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Hey Everyone,
my exam is on Saturday,but I have not studied well, please let me know what is the best thing to do now because another 2 days are left to the exam

I would like to thank this site for helping me with my preparation. I didn't have a formal review. I just read online sources including this website.

My overall is 7.

Hey guys!

My oral was mainly about photography (in the second part had to talk about a photo that i like).

The examiner also asked me qs about being on time, about trains, undergounds ect..

I hope this will help.


my speaking test finished today

part1::singing & walking
cue card topic:

Describe a house or apartment that you have (recently) visited, (and liked). (Not your own home).

many question about home and apartment ...i think more than 8 question asked me.....

Hai i have a doubt...wat s the best way of answering for the ques starts with how often...for eg...hw often do u visit your relatives..

Hi, I just recievd an email regarding a change announcment in the order of IELTS test in Australia. It will be fun! I think it is better!! I always complained why writing is the last test!!! What do u think? Do u have the same change for your test in 05/04?
The IELTS tests will be taken in the following order:

1. Writing
2. Reading
3. Listening

Hi Simon,
I would like to say THANK YOU because of your awesome website. I achieved 7.0 Writing in last December, I tried to read all your tips from Listening to Writing,and it really useful for me. Now, I'm not worried about IELTS Certificate, and I can continue to my future plan. ^^

Hi Guys,

I am from Sydney and I have booked my IELTS test for 5th April. Anyone else booked for same date, please add me on Skype.

My Skype ID is danishahmed87.

This notification is to inform you that there will be a change to the order in which IELTS test components are administered from and including Saturday 5 April 2014. The IELTS tests will be taken in the following order:

1. Writing

2. Reading

3. Listening

This change is for all Australian test centres.

Hey Everyone,
my exam is on Saturday,on the 5th of April general traning and my speaking test well be on the 4th of April which is tommoro at after noon so is there any one would share the test with me,i will be so gratefull.

@ Danish Ahmed

Could you provide any reference for the information that you posted, please?


just trying to subscribe to comment feed. any idea how to do it?


Hello everybody! I've just taken my Speaking test in Russia and I would like to share my questions as a bit of help for everyone.

Part 1:
Where do you live?
Is there anything you don't like in your city?
Are u planning to keep living there?
Do you use trains?
Did you have interesting experience while taking train?
Do you have underground system in your town?
Do many people in Russia use trains much?
What is your favourite wildlife animal?
Do you like to go to the zoo?
Have you ever had a pet?
Is it important for children to have a pet?

Part 2:
Describe the time when you were very busy, when it was, why you were busy, how you could manage to do everything

Part 3:
Do you like to get a help from somebody when you are busy?
Do you think it is important to have leisure time?
Do u think employers need to give leisure time for their workers?
Why some employers do not give leisure time?
What do you think, did Russians start to have more or less leisure time?
Is it important to make physical activities as a part of leisure time?

i have just taken my speaking test.. its all about advertisement and consumerism...
section 1
i forgot other 2 questions

section 2
what is ur favourite advertisment?
why is it ur favourite?
where u seen/heard this advertisement?

section 3

y people feel advertisements r annoying?
does ad improve quality of life?
does consumer culture produce waste?

I just finished my speaking test here in the philippines idp.
Task 1:
Where you presently live?
What do you dislike about this place?
Do you think you will stay here for a long time?
What do you usually wear at work? (Clothes)
Do you think its better to change it after work?
Why are trains famous in your city?
Is there any underground train in your place?
Can you remember any bad experience while using trains?

Task 2:
Discuss about an occassion where you met your friend after a long time?
Who is your friend?
Why did it took time to meet him/her again?
How did you feel?

Task 3:
Follow up questions about friends/reunion gatherings

@ merc,

Thanks for sharing your speaking topics.

I found that the third question in the 3rd section you mentioned is quite confusing.

"Does conumer culture produce waste?"

I would like to know how did you answer. Be honest, I am sure I could not answer this question because I do not know what does it ask exactly?

Hi Simon,

I attended the speaking test today. I think I did quite well. Will know the results in two weeks after RWL test tomorrow.

Here are some of the questions I remember

1. Do you work or study?
2. Question about politeness - How people express politeness in your country?, Who taught you about the same?
3. Describe a famous person in your country
- Who is this person
- What is he
- How is this person important to your country
4. Being famous - pros and cons - opinion and discussion.

Over all, the interview went well and I hope to get a 7 at least. I did go through most of your exercises in this website from the speaking section and it helped me tremendously. So thank you very much!

I will share the results when I have it in two weeks time.

Wish me luck for rest of my exams tomorrow. :)


pls post the question as soon as you finish exams 05.04.2014.really big help.


Hi Simon, Hi All,

I've just finished my speaking part today (Poland), I would like to share my questions:

- my name
- what do you do for living
- do you enjoy your work
- what type of clothes do you wear to work
- did you like wear special clothes for parties when you where a child
- do you use dictionary
- when last time
- would you like to receive dictionary as a gift
- whiting dictionary is interesting or not?

- describe a garden or park you like, where it is, how it looks like, what you did do there, why it is special for you

- about national parks
- green areas in the cities, it is enough or not
- who should pay for parks and gardens (take care of them)
- if people should be allowed to visit national parks
- and one more I don't remember

Hello Everyone,
I took my IELTS speaking part today.


What is your name?
How should he call me?
Do I prefer working in the morning or Afternoon?
How does computer helps me in working?
what type of music do you like?
Is there any music you do not like?
Part2 Describe an event that changed your life?
what is the event?
when did it happen?
How did it change your life?
Do you think change is good in our life?
why do people do not like to change their work?
Why do people move to another country?

Please share your exam question, if you take it in April 5th.

@Menaka tissera

Ok, I will post)

Hi, guys)
I have exam on 5 April, tomorrow in Azerbaijan, our exam starts at 08:30 a.m. GMT +4. Please, share your writing task question as soon as possible if your exam earlier )


I have exams in the eve :(.btw wish u all the very best

hello Midnight
can u share ur writing task 2 topic after ur xam my exam is on april 5th aftnoon 1:00 pm from india
thnks in advance it might be hlpful to me n others too

31st March is a one word or two words, in cambridge 9 test 2 listening it ask you top write answer in one word.

Date of Birth : 31st March or 31/03 ??

tomorrow is my test, pls answer any one sooonnn.

31 March is one word.

The answer is 31 March. If you asking about cambridge IELTS 9 test 2 Listening. It is one word and or number so you write one number(31) and one word (March)

Right. I passed IELTS with LRWS 8.5 8.5 7 7 on 15th March. There was a part 1 question in listening wanting one word and/or one number. It was about birthday. I wrote 27 April. But when I read the comments, they say it should be 27th April. I thought 27th is a word, so is April. But I wasn't sure. Now I think I got it right with 27 April. I am not very sure, but I got 8.5 in listening, meaning I had 3 or 4 incorrect answers and I know some questions were definitely wrong, so I would assume I got the 27 April correct.

And since 5th April, I think all the test centres in Australia change the module order to writing
I am not very sure the reasons behind this. And i would not want to have writing first. I would guess there is more possibility to mess up writing than listening. To me, writing requires me to do brainstorming instead of listening's writing down what you hear, and doing brainstorming isn't that effective if it was at 9:30AM with less sleep last night.

Anyway, I don't think I would take IELTS again in my life. Good luck to you all.

the question is correct.the answer is yes.because in consumer culture people buy a lot of products and thereby increasing litter.people throw non bio degradable materials in streets and it increases waste in landfill sites.

I have been siting IELTS exam in Australia, today on 5/4/2014.
Reading was about dodo which is a bird I have not heard about it, which has a weird appearance. I guess I have seen this reading in academic readings , but I am not sure.
Some people believe that Competitive sports like football is valuable for different group ages and culture while some others believe that it may cause some problems for culture and nationalities.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Letter was about
You are interested to study a short course at a college in an English language country.
Write a letter to its managers and explain
- What course you are going to study ?and why?
- What is you qualifications and experience?
- Why do you choose this college to study?

The order of test is also has changed in Australia. firstly, writing, then reading and finally listening.

Hi Rus,

Where did u take the IELTS in Aus? (how about task 1)
I also took the test today in Newcastle (NSW) & the topic was different

Task 1: 1 line graph with 3 lines of GDP in education, health & retirement pensions from 2001 to 2051
Task 2: An increasing number of people who change their careers & place of residence in several in their lives. Is this a positive or negative development?

Hi guys,

Jaat came out of exam hall, it was general training.

Writing task 1: write a letter to admin at uni that you are interested in one of their short courses,explain why, your education background and practice, why this uni.

Writing task 2: some people think that international games like football make people from different age groups and cultures come togather while other thinks that it creates more differences between people of different nation.

It's not word to word but I think still that will help.

From melbourne,Australia

Hi guys,
Just came out of exam hall, it was general training.
Writing task 1: write a letter to admin at uni that you are interested in one of their short courses,explain why, your education background and practice, why this uni.
Writing task 2: some people think that international games like football make people from different age groups and cultures come togather while other thinks that it creates more differences between people of different nation.
It's not word to word but I think still that will help.
From melbourne,Australia

Ausoek ,How about listening?

Listening was really easy. Reading was not even though. Only last passage was a bit tricky.
Listening:1-9 were about membership of any club. Customer called office for details. 10-20 were about student talking to professor about any research topic on carpets and handmade clothes and their use in different regions I guess. 20-30 I guess about speaker talking about different people and their behaviour towards different tasks in life. 30-40 I forgot. Sorry :)

Ghoryan di maa nu laan

Can you remember any answer from listening section

any one tell me writing task 2 topics
is writing is same for general and academic persons

Could you please share your writing questions for 4/05/2014? I will take academic exam today,too. I only wonder writing part.
Good luck everyone.


thanks a lot for your generosity!!!!

Writing test in Vietnam- 5 April
Task 1: line graph, % gdp, government spending
Task 2: more people chang career and place. Positive or negative of this development?
Good luck to all Ielts takers

What was the spelling one in listening: hannein, hannain, hannaen.

my essay subject in GT:
some people believe that money should be saved for future life, others think that it should be spend for present time. discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

Hii) I just have finished my exam. Academic , 05/04/2014 , Azerbaijan
Writing task 1 - Mixed graph, line graph with pie chart about female prisons

Writing task 2 - nowadays, children spend their free time in sport and very seriously. Is it positive or negative.

Hi guys, From Azerbaijan, Baku
I just want to inform you about questions what i remember after exam..
Reading session was very hard :/

Part 1:
about filing form
Part 2:
forgot :(
PArt 3:
lecturer talking with student about her report
PArt 4:
about Berbers, tribes ..
1st passage about obesity problem in USA
2nd passage about climate change
3rd passage about someone's thoughts about children development i cant remember exactly :/
Writing task 1:
The line graph and pie chart give information about the female prison population in a European country from 1901 to 2001 and type of crimes committed by them in 2001
Writing task 2:
In these days children spend most of their times taking part in sport in a very serious way. Children do not do it for fun.
Positive and Negative of this development

Good luck to everyone :)

Hello neighbours from Azerbaijan. In Georgia the test was the same , in reading, speaking and writing.

For mem listening part was not easy :( especially last section ...

Anyone who took the test today?

Hello, could any one who took the general traning reading part share the answers plz

Writing test in Vietnam - 5 April

Task 1: Line grap, % of GDP on government spending,

Task 2: More people change their career and place . Positive or negative development ?

W 2 : children practice sport seriously or for fun
Positive or negative

Guys in Jeddah Saudi Arabia... Be careful be careful be careful... From the rude people in Idp exam center... The center is 70 km away from Jeddah city!!!!!! And it cost me 140 ryials to go there and come back to fact. It's located in a desert!!! No taxis!!no cars No facilities No thing..!!!!!!!!!! the center is in an empty area!!!!! So if u don't have a car guys u will be lost,,,and evenot if uhave u might get stuck in Almadina road traffic for 1 and half hour as what happened with me and then lose ur Ilets exam........ I lost my exam today And I didn't attend the exam because of the long queues of traffic jams at Almadina road,,, and when you want to go back after finishing the exam no cars!!! No taxis and the Idp workers don't care for u.. They treat u as an animal!!!

British council is definitely the best!!!!! Biritsh council is definitely the best!!!!!! Because the exam center is in the city center

Which was the topic of task 2 of the exam of April 5th?

Hey guys does anyone remember the answers for the listening n reading ( academic) of today's exam ???
Listening :
Section 1: i didn't hear the name nor the whole credit card number. But what i remember is : double
Section 2 :
Don't remember the answers for the map
Yellow card or parking m not sure if it's true or was it pink ?

Section 3
Because it will help her in the future
Smth about soil
Include other's data to valid her work
Be trained before the trip
Make it less complex
Continue in the future

Section 4
That's all i can remember n the answers are not in order . Please share urs guys !!!

Hi Simon,
IELST exam: 5.4.2014 in Birmingham, England.

Section 1: Booking an accommodation
Section 2: Organizing an event
Section 3: Writing an education proposal
Section 4: About Nomads

Section 1: Obesity
Section 2: Climate Changes
Section 3: Philosopher - Piaget

Task 1: Summarize about a graph and chart about population of female prison in 1901 to 2001

Task 2: Sports activities is taken seriously for the children in their free time. Some children take it for fun.
Is it a positive development or negative development?

TBA later: Since I am now waiting for the speaking session.

Wish me all the best LUCK !!!

Thanks indeed.

Was it animals or was it herds?I dont remember the order but some of the answers for the last topic were slaves,seasonal,guides,olive oil.

By any chance anyone remembers about general reading?
The first paragraph in general was of true,false and not given type.
The last sentence was false or not given?I dont remember the exact sentence but it was something like Is wind project proving to be one of the most successful project???

was it 17th or 3rd ? i think last thing she said 3rd .@ Amin i didn't remember any thing in the general reading it was very hard especially the last part ,i didn't solve any one of them, do you agree with me @ Amin ?

Hey guys, what was the answer in reading about children's psychology? What was pointed out by researcher? (Children tend to pretend that they know the answer or adults can find it amusing?). I don't remember the exact questions, but it was something like that. Reading was super difficult this time, especially true/false in second passage about climate changes

P.s I have the same answers in listening about grass, camels, slaves etc. But I have written that they take animals when they are moving. Listening was pretty easy

Omar, it was definitely 17

Hey guys
Do u remember some answers to other sections of the listening??? (Apart from the 4th) ??

Evet, I remember 17, balcony, double, bird, massage, magazine, new way of publicity was leaflets. If you remember questions I can give answers, because I don't really remember exact questions now

Passage 2 about climate change:

Industrial revolution, air movements, what was other gaps to fill in?

False, true, not given was the row, if I remember it right now

* what about the pink/yellow parking ?
* the girl with the tutor : is it it's gonna help her in the future or portfolio ?
* why the girl wanted to add others findings?
* What did she find easy ?
* what did she say about the group organisation?
* What did she say about the catalogue or smth ?
* The name of the guy in the first section
For the reading, i remember this s, but i know that i didn't chose neither adults nor children , but i don't remember what i put ... and do you remember the T/F/NG of this last passage ? i remember that of Paris i chose NG ... n i run out f time i made lots of guesses ... ahh and what about the fill in the gaps just before i remember having choosing : theories/ brain/ philosophers

i don't remember having chosen ' air movements'
i remember : Land...

- unfortunately don't remember about the parking, remember that he said two similar things about 2 partings and I chose first parking what he has mentioned among those 2
- it's gonna help her to choose study focus in the future
- she wanted to make her research more valid
- group organization? Hmm I don't remember, what exactly were the options?
- she said that it needs to be less complex, if I understand what task u mean (it was in the second part of this listening part)
- don't remember the name as well, but it definitely started with FA
-I chose not given about Paris as well
-filling gaps about children: logic, teachers

Hi Simon,
First of all, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart to help me in improve my writing skills through your blogs and videos.

I appeared for my IELTS test today (5th April 2014), and wanted to share the topics till they are fresh in my mind. I believe, these topics will help your students.
As per my analysis, I think I would get a 7 or 7.5 in the Writing Task (I will let you know the correct result)
I will be appearing for my Speaking test on 8th April. Please wish me luck :)

Anyways, here are the topics (though, I am unable to remember the exact sentences)

As one of your colleague is leaving the job, your manager has asked you to arrange a leaving party for him.

- Suggest a suitable day and time for the party
- Recommend a venue/place
- Dicsuss about the food and entertainment options available

Some people believe that travelling alone really benefits in learning a country's culture and experience, while others believe it is better to travel with someone you know.

Discuss both these views and share your opinion.

Nitin Patel

@katya: thank you :)) and what about the main purpose of the writer in the last text ? i chose smth about the influence of Piaget on the 20th or sth ..
* ah and also why did he chose to talk about aborigines in the second paragraph i forget the answer ...
* i chose "Yes" for he gave guidelines to parents about children
I don't remember the others ..

Hi, I sat exam this morning in Baku. Do anyone remember answers for reading?I want to know were there only Yes, no, not given questions or in the third part they were given as True, false, not given?
I answered all of them as yes,no,ng

Evet, no problem! Thank u too! I've already got desired 7,5 for reading when I passed ielts for the first time, but I registered for the second time earlier than I got my results so I made second exam today. But after today's exam I feel confused what a difference with reading passages in comparison with first exam! I was pretty tired after that difficult reading to write desent essays. That didn't happen during the first time...

-I didn't chose option about 20th, it was something about his important research in various areas
-I chose no about guideness to parents, because I thought one example how to behave doesn't provide with full guideness..

Anyway, I'm very unsure about my answers in reading part :S

I guess in the listening section 1 it was exactly like this:
17<--th of June
card number(12 numbers)

Section 2 about helpers)
pink<--car park
helpers from Woodstreet i think
in the 2nd part of section 2 was a label a map i think it was an easiest questions

I can't catch the 2nd part of section 3 :(

section 4:

I've just remembered the question from reading about obesity: was it true that large companies use marketing tools for children in school?

Mansur, I have the same answers, but although I think "seasonal" is the right one

@Katya, I wrote "not given" for this question
yes it might be "seasonal" i confused :)

@Katya : i chose yes i think m not sure ... and don't worry i feel the same with the test ... and at least you already got your desired band , so don't worry for this test. :))

@Katya: the group thing is the last qs in the section 3 when the tutor gave advices to the girl ( the same series of qs as "less complex"), he asked her about her opinion about the group or smth, do u remember ? ah and also did you chose animals or herds ?

Evet, if I got right what u mean then it was something about continuing it in the future and I have chosen animals, honestly I didn't catch anything about maybe I'm wrong. Thanks!!

Evet, btw, do u remember there was a first part in obesity passage where we needed match researchers and some companies with the statements (like people claim that they do not do any physical activity outside of work), did you use every person and company? Because it happened I didnt use one company, it was something like from government on third position from the list so now I'm curious if I needed to use every company and researcher or not :)

amith admin ,

was it olive or olive oil, because i remmeber it was only one word answer. or it was 2 word answer they expect?


Su, olive oil as well as dark blue, they have asked for not more than two words

in section 4::: two word

@Katya: No , i remember that there was some of them i didn't use at all... and the one about government i didn't use it as far as i can remember :) and about herds, to be equally honest, it's someone who posted here the answer and i thought i also heard it in the exam , but i chose animals as it was the one i was sure about ^^
Can you remember other qs, cause i don't :(

Share ur speaking questions , please

test on April 5th 2014
my speaking topics are
wht is ur name ?
can i see ur passport ?
whr r u coming 4m?
wht do u like most in ur city ?
wht do u won't like in ur city ?
how often rains will occur in ur country ?
how do u feel after rain ?
wht is ur favorite subject in ur school days ?
how did u enjoy ur childhood ?
cue card:
did u save money for any special thing?
wht was it?
how long it took ?
how u feel whn u get that thing ?
part 3:
now a days online shopping websites are attracting ppl wht is ur opinion on it ?
is it better to use credit card for spending money ?
why do young ppl save money ?
who is better in saving money men or women ?

Task 1: Summarize about a graph and chart about population of female prison in 1901 to 2001

Task 2: Sports activities is taken seriously for the children in their free time. Some children take it for fun.
Is it a positive development or negative development?

Evet, I have many problems with my memory ;)) do u remember what words did u choose in climate change topic and children passages? (Those ones which u need to fill on ur own or to choose the correct letter as in third passage)

Guys, any feedback on the reading section for the general training module? regarding the wind propeller, new generation and old generation wind propellers etc? i totally lost everything on that topic. do you guys feel that the topic was and British council will consider a better row scoring proportion/ratio for the band score?

Hi kataya,

In the first section of the reading I also didn't use all names. I think I wrote yes or true for the marketing tool question.

But in the listening was it Framptom?

For car park it was pink

Section 4 it was animals,seasonal,slaves, square but I wrote blue because I heard the speaker mention two times first blue then dark blue.

Hi evet,

In reading, for guidelines, I choose no

Can you remember more?


for gap fill I wrote (for climate change)


Industrial revolution

Pearl, thanks for sharing!

Pearl, what else have u written in that task with industrial revolution? Unfortunately I don't remember questions for gaps anymore now

I've just remembered the task where we needed to choose two letters in second reading passage about climate change, it was something about problems which have occurred during the research. I remember one answer from it that people used various terminology and I don't remember the second answer. What others have?

@Katya and @ Pearl : well , i remember
Text 2: human activity, Land, industrial revolution.. really that's all i can remember ...
Text3: logical, brain, philosophers ( i hesitate with psychology), theories ( i hesitate here with thought)... Here too that's all i can remember, but m really uncertain about my answers , i run out of time so couldn't check or spend too much time , so i guess many are wrong ...

For the guidelines qs , i was torn between 't' and not given, i ended up with true, only because i had to make a guess and go to the next qs, otherwise i wouldn't have finished. can you remember the next after this one ? ( the last qs) ??

@Katya: i remember that they do not use numbers to calculate wind so they wrote their observations... something like this ^^ anyway i chose this one about wind and the one u've just mentioned

IELTS Speaking Test: 5/04/2014

Section 1:
Tell me about your self- studying or working?
Why you choose to study and in what area?
What contribute you to further study?
Clothing: What types of clothing you wear daily?
Why did you wear special clothing in the party?

Section 2:
Clue Card: Restaurant, what type of restaurant, where it is located? when and why you go the restaurant. What are you doing and like the restaurant.

Section 3:
Food: What special food in your country?
What are the different between food here and your country?
Why people like to eat outside in the restaurant rather than at home?

Section 4:
Fast Food: Is it healthy to eat fast food?
Why eating fast food is not good for your health?
Why people like to take fast food?

That's all for speaking test today!

All the best!

Katya where did u take ur exam? I took toda in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. And i had exactly the same questions and almost the same answers))))

@pearl: I wrote Framptom as well. But my friends said thatit was FramptoN. I was sure that it was M at the end

Thanks. I can't remember about land. It was something about atmospheric change on world's-
So I wrote ocean
Theories, brain, logical is right. Can't remember about psychology or philosophy

What did you write in the question
Professor pigeot (I can't remember the name)
had a great impact on etymology
Professor p

London 5..4..2014

Task 1
Line Graph = Population of Women in Prison b/w 1901 & 2001
Pie Graph = Percentage of crimes committed by women in 2001

Task 2
Some Children are taking sports very seriously in their free time. They are not taking this fun
Positive or Negative development.?

For general reading , i spent a very long time on the last passage and still have some mistakes

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