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Hi all,

I was applied for reassess my ielts result and i got new result today and my objection has been accepted.

As a result i reached to my target point.

My advice is about enquiry for ielts, if you are sure what did you do in your speaking or writing test (dont object for listening and reading) you should object to your result.

Lastly, I want say thank you to Simon. Your best advises are very useful for me.

All the best,

Hi guy..I have done my speaking exam..topic was describ you helping somebody..
They ask about communicating ways..
between parents and children's helping methods??

Hi guys,
I sit my exam on 18th June, the results were published yesterday but I cant preview mine online. is there anything I can do ?


@kae : That's the exact writing task questions that i got too on june 25 here in taipei.

Mr examiner,Could you give me some suggestion about ielts academic speaking test

Guys help me in reading what book I should practice ???😣

Can someone let me know please:
I wrote the answer as "A PROOF" for one of the question in Reading. I think we need to write as "PROOF".

Let me know the correct answer.

my exam was on july 16, please keep us posted about the incoming test on july 9. i don't have any idea.

thank you!

my exam will be on july 16, please keep us posted about the incoming test on july 9. i don't have any idea.

thank you!

Durga,what you said is right the answer has to be proof not a proof.

hi guys..can anyone help me in reading ???

I'm planning some speaking practice and need someone to be a partner. Please contact me if you guys are interested.

my viber is +849035668408

Hey guys
I'm looking for a good speaker to practice speaking on Skype,I got 6.5 in speaking and wanna bring it up to 7

Add me on Skype: slloom2014

Hi all,

I am looking for some speaking partners for my incoming IELTS test.

Please contact me should you be interested.


Skype: +84989182545 or nightwanderer2

Dear Simon, could you please write task one of exam on 25june IDP. The question was about a Line graph of energy consumption in six countries between 1961-2006. Thank you

I have my ielts exam on 16th July in India...I m quite poor in writing and speaking can anyone kindly share important topics to me..if u can it will be great pleasure for me.Thank you..

hi guys
I gave my ielts exam on 25th June but got an email today saying my result is going to be delayed because of their security checking. did anyone else get this email? if so, how long will the result take?

Hi There

I have 3 Academic ielts exams in 9&14&16 of July-2016.
Can any one tell me the questions of exam, I will do it in UK, So who live in India can tell me when he/she do the exam because of zone time.
Please only i want to get 5.5 .
even i give a money for who help me


Hi Simon,

I got my result today for the exam held on 25th June.

Reading : 7
Listening : 7
Writing : 6.5
Speaking : 7

Your blog was so helpful.I bought your E-book also and practicing well. I hope next time I can clear writing as well. Thank you very much for your valuable tips.

Hi any one giving exam on 16th July please post your questions or share on whats app

I took my Exam on 25-June-2016. I got over all 7
But I need to get 7 in each. I need to work for one more time.

please share today's writing and speaking topics

PM Me said, I will be taking IELTS this coming July 16.. . Thanks.

my xam is in Manchester, Uk on 16 th July.anyone taking exam in Asia ,Australia kindly post ur questions here. Thanks

Hello, my exam on 16th of July if someone wants to do speaking practice add me on skype yolchart.

Hi I am wondering what time the exam starts in India
If anybody writing on 14 July could you please post the question after the test.

9th July 2016 in Australia, academic

Writing task 1
Line graph comparing percentage difference in income between men and women in 6 countries during a period of ...about 50years(?)

Task 2
Children spend more time on TV and less time on active or creative things.
Why? how to solve?

Speaking test for 16th July 2016 Philippines

Tell me something about your home/a apartment.
What you like most in your home?
What would you like to change in your home?
Who is the older person you admire most
Related to your answer that you admire what particular things you have in common with that person?
What type of music do you prefer?
Do you think that the music you like when you are younger is the same music you like now and why?
What do older person likes most nowadays?


Anyone can share on recent writing 2 task topics pls? Appreciate that.

Thank you!

hi everyone! id like to ask who among you will be taking the exam (academic) on july 30???? pls contact me +63 0917 890 7676 (whatsapp)

Hi All,
My exam is on 16th of july (General Training). It would be of great help if someone shares the writing topics. I will share mine once done with the exam. Taking exam in India.
Thanks in advance!

hi everyone! anyone who will be taking the exam on july 30? academic? pls contact me +639178907676 (*whatsapp)

I am from India. I have main IELTS exam on July 16, If someone is taking it on the same day before my timezone, please helpme with the writing questions.

Sir my exam is on today acadamic
Plz hlp me for writing (14/07/2016)

Plz tell me the answers of reading 14/07/2016 idp paper

please share today's exam topics

Hi everybody,

I will be taking the written IELTS test on 4 AUGUST. I would highly appreciate if someone can share the questions, especially those who are in Australia or New Zealand.

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