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Hi Simon - I was a silent follower of all your posts here for last couple of months. I am very happy that I got my score today in GT module (L 7.5 R 7 W 7 S 7). Thank you so much for all your advice/tricks/suggestions. That really helped a lot.

Here are the questions I faced :
W1 - write a letter to the director of a institution where you joined a evening course. Write -> why you joined the course
-> what problem you are facing
-> what action you want to be taken

W2 - many countries see the advantages if hosting an international sport event. It has disadvantages too. Discuss both the views and what is ur opinion

Spk - prt1 - where you stay ... Which room you like ...
Spk - prt2 - tell something about a thing you bought and the problem faced with that.
Spk - prt3 - related to a sales communication questions. Then related to teachers like do you remembers all ur childhood teachers. Do you meet them now ? Would you like to become a teacher ?

Thank u Mr.Simon for ur great work. U r site was a good way to get motivation apart from useful tips and practical lessons.Today I am happy as i just received my 9th IELTS result.I got R-7 ,W-7 ,L-7.5 and S-7.5.Thank u each and everyone who support me,especially my first tutors in the Darsana ielts centere,kerala,India.

My simple advice for my ielts friends don,t ever give up.I took 6 years to reach 7.5 score from overall 5.5 in my first attempt.

Hi Simon,
This was my second attempt writing the IELTS. I scored L-8, R-7.5, W-7, S-7. In my previous unsuccessful attempt I had scored L-8.5, R-8.0, W-6.5, S-7.5.
Writing was something that had always been a weakness. However, the simple approach suggested by you really helped. So thank you so very much for your guidance. Very grateful for the direct,uncomplicated approach shown by you.
Thanks again.

i have maa speaking tomarrow at 5 0 clockkk in friendsa plsss post the speaking topics here as soon as possibleee.....plzzzzz....i neeeddd itttt.....thnkuuuuu sooo muchhhhhhhh

anyone fron Azerbaijan taking exams on 11th and 18th

Hi charli where are you from?
Ill take the exam on 11 th but im in uk
please any body from Azerbiajan ?...

IELTS -2nd Oct india listening answer ,I remember few answer

figure B
A-free ticket
bank robbery
sample soil
comprehensive plan
record sheet
label object
high temperatures
man made

Congrats Biswa and Nobi John...

Can you please post your writings so that others will keep it as model essay....


hi guys how are you doing? I would like to know if the online results are different from the confirmed certificate. I have got 6.5 in ielts, however, i am afraid of it will be less than it :(

noor I am in uk too..

Hi jema
Don't worry it wont change from online results. .
do you know anyone who is doing the exam on 18 October from your country. .

R u in uk also???
Now we are 3 waiting any help

Hi Sunil
Could you please share writing topic ? If it is academic or general module ?

@Noor, yes I am from UK, appearing from international house London, and what's about you. Rauf

Hi Charli Rauf and Noor,
Glad to introduce myself.Yes,i am appering on Academic test on 18 Oct in UK.

hi simon,
i have been following for site for last 2 months. i have to say its very helpful and useful. i have been trying to achieve overall band of 7.5 and each band score of 7. however, in my latest attempt i got L8R7.5S6.5W6.5. i think i didnt desrve 6.5 in writing but should have got 7 in speaking. i believe i spoke frankly and fluently and answered all the questions with reasoning. still didnt have 7 in speaking. i dont know what mistake i did during speaking. i need ur expert advice mr simon.
thank you

Dear Simon,
I have gone through your tips for quite sometime. I will be taking my exam on Nov 22nd. But, I am not confident yet. Because, for speaking and writing, I feel we should have some idea about mentioned topic to express our views. And it is not necessary we get the same topic, in recent exams. How can we get through this? Please help.

Can someone post OCt 2nd reading answers INDIA ?? Anyone?? Question started with true/false for GP

Finally, Finally my wait is over
After repeating the test i got what i need
L 9 W 7 S 7 R 7.5
the test earlier i gave - i got R 9 L 7.5 W 6.5 S 7.5

so guys i am writing my view for your help
Ielts is exam of luck and hardwork. sometime one wrong answer can make u loose half a band and writing and speaking band are dependent on the mindset of the examiner.
So if u have to give exam again dont worry. people sometime clear in 2nd or 3rd attempt.

I want to acknowledge simon website and simon book, which is like a bible for writing essay. It has really improved my score.

any body, who need help(especially in india), can ping me or wats app me
at or +918375033558

finally i can apply for FSWP..feeling satisfied

guys who are giving exam in delhi on 11 th oct or 18 th oct. please get in touch

1. Do you live in a house or an apartment?
I live in an apartment that has a living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom and a small balcony. It’s not a very large apartment but it’s enough for my four-member family.
2. Which is your favourite room in your home? Why?
Actually, I like cooking a lot, so my favourite room is the kitchen where I can prepare all healthy meals every day for my family.
3. Would you change anything about your home? Why / why not?
I would like to paint a black wall in the bedroom for my children to draw anything they want without having to worry about getting it dirty.
4. Would you like to move to a different home in the future?
If I could, I’d buy a big house in countryside near a little river that has a large garden to grow flowers, fruit and vegetables.
Posted by: Sam | Monday, October 06, 2014 at 05:42

I just finished my speaking interview. i could have done much better but i am very much satisfied with my performance.

I would like to ask Mr simon that at end of test examiner smiled back and i heard that she commentd NOT BAD!! what does that mean?

Anyway i sharing quetions here, which might help someone.

Where are you coming from?
Do you like the place?
Is it a good place to live for the families with children?

Do you think museum and art gallaries are important? why

Do think schools should take studfents to museum and art gallaries? why

Have ever visited museum in your early age or school days?

Do like to receive gifts?
which type of gifts you prefer to receive?
do you give gifts to any one?
what sorts of gifts you prefered when you were child?

Part 2

Discribe the difference your first cell phone made to your life
- when you got it
-from where you got it
-explain what difference it made to your life

counter questions'
do you thiink cell phone is important in day to day life?

part 3

at what age parents should give cell phone to thier children

in general, at what age parents giving cell phone to ther children

what difference does it make

do you think tha cell phone is popular among all age group?

how differently people of different age uses their phone ?

what sorts appl are famous among the people.
why this app are becoming popular
why text mesging is becoming popular these days.

thats part three i lost the order of question asked to me. it matters because they follows your answers.

And finally soorry for typos.....

Hi all,
I noticed that many are asking about questions in the test..
I am taking it on the 18th of October and was wondering if questions are usually repeated?
I am from the middle East..
Thanks :)


yes, if you are lucky enough. the guy who finished speaking test just 15 minutes before me told me that he was asked about cell phone. So, quickly i revised few general idea about the topic and luckilly i was asked about the cell phone in part 2 and 3.

So, on same day we can expect them to be repeated.

Does anybody here know if it is good or bad when IELTS results are processed and analysed beyond 13 days?? Please tell me.

Hi anyone from Azerbaijan Armenia doing the test on 11th or 18th

why it is delayed? and is it form indivisual or whole batch ?

Hi everyone,I need some reading material for general training...can anyone send me that??

They said it's individual delay in IELTS results for "further processing and analysis"
It's been nearly 17 days since my exam, and I have no clue why.
Does anyone here have any idea if that's a good or a bad thing? Please let me know if you do

i need reading material.can some one send me

Hiii everyone I have exam on oct 11 in usa could u please help me to share writing topics

i am not expert but i think should not make any difference in your result. The writing section is examined by two examiners and i suspect an unusual fluctuation in your band score.


i have exam on same day in india but i will not be able to help as probably my exam will finish somewhere around 5.30 or 6.00 pm plus 2 3 hours to reach home to access laptop.

Hello rani im from uk
What is the time diffirence ?
Cause I could b able 2 help u
My exam start10 am

@sarfaraz patel,
Thanku for your response
It's ok but if possible try to post the topic actually my exam starts at 8.30 am in usa in that time india time is 10pm

Time difference between USA and UK is:

+5:0 hours

UK is 5:0 hours ahead of USA
That means when it is 9:00 am in Washington DC USA, it is 2:00 pm in London UK
I think ur exam finishing time nd my exam starting time or close enough

If possible try to post after finish ur exam

@ Rani,

well thats good, helping someone won't cost me. you can connect me on whtsapp if you want topic as soon as i come out. i can share my contact detail if you wish.

Aha I see.. I wish you from utah or state like it in time ..the time dif. Is 7 hours super chance to help you
However Ill try my best to post them as soon as possible
Good luck

@sarfraz Patel
Thanku so much send me ur mail or watss app I will connect u

Thanku so much all the best to u

Mail me,


I sent a mail to u did u got it?

Sorry safu spel mistake

Hi guys
Australia and Asian countries have one topic , south Asia Middle eastern countries and EU have one topic and American countries have one topic so some time time difference will not help. However if there is a 4hr gap in between two countries in the sane zone you can get the topic... but most of the time such countries have the exam in the afternoon. .

Hi simon,

This is very much helpful site. Someone can attend skype chat to practice my speaking section who is going to attend 1st November 14 academic exam.
Pls send me add request


Hiiiii frnds

I have exam on 18 Oct in INDIA can any one help me telling tips in reading how u solve quickly

By Aman

@sarfaraz patel Thanks a lot :)

any body having exam on this 11 oct plz help with the task 2 if anybody giving from uk or newzeland

I ll take it on 11th.
tell me the time dif please

Hi SIMRAN, I have my exam on the 11th in uk,when
Is your, and which country ?

Hi everyone i have exam on oct 11th in india in punjab could u please please help in to share writing topics..... please. i need your help plz sure tell me....timing of my exam is 11:00 afternoon......

@ hina and aman
Please send me a test mail at

I have got a lot of material like cambridge books, ielts on track.etc..etc...simon book..some speaking books

Please specify your requirement in test mail..i will send u as much as possible.

Guys in delhi and punjab who need material please send test mail

@ sharry - its impossible for u to get to know the question before you sit in the exam

let me clear one think....some guys in india have a notion that they will come to know about the question before the exam..which is absolutely wrong..the question u see here before are for Australia zone and the questions are different for Australia and India.

So please dont waste your time, looking for question before the exam starts.

However, some time speaking question match, so guys generously share ur speaking part question as soon as u give the test

Yes.. dipin is correct. That's what I was trying to tell earlier. But those who are in uk can get the question from someone from Azerbaijan....
But the window is 30 min so guys those who take exam in Azerbaijan pls post your question as soon as possible....

Hi eveybody my exam is 11. oct. in Turkey I will try to share my speaking questions.
Good luck for all of us

Dear IELTS Test Takers,

Could somebody please share the Writing questions (Academic) from the 2nd of October?

Thank you for your kind help in advance. I will also post them from the next exam.

I am completely disappointed with overall 8 I failed ..IELTS is not a fair exam

can somebody please share the test venue for ielts on 11 oct in delhi...

volunteers can post the question as soon as possible for others to get help from it...

And guys and @ali....IELTS is an exam of hard work and dont get dissapointed for loosing bands...IELTS is not a actual exam to test the caliber

yes, that's why I say its not fair because it is mainly based on luck which I lack, just 2 weeks earlier on 6th Sep I got 8.5 in Listening and 6.5 in Speaking but on 20th Sep the case was completely reverse(L 6.5 / S 8.5) I have been struggling for this shit exam for 2 years with lots of hard work!

one of my friend asked me how to Crack IELTS...

So i posting some of my opinion

Ielts is an exam of luck, hard work and smart work

For reading
Cambridge 1-9 books are not enough...and u will find the level of examination in actual test is far above then what u see in the cambridge how to crack reading

start reading harvard magazine,cambridge magazine, economist newspaper, and other news paper u will see that your reading will gradually improve

For listening

For guys like us in India, who are not accustomed to british & american crack ielts listening...listen to BBC radio broadcast during your free time...u can download these free from their will help u to improve your listening..if u are bored of doing listening test

For Writing....

The simon ebook is highly recommended and for me it is like a bible for anybody u want to write a good essay..Sir simon has done an efficient job on it

For speaking

people please form group on skype and start practicing will remove your hesitation and increase your confidence..

Guys in india looking for help can ping me 8375033558

Hei everyone....I am taking it on the 18th of October and wondering if questions are same all over the europe?
I am from the Norway..
Thanks :)
Anyone taking exam on the same date???

@farheen I am going on the 18th of October as well! :) I am from Hungary.

Hi There, I too appearing on 18th Oct Academic model in UK.

Got my results today for 27 September from India. L8.5, R7.5, W7.0, S7.5

A bit disappointed with the writing but ok

Hi there, I have completed my speaking task today here I would like to share with my questions..

part 1:
what is your name
what do u do at present?
how is ur handwriting?is it good or difficult to understand?
does handwriting affect personality?
what you bought recently?
what kind of shop you like?
and your dislike?

part 2:
describe historical place that you found interesting
what the place?
where is located?
who suggest you?
what you find interesting in this place

part 3
what type of people visit it?
people of your country like to visit historical place?
should paying is necessary in hist. places?
what are the historical places are in your country?
what are the best way to know about the history?
watching history film is good way or not?
film directors have to telecast history story based on true story or not?

Colleagues from Azerbaijan,
Please post academic writing 11th Oct immediately you finish.
Many thanks

Tomorrow is my exam date please any help from Azerbaijan?

Hi everyone,
Anybody know the speaking test date of students who are taking their IELTS on oct 18th in coimbatore, India. Please share the date if anyone know.

Thanks and regards

I am going to take the exam on 18th Oct....In China.

Hello everyone,
I have my IELTS exam on 11th october. Can anybody guess,what will be the writing task 2 topic? and also task 1 as like bar chart, line graph, pie chart or maps?

my ielts result L6.5 R6.5 W6, how can i improve my english friends

Hello everyone, please share the writing tasks for tomorrow as soon as possible when come out from the exam room, please don't forget to mention the name of the country. Thanks. good luck and best wishes to all of you. Rauf

Best of luck to all of us tomorrow.
Please post the writing for academic module Azerbaijan colleagues.

Dear friends form India/Pakistan/Saudi Arabia/Azerbaijan..... please share task 2 topic as soon as possible
Thank you

guys from Azerbaijan, Please share your questions.

Hi guys ..
Please post your writing questions as soon as you finish the exam with your module (general or academic) and your country. ..... it may help others....

W2-11OCT AUSTRALIA- many people get married at you think it's a positive development or negative development.

W1- write a letter to a sport center manager with problems and some suggestions.

W2 academic in vietnam : mobile phone , computer : losing ability communicate face to face. Agree or disagree
W1: table compare water rate an monthly water cost in 5 cities in australia

Hi Friends,

I had given 4 attempt, my scores are fluctuating each time. When I am practicing i am getting good score. Now i do not know what to do . i had practiced a lot. Can anyone advise how to score 7 band. I am from India

If anyone have GT reading material please share.

Anyone from Azerbaijan please share your topics ASAP !!

Plsss postt the writing tasks

Anyone from Azerbaijan Academic writing please

Azerbaijan qstn writing please

hey guys, 11 October, GT Sydney Australia:


Task 1: The manager of sport center in your area has requested for some feedback about the sport center, write a letter and in your letter:
Tell him what you like about the sport center
what you don't like and why?
what can be done about it that can improve the sport center

Task 2: These days more people are getting married at thirties and have children. Do you think its a positive thing or negative?

there were around 12-15 question that was true fasle NG which were pretty tricky and clever, however it looked simple, just becareful, the last passage was about building Tree-houses, history of it, developments, different figures who contributed to it progress
it was tougher than my previous attempts, some academic topics was about build construction and companies and business related to them, last section of the listening was about aboriginal traditional and cultural hand made items...

Azerbaijan, muscat. Questions please

Oct 11 question academic
Task 1 energy loss from black coal and borwn coal: its a diagram
Task 2 many customs and ways of behaviour has been changed in the modern life style and they are not worth keeping.
Agree or disagree?

@ dave
What about listening n reading ?
Esay or tough ???

Listening was very tough in the uk today .. Reading was ok !.. Writing to simple due to two diagrams and topic about relevance of customs in modern life !!..

Listening answers :
10 000
Whale section
Does anyone else remember more answers ?

@ k
i guess the answer for number 3 mentioned above was station not airport..

Task 2 many customers and traditional ways are no longer relevant to modern lifestyle to what extent do you agree or disagree

can anyone post GT india questions?


Section 3 n 4

1.5 million
Watch time

How about reading are some which i remembered.

16th century
JOhn gould

What was the answer of 40th question in reading(academic)

listening was very tough i think as there were many multiple choice question with confusing answers, however part 1 and part 3 was relatively easy.

Reading passage 1 and 3 were very easy part 3 was very, most of student will get 6 more bands in reading but high scores wuld be difficult.

writting task 1 was complex and tricky peticularly because there were diagrams comparing lose in energy among two type of coal.

task 2 was very unfamilier for me.i didnt struck relative ideas at the same time it restricted the use of some less common vocabularies.

The same listening test was here in Australia. To me it seemed hard too and inlost the hope but when the results came out I got 8.0 in listening! It was miracle in itself...were the questions 36 to 40 about some job positions in textile industry like merchandiser or something and then asked to match them with their responsibilities?
I posted these answers in some forum but I cantt remember may be it was in IELTS guys should go there andvtally the far as I remember, I think couple of guys also shared their answers above my post in that forum..go figure - see 16th August test.

I meant to say that this SAME listening test was happened in Australia on 16th August 2014 and today yiu guys in MEI/EU got it. Amazing. .this shows that this bloody meaningless test prone to repeat. I personally hate it with lot of disgrace as it proves NOTHING! Its just money making business. .someone should really crack down on this matter in near future.
Thus is the most dubious ever made in the world with no rhyme or reason. A total waste of resources.

My questions to IELTS. Org:

1. On one Saturday you assess people with band 8 then why the same person receives Band 6 the next Saturday? I know the performance vary with each test then wgatvthe heck that band 8 on last Saturday represent? Do the people interpret like oh his "English ability" was at Superior level last week but this week his ability is only 'competent'..I mean seriously??? Get a life people. Otherwise you sit the test yourself and show me how would you score the SaMe bands in successive tests even though you are 'native English speaker'..rubbish.

2. Why people have to repeat entire test everytime abd not the only module which he failed or dint scored as per his visa or study requirements seeing that you already assessed him with 7+ in 3 of the 4 modules just last Saturday. So why repeat everything and pay full fees rather than paying 1/4th fees for only 1 module? ?

3.can you guys take an oath by putting your hand on holy bible that the candidates you assessed as 7+ or even 8+ in all modules will be able to score the same level scores in any test conducted in next 24 months as you say this thing valid for 24 months? So agreeing now this entire IELTS thing is nothing but the baseless rubbish and a money making opportunity only?

4. Why EoR takes 6 to 8 weeks even though only habdful of people apply for it. On yhe flip side, you release results in 13 days when 100s of thousand people sit the test every other you deliberately make delay for EoR and want candidate to book the test to rake in more money from him before releasing his EoR result..isn't it?

5.why you need to know the gender of the person on the answering sheet and the purpose of taking test in the application form. ..if guess so as its easy to manipulate them and help the efucation and immigration sector and contributing to economy?

6. Do you actually bother to re read every word of the essay when the candidate apply for rechecking of his writing module?

7. Why 2 modules checked by computers and other 2 by humans and why not do the entire marking by computers eliminate human errors (such as examiner's mood, time pressure, subjective assessment- what HE (examiner) thinks is the only right way)

8. You used to publish writing and speaking examiners number in the TRFs. You no longer do that. Why? To maintain secret so that no one can harm the business?

Have you got answers to any of the above questions?

Answers: No, you don't. And you will never have them.

@ sinister_rock

Exactly, the last four question in the listening test were about the occupation in textile industries.

I agree with the point you made bro. i am from medical backgroud and i have nothing do with culture, tradition, customs as long as it is concerned to my further academic study and/or registration in any foreign country. yes the case might be different if i go for general module.
i can't do equally well in this topic what i am actually capable do in other topic which are related to my academics and more importantly, as i mentioned, i even don't need proficiency perticularly inn this area. Same thing happened today as i lack ideas and good relevant vocabs, which i might have used in most other topics. i felt bery unlucky to get such topic and i feel that i will miss target only in writting, though i did very good in task 1.

@ sinister_rock

Can you please share those answer?listning answers


I will try my best to get you those answers but please allow me some time to browse its 4:51am here and I will try to find those answers when I get up. Don't worry I will post them here.

Anyway,I did my GT module yesterday. The topic was weird - Today, many people are getting married and have children in their thirties than doing so at young age. Does this is a positive or negative development?

Same happened to me I ran out of ideas. I think I should have written about positive development but I did it for negative. Wrote first 2 paras at band 7 level but then for 3rd and 4th I was running out of time. So had to write in a rush which doesn't read good..I will have to retake again on next Saturday the 18th. Gonna get 8,7.5,7 in other 3. As I said in my last post its all bullshit. But we need to crack it somehow. My conclusion for last 9 attempts is this - you do need more luck than preparation in writing if you are doing so well in other 3. Everyone knows how to write these essay but what matters the most is the topic area itself. As you said - if the topic you are asked to write is about health or medical issues, you would murder it with band 8 but you can reciprocate the same writing for the topic you dislike or less interesting! There is no problem in you or your writing and its very natural happens with everyone. Therefore, you do need a thick luck to crack it. Till then its all trial and error.

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