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Yeah I agree with you for the one who is not a good writer even in your mother language , the best thingies that to read as much as possible from model essays . They don't bring any thing new , most of the questions are repeated from time to time .

My main problem that when I concentrate too much on writing .. My reading skills deteriorate and I don't have enough time to concentrate on both ..

Really ... This is the most stressful exam .. I am sure if we put these efforts on studying for membership exams , we will pass from the first attempt !!

Hello H.

Fortunately I passed the exam, with 7, time ago. I took it 12 times and I had to do an enquiry of results.

Have a good one.

Thanks jmielts and zes.
I hope that would work. In the meantime I will prepare myself again.

Hi everyone from Azerbaijan.

Can you add me to your whatsapp group for discussing the Exam questions? I

Hi H
I also started to memorize all essays, u r right this is the only way of success. I am trying this time IDP IELTS , let's see what happened.

Reading answer 27 june

Passage 1

Passage 2
Passage 3
Is these answers are wrong then anybody tell me about....!!!

Hi everyone! who are training for IELTS
My exam date is at the end of the next month and I think it would be great if some of you share preparing experiences with me.
I wish all candidates the best in IELTS!
Please add me on WhatsApp+998974400117
Furqat from Uzbekistan.
The King of regards.

Hi Harkirat;
Regarding the filling gaps;
Of the first passage I think are correct, but for the second passage I wrote dates instead water. Squirrel didn't take water instead chose one date.


How about the headings do you remember them?

I remember;
1/3/5/6/8/4 not in order.

Hello Ielts Takers,

I am not sure about memorizing well written essays. I think you should write an essay using your own and some SimonĀ“s techniques and do the best every exam. Besides that, you need to have luck too.

Have a good one.

If you want, I check your essays for free. My ielts id is Jmielts.

Please add me to the whatsapp group. My number is +919587186000. Thank you.

i got a question

can i write "all capital letters for listening,reading answers"
otherwise is there any rule to write only "lowercases"?

There is an ielts group created over whatsapp.

To get in touch with each other,

notify me over my whatsapp number +919587186000.

I will add you to the group.

Hi H,

Like you I am also struggling in Writing section. How many model essays have you memorized? Do you have any list of essays which are asked on periodic basis.

Hi Jay.

Yes, I have some,do you memorise essays as well?I can send you sequence essays if you want. Only academic.

Hi harry ..... I think 5,3,4,6,7,8 were there .....and what about yes no in the last passage
Is these are right

Hello I've done with my speaking test yesterday. For part 1 , I was asked about music and live concert. For part 2 cue card, it was about a change that I want to improve in my local area. Wish me luck for the written exam on July 4. Thanks

Hi baking what u said in cue card ....

Hi baking is restriction on smoking is a effective point in a change you would like to improve in your locality

Hi H.

can you send me this essays topics (frequent) as well?


Hi Harkirat Singh,

Regarding the last passage yes/no/ng I put:


hope they were right?

Okk thankew and your first reading passage true false do you know Harry.....!!!!

share with me the way to improve speaking.
i feel like losing my focus whenever i take exam...

Hi Singh,
I think,
Not sure really? Can you remember the questions?

No i dont know .....and can i ask you how many marks you got in your mock test average....

In reading module....??

(1) History of Russian dance/ballet and culture from 16 to 18 century
(2) Episodic memory (
(3) Hybrid vehicle ( &

Not exactly the same but very simillar.

Hi harry are sure with your answers.....i am feeling nervous for reading module....your answers and my answers are some similar.....!!!

There is an ielts group created over whatsapp.

To get in touch with each other,

notify me over my whatsapp number +919587186000.

I will add you to the group.

Hi Singh,
I'm also worrying like you, not sure at all until we see the results. What score do you need? I need 7.5 overall with a minimum 7.

hi is anyone going to take a test on 4th of july?
if yes please post the questions quickly

Hi! to all, anyone from here who could guide me in my IELTS exam by next month. Add me please in whattsapp +639271276685. Thanks ;)

Hi jmilets,, can I have ur email I'd plz... Its so kind of u that u can help us... Thank u.

Hi H,, I think memorising essays is nt effective technique,, examiners want our own ideas from our lives and experiences... Yes u can learn and memorise the vocabulary and different kind of approaches to essays... Bt memorising whole essays doesn't help,, coz when u r in exam, somehow under pressure u easily forget the things u memorise the most... So better we should try by ourself how to plan and write in our own words... And at last it depends on our luck too... Coz it is subjective and we don't knw which teacher will check our essays and how....

Is there really sequence essays??

Hi harry i require about 6.5 overall and 6 in each module.....and what are your expectations in reading and listening module.....!!!

Sam, here you are my skype id, jmielts.

See you

Hi H,
Can you plz send me the sequence essays. I have exams on 25th july.

Hello everyone
my name is Karam and I am going to take IELTS exam in 11 of July
so anyone has any material or guidelines anything just share me

you can contact me by : Skype Karamabdan793
or WhatsApp : +1-314-585-2049

@JJ, Where is your test centre pls?

Hi H
Its Monash college, Australia

Hello everyone,

I will take the Ielts again, and need to improve my speaking score.So Im looking for a speaking partner who can practice with me regularly.You can add me on skype my adress is

Have a nice day.

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