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good luck to the guys who has an exam on 22 feb
please share ur writing question as soon as possible

Hi All,

Request you to share if you have any material for general training ielts. Specifically for writing and speaking sections. My email id :


Hello,I have my speaking text on 28th of February. Another texts on 1st of March. Plz send me some guess question for writing task 1&2 and speaking text , plz......

my ielts exam is tomorrow i am so nervous
wish me good luck please

Hi Mahdi,
Hi Sara,
Please share your experience after your exam, my exam date is 15th of march.

Hope good result for both of you

Good luck @sara Hopefully u grade the mark Calm down and every thing is gonna be alright
Try to share the questions of Writing as soon as u can please
Thank u and good luck

Anyone who took 22nd Feb. exam??

Please, leak the writing subjects :)

I have academic ielts exam on 22nd Feb in Azerbaijan. Please someone who has exam at that day share the questions of Writing as soon as you can :( Thank you


I am sitting the exam on the 1st of March, hope people from Australia, Malaysia or China write their writing topic here as soon as they can, thanx

@ Mehdi, which country are you sitting ielts? I have the exam same day as you

please share your listening and reading answers
for 22 Feb 2014 test

please share your ielts exam answers for 22Feb 2014

hi anyone take AC ielts ? Can you share your writing test 22Feb 2014

I`ve just finished my speaking test in Canada. First part was about the place where I live and what I would like to change about that. Than we talked about cooking,who cooks in my home, is it important for kids to know how to cook...
Cue card : describe an intelligent person, who the person is, why I think is intelligent...
Third part was about intelligence. Do I think intell. people are selfish, how are they important for a society, are they happy, are computers and new technology having a big influence on intelligence...

I hope it will help someone. And please people from east share topics for task 2 tomorrow. I`m siting the test tomorrow morning.

Hi every one

I wish good luck for all

Please any one who is finshed update us
Writing and reading answers

22 feb 2014

can u any one share the paper of 22 frb plz plz

Government pay for education. Advantages outweigh disadvantages?

plz any one share the hole paper of 22 feb plzzzplzzzz

plz share the reading and listening answer

hey viv thanks fpr sharing is this question of 22feb?

Thanks a lot Viv, was it GT or AT?

please share your listening and reading answers
for 22 Feb 2014 test

At, from Australia.

vivian have u 22 feb paper if yes plz share dear

Anybody from Canada who took their speaking test today? Kindly share you speaking questions please..

I posted my questions today from Canada, and I also heard one guy got historical place topic today in the same center.

please share your test I have test feb/22

Ielts writing in saudi Arabia :Why people dont save money what are the reasons and
Is it a negativee or positev effect

@sara this academic or general

Hey, I just took my AT IELTS exam in Azerbaijan. The listening was horrible and low-quality, hard to hear and understand anything. How about in other countries? Was it normal?


If the audio was bad, then you should filled a complaint right after your exam when you were still in the exam hall, which might give you a second chance to re-sit the exam without paying.

I filled a complaint form, actually. But I'm wondering whether the CD was in such a bad condition in only my country or it was so everywhere.

AC Writing 2: Some people spend all their money as they get it, some people save.

What are reasons?

Is it a positive situation or negative situation?


AC Writing 1: Reconstruction of a Public Center.
First picture the design of from 1985 to 2015
Second picture about 2015 design.

Make comparisons etc..


Greetings from Turkey.

P.S: Fenerbah├že is the biggest match-fixer club on the earth.

Best regards,

Hi, everybody
Good luck everyone , i'll be passing academic ielts on 1st of march in Jordan . Pleaas who take exam earlier than us, please share questions .

Hi,from Sri Lanka

Hi guys! Just have done my test in Sweden. 22 Feb, Academic.

Listening was a bit tough for me. Worring about it a lot, but hope to get 7 at least. Fingers crossed :)
1. A conversation between a man and a woman about a flat (how long it'll be empty, rent price, rules etc.) No more than 3 words and a number.
2. A driving school instructor is talking about courses provided by the school. Multiple choice and a map (the hardest thing for me).
3. Two students are discussing experiments.
4. The lecture about Australian fauna.

Reading was pretty easy.
1. Vegetables and crops gone from South America to Europe.
2. Difference between humans and primates in terms of intellect incl. social one.
3. Sea-deep minerals mining

Writing also wasn't too complex.
1. To compare the layout of the Conference Centre in 1985 and in 2015 after expected re-design.
2. Many people spend their money as they get them. What are the reasons? Is this situation negative or positive?

Speaking (was yesterday, 21st of February)
1. General questions. Work or study? Do you like you cours? Questions about bicycle and cycling.
2. Topic: Family Business. What, where, who, is it successful or not.
3. Questions about advantages and disadvantages of family business and qualities of good businessman/woman.

Good luck to everyone!

HI to all,
I have done my Ielts test,questions were the same as zek had...
for speaking....
part 1-about cooking and computer related questions.
part 2-describe a film which u did NOT like
part 3- public places of entertainment,is govt responsible to privilege them,r these places enough r not in ur country

Plz Sir kindly send me a answers of reading and listening which was held in ahmedabad gujarat 15-2-2014...ACADEMIC..!!!

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