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@ sinister_rock
Well said about those question and unfortunately lack of answers!!... We all are in the same boat here, specially those with medical background ...just victims of the big business and hidden antiimmigration politic!!!

Hello Sarafaraz,

So there you have it! These are the listening test answers happened on 16/08/2014 in APAC (Asia Pacific) and it was my 6th attempt at the exam. You got this same test yesterday! I ve received Band 8.0 in this test so one thing is sure that I had atleast 35 of 40 answers correct. You can use the following answers as a benchmark.The order of the answers may not be correct but to help you out I m writing notes in the brackets that shows either a part of the question or the answer so that you can remember how did you go with those perticular questions or answers.

Section 1

1. Advertising
2. Regional (manager)
3. 10,000 (area of the new office)
4. Station (preferred location of the office)
5. Security (must have 24hr/round the clock)
6. Reception (on the ground floor)
7. Kitchen (staff can use)
8. Gym (before and after work)
9. Canteen (subsidised)
10. Furniture (not needed as they already have it)

Section 2

11. A (see as an opportunity to learn)
12. A (too much confidence)
13. C (concentrate on what you are doing)
14. C (earn respect from your employees)
15. B (turn to an expert for help)
16. A (be cautious)
17-18. (in any order)
C (be committed)
D (fix realistic prices)
19-20. (in any order)
B (loan from the bank)
B (received good advice)

Section 3

21. Watch times
22. Calm
23. Weather
24. 100 (metres)
25. Fishing boats
26. Behaviour
27. Size (group)
28. C (Northern Right whale)
29. B (Sperm whale)
30. A (Mink whale - smallest one)

Section 4

31. 1.5 million (people working in UK in textile industry)
32. Production (closure/shutdown of)
33. Women (sales)
34. Fashion (research conducted on)
35. C (company hire a small no.of people)
36. A (require more linguistic proficiency)
37. F (Technologist - ananlysis only and not design by themselves)
38. A (Operation Manager - overseeing production/manufacturing process)
39. D (Merchandiser - quantity of clothes required)
40. C (Visual Designer - display/set up in store)

I hope this helps. By the way did you like my memory? Haha

Keep in touch

Good luck.

Any speaking test for today?

@ sinister_rock
Wil u write on the 18th? If so can u pls post ur writing task 2 along with some answer of the listening ? Pls I wil be takin my in uk on the 18th too...


Yes, I am doing 18th October test (GT). I will post my answers but your test will be different than mine. Are you well prepared for speaking to get 7.0 in it? Have you done some homework about what to prepare for the speaking test?

Task 1.

Changes in a map that has been industrial and after 50 years it became populated and with housing and stuff.

Writing task 2.

Interview forms are quite commonly used to hire people; some would argue that other methods could be more efficient to employ people.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Listening academic.


Hi everyone

I had given my test yesterday on 11 from pune my writing task 2 question was:

Many customs and traditional ways are no longer relevant to modern lifestyle and are not worthy to keep. Do u agree or disagree?

So bad i wil be doin academic.... For the speaking I have been doin some practices on it... But if u have any tips pls let me know...Do you kno anyone from ASPC doin it on the 18th Academic? Pls

Pls try for me with the listening answers on time.... Pls because am really worried too about it.... Pls on time ..

hi everyone
my speaking test is on 15 oct in pakistan ..could anyone help me in my speaking test .this is my skype id

@ price

I wrote 2 long messages for you but something went wrong and they are all gone. I am rewriting them again.

@ Prince

Sorry I dont know anyone doing academic on the 18th in APAC. But don't worry i will update you about anything i come to know before and after the exam such as listening answers. UK, Middle East and Asia gets the same exam.

@ Prince

I will suggest you do these topics in part 2. I am 100% certain that you gonna get one of these. Share your experience when you do your speaking test.

Part 2 topics-

A magazine, something you did to help, family celebration, your first cell phone, a school you attended, something you bought and dont often use, indoor game you played in the childhood, a good law, useful advice you received, interesting animal, a place for home, a city you visited, foreign country you like to visit first time, problematic equipment, a letter or email you wrote, family member you like to spend time with.

Following topics needs "Special" attention as they are hot topics -

Group activity you did, a person with an important job, a beautiful or handsome person, a traffic jam, an interesting conversation you had, an occasion you wasted your time, fav band or singer, something healthy you enjoy doing, a meal you invited other to, a borrowed thing, a gift made by yourself (handmade gift), last book you read, someone you would like to be similar to, an occasion when you waited, a useful App from your smartphone or tablet, an award or prize you would like to win, a friend from school, old person you respect, a sport person from your country, a good service you received from the shop, a long journey, something you like to learn but can't learn it now, a historic place, a project or homework assignment, a friend's habit.



Part 1 topics -

work or student, accommodation, hometown, public holidays, climate, colours, photography, teachers, shopping, handwriting, housework, shoes, relaxation (leisure time), television, weekend, advertising, gifts, maps, food, cars, street markets, museums and art galleries.

Good luck and don't forget to share your experience

11th October Listening answers (APAC)

Section 1

1. email
2. sandwiches
3. project
4. station
5. closed
6. bridge
7. view
8. noisy
9. hospital
10. restaurant

Section 2

11. C (surprising - found $650 difference in quotes)
12. C (higher quality)
13. C (not calculated the same way)
14. B (whole day require to fit the window)
15. A (radio program's website)
16. A
17-18 (In any order)
19-20 (In any order)

Section 3

21. G (virtually no use in the project)
22. C (time consuming)
23. A (saves time and effort)
24. B (provide visual data)
25. F
26. B (in the end, experience will help)
27. C (expansion of foreign business)
28. C (new government regulation)
29. C (learn difference between theory and practice)
30. A (what's missing - A recommendation)

Section 4

31. wool (made up of)
32. rain (bring down)
33. bird
34. desert
35. prison
36. clothing
37. family
38. rainbow
39. image (snake .... on it)
40. Carpet

@ sinister_rock
I completely agree with you. They dont know that the way they are holding this bloody exam can destroy peoples life and selfesteem...

@ sinister_rock
Thanks so much for ur tips.... I wil definitely share my experience
Hoping to hear from u too before or after the exam..
But pls if it is after , pls do it fast because I think it is just 2 or 3 hours different , am I right?

could anyone will be upload the 18 oct test which is held in australia??


I am 10hrs ahead of you bro. You are in UK and I m in Australia. Don't you worry.

@ nain

Sorry, I did not understand what you are saying at all. Could you please rephrase your question?


Thanks you veryy much for denoting some time to search this answers. Your memory power is far beyond my imagibation man. specially after the case that i am unable to recall the answers i chose just day before in multiple choice questions.i really appreaciate memory and hope you utilised it and utilising efficiently in your academics.
Moreover, most of our answer are identical, i think 30 and i hope they all are correctly done by both of us.

Thanks once again. Let me know if you need any assitence from my side. my mail id


i wish good luck for your upcoming test date. hope you get the desired result.

Hi! I'm going to take it on the 18th (Academic). And I'm from China(GMT +8). I'll post my experience that afternoon. But my speaking test is on 19th. Good luck to the both.

Ok bro...

Good to hear that bro ... But if u post it at evening time I wil miss it because my test will be in the morning at about 8 am .... I think by then it will be 2 pm on your side .... So if u can make it a little sooner it will be cool bro.


Thanks. I have been waiting for your reply all day. Good to see you again. Are you doing 18th Oct test or thinking of waiting for the last exam's result and then deciding?

I will contact you on your email if there is something interesting.

hi I have my General training on 18th Oct in Jordan, any advice?

@ sarfaraz Patel, Thanks a lot for your reply on 7/10.. I only saw it now..

You said that some questions might be repeated on the same day of the test.. I am from Jordan, and I have the general training test on 18/10..
which country could have the same test as mine?


I had some issues with my PC in morning but as soon as i fixed it i wrote you. I am in no hurry, so i will wait for my result and then decide but will keep eye on it, just don't want to loose touch as its very difficult to rehabilitate your self in English perticularly in India.

Hiiii sinister_rock

My exam will on 18 Oct in INDIA
Plz help me telling me writing topic what will be possible and graph or diagram

Reading listening share plz......
It's my last chance

Give ur mail I'd

Hiii everyone I have exam on Nov 22 in INDIA (Amritsar) could u please help me to share writing topics .....


Rightly said. It's not easy to get to the same level after a break especially when you are in your native place. Well, things for me are totally different. I ve been living in Australia since last 7 years and already did 2 postgraduate degrees with excellent GPA and now working full time in IT. I know that I do not need to improve anything as I ve just about everything in my arsenal. I was already at level 7 from my 1st go at the test and my 8th result is still the same. But,I ve been getting 6.5 in either writing or speaking everytime. When I get 7.0+ in speaking then writing stuffs up and vice versa. So it's been a cat and mouse game so far. I have come very far in life with lot of hard work and will not give up so easily even if it take 10 more tries. I will hit 7 in each eventually. I ve been waiting for that 'Luck'.

By the way, I sat EVERY test in Australia since July this year and I will continue to do so. 11th October is definitely a goner as writing wasn't mature enough and I knew it instantly. So waiting for the 18th. I am so used to these tests that I hardly study for the exam. I stopped studying after my 5th try. I am still be able to hit 7+ extremely easily in other 3. I will not study for the 18th either but my bet will be on the topic area of task 2. Already familiar and prepared all speaking topics of this season so no improvement is necessary whatsoever in speaking. I will keep you posted.

@ Rohit

Why it is your last chance? Are you giving up / experiencing financial hardship / running out of time of achieving your aim?

What was your last score and how many bands are you targeting?

Just to let you know that I will be doing General Training module. However, I can help you with your queries, verifying your listening test answers, and about speaking.

To start with, in which area of the test you are keep getting low scores? What module you think you are 'naturally' good at?

I taking on 13th of december any one from sudan?

Sinister_ rock

Test is very costly and I wanna 6.5
I think reading module is very tuf

@ Rohit

Yes, it is certainly slightly tougher thanGT reading module. Have you gone though the reading tests given in the official IELTS books volume 1 to 9? If not, then I would suggest that you should practice to get a goid score in them. I think you need about 26 correct answers to hit 6.5 which is not impossible. The omly way to get there is through practice only. If you consistently managed to score 26 to 30 correct answers in your practice tests from those books, it can be seen as an indicator that you are THEN ready for the 'real' exam until then your success will remain bleak. I think it cost Rs. 10,000 to book a test which is quite a steep amount I think. Therefore, you should play safe. Please do not give up. The exam is very easy if you have practiced well before the real exam.

What about other modules like Listening, Writing, Speaking? Are you comparatively feel stronger in them thsn reading?

Are you looking for an individual score of 6.5 or average score of 6.5? You do need to know your target first then judge your current level through initial practice. This will tell you how much thrust you need further to kick on! You also need to have a knowledge of how many correct answers comprise of what score.

So yeah, I would suggest you to go through those Cambridge books first. That would be most basic step.

Let me know if you need further tips regarding any other module. For ex. How to speak in part 1,2 and 3 of the speaking test, insider scerets like how writing and speaking tests get marked? I said it as an insider secret because only 2% of the thousands of IELTS candidates know how the writing and speaking grading criteria because of the fact that it is not publicly known. What 98% of these candidates do know is the 'official IELTS bands descriptor' which is also known as a 'rubric'. Examiners obviously use them to mark you but that is not the only thing that their assessment of you is based on.

I wish you good luck with your upcoming test and really hope that you hit your desired score.

Can you please kindly share your insider secret in terms of how examiners grade writing and speaking tests? I am gonna sit in a test on 18/10, and I sincerely thank you for doing that.

Hi sinister, you are a really star, you are a rock no doubt, your suggestions openions encouragement amazing head bowed really appreciate your contribution

@ Alfred

Haha. It is not my inside secret but it is the actual thing. When you will know it, you will be in disbelief and will be shell shocked. And then you will come to know why so many candidates are stranded at Band 5.5 when they aim for Band 6, at Band 6.5 when they aim for Band 7, at Band 7.5 when they aim for Band 8. You will also know - why is that little '0.5'is always costing you so much frustration with time and money. This is applicable for Writing and Speaking grading only. And this is where most of us get big surprises.

And because of this same thing I call IELTS, the most dubious test made ever! It is so highly inconsistent and it contradicts with itself!

@ Rauf

Well, what can I say. I think i gained this knowledge about the test through my own experiences and my research. Stll, I will be sitting 10th time on 18th October. My only focus on 18th will be on scoring that extra 0.5 band in writing. And that's the sole purpose of taking this test.

Anyway, I guess that you are from UK. Aren't you? How was your last test? What is holding you up from your target?

Any one rememmber homany fish in whake section?
4 or 5 pic?

@ noor

There were 4 pictures of the fishes. The CD did said about all of them. However, the questions were specific to Northern Right whale, Sperm whale and Mink whale.

Picture 1 - kind of square type of fish

Picture 2 - medium sized fish with fins

Picture 3 - larget fish with fins

Picture 4 - tiniest of all fish

I did not do the test. But I did this same test in Australia on 16th August 2014 so like 2 months ago. However, I can still remember that page. The page looked liked this -

It was page number 6 and it was on the left hand side of the question booklet. This page was dedicated to fishes only I.e. questions 28, 29 and 30 which were at the start of that page on top and then there were those 4 pictures I just mentioned underneath the question.

The page number 7 started with Textile industry questions and the total booklet had 8 pages.

Hope this help.

Sorry just realised:

Picture 1 - tiniest of tge fish

Picture 2 - kind if square type of fish

Picture 3 - medium sized fish with fins

Pictute 4 - largest of the fish

My bad.

@ Victoria

As you are taking a test in Jordan, you will get the same test as countries like - India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, UK. In other words, same test as in Indian subcontinent, Middle East and European Union.

Hai can any body tell me what is writing task2 in academic ielts that was conducted on oct11 in usa please i have adoubt.what is the exacr quwstion

is there anyone, who's appearing on 25oct if ys thn pls do me a favour by discussing writing's ma no.+919780078102 watsapp pls contact

I'll do that right after my exam.

Thank you for your sharing.

Wher u frm r u replying to me

hi everyone
anyone from Azerbaijan doing academic module on 18th.. please post writing questions as soon as possible

Ok bro ..... Finger cross..

Please tell mewhat is task2 on oct11 in usa i have a doubt

wah, you have a really awesome memory power.
I will be doing 18th in Singapore, hope you can nail that dream score man. To be honest, this is really becoming a lucrative business. They can write any score they want, because in the end we still have to re-take it. sad..sigh.

Anyone for 1st Nov test date?

My date of exam is 1st Nov at India.

Please create a group for 1st nov candidates.

Did any one wrote exam on oct 11 in usa

My number is 01733725882and my date is 22 november frm bangladesh if smeone apearing on same date thn contact nazim


As you gonna take test in Singapore, your exam will be same as mine. I am doing GT module. Which one are you doing? When is your speaking test scheduled?

Hi! I'm going to take it on the 18th(Academic). And I'm from TURKEY(GMT +3). I'll post my experience that afternoon. But my speaking test is on 17th. Good luck to the both.

anybody giving exam on 18th october in delhi...please contact at

or wats app at 8375033558

Tips for improving your reading score..

The level of question in actual exam are far above the level given in cambridge books and u will also be challenged by stress, time factor in the actual sharpen your reading skills.

Its essential that you practice more under time constrains....ielts on track, ielts practise test vol 2 and 3 are good books....

and if u have really got time and really want to improve..start reading harvard magazines...initially, it will be marathon task for you....but progressively you will develop your habbit and this would really help you

writing task 1 for oct 11 14 was diagram about energy lost while generating electricity.
task 2 was about some cultural and traditional behaviour that should not be continued or get rid of it compeletely. to what extent do you agree or disagree.

can someone pen an essay on interview forms to hire people is better or are there other forms to hire them?

Im takin Ielts Academic on 18th of October. Those eho are from Azerbaijan I am begging you please post your writing task 1 and 2 asap this will save my life.

@charli where are you taking your exam? Please add me on skype ceejay_121

We really begging them ooo... Those from Azerbanger , India and the rest of those ASPC countries pls help...

Thank you for your advice.i did the test 10 times ( academic) in the uk ' my score is always stuck with 6.5 in writing and reading . Iam desperate and don't know how to get 7 .any help from you please would be grateful.thanks

hi everyone
anyone from Azerbaijan doing academic module on 18th.. please post writing questions and listening, reading answers as soon as possible
Thank you

Hello. I was wondering how many body paragraphs do we exactly need in writing task 2? My review center told me that you need to have at least 3, or 4 the most. On the contrary, I saw from other sources that you only need 2 provided that you have solid reasons to write down, and that you're able to explain them clearly. WHat's the real deal?

@johnbushalmasra well it depends upon the question if they ask you about cause and effect OR problem solution then you will go for overall 4 paragraphs ,that means you have to write 2 body paragraphs.
If its opinion essay (agree/disagree,or discussion essay) then you would write 3 body paragraphs,two for your side of argument and one opposing or simply going for 2 paragraphs if you strongly oppose/agree the given idea.
i hope this helps

hey guys I passed my test,i scored L8.5 R8 W7 S7.
Thanks #Simonielts for such helpful lessons ,it immensely improved my speaking and Task 1 .


Hello Fara, let's do the root cause analysis of your problem. We'll first see Writing - what's need to be done correctly so that you Band 7.0 in writing and then we'll see the Reading part.

Question 1 - Why students get Band 6.5?

Answers: 1. The margin of errors in writing and speaking is very narrow. Meaning, because of the grading criteria of these sections, if your writing in not upto the mark, you are bound to stuck at 6.5

2. Students do not correctly understand the task 2 question and often gets confused about their essay structure. They scour the internet, attend IELTS coaching classes, hear word of mouth and end up mixing all these recipes and try to make a curry which doesn't taste good.

3. Because the question is unclear to them, their writing lack the focus and eventually becomes irrelevant.

4. Faces problem in brainstorming relevant ideas with connecting examples and rush to start writing. Meaning, they start writing as soon as they read Task 2.

5. Because their lack of understanding of what is required of them, they end up in writing 250-300 words of trash. Trash because it has no rhyme or reasons. Reader do not get clear idea about the writer's view because the less use of cohesive (binding) phrases that connect any two sentences and therefore loses marks in that department. Overall, their task 2 response don't see to satisfy Band 7.0 rubric.

6. Even though thy understand the question, they make a mess of it because there is too much on their mind.

Question 2 - What's needed to score Band 7.0?


1. Understand the writing rubric (Official IELTS Writing Band Descriptor) that examiners use to make their initial judgement on how many bands you are.

2. Spend a good long 10 minutes after your finish writing Task 1 question. Use these 10 minutes to compose your response and brainstorm relevant ideas and examples. Don't worry you have 30 more minutes to write 250+ words which are far enough when you already know what to write compare to start thinking of idea when you start writing. Isn't it? Read the question twice. Understand that there are ONLY 3 types of questions in IELTS. i) Agree/Disagree (Opinion or Argument) essay ii) Discussion essay iii)Double Action OR Causes and effect OR Problems and Solutions type of essays.

Please note that there are questions about Advantages and Disadvantages with varieties as follows-

i) Is this a positive or negative development?

ii) What are the advantages and disadvantages of this argument?

iii) Does the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

However, if you read them carefully, you will see that they fall into either an argument essay or the discussion essay.

Argument essays are the one in which writer states his position in the introduction paragraph itself i.e takes a particular stance and then support that stance or position throughout their essay with relevant examples. And finally, the writer reiterates everything + his initial opinion into the conclusion paragraph.

Discussion essays are the one in which the writer DO NO mention his or her opinion in the introduction paragraph. What he does - He analyse both point of views and then state his opinion in the conclusion paragraph.

Double action (Problems and soutions, causes and effect) type of essays requires the writer to compose their response in 50-50 ratio. Meaning, the writing basically mention the possible causes and effect in his roadmap (Introduction) and then analyse them in detail in the following paragraphs respectively. Finally reiterating everything in the conclusion paragraph and in few cases, suggest what he think will happen to this particular issue in the future. So, he kind of makes prediction.

After gaining this knowledge, do not let confuse yourself ever. There are few people who prefer to write their response in balance. So they write first paragraph about Agree and second about Disagree. But, I will NEVER suggest you to do like this way. Simply because it is unnecessary and waste of time and energy by writing about the other side (opinion) when the question itself ask -Do you agree or disagree in plain simple English or To what extent you agree or disagree.

Do not confuse with the word 'Extent'. It doesn't actually mean if you are 30% agree and 70% disagree or 80% agree and 20% disagree. There is no such thing when you write IELTS essays. Kids usually do that in their elementary school. Therefore, state your position clearly and maintain it/support it throughout and this is how you will satisfy 'Task Response' criteria of the rubric at Band 7.0 level.

Just a quick note here. The Advantages outweigh disadvantages types of questions are nothing but the agree/ disagree types of questions wherein you take your position in the intro and then write next 2 paras about it. You DO NOT necessarily need to write about the other side of the argument.

3. With the above learning in mind. Start writing the Introduction paragraph. Introdution paragraph acts as a roadmap of your essay. It tells the reader or examiner what he is going to read in this essay. So, this Intro paragraph sets the tone of your essay. This is where you make your first impression on him. Ideally there should be 4 sentences in here. sentence 1 - A general or broad sentence about the issue or case in the essay. Sentence 2 - a much narrowed sentence which is specific to the essay question. Sentence 3 - your position or what both sides say in case of discussion essay then sentence 4 - How you gonna support your stance i.e. what your next paragraphs are about.

You should write this way the next 2 paragraph and please do not forget to connect your points for relevant examples which is not necessarily meant to be a fact. You can make it up!

Connect every sentence other than your main point or idea with words or phrases such as - This, Thus, However, Firstly, As can be seen from this, Therefore, For one, On one hand, On other hand etc.Such words act as a binder. They bind your 2 sentences and offer them a meaning! And kept the reader's interest in your writing because is has been making so much sense to his mind so far.

Doing likewise throughout your response also shows logical progression in your writing + Every paragraph develops a central idea i.e each paragraph has a clear focus on one topic rather than introduction of too many new issues or topics withing one paragraph. This is a key requirement of Band 7.0. Therefore, make sure that your each supporting paragraph has been written around one central idea. You can do so by writing 4 sentences again! Sentence 1 - Your main idea Sentence 2 - Relevant example to support the last sentence, Sentence 3 - little discussion about what can be seen from that example Sentence 4 - Summary of this whole paragraph.

Easy as! Isn't it? Cha-Ching!

4. Also, make sure that you are using a 'less common vocabulary' which is not necessarily to be from Oxford dictionary. You will only get to improve your lexicon (vocabulary) when you read through different essays. And this is how you also develop a habit of using relevant topic language.

5.Please make sure that you are not repeating the 'Keywords' from the essay questions every now and again. Use synonyms whenever you can. This will make your writing non-repetitive and examiner can notice this as well.

6. Try to finish your writing 3 to 4 minutes before the finish time. Use this time to proof read your essay and correct any punctuation and basic grammatical mistakes you make have made.

Fara, I hope the above discussion about writing will help you in your test.

For the reading, I would like you to read the advice I mentioned on this page to an IELTS aspirant like us whose name is Rohit.
You should be happy that you are at least scoring 6.5 in reading because you only need couple of correct answers and then you are Band 7.0! To do so, do not panic with the third paragraph. Usually the last section of the Academic reading test is the hardest. Do not worry even if you can't make the meaning of the paragraphs in your first glance. You will eventually know it automatically because you will be reading the same thing again and again to answers those 13 questions and that will help you! Just keep calm and don't panic. You would be alright. All you need to know that you need 30 correct answers at the very minimum which is not a big of an issue because you are already getting 27 of them correct (Band 6.5).

Final note - As you walk into the test room, have this thought at the back of your mind - There are greater rewards at the other side of the bridge and this bridge is just an hurdle that I need to get through. I have been working very hard throughout my life and I certainly did not do that to fail myself. I will remain calm and conquer this test once and for all.

Wish you all the best for your test.


Sorry about the typos. I read my message after I posted it. I was typing from my cell phone so it was little hard for me to type for that long via a hand-held device. But I hope that you will understand the message.

Hi, sinister_rock
I have read all of you posts. I also need a help :( I have an exam (academic) in Azerbaijan in 18th of October. can u give me speaking and writing tips plizzzz ;(


I have the exam the same day in Europe.
Can you add as skype contact to share the writing topic?

I want to know the writing topic in advance :((

Yes I know. But you can help us sharing the topic

ok. I'll share the topic)

@ Ada

Please read the writing tips I mentioned to 'Fara' on this page.

I will tell you about How you should perform in Speaking at Band 7.0+ level. If you are target for lower score, you can still use these tips and perform according to your own ability.

Part 1 of the Speaking Test -

The questions here are like rapid fire round in the Television Quizes. The examiner has time constraint to assess each candidate which is about 11 to 14 minutes. Part 1 last for about 4 to 5 minutes. Therefore, the questions will come faster than you expect them no matter how fast or slow you speak in this part. There will be upto 10 questions you will be asked. The questions are very basic and related to our everyday life. You will be asked questions on 3 topics -

There will be compulsory question on your studies or work and/or your hometown or current accommodation. So prepare these very well. After this question, examiner will ask you questions about 2 other topics of his choice from his booklet. They could be anything like - weather, dictionaries, maps, weekends, public holidays, teachers, leisure time, concentration, train travel etc.

The examiner is especially assessing you for 2 things in this part

1. Your basic grammar
2. Everyday vocabulary

He will also judge your fluency and pronunciation side by side but he is mainly looking for the above 2 things in your answers.

Every answer of Part 1 questions should be answered by the following way:-

1. Direct answer 2. Add relevant details (your opinion on it)

For ex. Do you like shopping?
Answer - Yes, I do. I like it because its a good way to relax and make myself keep pace with the latest fashion.

See how I answered to the above question in 2 parts. Yes, I do is the direct answer and then I added relevant details by saying because ...

This is how you are meant to speak in Part 1.

Please make sure that you are I not saying yes i do, yes i do, yes i do to every question! Add variety to your responses. Look at the following responses.

Yes, I certainly do.
No, Not really.
No, I don't.

Remember that you must answer in the same tense as the question itself.

for ex. Have you seen any good films lately?
Answer - Yes, I have. Add details

Did your parents go with you?
Answer - No, They didn't. Add details.

DO NOT wait for the examiner to ask you why? to every other question. Its very annoying for them. You should take a lead and extend your answers by saying because or why you like it or not like it.

Part 2 - Cue Card

This is considered as the core of the speaking test and by the end of this part, examiner have fairly good idea about how many bands you are! You take this part very seriously. This is where he is testing you mainly for your coherence and paraphrasing skills along with fluency, vocabulary and pronunciation. They look for the evidences in your monologue that best describes the particular band level.

Talk for at least 1.5 minutes if not for whole 2 minutes. Make full use of the 1 minute preparation time.

I will stress that you should prepare the part 2 topics I mentioned to 'Prince' on this page.

Part 3 - Discussion

Part 3 is there for both of you - The examiner and You!

From examiner's point of view, Part 3 helps them to make accurate assessment of your speaking ability. He will take into account your performance till Part 2 before finalising his overall marks for this section. What examiner is looking here is how well you expand your answers and how advance your vocabulary is. He will also see if there is any evidence of 'Paraphrasing'. This is a key sign of Band 7.0 and above. Therefore, if you expand your answers well using some less common vocabulary, then examiner is sure that you are DEFINITELY at Band7.0. He will give you that extra 0.5 if he see any further evidences for Band 8.0 level. Band7.5 represents that you were moving towards Band8.0 level!

Most importantly- Don't worry about your accent. Everyone has an accent. The examiner is NOT marking you for your accent. Make sure that you speak clearly even if you have strong accent. The clearer you speak, the better he will understand you.

Confidence is very important. It is that skill which makes you to go from Band 5.0 to Band 6.0 and from Band 6.0 to Band 7.0. So just remember that. Don't be nervous. Try to be clear in what you are saying and sound fluent (meaning no obvious fillers, uuumm, mmmm etc).

Final note - Even if you are a non-native English speaker, If you have covered all the aces (well prepared by knowing what's going on with the current topics) then you too can score Band 8.0. I can assure you of this and I am telling you this from my own experiences.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Sinister for this valuable info, God bless u :)

Myself from India abt 2 appear on 1st nov....needed help

hi Ada
if you like to if you like to join our study group you it might help you. we check each others writing and speak through skype.
add jim or me

@ too have exam on 1st nov.plz share ur email id.

@ salma

You're welcome.

Thank u sinister_rock a lot far :)

hi, charli
of course :)

I am taking GT exam. My speaking test will on the same day, in the evening. Let me know if you can help with the questions. Thanks in advance!

@radhika -

Hi Jay/Radhika

Am also appearing on Nov1.Share ur emailids mine is .Send a test mail or drop me ur emailids.Lets discuss

my exam at 22 November Acadamic .if any other another region at same date please contact with email. Is
Whats apps 01733725882

my speaking test questions on 14th october 2014.
-is any relation between hand writing and personality,
-you favourite colours
-do you prefer bright colours
-what colour you prefer in case of vehicle
part 2
a hand made gift you had given to your friends or relatives
-what was that gift
what was the reaction(sorry i forgot another sub question)
part 3
-what are the advantages of giving a hand made gift to others
-why we give gift to our close friends or relatives.
-what are the difference between buying a gift from shop and a hand made gift
-do you think children need creativity
-role of school to developing creativity among children
-how it helps to increase intellectual ability.give an example
(sorry, i forgot other questions.My exam center was in Kottayam,India.)

@ Prince

You see the test "Dhanya" just reported!!

Remember what I told you to do in part 1 and part 2 the other day??

Haha Trust me mate..go for will crack it.

@ Nikholas

My speaking test is also on the 18th Oct at 3:20pm (my local time at Melbourne). We will keep in touch. I will report my topics anyway but we'll also cross check the listening answers and reading answers if you manage to remember some later that night.

@ dhanya

Thank you for your report. Would like to ask you that how did you go with your speaking test? How much would you rate yourself based on your performance?

Which part 1 question you found hardest or most trickiest to answer?

@ Ada and salma

If you guys are interested in knowing how to use paraphrasing and idiomatic vocabulary (phrasal verbs) in your monologue (cue card) then let me know.

But let me tell you that the above mentioned skills are required for Band 7.0+ level. If your target is below Band 7.0, you shouldn't bother gaining that knowledge.

Hello guys,
I registered on General Ielts on 1 Nov in Saudi Arabia (still too early :) I am looking for someone from Australia or New Zealand have the General exam on same day to communicate with me and provide me with reading passage subject (the last one) and the writing task subject, and if possible some answers or questions?! anyone intending to do the general exam on the 1st of Nov.. Thanks
This is the 4th attempts (last result is L 6 W 6 S 7 R 5

I'm from the Philippines and will sit the academic module on the 1st of November.I'd like to know what other countries are more likely to have the same set of questions/ test as to that will be given in my country? Comments will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Thanks sir
Sinister_ rock

You mentioned lots of tips about speaking and reading

I wanna ask u what I write in intro .......importance of statements or compare with past

Did anybody take the Speaking part of the exam on October 18th?

@ Sinister_ rock
I got u bro....

@ Rohit

I am guessing that you are asking me how to write an introduction paragraph in IELTS essay.

I will try to explain with one example question as follows:

Task 2: Public transportation is a great way to travel, particularly within a metropolis.
The metro is the most convenient way to get around a city. Do you agree or disagree?

Answer: To write Introduction paragraph, follow these easy baby steps!

Step 1 (Sentence 1)

Identify the "2 Keywords" from the essay question and use them to write something which is very general.

In the above example, the keywords are: Public Transport and a rail system Metro.

These keywords are very important. They give our essay a direction. In other words, our entire essay must have a focus on these two things only. Everything else will be irrelevant.

So, once you know the above facts you can come up with this:

"There is no doubt that heavily populated countries around the globe require a well developed public transportation system."

Step 2 (Sentence 2)

Now, as you wrote your last sentence in broad terms, your next sentence should be very specific to the essay topic. So, you need to narrow that subject down like this:

"To counter this situation, a metro can be seen as an effective example for public mobility"

You see that the word 'this' in the above sentence binds itself with the first sentence creating a logical meaning.

Step 3 (Sentence 3)

Once you narrow a broad subject down to the essay topic, next step is to provide your opinion or what you think of this solution or situation/ whether you are agree or disagree? So next sentence should be like this:

"It is agreed that metro is definitely the most convenient means of public transportation to get around the city."

You see how you have come down on exact essay topic and already provided your opinion over it!

Step 4 (Sentence 4)

Once you have provided your opinion on the topic area, next job is how you gonna prove it or how you gonna support it. To do so, you need to some up with 2 supporting ideas. And this is what you do in the first 10 minutes of starting your Task 2 question. You compose your response i.e you figure out keywords, to agree or disagree, 2 supporting ideas, and then 2 supporting example to back those ideas up! You don't just rush into writing and talk trash. These 2 supporting ideas will be your next 2 paragraphs. So you should mention your plan and tell the reader what he should expect next (Just like a movie trailer)! So you should write something like this:

"This will be analysed by looking at how cheap the metro fares are compared to other means making it affordable and also, how easily it is accessible."

So, your next supporting paragraphs will be on - i) affordable means for public mobility
ii) ease of access.

So we are done with the Intro! Quickly connect all of these sentence and read it through.

"There is no doubt that heavily populated countries around the globe require a well developed public transportation system.To counter this situation, a metro can be seen as an effective example for public mobility.
It is agreed that metro is definitely the most convenient means of public transportation to get around the city. This will be analysed by looking at how cheap the metro fares are compared to other means making it affordable and also, how easily it is accessible."

Word count: 80

How smooth it reads? The reader get a clear idea what you are saying because your every sentence is connected to the last sentence making this whole thing sensible. You should write essays with such a maturity. Show him that this essay has been written by an adult and not by the 12 yrs old.

The word count of the first paragraph is already 80. So, is it that hard to write 250 words of well argued discussion? Considering your each supporting paragraph to be around 70 words and then about 40 to 50 words of summary in the conclusion put your essay at around 80+70+70+50 = 270 words. Your entire essay will satisfy Band 7.0+ requirements if you approach Task 2 like this. You will get good score for your 'Task Response', As your ideas are realistic and making sense by use of cohesive phrases, you will receive good score for 'Cohesion and Coherence', You can score good marks for 'Lexical Resource' too if you manage to use less common vocabulary and as you are not making things unnecessarily complicated by writing not extremely long sentences (as you exactly know what each sentence's job in your essay is), there will be far less chance of grammatical errors and therefore, you are guaranteed to get a good score for 'Grammatical Range and Accuracy' as well.

Hope this helps.


It appears to me that my reply to your last query hasn't been posted due to some reason. We'll wait for a day or so to see if it pops up here as it has happened like this before as well. You can post your email id here just in case my reply gets lost and I will email you the same reply which I tried to post here.

guYs reading and lestenig answer at last 16 for between.if you help us. You success will be happy and peace your hart. Please share lestening and Reading.answer help us

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