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Hi everyone. Whos going to take the exam on april 12?

Me on 24th

Hi everyone ,I have IELTS (Academic) Test on Saturday 12th April 2014 in london, Please share your writing and speaking questions to help me, ASAP.

hi everyone ,I have IELTS (Academic )on 12 April .I have problem with my writing and reading and my score always 6.5.Can I have some help by sharing some questions to me from Far East ASAP.

Hi guys, i just have finished my Speaking exam. I'd like to share with you my Speaking exam :)

Part 1:
1.Can you tell me your full name please?
2.Where do you live right now?
3.Do you like your hometown?Why?
4.Do you like computers? How often i use them?
5.Do you think that computers is good for their education?why?
6.Do you like watching TV? why?
7.How often do you like to watch TV?

Part 2:
Describe an event that changed your life in a good way. You should say:
1. What is that event?
2.When did it happen?
3.How this event changed your life?
and do you think that it changed your life in a good way?

Part 3:
Lets talk about changes
1. Do you think that people in your country like to change? for example changing their job?Why?
2.Why people are willing to change?
3.What is the advantages of changing something? Why?
4.Is it important changing for people?
5. What is the reason of changing?

My writing exam on 5th April:
An increasing number of people who change their careers and place of residence in several in their lives. Is this a positive or negative development?

Favroute art of piece:

I have no favorite piece of arts... So I'm just going to say what I can immediately think of:

but i thought of talking about "NAil art" , will it be okay as far as i have words, vocabulary?

some one please draft me some ideas, my speaking exam is tomorrow.

Cue card :
What do u do good for people
How u do it
How often
Why is it good

And all relative questions afte?


Hi Everyone
My Self Prince. Now My IELTS exam is on 24th of april. Last time i took ielts and got 7 Bands. Now my target is 7.5 Bands to get permanent resident of canada. thats my email if you need help must msg. please must share writing task.
thank you very much SIMON i Really learnt many things From this website.

my speaking exam is on tomarrow, pls share cue card

hi simon,
pls help... for speaking exam

is anyone going to take IELTS on 10th may???

hi ,anyone has IELTS{academic on 12/April ,ASSP please.

IELTS on 12 April far East (INDIA)

Can Please people from Azarbijan post their wiriting topic as soon as they finish it seems the same as the one in England ,
for the 12/4/2014 test

Hey everyone, can anybody help me in reading coz I hv my academic on 12 April Saturday. I need someone help to give me proper guidance and if any1 have question of exam 12 plz share

Simon please help me

Anyone from Azerbaijan who has ielts test on 12/4please pkease please share your writing and reading if yoy remember the answers.

Hi ieltsvictim.please can you share your writing and reading if you recieve anything .I have ielts on Saturday 12/4.thanks

hi everyone,
How let me can read all questions that you shared, please. I didn't find out it.

Hi everyone ,I have IELTS (Academic) Test on Saturday 12th April 2014 in Vancouver, Please share writing as i will do that also.

Hi guys,
I will take an IELTS exam on 12 April.
I hope to get 6 in each band.

anyone from New zealand?
my exam is on 12 april, academic.

speaking test had y'day. SOooo much of questions ;-( one after the other. Last time i didnt had this much questions> any body knows why is that ?? also the examiner was in very hurry to ask the next question. Before i stop she jums to the next question. below are some i can rememebr but she asked more that the below. :-(

1. Name?
2.where do u come come
3. Tell me something about home town
4 For what it is famous for?

4. Cue card
Course u studied, Uni, school
What is it

About education and teachers
5. Is teachers important play important role?
3 Is education important to students?
4 Is education important to adults
5 Is it accentual the teachers strickt on student?
5 is adults education is important ?
what type of education system you have in ur country?
6 How the government can improve education system in your country?

About shopping
7 Do you like shooing?
8 Do you have any particular shops u like?
why u like that shops?
9 SO you like purchasing over internet?


i have an essay that i due today i lost my flash i did it but i gott marged nd lost everythng can u help m,e with the question of the lottery traditiopn thwe statement says "the lottery tradition its not an assult on mindless,cultural confirmity .it is a grim,even nihilistic,parable of evil inheritant in human nature do u agree or dissagre with the statement?

Hi guys, i have the exam on 12april in uzbekistan, is suppose that writing task 2 would about nuclear technology positive or negative, i have special source, good luck to everyone!!!! On the exam.

hi anela, was it an ielts question or your personal one?

Bekzon too ??

Bekzod, if you are right with your prediction tomorrow, i will send you a special gift!

speaking test had yesterday(april 10) .
.Topic is ..
Describe the time that you had changed from new home to old home?

Goodluck to all of us who will take on april 12... lets share our questions n answers here.

hoping to get band 7 in writing this time! ;p

you know , my tutor found this essay. he said it should be on the exam

Please people from Australia , India and Azerbaijan post your writing questions

hi everyone done with my ielts exam (academic) today.

Part 1 Insurance
Part 2 Amusement Park
Part 3 Dolpihins

Part 1 History of Botany
Part 2 Iceberg
Part 3 Music and Language

Task 1 line graph, transportation of goods in Europe via road, water, pipeline, rail from 1980 to 2015

Task 2, purpose of education: prepare us to be useful to the society VS. prepare us to achieve personal ambitions. discuss both views and give your opinion.

i know simon has tackle this question perviously, but sad to say, i did not have any ideas what to write about.

check this link found in simons website

@ferra Lois where was your exam ?


Hi Ferre Lois. Today I also done my test in Vietnam and the test is the same your test. My speaking test on monday 14/4, can u share questions?

hi Susu! im done with my speaking exam last april 10.

I cant really remember the exact questions

part 1
where do i live
what i usually do in the city
do i love studying history
do i watch history channel/programs
how do i spend my birthday
how does children in my country spends their birthday

part 2
what clothes i wear during special occasions

what is it
where did you buy it
reactions of your family/friends
how do you feel about the clothes

part 3
about the future of fashion industry
how would globalisation affects fashion industry

@ferre Lois
Same questions here in New zealand

I mean same with @ferre Lois questions in Reading, Writing and listening here in New Zealand


what time did you take your exam?

your 4 hours ahead from us right?

12/4/14 Writing Task 2
Purpose of Education is useful for society or only for personal ambitious? Discuss both views and your opinion.

We are still waiting for people in Azerbaijan to post their topics ,
I am doing the test in Cambridge will post the questions as soon as I finish

Hello, What is the time of test for the IELTS exam in India? Does all cities in India have it on the same time or east center has its own time depending on the availability and local circumstances.

Similarly what is the time for the speaking test?

Today Task 2 in Azerbaijan was about the parents put a lot pressure children to succeed. What is reason? Is this positive or negative?

Task 1: the line graph about enquiries by the tourist office.

@ferre Lois
My LRW started at 1230. Speaking is 520pm. We are now 5 hpurs ahead because of the daylifht saving thingy.

Listening section 8 Hill road, north park ,C029LU ,0777..
politics, Bookkeeping, Washing up (Tuesday saturday) 25th september, ferry, medication, mobile phone, rivers , monkeys, seafood, business , vacation, electric, tax, highway, flat, birds, air, traffic, flooding

Please share your reading answer((

in turkey idp exam
task 2 was about the parents put a lot pressure children to succeed. What is reason? Is this positive or negative?

Task 1: the line graph about enquiries by the tourist office.

reading parts

2 about fire occurs in california and affects
3 about fingerprints

- listening a student looking for a job calls working ageny
- 2 students talking about environmental project
- a holiday to the an island (tour guide speaking)
- a countrys aviation system (airports, aviation etc.)

speaking cue card talk about a family business, positive and engative sides...

hi guys, i have passed the exam today, in Uzbekistan, writing was easy task 1 line graph, task 2 was about the parents put a lot pressure children to succeed. What is reason? Is this positive or negative? reading also was easy cant i remember answers, but listening remember 8 Hill road, north park , ,..
politics, Book keeping, Washing up (Tuesday saturday) 25th september, , medications, mobile, rivers , monkeys, sea food, business , abroad, electrical, taxes, costs, highway, flat, birds, pollution, air

hi everyone.
today i have my exam in india.but i wrote all answer on answer sheet with first letter capital.
i am totally numb now.please anyone tell me what could ii do now

Hi guys!

I took the IELTS exam today and I am really bothered with what I did with my wrting test. I actually need a 7 in each test. I would just like to ask if it is still possible for me to get a 7 in writing if my task 2 is 7 or 7.5 and my task 1 is 6 or 6.5..

Appreciate if someone is willing to discuss answers for the listening and reading on ielts academic 12th april

Hi guys
Please share all ur questions and answers. Speaking and listening are very important. Share ur writing and reading as well

Can anyone tell the answer for listening section 4 in today's exam

Hi @raj,
can u tell me the time of exam and center? also share the speaking test questions, thanks in advance.

Bangladesh question was same with Azerbaijan and turkey question.Ohhhh .......have missed the great chance....

Hi same questions in the uk..I found 3rd article in reading v difficult..and even some parts of speaking which was about different reasearchers..what about u ??

Hi every one :
Thank you very much Simon for your efforts.
I set Academic IElTS last Saturday in the UK this is the questions , Good luck for you all. Please remember sleep and relax well before the test it is extremely important to do so.
All the best
The listening : the questions were as usual : the first set booking a room in a hotel , the second multiple choice about something I can not remember, then building guide like a map , conversations between a tutor and a student , and lecture about a Bedouin tribe. The reading : the first passage was about the climate change. the second was about an educational theory, and the third one was about the history of using the wind power for navigation and collecting information about the weather. There were unexpected set of questions , like choose the year from the passages for a set of events , and the passage was full of years which did not mention clearly the event , with all the years preceded by until between something and something.The writing : tast 1 a table and a pie chart about the number of female prisoners in a European country and the crimes committed by them.The writing task 2 was almost like this : nowadays some children spend most of their time doing sport activities in a serious way. They are not doing that only for fun . Do you thing it is a positive or negative development ?
The speaking questions was almost like this ;
What is your name , where are you from , what do you do , have you always liked studying English , it is difficult or easy , why is it important to learn English , do you wear different clothes for home and work and why and give an example, do you think that the people now placing a lot of importance on the clothes , why?,when you was a child did you like wearing particular clothes for parties , and why?
Then the part 2 , describe a gift you received when you was a child , who gave it to you , when , how did you play with it. Part three : do you think giving presents for friends and family members is important , do you think people there days give gifts instead of time ,Do you think that people might really need to do that ( giving gifts instead of giving time ) ,in your country is it important for people to give gifts,? should gifts be valuable ?Do you think children should be given whatever they ask for ? Do you think children should be encouraged to give gifts, and why? another question about gifts and how different were in the past?

Hi heather,
where was your test centre please?
Thank you.

Hi every one,
The writing in canada was
Task1: bar chart shows the percantage of people immigrate to Australia from diffrent countries in three years

Task2: In some societies role mother is differ in some way than father role
Why these differences
How might parental roles develop in future?

My test Centre was in Cardiff..questions were like. Uzbekistan and Bangladesh and Turkey ..

Hi Everyone
12 April 2014 ACADEMIC EXAM Melbourne aus
Writing :1. Four line graph about tonnes if goods transported by different means
2. Some say the role of education is fulfillment of personal god while others say it's for society . Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Academic Test 12 April melbourne
Reading:1. About first books of scientific names and various scientists work in it .
2. About iceberg use in drinkable water from Atlantic Ocean
3. Music and language comparison ( toughest one )
First two paragraphs were easy.
Cue card
Tell about tourist place you visited.

Hi Kulwant Kaur.

same here i find part 3 in reading the hardest one... the first 2 were easy and i finished them early. However, it took me more than 25 mins to answer the last section and still im not sure if i got the right answers!

>>>>> In listening part

what 3 things the guy in the conversation wants to do before his presentations? and 2 things he needed for his draft?

can you still remember? anyone? coz i was lost in this part...

Hi everyone
I'm still paranoid with the listening question ' what does Hawzan decide about writing his final report. I heard the tutor keep talking anfd Hawzan didnt say yes/no. What does the question refers to then? Decision before the tutor starts advising or after hearing the advice?

Hi Heather,

Thank you for your kind early reply. I have done my test in London on 5th April 2014. I am sure I will fail again because of writing section. This is not my neither first time nor my 10th attempt to fail because of 0.5 in writing. I need 7 in every section. How about you?

kind regards

Hi eveyone .iam really upset , I did my test 12/4and again reading and writing were the problem. Unfortunately I couldn't manage to kniw the questions in Azerbaijan .it was AGREAT CHANCE IF I KNEW THEM EARLIER. please please please anyine how has a test on 26/4can help me by sending questions at 9-9.30it will be AMASSIVE HELP.i just need 0.5to pass.thanks

Hi everyone,
my speaking test is on 15/04/14 could any one suggest me the topics plz...

Does anyone have a test on 26/4 in New Zealand

Does anyone have a test on 26/4 in the uk.

Hi ram.i did a test on 12/4and my speaking was
Are you working?
What do you like most in your job.
Part 2
Card for 1-2 minutes about
The money than you saved in your life
Who gave you the money
How long you saved it
Did you buy something
What did you feel about saving
Part 3
About savings money :
Children and saving
Credit card , advantages and disadvantages
Good luck

Anyone from Azerbaijan have a test on 26/4 please.

Hi All,

I am taking GT on 24th April in Bangalore (India). Please share questions as and when you complete the exam.


I am attending 26th aprils exam,academic from UK.
Anybody appearing on the same day please contact

Hi Ferre Lois
what i can remind about that part is bit vague,i guess his tutor told him to prepare notes,practice with a partner or one was third option that most of people dont do ,he should do that.Well i am also little confused about these parts.last time I scored 8 in listening i hope i get same this time.I am more worried about other three sections .

Hi Guys,

I have just looked at the question from (A) Writing Task 2 Australia 5/4/2014, which was "An increasing number of people choose to change their careers and place of residence several times in their lives. Is it a positive or negative development?" Do you guys think it is a question that requires a discussion or an argument?


Hi Everyone
My Self Mahesh. Now My IELTS exam is on 24th of april. Last time i took ielts and got 6 Bands. Now my target is 7 Bands to get permanent resident of australia. thats my email if you need help must msg. please must share general writing task.

@Ferre Lois
Thank you very much.
I can't believe my speaking part 2 test which is completely the same your.
My speaking test 14/04
Part 2:
Describe the clothe you wearing in special occasion

Part 3:
About formal and informal clothes.
Time and places that people in your country wear formal clothes.
Do you think it's less important to wear formal clothes nowadays
Lifestyle affect clothing?

Where do you live tania pls

Hi Simon
can you help me with my reading.I have always got difficulties on " which paragraphs contain the following sentences?" question type. it takes too long time to find information in every paragraph.

@pinal ..There are 2 easy set of questions in reading first is fill up the blanks and the other one is finding sentences in the paragraphs.For the second one ,just concentrate on first sentence and last sentence in the paragraph .That will give you the solution for which paragraph has the answer.

I agree with Anyname's suggestions...that's true!

@pinal..The solution which i have suggested above is for heading matching with paragraphs for which you have to read first and last sentence .
For the question "which paragraph contains the sentence" you have to use fast reading technique and quickly grasp what the author is saying or if you are not good at quickly grasping ideas then look for keywords and understand.Practice test questions and try to solve each question in 1 minute(30 seconds for checking key words(check for key words in reverse direction of the paragraph) and another 30 seconds in identifying meaning).By doing this you will achieve dexterity/experience.

I aam revealing a tip for the IELTS General reading section for the candidates who are weak in Reading.
FIRST :solve the fill up the blanks(which ever section it is 1 or 2 or 3).HOw?Quickly find the paragraph where the keywords are.All the answers to the fill up the blanks will be in same paragraph.
SECOND:solve paragraph matching(which ever section it is 1 or 2 or 3).How?Read first and last paragraph.
as both the first and second step are easy u will solve in quick time.
THREE:find answers for the last section (PART 3) which usually consumes your lot of time.
FOURTH:last section you keep it for TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN.this is usually complex part becuase most of them fail in this section.The reason why i am saying to answer T/F/NG in the last is ,if you dont have time in answering this section you can put TRUE for all the answers .At most there will be 8 questions and belive me there is high probablility that 4 to 5 of them will be true.This tip is for readers who are weak in reading and dont have time to solve T/F/NG section.For others who are good please follow your own way.

speaking test 15/4/14

Part 2
Describe a website you liked.

Hi simon.i would be grateful if you explain to me how I can find the answers of reading question (which paragraph contain this information) I have tried to concentrate on the first and second paragraph) but I couldn't get the answers right. is it a right technique to do that or this method is just just for list of headings questions.thanks simon


wow! i hope i helped you a lot there! so i guess youll have a high band score in speaking ;p congrats!

anyway can you remember the answers for listening part? about the 3 things the guy in the conversation will do before presentations and 2 things in making a draft? i was lost in this section.. ;p

@kulwant kaur
i answered: have a partner, i forgot the other 2. and the other question which 2 things he will do in his draft?

hi everyone ,

i need the answers for ielts academic listening and reading tests of 12 april in turkey plz ;(

Hi everyone,I will appear for the next attempt in 24th April. Is there anyone else?

hi everyone, please can anyone help me with reading(academic) especially (which paragraph contain this information and list of headings).many thanks

15/4 speaking ques was:-
Wht ur name?
How may I call u?
Describe birthday and why it's important?
How u celebrate ur birthday?
Cue card:-
Descibe a conversation with someone u doesn't knw?
Where he met?
What is ur conversation?
Step 3
Question related to chatting
Why people chat with strangers?
Why they share their prob with them?
Who chat more men or women?

hi anyname,

"Read first and last paragraph.
as both the first and second step are easy u will solve in quick time. "

pls explain more, i wasite more time on this and this is the section where i failed.

Tks a lot.

@manu..for question like "Which given Heading matches with which paragraph"
you have to read first and last sentence of each paragraph rather then full paragraph.This will provide the answer in most of the cases.

Anybody Having Exam on 24 April

Prince Deol
Hi, I am going to take the exam 24 April, my time zone is +2 gt.

Anyone from Azerbaijan takes ielts in 26/4.
Iam living in the uk.can we share the questions please

Im gonna take my exam from IDP Turkey this time.
on April 26th

at what exact time we can check the ilets result for example at the twelfth day 12 am onwards?

people who are going to take exam in 24 April, could u end your details plz

Does anyone get the results of the 5th of April???

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