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Wang I did the exam today and I had different writing task 1 and 2.

I took my exam today 7 May and I got these questions:
In writing: Task one is a map about theatre and task to is The money for research is limited, so should the government provide financial support for just the scientist subject or other. They want your opinion

and the speaking was talk about a happy event on your childhood

Yes I also asked same task1 and task 2 but in task 2 they told that to what extend do you agree or disagree but I wrote" I partially agree with statement and would discuss in following paragraphs" so is it right or wrong?

Hii nourah can you write reading answer over here? ?

Good evening Simon,
I would like to share my experience at Manchester today, Sat 07/05/2016

Task one:
A diagram for a theater, showing the layout in 2010 and is similar to the one from the lesson posted here on:
Thursday, March 26, 2015.
IELTS Writing Task 1: comparison diagram.

Task 2:

Money for postgraduate research is to little, some people say that governments should give it to scientific research rather than any other research.
Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Part 1: General questions about my country of origin... school I enjoyed that school,,where do I live now do I like it,why?are there any parks near my house,,is it different from my home country?what is that I do when I go to the park.

Part 2:
Questions about a type of clothes that I received from someone and I like it so much,,who gave it to you? why?When?What did you do with it?
Part 3:
How do I judge someone wearing clothes that are not clean?
Does clothes represent any kind of job?
What does the uniform of a policeman for example represents?
......I am sorry guys, I can't recall the rest of the questions...I fell so tiered...but I will try to write what I remember later.

I took exam on May 7th in the U.S.
Task1: A pie chart and a bar graph give information about carbon dioxide emissions by high income, middle income, and low income in the year of 2009 and 2010.
Task2: Invent a new language for the whole use. The benefit outweigh?

Ayk please do you have listening answers?

hello, i had my writing on the 7th may 2016, china,
listening section 1; customer service for damaged parts of Fridge:
section2: presentation about RED squirrels) MCQ'S plus gap fillings
section3:about secondary school graduates and qualities for jobs regurements: choosing from 2 to 4 possible options plus gap fillings.
section3: survey on local supermarkets: gap fillings
paragraph1: Food advertising on Children: matching headings plus paragraph containing the info.
paragraph2; about some ancient monuments: matching the best statements plus which paragraph contains the info.
paragraph 3: Talc powder: gap fillings, 2 questions, which paragraph contains the info.
WRITING task 1;two pie charts illustrating percentages of water consumption in a residential area in a country in two years.
WRITING TASK2.some people think that when teaching students new skills or abilities should be taught together to benefit everyone.others think intelligent children should be given special importance or separate classes or treatment. discuss both views and give your opinion.
hope it might help. keep me in prayers plzz.. :), best of luck

OH YES! forgot to state that, it was ACADEMIC MODULE.:)

Hi Guys
i had my exam yesterday on 7 may 2016.
i would like to share my experience with you and anyone who gave exam yesterday share your as well.

listening: is easy, strait forward, no map
about man who want to book marriage reception hall, then swap housing and don't remember

reading: chariot history, animal and earthquake prediction, and working raging population
i find it bit easy all para

writing: part 1 comparison between theatre plan of 2010 and then renovated plan 2012.
part 2: money for postgraduate research is limited. financial support from government therefore should only be provided to more scienctific research rather than less useful subject. do you agree or disagree?

speaking: part 1: general question answer
part 2: cue card: situation i got angry wen, why, where
part 3: follow up question and some discussion about feeing and how express it.

@ Diso first of all good luck for your results. Please tell me in which country u appeared for the test? Thanks in advance.

I did the exam in Taiwan.

Wang, you got writing questions part 1 and 2 same with me. Im from malaysia.

Dear As,
Sorry for late replying your question. Some one you know that move to new accommondation

@Loomot thanks

Hi ayk I'm from Toronto I got the same paper can we discuss the answers plz

Wat was ur speaking topic anum

Listening, reading and writing test
on 7 May 2016/Malaysia


Section 1
house insurance
Section 2
Tutor and lecturer talking about project report
Section 3
servey historical building
(quit tough for me)


Passage 1
botanic explore
gap fill, T/F/NG, short answer question
passage 2
development of car and car brand
T/F/NG, multiple choice, short answer question
passage 3
research about correlation between linguistic and mobile phone used
T,F,NG, multiple choice,gap fill
(for me passage 1 &2, very tough and passage 3 easy.time is so limited)

2 line charts show the information about the performance on a trains company on October and November in 2008

Today in some countries ,many people have the first child when they are older.
What is the reasons for this?
Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
(easy :))

task 1
2 line charts show the information about the performance on a trains company on October and November in 2008.

Today in some countries ,many people have the first child when they are older.
What is the reasons for this?
Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

people who appeared 0n 7th may 2016, please share speaking topic

@wang from which place u r taking ur IELTS on 7 may

Dear hb,
i had post it on previous page.please check it.

@jane I took IELTS in Taiwan

@loomot our questions are exactly the same

And my speaking question
part2: Describe a photo of yourself you have taken.
You should say: when the photo was taken; where the photo was taken; how you took the photo; and explain how you felt about this photo.

Do people in your country like taking photos?
What are the occasions when people take photographs?
Do you like to take photos about people or the scenery?

Do you get same topic on listening n reading?

yes i know lomoto . i checked on previous page. I need more speaking topic so i posted

My speaking topic was on family n apartment n all questions was related family

@ ayk
i want to check listenting and reading answers with you,my whatsapp account is +86 13902536305
waiting for your response

Hey Anum

what was your cue card topic


Yes, I did the same topic on listening, reading and writing.

I WILL DO MY IELTS TEST ON 21 May and would like to have reading practices ,academic modules.
Thank you


Dear wang,

Did you find that listening and reading is quit tough? for me is tough. How about your answer?


@ entha and Jane
I also have ielts test on 21 May

Dear all,
I have a question of general task 1. if the question asked to write a letter to your lecture, tutor, colleague or neighbour, which format i need to use? Formal or informal?
By the way, if i write to my colleague or neighbour, should i leave my first name or full name at the end?

Hi everyone
I have my exam on 4th of June ,students from Azerbaijan had an exam on that day please contact

Please look at another fantastic online site for ielts preparation including cambridge book 1 to 11 from listening writing reading and speaking every things it cover

The name of site is ielts online test con

May be most of you aware of it but I have it for the first time


Do you want to check answers that you remember with me?
My Skype:

Hi simon am going to appear exam on 19.i have been following ur lessions.

Who is taking exam 21st May in India?

Who all are taking exam on 21st May in India?



i have problem with my skype. you can whatsapp me at 060133603172.

@ jane
i will take test in england.what about you?

I am also taking exam on 21st May in London .

I am also taking test in London on 21st May.

hi :D i will be taking my exam again this 21st of May 2016. I badly need a 7 in each sub tests. Any tips specially in reading and writing? that's where i am having difficulty achieving 7. thanks

Does anyone know if the IELST exam is the same for each country for a set period of time?

Has anyone done the GT writing test recently? What was the essay topics? I am completing my test in 3 weeks. Any help is much appreciated. 00353877751538.

any one taking exam on 21 may from austrial and newzeland

I'm taking IELTS GT on 21st May, I'm ready to be a speaking partner or if anyone want to have speaking practice with me.
My we chat ID: usprptatl . Or you can contact me at gmail:

Hi everyone,
I am a new user here. Can anyone provide me the questions of 19 May General training paper. Please help if anyone can.

Anyone from Australia will seat for 17th or 21th exam? If anyone please give a knock in my whatsapp(+8801711068135) or Skype :( mamun_2a).

Did anyone get the results for 30th April


Anyone from Australia and newzeland will appeare on 21th exam please message me

hey,i am new here.i am from bangladesh but living in malaysia.i wanna improve my english.skilled peole knock me on; kazimitu95

hi simon,

Thanks a bunch!!! i have managed to get 7 from 6.5 in writing using only your blog.... your guidelines are really really helpful...

However, i got 6.5 in speaking this time instead of 7!!!. i will use ur speaking lessons now!!

Please update anyone latest test listening and reading

I enroll for 24 June ielts general if any one want to join me please join me on whtasup group 919716360955 india

Please share recent writing tasks and speaking topics and test location

Hi Simon, thanks for your site, I have seated for the exam 30th and got the results as below,

Reading 8
Listening 7
Speaking 7
Writing 6.5

By the way I have to re sit and increase writing score. Could anyone help me to correct my essays. .

i am also taking on 21st of may

pls share ur @ or number who is taking on 21st of may


Hi Everyone,
I am new to the blog, I will be sitting for IELTS exam on 25062016 .My scoring requirement is band 7 for each items. I have sat for IELTS exam twice and i fail to obtain the required points.Please help me to share any ideas and help me understand how this blog can be useful for me in any small way.


Hi all

I m taking exam on 19 may any body take exam from Australia and newzeland plz contact me.

Hi ,

I also sitting for exam on 16 th May please contact with me who are from Aus and NZ.

hi su
I am also going to sit on 19th may , from which place u r ?

any one who having book online ielts exam in baroda anand ahmedabad(Gujarat) ? i want to need 16 or 18 june in british date..please help me i have appeared but only get 6 i want 6.5 and planning to go to September intake... and dont want take date in idp ony bc

Join ielts forever group by sending your whatsap number on

I just gave my speaking test yesterday in India.In 1st part she asked me about hats,transportation,outdoor games
2nd part my cue card was-what activity do you do after completimg your work or study.sub questions were-what do you
How much time do you spend on it
Where do you do
Why you like to do this activity
3rd part she asked me about adventure sports

Hi vr

My exam centre in Colombo. What about urs?


IELTS speaking my exam topic: GT on May 19 at Blore

Talk about a company you would like to work?
Where is it?
How did you come to know about it?
Why are you interested in working?

Part 3: was on foreign investment in the country.

hi Jam
How you are sure abt 19may speaking ques.

Actually I am sitting in ielts on 19 may. How could this help me


Hi guys,
i want to improve my speaking score. Last exam my score was 6.0. you can send your skype name.

HI All
My exam is on June 4th ,Can any one add me in Telegram group ,My number is +919902233995

my exam is on saturday please guys help me to score band 7

@sajith Telegram group ??

@sajina , I am also taking on 21st May.

Cue card:17/5/2016.Nigeria.Difficult decision you had to make which was right.


Anybody going to sit in IELTS GT on 19th May from Australia or New Zealand, Please reply.

Anybody going to sit in IELTS GT on 21th May from Australia or New Zealand, Please reply.

Part 2 Topic was a toy frm in childhood

Any one sitting tomorrow for GT exam? Plz add me to watsup or telegram in any.


Pls add me in wataspp




I will face to exam tomorrow at Colombo British.any body sat same date in Australia or newzealand me.

Anybody from AUS / NZ taking IELTS GT tomorrow, pls support

I think so exam is started at the same time among different countries. How can we help each other ? Because groups of countries start or manage in a proper way where questions are same. Time differences countries always have different topics, but we can take hint from writing task 2 .I am unsure why people ask question paper or topics?

Hi Momina, I am taking IELTS GT on 21st May in USA.
I know its very short time, but still we can have quick discussion on wechat or gmail, if you are interested. feel free to drop me a note on my or we chat id: usprptatl.
By the way, where were you taking exam?

@sajina and AS

Any one from Baku Azerbaijan on 4th of June, please contact

Has anyone taken exam today? Please upload ur question for Academic. ASAP.

Wr2: Many countries experience not enough students choosing scientist subjects in university, the cause n effect on society.

anyone took the exam on 19/5/2016 please share the questions.

GT Question 19/5/16
Wr1:- Advising your friend, about a good sports club ,who is moving in your city.

Wr2:- In many countries nowadays, young single people no longer stay with their parents until they are married, but leave to study or work somewhere else. Do you think this trend has more advantages or disadvantages?

@jigs IS Academic writing topic ? And can you share other whole experience of test and where you took the test ?

Dear All Students Who took the exam today in the UK please share academic writing topics and whole experience from another country also .

Academic task 2 on London
Values we learn from family and friends has greater influence on our future success than the knowledge and skill we learn in school. What extend you agree or disagree?

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