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Not discount, it was compensation. Angrier isnt right either although i forgot the question, lol

HI I am taking General exam on 20th sep from india. Any help is much appreciated

I have taken IELTS test on 6th sept 2014 GT any one have reading answer please post

We can help you. Add me as a contact in skype,

hi is any body taking IELTS ACADEMIC in manchester on 27th september? How is that center?I have heard that the teachers do not give correct bands.

Hi Guess!
I did my Ielts General Training test on September 06, 2014. I had a question in listening, may be it was in the first section that a guy was asking his friend that where he wanna go for vacation?
Then Guy replied, "I wanna go for India (he put stress) and the other guy asked him to tell something else then he said ok may in europe,Italy may be wonderful.
My answer was Italy.What was yours?
Plese share your answer if anybody gave the same test.
Waiting for your reply.

Hi Guess!
I gave my general training test on September 06, 2014. If anybody wanna match his/her listening answers with me in order to make sure we did right then please comment below and then we will find out how many we got right?

I had exam on 6th in Sydney. Letter topic was
Your company send you to a conference. Write a letter to your manager and 1 tell him why it was successful 2. What you want to present to staff. 3. Why they will find it interesting.
Children are influence from their friends these days. But many people say parent and teacher are the factor influence them. Are u agree or disagree.

Listning section 1. Phone conversation about gym inquire.secton two. About a holiday destination and a licence. Secton 3 about a website why people use it and who use it for what purpose. Secton 4 about middens. Moire people.
Last secton was about how language develop
One secton about a festival booking
It was all about fill in the blanks. Soooo easy
My speaking is tomorrow.
Just follows step by Simon


I am taking Academic IELTS on 20 September.

Anyone from Azerbaijan, Australia, could you please posts WT-2 immediately after test.
Any help would be appreciated.

speaking sep 5 london

Part 1: how do people celebrate birthday? Do you drive? Will everyone drive in future? Part 2: something you took from holiday. when? where? what is it? where did you place it at home? Part 3: why people take photograph in holiday? why some don't? why show them to friends?

writing sep 6 london

increasing demand for fresh water world wide. what are the causes and what should government do.

as Malaysia is 3hrs ahead of Pakistan... kindly post Writing tasks questions specially ESSAY topic quickly here on 20th Sept... Pak ppl may get same topic... thanks in advance to the super-malaysian-guy who post question as soon as he gets out of exam hall..

also Australian guys who are appearing on 20th Sept IELTS, plz post Writing task 2 and letter questions quickly right after test... plz.......... !!! it takes a min to post via mobile

@daisy thanks for sharing... will u plz tell me where r u from, m just asking cuz one of my friend was also got same writing task as urs, he is frm Pakistan

@disy my friend attempted his paper on 6th September

What was the reading answer of the passages related to :-
1. Company product
2. Recycling in USA
3. Mobile problems
Plzzz tell me the answers :)

Answers of listening 6 September 2014

location near the sea
  You can rent a bike 2
  3 local farmers sell eggs
  4 Price £ 15.75
  On the second camp
  5 children can participate in activities: football
  6 can not make a fire
  7. fishing
  About a third camp
  8. pool
  9 No
  10. No
  Section 2 = V08146S2
  About garbage collection and environmental issues, with different colors to distinguish different waste.
  11-14 multiple-choice questions
  11. paint how to deal with environmental protection? Selected B (not to buy too much paint)
  12 garbage time can be found where? Choose A (Consumer Service Centre)
  How to put 13 two trash? Choose A (leave some space between the two dustbins)
  14 bottles of garbage do? Choose C (take off the top)
  15-20 fill in the blank
  15. paper and card
  16. car batteries
  17. glass
  18. spare components
  19. coloured
  20. printers and ink cartridges
Section 3 = new title
  Students and teachers discuss the presentation
  11-16 multiple choice
  11. presentation topic? Choose A
  12 girls do not want to use a theme of reason? Choose C
  13 teacher gave advice? Selected B
  14 girls on the computer's view? Selected B
  15. teachers think purism very important reason? Choose A
  16. teacher suggested that students do? Choose C
  17-20 pairing title
  17 selected grab the audience's attention on
  18 for further study
  19 plus statement on the slide
  20. to express thoughts on the slide
  Section 4 = V06148S4
  A lecture on the development of the British countryside
  31-36 fill in the blank
  31. two types of people live in the suburbs, the poor and the healthy people
  32. poor suburbs, but tax and food prices are cheaper
  People like to live in the suburbs 33 because it is easy to start a business
  34 Because of the popularity of large-scale housing, suburbs can accommodate more people
  35. more common
  36. lack of space
  37-40 pairing title
  37. choose healthier than living in the city
  38. choose less crowded
  39. election suburb of convergence
  40. election happier

Where will you take your test,i mean from which center

anyone taking academic module on 20th September from Azerbaijan please post the writing questions as soon as possible.

USA 27/09 is there anyone going to help ?

Plz post ur writing task immediately on 20th september after leaving exam hall...I will be thankful to those who will do it...plz plz remember it...

Hi. I took the ielts on 6th september the general writing task 1 you had to write a letter to a nearby teacher who teaches a foreign language you should write to him and ask to teach you and who told u about the classes and ask some other questions task 2 was about cheap air travel development positive and negative both sides be analyze

@ feel kool... I m from india

Thank you to everyone who has sent us information about problems with IELTS. If you have a complaint about the way an examiner conducted the test - interrupting you or inappropriate behavior for instance - we need the examiner's number (it is on your test report form). If you wish to complain about a test center, we need the test center name.

All information you send us is completely confidential. We will present the complaints to the British Council or IDP. You will not be identified in any way.

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Anyone taking acadmic module in australia on 20october 2014 please post the reading..listening and writing answer as soon as possible pls pls pls

Hi guys,

I took the exam on 6 Sep 2014 in Saudi Arabia, Dammam city.(Academec)

1- about camping ( fill gap)
2- recycling ( multiple choies and fill gap)
3- conversation about how prepear for presentation ( select from list )
4- suburbn mobility ( short answer Q and matching or clasification)

The last two passage easer than first passage.
1- cleaning purses company ( location information & multiple choies & mutch ending)
2-recycling (short answer & y/n/ng)
3- language and tecnology ( fill gab & y/n/ng)

1- table about percentage of Austuralian adult using public transport to go work or study in seven cities between 1996 and 2006.And the percentage of changing in 1996 and 2006. ((Or may in 2000 )

2- fresh water was a limited source globally in past and today is growing for create problem, what cause and what the measure government and individual could take?

1- where you live?
- describe your apartment?
- which room best for you? Why ?
- best teacher in school? Why?
-do you think your town best plase for living in?why?

2- describe App or cell phone.
3- dissection about technology.

The test was easy in general, but I did not do well :(

That whate I remember now


Hi Everyone just to let you know that I sat for IELTS exam for more than 7 times. I needed 7 bands each module. I tried but no luck..everytime .5 less in one or other.
ReEvaluation : I sent my papers to recheck and got improved from 5.5 to 7...i writing with British Council. thanks

COngrulations Surprett. How many time did you have to wait to receive it? In which country?

anyone from Azerbaijan taking academic module on 20th September.

hi guys, i am doing an exam on 20th september in azerbaijan. Are the questions all the same in every country?

guys, who will sit at ielts exam on 20th semptember in australia, japan, korea or india post immediately after exam please!!! Thanks from now

oh sorry, didn't know. Azerbaijan exam papers are the same with india pakistan uk hongkog abu dabi people especially from india hongkog please post questions after exam thanks from now

Hi guys,

I have a question about Y/N/ng question. What if i wrote t or f in y/n/ng question, do i gonna lose marks?

Anyone knows which countries will have the same question as Myanmar?
Thanks in advance. x

hi jema
are you doing academic module.. if you want to practice join our skype group.. charli-ielts
please send your email

i hv send for remark in writing ..i got speaking i hv thr chance to get it improved??? i gave idp on 2 aug..india do reply if anyone got improved

I am based on Wellington, NZ and have some IELTS printed materials. Since, I have scored well last time (Aug16,2014) , I dont require them nomore. So, IELTS GT preparation people @ Wellington , Pls provide your emailId, I will contact you and provide the material free of cost. Thanks,

Is there anybody giving Academic from Delhi on 27 September? please reply

Hi everyone. I have an exam on Dec 11th.
for speaking practices you ll add me on skype(tanttaner).
I need 7 band for speaking.

plzz suggest me ,, how can i improve my reading skill..and my exam on 25

Hey anyone from bangladesh? Regarding to know the recent reading n writing exam..

yes, charlie I am doing academic module but I am much more worried about writing exam especially about task 2 as I will give exam on 20th September in Azerbaijan I need people from Hongkok or India but I will post the questions here as soon I exit from exam hall Ithink you are from UK that's why you need candidate from Az.

hi jema..
thanks a lot. if you want to practice writing join our group.. there are people from all over the world. we discuss and help each other with writing.

Hi guys

First of all- Jema!! I am from Turkey but I will be sitting for the exam in Canada on 20th September.So please share as soon as you leave. Şimdiden teşekkürler:)

My last 2 writing scores were 8 and 6.5.
I was one of the cursed ones who were consistenly getting a single 6.5 in any of the sections. I have read all the comments for eor and devided to apply for appeal. I was so confident that my writing score was gonna be at least 7. I have waited for2 months with no changes.

This is my 5th time in ielts. I just need at least 7 and overall 7.5. I sm getting 8s and 8.5s in reading listening etc but each time it is either speaking or writing is 6.5.

Long story short, in my opinion eor is waste of time -sorry about saying that.

Anyway please share your exam wuestions. Sometimes the same ones come in anytime in another country

please add me as well i need help in writing for ielts academic.I m going to take ielts on 20 september.
my skype i.d is


@jema, I have a test in 20/Septtember in the uk.could you please share your question with us .many thanks and best of luck.

Hi guys
any 1 taking exam on 27/9 in Singapore

hiii..guys is anyone having a speaking exam on 15 or 16 sep from idp ????

tamam findik yapmaya chalishacam:)) charlie i always reading the explanations of simon and trying to review the comments of other ones however it is very hard to get an idea in stressful exam condition if you know what i mean:(

yes fara i would do that but i hope i can pass my exam very easily

Hi,any onehelp me to get a better score in reading and listening in GT .last my result was5.5 in read,listen,7 in speaking,6.5 writ.I was using caps in read,listen

please share writing tasks (GT) on the 20 th september pepeople who will appear in GT IN AUSTRALIA,MALYSIA ETC ETC giving exam in saudi arabia on 20 the my skype sweetyguy11 add me.

hi findik..
if you are confident of your writing you better request for a remark.. but it takes 8 to 10 weeks so dont wait for remark and keep doing the test..

hi jema..
i have the same problem.. at the exam my mind stops working and i cant even find few reasons related to the topic.. i have done it 5 times every time 8 or 8.5 for other modules and 6.5 for writing...
few students in this blog started this ielts group on skype so i joined there after the last attempt. its always better than practicing alone, since you dont know mistakes that you make. it helped me lot..
we only have 15 to 20 min before going to the exam so if can post writing tasks as soon as you finish the exam it will be a great help..
thank you

Hi everyone. I have an exam on Sep 27th in Iran.
for speaking practices,If anyone's interested in please add my skype id seyedloghmansanjary.
My target is 6.5~7

@milli, johny: I have used 'speed reading' technique which is described in 'speed reading book' of Tony Buzan and it turned out amazing. My reading band score have never been lower than 8.0. I highly recommend this book. Hope it helps :)

is anyone having speaking tomorrow

i hv speaking today of BC..cue card is abt frend s habbit that i like to have in me.which habbit , why, how it help me in future and some general que abt habbits....

habits like Sharing, Reliability are good n easy to speak on...

Guys post task 2 fr gt

Anyone taking General test on 20th Sep?
I'm taking from UK so any help especially on writing task is appreciated...

Dear Natsume,
Thank you for your advice regarding speed reading. If you don't mind, could you please send me the book. My exam date is 20/09/14. I'll be pleased if you send it my email:
Thanks in advance and waiting for your prompt response.

Hi everybody,
I am aravi from Sri Lanka. I got results in last July as,
W- 7.0 and
S- 6.5
This is my 5th attempet and all previous times, I got 7.5 or 8.0 in speaking without mush effort.
Since I was not happy with the speaking, I applied for remaking. After 6weeks received as "Unchanged". Actually, it was a wastage of money and time with remarking. They never change their decision in first marking.
Be WISE with your time and money!!!!!

@natsume |
Thanks a lot for your advice .. If you don't mind could you share the book . I'm having the exam on 20th Sep ..
@Khairul: From which location your appearing for the exam

@Khairul, Snick: I've shared the book to you guys but I think it takes some time to practice. (4 days still enough to change sth though).
Using that technique, I've always had at least 5 minutes remaining to check all answers and I think it's vitally important to check your answers again before submitting. It can change your band score a lot, believe me.
Hope you guys will get high scores on reading test.

@ Aravi
where did you apply for remarking? British or Australian Council.

I am from mauritius and am doing my speaking test tomorrow.would really want to know some tips.

@juneth, best tip is to record your own voice and listen yourself speaking to find your mistakes.. watch youtube video how to do well in speaking!

anyone from Pak appearing on 20th sept Lahore GT ielts test ??

I have got my ielts result..L-8.5,R-8,W-6,S-7..very disappointed about the writing score..I need 7 for each module..Last time I got 7in writing..Any suggestions to improve the writing score?

Dear Natsum

I am appearing on 20 th sep exam. i am worried about my reading .please can you send the soft copy for speedy reading book at below address.i have very short time will be really thanks ful to you.

@Remmy. Add me as a skype contact (JMIELTS).

I am part of a group who try to improve writing skills.

just wonder any where else will take the test before Australia ?

HI natsume

Sorry to say; I didn't got your email.. Please send it once again.. Thanks

Please share me that book and other related material I will highly appreciate this act of kindness.
My email is

@paki boy
I m giving paper frm khi gt module


i m also in uk. in which centre are u going to give ielts? i also giving on 20 sep.

Anyone taking General test on 20th Sep?
I'm taking from UK so any help especially on writing task is appreciated.

I am giving my exam on 18th Oct from India.Could anyone post the writing task who are giving exam on same day from different countires.


I ve already applied for eor. My score hasnt changed. My previous writing was 8 and I was so confident

İt took 8 weeks

Thats why I am saying that eor is a waste of time and money

If only I had listened to people here about it:(

May I add you on skype or whatsup etc. That might be easier to communicate after your exam. İf not, thats still ok:)

Hello everbody,

I will have Ielts test next saturday,hoping to get 6.5. I will also try to bring questions if I remember them.

Hi NH,
I did the exam through IDP. But I don't believe as it's a matter of exam centre.
It's the nature IELTS and we have to decide wisely.

However, good luck if U have applied for remarking.


Please post your writing task as soon as u get out of the examination hall. I will highly appreciate it.

Best of luck fr ur paper

hi jema..
wish you best of luck for the exam..
Hope you will post post the writing questions as soon as possible..
Thank you very much

Please share with me your book regarding reading as well.I will be very thankful to you.

Thank you.

Hi All,
I gave my speaking test on 20th GT in Bangalore.

General Questions
Do you like photography ?
What do you prefer Mobile or Camera to take snaps ? Why ?
Do you think that is there any thing to learn about photography in future ?

Part 2:
Speak about a movie that made in a foreign country ? How did you watch this movie ? What do you like in that ?

Do you think that people easy to watch English movies in your country ?

Do you think that watching films will help learning language ?

Do you think that watching film will help you to understand the life style of other people ?

Reading books and watching movie, which will help better you to learn the language ? why?

What people usually prefer ? (reading or watching)

End of the test.


Please read the test date as 18th not 20th. Sorry for the typo.


Hi Anil,
Thanks for your post.
Can you please share your writing task?

Anil plz share writing test

omg.. its 19th today....... tomorrow big test day....... \\Pray for me plz// i need 7 in each module

Anyone who gave the speaking test please share the questions

My exam is on 20 th .
Please post the writing question in morning.
It would be great for candidates in uk.

Hi Pakiboy,
I am appearing on 20th from UK. Can u pls share your email or skype id?
Best luck for exam.

I will take the speaking exam this afternoon. Anyone who had taken the exam pls share?

i already did ielts british council speaking test on 15th sept. my cue card was abt frend s habbit that i like to have in me.which habbit , why, how it help me in future and some general questions abt from india punjab

Best of luck! Pls share the questions after exam

Thanks gor sharing :) could you please post speaking part 1 and part 3 questions?

Anyone taking academic test in azarbaijan on 20th September. ?
Please post the question .

hi everyone...
good luck for the exam tomorrow....
and Jema.. hope you will help us all...
please give the writing task 2 and details of taks 1...
thank you...

Got my result today... L-6 R-9 S-6 W-6.... My listening wasn't that bad.... I was xpecting 8 in listening n 7 in other two... But :-(

I just got my results and i believe that it was a mistake I mean I achive band 5.5 and i want to make a litigation, it is someone here who knows more about this???? Please help me

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