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any1 took the ielts on 16th June ,plz contact me

let us check the answers.
my wahtsapp number is +86 13902536305

my viber number is +86 13902536305


TopicVertical Farming

31.People learned to build shelter and ___irrigation____

32.planting crops and transporting crops need ___oil____.

33.Advantage : increased _food___availability.

Proper __temperature____is also must.


36.loss of nutrient in the _disease__

37.Declined in_____waste_____

38.great erosion was caused by__land____

39. __solar___ energy is unreliable

40. plant need certain__humidity___.

My exam in 18 jun
How can i know the topic ??
Please help meeee :(

What about writing questions?

Hi guys,
candidates who are taking the exam tomorrow in India, Azerbaijan or Pakistan please share writing question here. This will be really helpful.

Plz tell me recent writing and speaking topics.
My test on 9th July.

Ielts academic result of 4th June.
Overall 7.5
Listening 7.5
Reading 8.5
Writing 7.0
Speaking 7.0
Thank you simon for hosting this website that has helped several people like me overcome ielts debacle.

Hi! For those who has Ielts on 18th june.
Please share your answer and writing topic!

James, how have you achieved 8.5 in reading module? PLEASE share some tips for us .

Please who is finished exam today
I think some is finished already
Please posts the topic pleasaase :(

Guys I have got my scores ,I needed 7 in each module. In fact I scored 8 in Reading and Listening,and speaking ,even though reading was very tough .Thanks to my friend and tutor for coaching me plus great help from Simon, I took test in Melbourne .
Anyone needs help message me.

keep working hard. good luck .

hi i have my exam by tomorrow morning i am in chicago can anyone plz post the topic :

I have exam in hour)) help

To Sandy
Can I have your cantact please. I need your advice. Thanks,

Please update writing topic....please

Please update, most of you have already finished giving exam by now. Please update question, please!!!!

Hi I got my online preview as L 7.5 R 9 W 6.5 S 7

Hard luck..I want 7 in each..this is the 2nd attempt.

Hi,my exam July.please update the topic writing and speaking

Hi, today's writing topics for Academic in Poland: the annual immigration to the US, Canada and Australia. WT2: should the government pay for health care and education

iam just finished
writing was
shoud governament pay for rducation and health care
somee agree some not
dicuss both views

Thanks guys, but little late. Was same topic.

Academic on 18 June
Task 1 : We are given a picture of process to recycle glass.
There are 3 main features by the way.
First, collecting used bottles. Second, manufacturing.
Third, packing.
Task 2 : Cycling is healthier and better for the environment for transportation but it's unpopular in many places.
What do you think why it's unpopular?
What to do to increase its popularity?

Section 1 : talking on the phone about renting a bike
1. Classic 2. £52 3. Deposit 5. Damages 6. Helmet 7. Lights 8. Repair 9. Reduction 10. 6.15
Section 2 : Introducing about a place. It has a map from 16-20.
Section 3 : Discussing about cocoa in Austrailia.
Section 4 : Talking about history in Japan.
31. 10,000BC ... 36. Stones

Reading : the first at last passage is not too hard to find the answers. Do it first. The second seems easy but actually it's not.
1. About construct water tanks for a small Village.
- give answer no more than three words
- true/ false/ not given
2. Children and Advertisement.
- matching
- gap filling no more than two words
3. Historical about migration in America.
- choices
- true/ false/ not given
- gapfilling with words list

Hope this help.
Best wishes everyone.

18th june
academic module

about child and the usage of internet by them
space photography(not exactly)
Women sew clothings
task 1
Line graph of number of immigrants in USA,Canada and Australia
task 2
some thinks that government's should pay for health care and education others think that government's should not
Discuss both the view and also yours opinion

(Not exactly written but with similar meaning)

I have speaking on 22nd please help me with the topics to prepare.

Anyone to share listening and reading answers from June 18th academic in London?

Can u pls tell me what r the recent speaking topic

I have speaking test on June 22, pls help me with some topics

Hi Ama,watss up me on +918122643571

4th June, Academic in Bangkok.
Writing task 2:
People want to own a car, a TV and a fridge. Would the disadvantages of the development to society outpace the advantages?

Speaking task 2:
Please describe a situation that makes you feel angry.

(not exact words-but you get the ideas).

Hi i have my speaking test on 23 June and written test on 25th June. Can someone help me share some ideas to prepare..Thanks

To Simon,Sandy and James, (for the later two)PLEASE post your e-mail address. I don't know why I'm not hitting 8 in reading.Though I feel I'm sure about most of the answers. Twice I got 7 and 7.5. So unfortunate!
So is the case with listening!But, every time I practice Cambridge material, I score 8.5 to 9! In the light of my experience, I can assert that IELTS real tests materials are much harder than Cambridge books!PLEASE suggest some practice materials which possibly reflect real tests standard!!

Hi Ama,anafe,
I guess all 3 of us have LRW on 25th would be great support if all 3 of us have the group chat in whatsup.what do you say?

Thanks guys for all the support. Thanks Simon.. I got my score in ielts.. Reading 8.5, listening 8.5, writing 7 and speaking 8. Overall 8.
Keep working hard.

Hi hajra,
Congrats.can you please give me advice regarding reading,I will be very thankful to you.

@ SANDY AND HAJRA. Can I have your cantact NUMBER AND SKYPE ID . I need your advice. Thanks,


i have speaking test on 23 June and main part on 25th June. who has passed speaking part?
please share

thank you in advance

hey evryone m also taking skeaking test on 23 june and rest on 25 june please help me as well , i would score good bands, m not good enough in reading , i cnt complete it within a hour , please discuss some tips with me , i realy need to improve it .

pls help with me some speaking topics , I m having exam on 22nd June

can you please help me to improve my reading and speaking my speaking test is on 23 june and rest is on 25 june .

2 Jo, add me to WhatsApp if you create one, please. How I can tell you my number, just put it here?

I'm going to take General test on 25th of June, but my Speaking is on 24th.
That's my forth attempt, I'm quite good in IELTS, last time I've got 7,5 overall. This time I need to pass General Module and I hope for the 7 in each part at least.

Jo, add me too :) Svetilnik, good job!

Hi Ann,svetilnik,

Pl watsup me at +918122643571.i better will create a group for the ppl who are taking exam on 25th June.

Hiii.. I have exam on 9th of July and looking for speaking partner ..if any one have exam in July and wish to practice then they can contact me on my skype I'd- dixaspatel... I need 8 band in each please help me soon

Please any one will do exam n newzealand or fiji in 25 june
Tell me
Pleases !!!

Ielts speaking 21st June
Hyderabad (India)
Are you student or you will work
What time usually u will prefer to study and why
What you like to study
There is any difference at you subjects from what you expected first before joining the university
Dancing topic
Do you dance when you are child
Why you like dancing
Where you dance usually
At what situations in your country people dance
Did you learn dancing
Do you go for parks
Why you prefer parks
What you usually enjoy at park in this young age
Cue card
Describe about clothing presented by someone for you
When you got it
Who presented it
How it looks like
Explain about the situation why you got it
Part 3
Do you still have that clothing with you
Do you think clothes give any idea about the person
At what situations you prefer traditional cloths
Do you think there should be special uniform at schools and work places
Why do you think clothing different at some places
Do style of clothing changes in future

Thanks, Pravallika! I should definitely think about clothes topic...

I m going to take ielts on july. if anybody wants to practice, my Skype id: ulfath@raf.

Hi ,I couldn't finish the reading topic in time,in fact I am far can I improve reading ,any tips?

Hi anyone can help me out for speaking cue cards. What should I do.i have exam in September. Please send me if anyone havr cue cards on

This are the questions for speaking June 22, 2016 Philippines

Questions are:

Tell me something about your home
Which do u prefer riding a bus or taxi
What particular product that you bought recently that u valued most
When, where, why
Lets talk about marketing
Which do u prefer expensive items or cheaper ones

Is there any Whatsapp group which I can Join? . I am planing to take the test on 16th July. I had 5 attempt and i could not score above 6 for general writing .

join me in that group as well please

I will take LRW on june 25 too.

in august any one taking exam in newzeland and austrail

Hi, I'm taking my exam on 16th of July.I need to improve my writing. So please let me know the important writing topics.

Hi, everyone. I'm taking my speaking part on 24th June, and others part on 25th June. If someone also takes exam on 25th June, share writing topics please))

Im taking my exam tomorrow saturday 25th june. if someone can share the questions will be really grateful! Thank you :))

I am taking the exam 25th of june can you please share the questions

Hi Everyone,

Speaking Test (Hyderabad, India) on 24th June
Part 1: About work, Flowers and Newspapers and Magazines
Part 2: Describe working in Large companies

Part 3: Advantages of working in large companies
Why companies pay high salaries to top management etc.

Giving exam on 25th June in Melbourne. 8am AEST
Will let u guys know about Writing Topics once i finish my exam

Rom, is it general or academic?pl let us know about the general topic too if anyone takes next to you.

Hi, I'm taking my exam on 4th of august. any body taking exam from Austria and newzeland . I need writing topic after you finish your exam please contact me in Skype

Hi...I 'm Menuka From Colombo Gud Luck for everybody who are going to sit for tomorrow exam...

Speaking part (academic) 1 part about my apartment: where do I live, describe the flat where I live, what I want to change in my apartment
About utilizing computers: how often do I use computer, for what purposes.
Part 2: what was the situation when weather disturb my plans
Part 3:Weather question: what climate is in my country, how people feel about weather

My exam after 7 hours
So please if any body finished
Post topic
Please !!

My exam (general) in 3 hours.plzz post writing topic if anyone get to know

All the best everone

Please share general writing topic

18th june
Academic writing topic 2
Public money should be spent on promoting healtht lifesryle and not on ill people. Agree or disGree?

Any ideas about listening can u share some questions rom

25th June

Academic writing task 1:
Line graph. Employment rates (vertical axis) in 1976 and 2011 vs Age (horizontal axis, from 18 to 34 years old). Four lines, two for women and two for men.

Academic writing task 2:
Public money should be spent on promoting healthy lifestyle and not on ill people. To what extent you agree?

Please post some listening answers

Hi Raf, what country did you take your exam in?

Anyone appeared for IELTS General today?

Hello any one provide us listening answers

Hello listening is hard 😪

Speaking 25th June 2016
Sec 1:
- Do you live in an apartment or house? What do you like about your house?
- Which room do you like in your house?
- Which part of your house that you want to change?
- Do you like music?
- What kind of music do you listen to?
- Do you think it is different the music that you listened when you were younger an now?

Section 2:
Describe a dinner that you enjoyed with your friends

Section 3:
About food and culture connection

Did anyone give general training ielts on 25th june? Please write the questions

I appeared for the general training today.. Can someine share the answer for question 40 listening. Thanks

Anyone who took the exam today?

Writing task one- Line graph of energy consumption in six countries between 1961-2006. Task two - some people believe that poverty levels in developing countries can reduce by providing at least six year free education to children. Agree or disagree?

Hi guys, I took an exam for general training in Tokyo today. I got writing questions as follows..I don't remember some questions well but hope this helps!

Task1: You lost an item during a bus journey and unhappy with the response by the bus company. Write a letter to a manager and include following information:
>describe the item you lost
>why you are unhappy with the company's response (sorry, I don't remember this point well)
>tell the manager what you want them to do

Task2: Some people say living in high-rise apartment blocks make people feel lonely and unhappy. Some say living in high-rise apartment blocks has more advantages. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Listening today

Fowlea Road
Health service

31) egg
6 months
North America

10) swimming pool

1. Fowler road not Fowlea road
4. Health services not health service

I wrote six months instead of 6 months. Is that correct also?

My name is Binod karki
I am going to take the exam on July 15th,

I have problems on writting test
main problems on Grammar
after also i have problems on spilling...

can I have some advice for that.
and I would like to practice on speaking test also.. hope I will get some advice or help from here...

Questions 11 and 12 listening:
Extra daycare areas
Special classes?

Questions 13 and 14 listening:
New staff
Dance exercise class

I forget to maintain that;from where I was going to gI've the test...
from ; UAE abudhabi.
skype id;- Skarki73 (any thing for help me please send me the msg any time;- for me I need only band 5.5-6 each test.))
I have only 18 days balance...

Hi... I m Manuka from colombo...I have got my exam's lit bit difficult today.. if you want to practice plz reffer with Cambridge 10 & 11..
My General essay topic was: some people think watching sport in their leisure activities waste of time..agree or disagree?

Dear menuka,

Please share your listening answers from 11 till 20 if u remember

Oh it's very complicated..sry I can't remember..if u can share with me reading answers...tanks...

Dear Menuka,

I will answer what i remember.

1. All sites are accessible by car (true)
2. Few sites are located near towns (not given? )
3. The price if campsites depend on geographical location (false)
4. wardens are not available at campsites throughout the year (true)
5. $150 card is accessible on all campsites (false)

Can you remember few from listening or reading?

And also, do you know if writing 6 months instead of six months is correct? Or both are correct?


I think '6 months' equals to 'six months' so both are correct.
Regarding reading
3. The price if campsites depend on geographical location
I think here was NOT GIVEN

As far as i remember,there was a sentence which mentioned that the price depends on the facilities available on the campsite. Therefore making the above statement False. Lets see what happens. Best of luck.

Kindly share some section 2 listening answers.

can some body post answers for listening answers 1-40.ielts held on 25th june.

Hi parthiban....wat r ur answers? Cn u pls post? V cn cross chek... thanks..

Hi, Can someone post the writing questions from General Writing test in melbourne conducted on 25th June?

Can some please share Reading answers.

Agree with Abdul.
I wrote FALSE for the question 3. The price if campsites depend on geographical location

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