happened way before. However, I am feeling relieved and can actually in a position to my the next chapter of my life.

I have received the scores as follows:

L 7.5 R 8.0 W 7.0 S 7.5 Overall 7.5

I got another result coming up next Friday (for 18th Oct test) which should yield the similar score + I will get 2 recheck results (of 6th Sept and 20th Sept tests) in second week of Novemeber..They all gonna end up in 7s and 8s everywhere.

I hope you will get desired result too.

P.S. If you took the test at IDP India, then your result should have already been up. Check your online IDP candidate profile and see under 'Exam Result'

IDP India usually publish results online at 9am IST on the 13th day after the test date.And then you get result via courier (usually via Blue Dart) sometime a week after. The tracking information is also there in your profile online on the same page just under your result.

@ sinister

Well, many congratulations to you. Being the ielts victim i can understand the joy of getting desired results as for most us its still a dream. I am really impressed by your generosity and helping nature, i silently followed almost all of your posts(instructions) on page 5 and undoubtedly you deserved this result much earlier. I hope you will hit the mark in upcoming results.(many of us gonna miss you on simon's blog.your suggestions and experience.)

BY the way, i did not got my result today i tried everything but i think my result is not published yet and is the case for many others.

@ Sarfaraz

Yeah its kinda weird in India. Same thing happened with 2nd October people. Many complained about their results.

Well, I will keep guiding students to get their required scores as long as can. Its not like oh I got my result and then see ya. I will still help out needy people. I got my result 10 hrs ago and I am still writing here. To me, these band scores proves nothing. They and not conclusive evidence of someone's English ability simply because it varies from day to day! Now, tell you how and measure a varying performance and use it as a standard? Isn't this a dodgy way of doing things?

Anyway,I am sure you can hear about your result sooner than later. Let me know how did you go.

Hey anyone giving exam tommorrow plzzz
From other country like australia
Plzz tell me about writing topic instant after exam
Bcoz you are 5hr forward than india
So plzzz tell me abt wtiting topic after exam
M giving exam tommorrow from india

@ Sarfaraz

Read out this bullshit. What control procedure?? and what integrity? They gonna release result on 31st October now. This has been a common trend in India. I never heard this kind of thing in this part of the world (Australia).

We refer to your IELTS test of 11 October 2014

As part of the quality control procedures designed to protect the integrity and security of the IELTS test, test results are routinely analysed before they are issued to candidates.

Unfortunately your result is still being processed so it has not been possible to analyse it yet. The analysis will be conducted when the processing of your result is completed. Test Report Forms will be issued to candidates from October 31, 2014.

Please note that it is specified in the Declaration signed by candidates on the Application Form that there may be occasions when it is necessary to issue a result more than 13 days after the test.
Note that you would not be able to preview your results online and would have to wait for the hard copy of results (Test Report Form) to reach you. In case of any queries, kindly get in touch with us at Please do not reply to this mail.
Please accept our apologies for this delay.

IELTS Test Centre Administrator

@ sinister

thank u. my academic test is 2moro 25th oct. m weak in reading and writing. any guidelines for me?


Send me an email at:

my test is on 1 nov academic module in india . Is their any way i can get to know writing task questions beforehand?


No, there will be no way to know the writing topic beforehand. You need to 'earn' the scores hard way.

Tell me about writing part questions on 25 sep. Please.tip

ple help me
my test is tommrowwrrrrrrrrrrrrr
just 7hrs left ple hlp me
send me ans on my mail

Finally got my result,
L 8.5 R 8.5 W7 S7.5 overall 8

It was such a painful process, I need 7 for each, first three attempts I got over 7 in listening, reading and speaking easily, but only 6 or 6.5 for writing, the forth time, I got 7.5 for writing, but sadly, only 6.5 for speaking. I can NOT believe it and was so frustrated when I saw the result.

However, 7.5 for writing gave me some confidence that I can improve my writing.

Then I tried two weeks ago, finally achieved my goal.

I took it in Canada, Oct 11

Writing was about whether interview is the most effective way to measure the candidate.

Speaking topic was about the school you attended I when you were little.

Thanks for everyone and wish you all good luck!
We are not alone and we can do it!


Anyone from azerbaizan..please plz plz post the academic task 2 qus. ASAP....its rqst

@ Sheila

Congratulations to you. I have seen that you have been chasing it for quite a long time now. You deserved a good score like this for sure.
Thanks for your exam reports you shared so far.
Hope you have a good time ahead.

Anyone from Azerbaijan plzz post the writing task and also answers of reading and listening

25/10/2014 Academic IELTS (APAC)

Task 2 - Some people think that job satisfaction is more important while other people think that a stable job is more important, which one do you agree?

Is this topic same same in India?


No, your topic will be completely different.

25/10/2014 Academic IELTS (APAC)

*Exact wordings

Task 2 - Some people think that job satisfaction is more important than job security while Some people think that they can not always expect job satisfaction, a permanent job is more important Discuss both views and give your opinion.


What's the writing task one's topic?

MEI,EU writing task 1 and 2 post ASAP guys


Not sure about the Task 1. Few people reported it as a map of a community center.


I think maps/diagrams/etc. are common these days. I took a test last week and I got it for task1

Terribly unlucky to be honest!

Ps. I've taken one at Deakin Uni, what about you?


No, I didn't do today's test. I have already got my target band score yesterday.


Oh congrats! Which test centre in Melbourne did you go to?

@ Pete


Task 1- a map of a community center., compare the difference between two figures

Task 2 - Some people think that job satisfaction is more important while other people think that a stable job is more important, which one do you agree?

25-10-2014 - Malaysia

Hey anyone plzzz tell me about today's reading
My exam start in 2 hrs
If anyone know
Plzzz post the answers
Thanks in advance



Can you post your essay here?

@ sinister

Task- 1, 2 diagrams of towns showing development
Task -2 was Every one should be vegetarian no need to eat meat for a healthy diet
do u agree or disagree

reading was very tough listening was fast but ok
going for my speaking test now

Anyone know answers of reading and listening
From india

Dear all,'

what was the writing task 2 question?

Reading was hard for india test

you can believe how tough the reading test today in UK and India. I FEEL HEADACHE

part2 in uk
a good habit you would like to learn from your friends

Plzz the answers of reading and listening module

I also hope someone could post the listening and reading answers .

i want ur help reply my meassage i send you on your email id .

I had write..this essay shall delve both views is this mean that i partially agree ? Pls clearfy me pls someone

@email id

Just finished my exam in Toronto.

Reading and Listening were both straightforward, specially section 4 in Listening was unexpectedly good.

Writing 1 - A bar chart, showing the prices of housing in 2000, 2005, 2015 for two cities in Australia (Sydney and Perth).

Below it, there was two pie charts, showing the percentage of houseowners vs renters in 2000 and 2005.

Writing 2 - Some people think universities should focus on employment, while others think they should "only" focus on academic work. Discuss both and give your opinion.

This was a hardship to me, because of the term "only". I had no idea how to make up an argument for them, so just wrote a short paragraph.

I should have done much better in writing since I think I got easy topics to work on, but I guess that's how a week of preparation gets me.

Will take the Speaking module in 2 hrs. Wish me luck!

thanks a ot for your vauabe help.I have a question please: you posted an answer to the Habit speaking questions and then someone posted after you that they had the same questions in speaking part in the UK. Did you got those questions in India? I mean can they give similar questions to different countries? I ust wonder!!!

@ Bia

Yes! Speaking topics do repeats. Remember that at any given point of time there are 60 part 2 (cue cards) topics and 30 part 1 topics are active. Cue card topics last for about 10 to 11 months and after that they expire and then we get new topics. Part 1 topics last for 4 months and after that they expire and we get new additions. Part 3 questions varies according to the central idea of cue card topics.

I did not do yesterdays test anywhere. The topic "A friend's habit" I posted above is because someone needed help with it and it is also one of the current active topic. Therefore, it repeated and someone got it. Things like this are not surprising at all instead such things are very likely as far as the speaking test is concerned.

i want ur help.

@ Karambir Singh

Please check your email. Your queries has been solved.

25 October, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Part 1
Name, Study, First Day at Uni
Do you like museum and art gallery?
Why, how often go, should children visit, why?

Part 2
Good Law in your country

Part 3
Is police a good profession?+why
Police vs lawyer... better?
Why lawyer is good profession?

[Local examiner, tried to follow Queens accent , unsociable but helpful]


Task 1: Maps/diagram related to development of Bridgeton
Task 2: People should become vegetarian rather than meat eaters... agree/disagree?

Listening and Reading were much easier than cambridge 8/9, but reading part 3 was horrible, honestly.

Please pray for my succes so that I don't have to appear the test again. All the best!

@sinister I had write proper 250 words counting each word ...pls some one tell me that is that ok or i have to write more than 250 words


As you have written exactly 250 words, it is just about enough. Don't worry you will not lose marks for 'underlength'.

Hello everyone
I have a question
Does all the countries IELTS question paper same on the same date
For example australia,newzland,india,usa ans so on..because as
they vary in their time zone right
please let me know


You are right. They vary according to the time zone. At each test date, IELTS has 3 different tests ready for day.

1. Zone 1 - Asia Pacific (APAC)

2. Zone 2 - Middle East India and Europe

3. Zone 3 - America/Canada (AM)

Therefore, each of those tests are different ALWAYS.

can anyone pls post the latest speaking topics? tnx!

@david check this site

does this mean india would have new paper than AUS/NZ? as per the definitaion india is a part of APAC while from pakistan onwards they are part of MEI/EU?


haha no. India is not part of Asia in this regard. Therefore, exam in India will be different than that of Australia's and NZs.
The above group of zones are finalised by IELTS taking into account the local timings of the neighbouring countries so as to safeguard this entire thing.

APAC (Asia Pacific) = New Zealand, Australia,Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Vietnam, North and South Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand

Hi guys!

I'm taking my exam on 22nd November, I need to achieve overall 6.5 with no more than 6.0 in each section. I try to prepare continually but it's so tricky, one can never knows what the final test will contain.

Reading all the information and tips from you is very useful, it gives me more confidence.

please post 25th october 2014 asia region's question answers.Please,it's much needed

@Karambir Singh

thnx so much bro!

I am taking the test on 1st Nov can you please share the Written test topics and also reading?

I am taking the test on 1st Nov can you please share the Written test topics and also reading?
My mail ID:
If you can mail me your number I'll also call you

Anyone taking GT on Nov 1st in Aus/ NZ mail me.

hey pinto
i took my ielts exam in the month of april in usa
the examiner asked me the about good habbits in the speaking session
and now you are asking about good habbits
i just shocked after looking at your question

where did you find that question
does the questions repeats again and again..

@ Sinster
Im taking my ielts exam on nov 1st in USA
which time zone and country helps me the wrting topics as well as speaking topics please let me know
its very important for me
reply me ASAP


No zone and no country's topics will help you. Your exam will be completely different than other 2 zones. You're wasting your time. I will advice you that you should use this time in honing your writing, speaking and reading skills.

I will take my exam in Ireland
On 1st of November

Please i need to know the questions in India

Anyone can help me ?

Thans a million

I need the same score as you for AU migration.It will be my second attempt on 13 December.I hope that you will get 6.5 :)

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