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@ Dil Khadka,
why 2 essays? which one is correct.. i need to know the academic writing part 2 question on 1st of March. please reply?

hi all,

i got results for my exam on 15th Feb. in Bosnia and Hercegovina which is same was held in India.
L 5.5
R 7
W 7.5
S 6.5
overall 6.5

6.5 is enough for me studying abroad. but i am very dissappointed with the listening, i missed much also in first section. there was a 8 or 9 digit phone number and man read it very fast, i cought 6 then i got lost, because of that i lost my concentration and i lost tricky gaps such as horror movies vs action movies or £26 ticket price vs £2.5, side entrance. and i wrote 'backtoe' for 'bigtoe' which is meaningless. so i missed band 7 overall due to my silly mistakes and concentration on listening.
so my advice do not get lost and do not lose concentration.

other point is, my speaking test was fairly well although some little mistake and repats but i got 6.5.
thanks to this site, and good luck to everybody

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