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is today the 13th day of april 5 exam? Or do we start counting after the speaking exam (which was held on 7th)

If today is so there is 2 more hours to go:)

not yet do you got it evet? even i am waiting my result of 5th april finger crossed.

@Fındıkçık @anmol nop not yet still waiting n really stressed ... cheers

Well results for one center here in London is out , but still stuck with writing ! Wish me luck for 24/4 test :-)

Have you checked it online or you went to the test centre?
Best of luck

not yet in Srilanka, they will send it to our mobile also. propebly Friday by 1 PM.

even not hre in north india yet. fingers crossed.

@pearl at the center

Now 5 April results are available on British councle wepsite

Anyone here will take the exam on alpril 24?from Philippines.



how abt the results this time?

manu, any, anyname, ielts victims, amoi?

Thanks a million Simon, i got 6 in each, 7 in speaking. enough for me.

Thanks again. you are a life savior.

hai friends..i got my ielts result...thank god..i cleared my exam..R 7,S 7.5,W 7,L 7.5....Thank you simon sir for your help and Thanks to dear friends for your help...

April 5 test date is available in the website, but I cant reach my results:(

L 6.5, R 8, W 6, S 6.5

Sad news for me..

i need 7 in all.Well i have written good essay and letter with 300 words for essay and 200 words for letter covering all task activities.I was expecting 8 to 8.5 i am really not sure why i got 6.5.I am planning to apply for "enquiry on Result"

Hi Simon, Just got the results of April 5th test.

I passed with overall 7.5.

L8.5, R7.0, W7.5, S7.0

It was my first try and it is your website here that helped me through it.

Apart from the website here, I practiced through the Cambridge IELTS 9 as well.

Good luck to all of you. please follow Simon's advice. Watch a lot of hollywood movies and youtube, you will be fine. :)

Hi fellas I got
It looks like their money making policy.

Actually not that high marks but enough for me,, overall 6.5 "L5.5, R6.5, W6, S7'

Thanks god,,
then thank you simon


My speaking test is on 22nd April. Anyone have on the same day?


Alhamdullilah , By grace of Almighty Allah....I passed.

Please any one from azarbajan or turkey or Bangladesh who has exam on 24/4 , please post you writing topics here after finishing the test that would be very helpful for us.
Thanks in advance


I got my result

L 7.0,R 7.0, W 6.5,S 6.0

I'm going to retake Ielts on 10/05/2014. Any one wanna practice Speaking pls add me on Skype. I need 7.0 each band. My skype is viva.ly14.

people who are going to take exam in 10 May,my email address is

I am going to give IELTS academic exam from IDP India-Delhi on April 26th.Is there anyone giving exam same day?

Hi SMadhu

well done. Was it academic?

thank u.

1-) 7-7.5-7-7.5
2-) 8 7 7 7

In both cases the overall is 7.5 right?

having general training test on 17 may in india.if anyone outside the india have test on same date or same module plz share your wirting
ques as well as reading writing ansers or speaking topic too.maybe it would be helpful for me to get gud bands....plzzzzzzzzzzz

opps! i forgot to tell its british council plz who have same module outside the india share you questions plzzzz.....

No am affraid it is 7

Hi,simon, I am doctor and planning to move to Australia, I have taken ielts exam 8 times till now but each time my writing scores is only 6 band and I really do not understand what is wrong, I have been practicing writing everyday, please I need your help.

@prathap..can you plz share what are the questions in your speking exam on 22? Is that idp or british council?
Thank you:))

Finally, at last, on my 13th attempt.......I achieved what I want. Thankz Simon for this wonderful site. I got
L= 7.5
R= 7
W= 7
S= 7.5
O= 7.5

I need 7 in each, I always got stuck in writing last 4 attempts 6.5 (photocopy) but alhamdullilah at last " DEAD on TARGET".


Hi Musafir,
Congratulations on your success. Can please tell me how you managed to improve your writing in your last attempt? Thanks


@prathap..can you plz share what are the questions in your speking exam on 22? Is that idp or british council? Also plz tell me from which city you are?
Thank you:))

Well done musafir. Please advice us. I have done ielts more than 18 times still i cant manage 7 in each.

@musafir...Congrats man..We should appreciate your never dying spirit even after 12 attempts u dared to attempt another time and u got succeeded.

Thankz Alot Anyname & Rosh

Actually what I realize I am making mistakes in grammar....(singular, plural, use of article a & the, not using present perfect tense)....I took a 1 week course.....they identified my this mistake...I use ideas from simon e book and Alhamdullilah I am through.

Anyname ....I had no option left

Congratulation ! And congratulation again
Thanks from ur useful advice.
Where did you have ur exam ?
And I want to ask u about reading as well.
What is the easiest way to answer this type of questions, scanning, skimming or first/last sentence of paragraph .
(Which paragraph contains this information ?
Please tell me ur method for answering that type of questions.

Hi everyone,
Could you, who did have exams recently in Edmonton Canada,share speaking questions, especially cue cards. Appreciate a lot!!!

Yeah Anmol, that is very interesting question. Guys please answer us, at what exact time we can see results online, for example in twelfth day 12 AM onwards? Simon please answer us!

@Ravi, @faith

I am giving it on IDP @ Bangalore.

I am also appearing for 24 GT,.IDP Delhi


at what time?

hi, 'm going to take the test in 24 April
could u please send the writing task1, task2, thanks in advance

Hi Everyone!
I take IELTS test on 26th April in UK please could you share the expected questions.

Hi all

I am appearing in London at 24 April GT.
Anyone here from India or Pakistan?


I want to share some tips with you guys:
1-listening : no real secret, you need to watch movies, documentaries ect... in English and what you could need is writing the answers of the Cambridge listening tests (from 1 to 9) to check your spelling and get used with the vocabulary they usually use, because they quite like some words like.: seafood, bookshop, library, magazine, seminars, residence hall, tower, confident, confidence ect.. because it's easy to do a silly spelling mistake in the exam. You'd also need to learn to read quickly but carefully the qs especially at the beginning of the test because you can read the qs of the first and second sections in the time given for the example and for reading the first 5 qs if you're fast.
2-Reading : quite difficult for the academic but you need to be methodical : first read "only" the first qs and don't go far cause the answer is usually right at the beginning or in the first paragraph and the key is that the qs are generally "in order" so if you cannot find the answer 15 move on the 16th when you find it you are pretty sure that the 15th is then before the 16th in the text, so you would just need to read more carefully. You should also learn to leave qs when u're stuck to not waste too much time, but NEVER leave a blank in the answer sheet cause you may get the right answer only by making a guess. You should also respect the time given to each text no more than 20 mins, otherwise you would never be able to finish the test and you will feel stressed, so not concentrated. So my advice is that you should worry about time but only when you feel that you are spending too much time on one text, you shouldn't think about time all the time because you would be very nervous and really not efficient, and when you get used to this method you will know and feel how much you are spending on each text and when you should look at ur watch.
3-Reading : nothing better than Simon's lessons, the structure is definitely the right one. Keep it simple, not long complicated sentences, but having a good strong vocabulary will undoubtedly enhance you score. Your writing should be clearly organised and the ideas clearly expressed. Practice, practice and again practice.
4- Speaking: everybody knows that watching English movies and talking with natives is helpful, but practice is important. To my mind, you should prepare every single topic by writing your speech down. I am not saying that you should learn what you wrote by heart because it would be obvious that you're reciting a text and it's not the point. However,you can practice reading what you wrote loudly and in the exam everthing will just come fluently even if not in the same order cause the goal here, is to have an idea about the topic, to have something to tell.

I hope that my two cents will help someone. Never give up hope, because God never let someone in the middle of the road.

A BIG thank to SIMON for letting people access to all these lessons and advices for FREE.


Sorry : what you could do* and 3- is obviously the Writing module.

hi ,anyone has academic IELTS on 26/4 .can you share the writing questions please. I am living in the UK.

@Ravi and prathap
Me too,i'm going to take idp here in philippines. Good luck to us!

Dear fri!!
Could u please share ur recent speaking test ? I hav to take mine tomorrow...

Hi every0ne!

Anyone who is done in speaking today? Pls. Share ur cue cards. It wil be a big help f0r me.

i started with capital letters in listening answer sheet.. pls tell me is there any effect...


I attach the Simon´s information about it

Capital letters, on the other hand, are not important. You can write all of your answers in capitals or in lower case - it won't affect your score.

Check on the simon´s page. Wtite on the search are, "Capital letter". check the first result

Hello friends!!
I'd like to share u my speaking test today in Myanmar.
The cue card is
"Discuss about family business that was successful".

It is very interesting, but many ielts teachers emphasise the importance of capital letters.

I started doing it so and got 1.5 band higher in reading and listening.

Having my speaking exam on 25th. and the others 26th.

So, please share your recent questions

Anyone giving exam on 24th April ? Plz post writing question soon as you finish your exam. It would be great help.
Thank you

Hi I m sitting for ielts from monash university melbourne on 10 n 17 may.anyone else sitting from same...need some writing practice wd someone

would u mind sharing ur writing Question on 24th april as soon as u can?

any one booked for 7 june general module.i booked for general on 7 june nd this is my second attempt already given on 5th april got

hi ielts takers. would you share the exam questions after u finish please. it would be great help. best of luck to everyone

Hello! I will take the exam on the 10th of May. :) Wish me luck! :)

Anyone take IELTS exam today

could you share the writing questions for today's exam please

I am going to take my ielts test now pls if any one examed 24 of april send me the writing tasks now please

Please share your recent academic speaking and writing question.

I am going to take exam in 26 Apr, please share your writing task. Thanks

Some television advertising are aimed at children.
How do advertising affect on childern? They should be controlled?
Give ur opinion.

I sat exam today(24.4.14).

Hello everyone, I will be taking my exam on the 17th of May.

Anyone who's willing to have a speaking practice with me via skype? If yes, please add me on

I need a band score of at least 7.

Thanks and good luck to all of us!

Hi Lavender,

Thank you for sharing with us and good luck to you in your speaking test.

I will take Ielts test on 26 Apr so please share your speaking questions when you finish your test. Thank you!

@Little tree
I ve already finished my speaking test on 23rd april.
Here they are...
Good luck for u all :)

Part1 Q are about myself, city where i live,walking and riding bicycle etc..

part 2:
Discuss about a family business that was successful .
Say; How successful it was.?
Who become your customer?.
Why was it successful?

part 3:
Follow up Q:1. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of large and small business.
2.What abilities should a successful business man have?
3.What kind of business would be popular in the future?
4.Do u think tourism would be popular and why?

Preparing for ielts 10 May and need a speaking study partner badly ,
My skype is asurgeon80
My time GMT +3

reading test for April 24,2014 exam is very difficult. passages 1,2 and 3 were equally hard. damn, hoping they will adjust the passing score. all of us were disappointed and frustrated about these passages.

Thanks alot for haring the speaking test

Thank you for sharing ^_^

I'm just going to kill ielts on 10may if someone here real English partner so I'm here
My Skype is deep.rana4

I appeared for the ielts today in Idp, the writing task 1: a bar chart about aged 65+ in three countries
task 2: should government funded public transport to be free , degree or disagree

24 april exam: writing 1: bar chart: persentage of popolation older than 65 for 3 different countries for 3 years (2 - from the past , 1 - prediction)writing 2: government should sponsor public transport so that people could use it for free. to what extend do u agree or disagree? a bit weird question

Hi guys..i gave ielts general exam today

Anyone will take IELTS on 26/April please can you share your writing questions.thanks

listening answers
action movie
black velvet
Reading topics:
1.unusual weather
2.motor car
3.about deaf

Writing tasks:
1. bar chart: persentage of popolation older than 65 for 3 different countries for 3 years (2 - from the past , 1 - prediction)
2. should government funded public transport to be free , degree or disagree.

anybody get results today? I have 8.5 overall (test 12/4) yet writing only 7.0, and I will have to retake though I need 8.0

Anybody knows whether we will be punished for writing too long on task 2 and no conclusion on task 1?

Hi Dzung
Is 12/04/14 result out ? I am checking it online is still not out , mg was academic one and if am checking it on site..

results are already out for april 12. i got mine and sad to say i did not make it. my writing is still 6.5 i need 7 =(

il take the exam again on may 17th

plz share questions of 24th april


IELTS - GT - 24-04 - Bangalore

Letter :

Invite a friend to vist foriegn country
1) Why
2) Travel paln, etc

Essay : Reasons and solutions for noise in public places.

@ kris,sai,Shahrzad

Please let me know which countries you guys took the test.Many tks

I got my result today and I am not happy with writing marks.
I got L8 R 7.5 W 6.5 and S 7.5 . I took Monash University Melbourne test. I am dead sure about my writing . Anyone suggest what if I go for re-evaluation? What are the chances Of marks getting mended ?
Please suggest !!

I just had my speaking test 5mins ago in Turkey.

U alwalys wanted to be a x?
What type of tv programmes u watch?
How much tv u used to watch when you were a child?
How much donyou think u will let your your child watch tv?

Tell about sth your read
-what was is
-how did you find it
-why did you enjoy reading it

Qs related to tv&reading
-whats the difference vtw wathing sth and reading
-do you think people read enough nowadays
-do you thınk reading habits will change in the future?

The examiner was really cute:) I think thats an important factor for motivation and courage during the test

I got my results of 12 April ..fantastic.. Overall 8 and 7 in writing..
Hope u all good luck :-)

1. Where r u from?
Prefer work in morning/ evening why?
Do u travel by train?
Why not? Any experiences
Who cookes food in ur home
Do u help ur mother in cooking
Do u like cooking why
2. Que card
On Reading
Newspaper n magazines

3.In future how people will approach to reading?
Difference between young n old people's reading attitude?
Change in reading attitude?

25th apr delhi IDP


I am in the same boat as u, my writing score is 6.5 and scores in other modules it is 8.I have applied for EOR .Please note if you are really sure that you had written more then 250 words,followed IELTS essay structure and have not done any grammatical and vocabulary mistakes,and you had responded corretly to topic then go ahead and apply for EOR.There are chances that your mark may be increased by 0.5 as it is rechecked by different examiner but you have to wait for 6 to 8 weeks for the result to be out.

Please share academic current LRW questions? I have test tomorrow in delhi IDP.

I had same speaking questions as yours.
When is your L/R/W exam? Please share your questions? I will share day after tomorrow.
IDP delhi academic

what is "sth"?
you said it was ur spking topic..

Its means 'something'

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