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Speaking topis for may

@Asia Man

Hi, I checked website you recommended, where I was supposed to find black prediction book but I couldnt find it. Can you pls post the link?

thanks a lot

i was done with my speaking test yesterday. some of the questions I remembered that the examiner asked were about tourism and travelling:
Part 2
where is the place that you want to go back again? Describe the place? why do you want to go back? what are the things you want to experience again on that place?

Part 3
Some people say that it was disappointing already when you go back for the 2nd time around on the place that you've been to. do you agree with that?

Is it only right that you explore first your country before going to or visit another country?

Is it important that you should know first the culture of the country you will visit?

that's all I remember

@joy what country are you from?

Hey guys who knows about writing topic for recent exams, especially those who located in gmt+8 China , Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mangolia Philippines , Singapore , Taiwan and Western Australia plz share speaking and writing topics

hi friends

Please share your speaking topics asap.
I have speaking exam on next Friday 29/05/2015 in India (Gujarat)

Thanks in advance

hello simon, kindly assses this essay. i have academic ielts on 30th may , i need 6.5 in each component.

Some people believe that unpaid community service should be a compulsory part of high school programs (for example working for a charity, improving the neighborhood or teaching sports to younger children).

To what extent do you agree or disagree?
With growth in technology, modern world is ignoring the importance of human relations. In order to teach trend of working together, unpaid community service has been included as compulsory part of high school programs. It is agreed that because of these community services, younger children can learn fruitful lesson of charity, neighborhood and unity. This essay will discuss about free community service aiding the betterment of society followed by relevant examples and conclusion.
Firstly, by going through service without any personal interest will create a kind helping nature in younger children. Being part of society, they will start feeling responsibility to serve neighbors. For example, in a school, if a poor student cannot afford to pay his fees and his all class fellows unite under a platform for his assistance. Likewise, many orphanages and community centers help needy people. This gives feeling of inspiration to become better human being.
Moreover, we come across several free coaching schools and vocational centers when free training is provided. In schools, younger children should be advised to visit such places and work voluntarily to assist them. Be doing this, they will be defeating many social crimes and drugs abuses that breed in the lack of social support. People start feeling to be accompanied and social discriminations as well as class system will be facing mouth in the dust.
In conclusion, helping others always sounds like helping ourselves. Because of unpaid community services, younger children can build up themselves a better citizen in future. So it is strongly agreed that children should be advised to take active part in such extra-curricular activities without personal benefits.

Hello, friends
I hailed from Bangladesh GMT (6+). My exam is on 27th june. Is there anyone interested to make a great speaking practice with me in skype/viber?
Please informed me through email

Happy with IELTS results this time
My 2nd Attempt:
Overall : 8 ( L8, R7.5,W8,S7.5)
I needed at least 7 in all bands & so happy to achieve this.
Thanks Simon for writing tips. Got 6.5 in writing 1st time & improved a lot this time.
Bit sad i missed band 8 in Reading & Speaking narrowly.
Now hope to land 190 Visa for Australian Migration & do IELTS Academic also , in case i get Masters opportunity in Australia.

Thanks Simon for your tips.
I followed many online materials, but Simon's tips are direct & comprehensive to achieve the target!

Had speaking test just one hour ago; Part 1:
Introduce yourself, tell me something about ur home town
What u do ?
Do u feel comfortable with job?why?
Do u see change in job? In future
How u deal with co workers? Do u feel they trust u ?
.where u like to study ?
Which place people like best for study?
Which is ur fav place of living?
Do u get annoyed when people disturbs u in study? How u react with that?
Do u think people should be around u or u like to live alone?
How u see join family?
How much is the average number of family members in pakistan?and whre is it much number in urban or rural and why is that so ?

: Part 2
Describe any happy event ur family has celebrated ?
What kind of celebrated event?
What u did on that?
How u think ur family will remember this event?

Part 3
Do you think mother's or fathers plays major role in family? How?
Whats are the responsibilities of father on children?
Do you think family should treat girls and boys in sane way or in different?
Why is that if they should prefer boys more than girls? Is it impact of society or anythiNg else? What are your opinions regarding development of a society? Which factor matters a lot?.

Hello Vamsy can you share your speaking topic here.

Hi Folks,
Could you please share your tests on May 30. Especially those who located in gmt+8 China , Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines , Singapore , Taiwan and Western Australia. Even Europe will be welcomed.
I have exam on 30/05/2015
If you do something to somebody anonymous. An anonymous will do something to you, somewhere else. It is a role of nature.
Thanks in advance

Please share writing question for May 30 exam (UTC +08:000. Thank you!

Hi Nia,

I think you will be taking the exam ahead of me (I am from Manila). Can you kindly share the writing question?


Hi,is anybody writing academic in western australia on june 13,please share me the questions.Does anybody know the recently asked questions here?pls help me

Hi,simon ,this site is very worthful,could you please answer for this essay IS IT IMPORTANT TO QUESTION THE IDEAS AND DECISIONS OF PEOPLE IN POSITION OF AUTHORITY?What points can be used?

Simon - I am dropping by to THANK YOU for your free IELTS lessons. I only discovered this a couple of weeks prior to my test date last May 9th (Acad Module) and have read every single lesson you posted since day 1. [My total prep time was only 1 month.] I received my TRF a few days ago and my overall band score is 7.5 (R:85, L:8, S:7, W:7). Quite disappointed with my Speaking band score but I knew I did not do well in Speaking part 2 (haha). Nonetheless, I got 7 in Writing and this is due to all the helpful writing lessons that you have in this website. Please continue to help students and professionals achieve their IELTS band scores. More power to you!

Philippines, First Time Taker

I'm from Manila, Philippines..I already finished my speaking exam last May 26 which I posted the questions here.

I will be taking the May 30 IELTS exams on writing, reading & listening. Those who already took the exams ahead of us, kindly share the writing topic here.

Or anyone who predicts the writing topic, can you share it with us.

Thank you very much!

Recent topic in part 2 was to describe a paid job, where you want to be employed or work on yourself?

Part one was about the role of vegetables and fruits!!! Questions associated with current topic and diet!!!

Anyone gonna appear for 13 june??

pls share 30th may exam questions for writing as doon as you get out of exam centre. thanks

Hi all~

any information about IELTS takes on 30th of May? (Academic)

Please let me join any of your group

+82 10 5152 4483

Speaking today.

Part 1
- questions about house/appartment
- trees
Part 2
What did you learn from the Internet?
Part 3
Social networks (-/+), and more other questions about the Internet.

Sorry, I don't remember all of them.

Hi friends,

i set to english İELTS speking group

if you want to join it

you may add me

+ 905064958133

Hi guys .. I want to know who are usually mark answers ? The examiners in local centers , or would all the answers be sent to the UK for marking ?

I am taking the exam tomorrow, May 30 (UTC +0800). Kindly share your writing questions please...

@kisungaum from which country are you?

@Jeff which country are you from?

Hello everyone

I m from Trivandram(INDIA). Tommorow (30th May) is my LRW (General) test.

Pls share your inputs and If possible pls post writing topics.... Thanks

Hello friends

today's Speaking topic india(gujarat) in british council exam

part 1 : general questions and about clothes

part 2 : describe someone didnt told you complete truth

part 3 : about lie and truth

@jig$ Would you have the questions for writing?

Hi, Is there anyone who have exam on 06/06/15 at Aston University?

Hi everyone,
today's Speaking in Ukraine:
1. - What is your full name?
- Can I see your ID?
- Do you work or study?
- What do you do?
2. Talk about something you would like to buy in the future. Please say
- What is it?
- How long do you have this idea for?
- Why do you want to buy it?
3. - Do you think people spend a lot of time shopping? Why?
- Is it useful at all? Why?
- What type of advertisements there is in your country?

I'm from South Korea. (UTC+09)

when u go for speaking test so you confirm that English is your first language you neglect your native language


I am taking IELTS exams tomorrow 30-05-2015 in UK. Please can anybody help me with exam questions ?

Many thanks

Hi I have my exam tomorrow in UK pls post exam questions asap.


@kisungaum do you mind sharing writing question? Though you are just an hour ahead of my time. Thanks!


My exam is tomorrow ! 30th of May !! Please can anyone help me with exam questions academic???

Many thanks

speaking 27the May, Philippines, Acad.

part 1. city you are living and flat you are staying. are you happy. is it comfortable.

part 2. a disagreement between you and a friend. discuss what is it happened. what was your feeling and what you felt afterwards.

part 3. all about conflict resolution. e.g. conflict with youngsters.

Can it is possible to get answers of listening nd reading modules from these posts before the exam india punjab

That's a really good for all ielts students .. Bst of luck for all students nxt exams will be on 11 nd 18 june .. My test on 18 june

30 May 2015 IELTS Academic test in Australia
Academic writing
Task 1
A table compares the number of visitors to and from the UK as well as the money they spent, from May to October in 2008.
Task 2
Computers and the Internet are more important than schools and teachers. However some people think schools and teachers are essential for child education.
Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.
Part 1
Full name
Where are you from?
Do you work or are you a student?
What did you study? Do you like it and why?
Are you good at organising your time?
How did you learn about organise your time?
How do you spend your weekend?
Have you ever had to work at weekend?
What did you do last weekend?
What would you do if you have more spare time?
Part 2
Describe an interesting thing that you learned from the Internet
What is the thing, which website, how did you know about this website and why you think it is interesting?
Part 3
Why social network sites such as Facebook are so popular?
Do you think they can invade people’s privacy?
Do you think the social websites are a positive or negative impact on friendship?
Do you think one day you may meet any of your online friends that you’ve never met?
How the Internet has improved people’s quality of life?

Can you please share the general writing questions as I am going to write in another 2 hours

Task 2- general module; 30 May Australia.

Air travel has become cheaper than in the past as transport. Discuss positive and negatives shades and present your own opinion.

Thank you so much, can you please share task1 question

Thank you so much Kai

i have an ielts test on 13th June
Please share writing question for June 13 exam(UTC +7) Thank you!

writing task 2 general
Money management should taught in high school. agree or disagree??

Hi there!

I took my exam this morning. Academic - Philippines

writing task 1

The average number of students in primary and lower secondary school in 6 countries. - Bar Graph, compare with the world average...

Writing task 2

Some people believe that international tourist has bad effects in the country. give the Cause why its bad. how can we change the perception of the people..

*its not the exact word by word but the thought is like that.

Listing: I cant remember but more on One word and multiple choice, and a map.

Reading: More on fill in the blanks, headings, yes no not given.
The topic was about honey bees, Bicyle and business.

Speaking: part two. Describe an Advice that you received...

God Bless for those who will take the exam.

This is a very good site. Thanks simon

Was difficult
Writing 1
Pie chart comparing between 7 ways of electricity spending
Part 2
Large classes and technology


Lectures were used as best way of teaching so many students. With growth in advanced technology in modern world, there is no justification of this way of teaching? To what extent do u agree or disagree?

Manual way of teaching has always been preferred from ancient time. Modern technology has influenced human lifestyle in many ways with significantly in the field of education. Some are of opinion that technology has replaced the older way of teaching as students can get more benefit thru latest method. But I disagree with this concept. This essay will highlight the importance of lectures in the teaching of many students followed by relevant examples and conclusion.
Students always seek for the better way of guidance in their career. They have been acquiring handsome knowledge of their field from lectures from very beginning. Lectures from a human can be more beneficial than any type of machine. For example, in classroom, teacher can teach students with more flexibility that a computer can never do. A class contains many brains of different capabilities; he can pass his knowledge according to the ability of student to get that. So, lectures can be more beneficial than online materials.
One can be more disciplined and obedient when he will face live human in front of him. For instance, with presence of a teacher, students cannot make fool in around the class. In contrast to this, there is totally a different story in technology; it cannot bind students in disciplined manner. They will not pay required attention to a machine.
Lectures delivered manually can be more efficient for appropriate understanding. Firstly, students can get answers of their questions of any level. If a low grading student asks any question he can get response from a teacher while computer delivers a uniform response. Secondly, by manually attending lectures, students feel the sense of competition among themselves and everyone tries his best to be cleverer and its opposite in online courses as there is no any social interaction among fellows.
In conclusion, technology, no doubt has played a remarkable role in the development of various fields as well as also in education. Students can get benefits from technology but this concept is disagreed that technology has taken the place of manual lectures.

did any body remember listening answers about section 1 and 2

section 4

did any body remember section 1 and 2 answers

that was not window, window was already given , view was answer, and 40 was rain water.

section #3 sequence was for matching coloums
other was for green gross
problems: fire , A, E last one was unemployment
advantages were ,
food productions, aur pesticides BD

section 2

these were frst 5 questions

reading passage 3 blank words missing
3. completed

HI raha
Did you remember the topic about the section 2

Hi all, just given gt in UK.
Reading is about different parks, animal voice recordings, cv creating, library for disabled.

Letter: you will going to visit your friend again on your upcoming business trip in the city where your friend reside.
- how you feel when you visit your friend in your previous trip
- details of your upcoming business trip
- ask some special arrangements from your friend so you both can enjoy.

Essay: teaching money management at school level is a life skill. Agree/disagree.

Listening: 1- need nanny
2- description of rooms in canada institutions
3- presentation discussion and choosing city for further studies
4- description of various school buildings in world.

Listening section 2






Above typed essay was todays essay

Speaking: 1- flats, apartments in which I live. My favourite room.
2- shoes comfortable or fashionable, shoes buy online or from shop, how often you buy.

Cue card- interesting discussion with someone
- with whom, what you discuss
- when and where
- subject of discussion
-why interesting.

Talk on phone is different from face to face talk.
Why most people frighten while presenting any presentation.
Visual introduction is important in presentation, why.
How men and women are different in their topics when they talk to same gender. And why there is this difference.

Section 4











Hi rahat
didyou remember section 1 answers

Section 1
1- phone numer










Section 1
3-road - F5F, Are you sure? May be it was PARK?

Section 1
1- phone numer
Guys, Who remeber... last 4 numbers of it was "...1215"?

Section 1
F5F, Are you also sure about "qualification"?
I wrote "employment", but I think unfortunately it is wrong.((

I found that some questions are same even though the countries are different. I think it would be really helpful for those who live in time zone around GMT+00~06

For third it is park. And for forth , answer I wrote student

and time setting for this site is GMT+00 which is UK


happy to have good a .........

can you write a employment,look at the question Nemeczek

Do anyone remember reading answers gt India exams

Listining section 1 question 3 answer is park

and I'm not sure about the @rahat's answers about
reading passage 3 filling the blank section.

can anyone remember passage 3 answers?

Hi every one
What about 16 may result., any one know when it will be puplished? N

Section 1
1- phone number 09--215










Section 4










10-rain water

can anyone post answers of listening part 3 ??

I also answered just like you rahat , but are you sure about 6- social

yes social

Can anyone remember details of listening section 2-3 for today's test? Also for Section 1, q3 'qualification' or 'job'? Section 4, q5 'flexible' or 'learning'? Thx

canada/ writing: traveling to space does not effect people's life agree disagree.
task1:bar chart: the number of people visit musium in separate category adults aged under 15 and special
reading: radio carbon,concentration,business the third passage was hard
listening :catering,parkings,grass,27 feb, part3 was hard, part: take risks ,confidence,responsibility,safe,

Reading section 4
1. Factory
5 . social
6. Kitchen
7 . Village
9. Glass
10. Rain or water
I'm bit confused about last one. They said rainwater. But only one word should be written.
How u guys found the reading sections easy or tough?

Thanks SO much for sharing all the questions! (special thanks to @mahdis, it's great to read something about the exam in Canada). I wish you all good luck!!! :)

Hello every one,

I am taking my Ielts on 6th June (Academic) from India.
anyone who has taken the test on 30th May , please post the writing tast 2 topic

also if nay one is taking the test on 6th June , in AUS please update the writing task 2 topic please

Any have answer regarding general reading

hello every one ;
I Fares and i have taken IELTS in Malaysia( IDP) on 30 May 2015 and the test was :
Writing task 2 : Some people prefer TV over than other new modern inventions , Do you agree or not ?
Speaking part 2: Talk about a toy from childhood
Listening : is very different than last year ( map direction and MCQ ) really difficult
Thanks and i am going to take another academic test on 13 June 2015 in British Counsil .

Can i have reading answers please ? It was lengthy and tough i suppose ..!
please post the reading answers if anyone can remember. ielts british council 30th may 2015 exam

Premalatha : Are you sure its 9. Glass or its Grass?

I think it was grass

Can anybody remember the question which its answer was SOCIAL?
I cannot remember this! What was it's question?

hi everyone ;

Reading parts questions were :
19 questions filling the blank and 9 questions MCQ and 12 Questions (Yes, No , Not given ) for IELTS test 30 May 2015 IDP Malaysia .
Best Regards

Reading test in the 30th of may General training was the most hard reading i have ever seen all through my IELTS experience, i attended 3 exams before and solved 10's but unfortunately this reading was the most difficult one

Hi everyone.
Thank you so much for sharing your questions

It is really helpful

Tamer :

You are right .Reading part for IELTS 30 May 2015 was very difficult and we do not know why ?

Hello I have L,R,W on 6th June Academic in INDIA (GMT+5:30) please share the information regarding exam whoever going to appear before Indian time.

Fares Muthanna and Tamer : Where are you from? You given IELTS from India? You mean Reading topics are different parks, animal voice recordings, cv creating, library for disabled etc???

Hi Ami,
If u remember reading answer then share with us.

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