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Thank was 1st February. Gt task 2 was the same as posted by mish in recent exam questions 3 page number 2 . people change thier appearance by changing their hair, jewellery etc..sorry couldn't remember the exact question.
Good luck to you friends..


did you got the same questions in the 1st feb on other regions like Australia ?

I gave GT IELTS speak test today on 14/2/14 from Bangalore ,India.
My questions where
What do you do?
What did you wanna be as a kid?
why did you pursue your career?
Do you like computers?
What are the disadvantages of using a computer?
What languages do you speak?
What foreign language do you want to learn?

Speak for a minute or two about a positive experience during your teenage?

What are the problems of being a teenager?
How does society view teenagers?
How different was your teenage from the teenagers today?

Hey guys. Feb 15- Please write the speaking and writing topics. Let's help each other. I will take the test in Mongolia tomorrow. Nervous. Wish you all the best for your test. I hope our guardian angels would help us.

why I can't see my result ?? my exam was on 1st February anyone has any idea ??

@sarah go to British council websites click on
Result. U have to write your identification number
& candidate number then the result will appear
On your right site .

Hello. I have my academic exam tomorrow i.e. 15th February. Does anyone else has an exam tomorrow too. Please keep us posted here. Thanks

@hira where u take the test ? I also have an academic test today. Let's post the questions and topics as soon as possible . Thankyou

Is there anyone who will take academic test 15th feb in australia? Please share the topics as soon as possible. Thankyou

hi guys,

I'm here to share my previous two exam results...

14/12/2013 GT Australia
L 8.5
R 7.5
W 6.5
S 7.5

1/2/2013 (results came out yesterday)
L 8
R 7
W 7
S 6.5

I feel very shocked and upset about the face that my speaking dropped from 7.5 to 6.5 in less than two months! I thought I did a good job, though less impressive than last time, but I think I should at least get a 7.

The question they asked on topic 2 was about "a thing that you wear on a special occasion". I couldn't think of any real life examples, so I quickly made one up. I addressed all parts of the question without any long pause, but it may sound less part 3, the examiner asked me about question like why people wear uniform etc, which I tried my best to speak grammatical correct in a slower speed.

But sadly, I feel like the result can't be justified. If the mark swings by 0.5, I would have accepted it, but this is just ridiculous...I don't know if I should go for a revaluation/remark/appeal, so I would like to ask about your opinion and what do you think what I should do.


I tried a lot but no results
anyway thanks

Hi all

Anyone who has taken gt in Australia/Nz today please post questions as soon as possible.


Anyone who has taken Academic test in australia? Please post the questions :) thankyou

Speaking results can be shockingly different from one exam to another. It really depends on the topics the examiner draws and the examiner's generousness. If the topics are under your belt, you will have lots of thoughts and speak fluently, otherwise you will stammer. And male examiners tend to be more lenient than female examiners.

Hi Mia,

Thanks for your reply!

Interestingly, I would think that if you and your examiner are of opposite sex, you would have more chance to get a higher score.

I am a male, and I found that female examiners are more lenient. This time I got a male examiner with British accent. That's why I douted if he could overcome the accent that I have and understand what I said.

I took another attempt back in August, the examiner was a Australian lady. She appeared to be so supportive when I couldn't think of anything about the cue card topic, and I ended up getting 6.5. But this time I felt so much better, plus I've achieved 7.5, so my expectation are higher.

Finally, my writing achieved a 7 for the first time, does it really represents my real English level? If so, will it help me to get an extra 0.5 in speaking when I appeal?

Anyone who has taken Academic Ielts test on 15th Feb pls tell me about writing topic?

Hi everyone I just sat for the listening, reading and Writing in Australia. The reading was,
1) article about pearls
2) different types of human and living senses
Such as: Hearing, tasting, Smelling....
3) article about Sherlock Holmes and his techniques used to stop crimes with related to forensic

Writing 1)
A linear graph of 4 countries with regard to their quality of river water in % between 1995 to 2010 and further forecast till 2015.

Writing 2)

Achieving success via hardwork and determination or using money and appearance. Which one is acceptable?



some people believe that success in life depends on hard work and determination, while others believe that other factors like money and personal appearance are important. discuss both views and give your opinion.

@ pip Depp and riya

Please can anyone post writing topics of GT?


kindly post writing topics for GT. plsssss


Autralia 15-2-14 GT
P1: outdoor activities:

Part 2: zoo activities
Latest event: B
Largest collection: plants

Part 3: job placements
To develop: data handling
Strength: work overtime
Join two seminars because: next term subjects

Part 4: match companies
1: customer skills

Part 5: water in Au
Waste disposal

Graph: B
Water process:

Part 1: driving & test
Can drive with international license or permit
Max 1 year
Theory test is a must
Can skip the practical test if you're From Europe or us

Part 2:
Part 3: job placement, project team
Exit interview
Permanent job
Three ( at least three meetings)
Time sheets
Some certificate

Part 4:

Part 5: birdsong
bird 1: sing three months
Bird 2: best suite sing in forest ground
Bird 3: break through water sound
Bird 4: sing at high ground
Bird 5: different song different purpose
Bird 6:
3 multiple choice questions

P1: to your friend thank her/ him for the family meal, tell wt u think about the meal || wt do u feel about her/his family || suggest he/her visit you.

P2: some people think the most effective way to reduce industrial pollution is to tax those companies cause it. Wt are other solutions.
Discuss both and give your opinion: mixed type
Can have your opinion in first paragraph
2 support paragraphs:
1st: agree or disagree tax is most effective
2nd: give two other solutions

Speaking: tricky plans vs plants
Ur home town
Plants: do i like, do you know how to grow a plant, do u like plant as a gift
Walking: do you like, walk in a city vs country side

P2: talk about a plan you made
What is it
How you carry out?

P3: abstract views about plans
How to make a plan
Older people plans vs younger's one
Popular young people plans in ur country
Y people not plan
Plans in uni
... All about plans ....

Everyone taking the same test please help to complete the answer. I cant remember all :(

In Mongolia. Feb 15. Writing task 2: some people believe that success in life depends on hard work and determination, while others believe that other factors like money and personal appearance are important. discuss both views and give your opinion.
Task 1: Line graph about 4 countries.

Australia- 15/2/14

P1: to your friend thank her/ him for the family meal, tell wt u think about the meal || wt do u feel about her/his family || suggest he/her visit you.
P2: some people think the most effective way to reduce industrial pollution is to tax those companies cause it. Some people believe there are other better ways.
Discuss both and give your opinion: mixed type
Can have your opinion in first paragraph

General Reading was much easier than 1/2/14! Thanks God!

The same questions here in Myanmar as well....

Feb 15 Bangalore ,India
Writing task 1
You used a taxi service for business and faced some problem.Write to the manager describing the problem and what you want him to do about it.

Writing Task 2 Uniforms are compulsory in school.Give your opinion about children being given the freedom to choose what they were in school

Feb 15th Colombo

Same as above!

Hi Shweta!

when is your speaking test? Mine is on 18th. Please post the speaking questions as soon as you finish. Thanks :)

I had the same topics in Spain than shweta

What about the cue card?

hi Juanm,

When is your speaking test. Pls write about the cue card topic!


I'm waiting for it.

sri lanka also we got same question for writing

Writing task 1
You used a taxi service for business and faced some problem.Write to the manager describing the problem and what you want him to do about it. write when and where you went

Writing task 2

Uniforms are compulsory in school.what extend do you think students being given the freedom to choose what they wear in school

What about the cue card jani?

same questions in Saudi Arabia as jani,shweta

15 Feb GT

i have already posted my speaking test questions. its post number 3 on this page

Cue card
About a house that you love visiting

People's health will be lower in future then what extend yo agree or disagree with this,Give example from your own knowledge.

Today's IELTS writing topic in India (Courtesy: My friend)


Write a letter to a manager of the taxi company to complain about the problem with the taxi service used by you.

• When and where you used the taxi
• Describe a problem you have faced
• What do you expect the manager to do?


Many schools made the students to compulsory wear a uniform. However it is hated by the students.

How much freedom do you think students can have to choose their own clothes to school?

Hi all
Anyone has answers of listening GT from India or Sri Lanka please share.


feb 15 exam in london

writing task 1 was a bar graph showing the number of school children who went to school by walking, car, bus, cycling, bus and walking in 1990 and 2010

task 2 People's health will be lower in future then what extend yo agree or disagree with this,Give example from your own knowledge.


1st one was about robots by MIT including ASIMA, COG and Kismet

2. passage on IQ and intelligence

3. research on pterosaurs


1. conversation between two people discussing about a concert booking

2. conversation between a manager and a new employee discussing job responsibilities

3. a lady telling about the history of Abu Hurerah

4. two people discussing an article by a writer, it was about education through computers


place where u belong to?
describe a famous personality from ur country
questions related to sunny weather
singing questions
celebrity questions why people follow them, whats the difference between past celebrities and new ones

Ree, I took the same test but my answers for part 1 of the listening is a bit different
Safety - safety
Robes - ropework
Navigation - navigation
Lunchs - lunch
Equipments - equipment
Arkwright - Awrkright
Shoes - shoes

I am not sure if capitalized and non-capitalized are marked the same, but definitely there is no "s" for lunch and equipment.

The second answer is about rock climbing and the skill they learn is "ropework"

Answer for few GT reading question yesterday

Nearby islands
5-6 hrs
Drinking water
Quad bike
Ability to drive in dangerous - true
Inspection of motor bike - true
80% in individual task - false
Delay in the final result - NG
Part of test knowledge in motorway driving - true
Task score carries more mark than the past - NG
A new bike
Widespread community
Personal reasons
Manager permission

Anyone remember any other answers in reading or listening gt

Hi kill

I wrote

spectacular views instead of nearby island and water only in place of drinking water.
Mine are wrong I think.

Hello Gyzz..... I have written by IELTS at Riyadh British council on Feb15th.... General Training.. I think i did quite well but am very much doubtful of reading section... There was a passage about the "Great Fire of Britain 1866" ... If anyone has got the same for reading.. please let me know.. I remember some questions which i want to discuss.


a. Before fire ...b.during fire..c. after fire
q1. plague disappeared from Britain
answer : my answer was B
q2. Officers were given orders to demolish buildings
answer : Mine was after fire : C
q3. narrow alleys existed in Britain

answer : After fire : C
q2. Several fires before the great fire in britain
answer: mine was Not Given


Water also should be the right answer :) do you remember any other answers. I remember writing these words as answers - conferences, co-workers.


I wrote these answers
Greek Plague - before fire
Demolish building - during fire
Slum area erased - after fire
Some Old church - before fire

Plan was refused as the vision was not understood - false
Author refused to construct in irregular shape area - false
Fire incident before Greek fire -NG
Narrow alleys existed after fire - can't remember
Plague after fire incident - can't remember

@Kill-ielts ..... Was the answer "Manager Permission" the correct one? or was it Managing Director?

Exam Venue- UTS Sydney
Exam Date 01/02/2014
L 8
R 9
S 8
W 7
Thx Simon for all your help.

It was Academic Module.

You may be correct. I don't remember the exact word.

Anybody remember last section paragraph matching answers in GT reading yesterday

@Kill -ielts.... posting wot i remember about paragraph matching...

1. Effects on london -- i think it was the paragraph which tells many houses were destroyed and many were homeless ....etc..

2. City center was build matching original style ---- i wrote the paragraph which i believe was the last paragraph where this was mentioned

3. breakout of fire.... this paragraph was the one which said in a hot day at sometime ..etc ...
4. one more was there which i dont remember

Thanks @kumar. Another question is proposed plan for new city center.

HIRA,My exam in Sarajevo was the same,all the questions were the same as yours.

can you please post the writing topics of the AT at 1st of March as soon as you finish?

in lahore
pakistan cue card and related questions???

Last passage in GT listening Feb 15th India
big toe

Feb 15 London & India got same Academic Passages. :)

@ranjan: we got the same answers.

WT1. bar graph. the number of school children whos goin to to school by walking, car, bus, cycling, bus and walking... year 1990 and 2010

WT2. The average standards of people's health will be lower in future than it is now. To what extent do you agree or disagree. Give examples and reasons from your own knowledge.

Speaking ,london:
advantages/disadvantages where u are living now. Pet at home. Wild animals.

Cue card: travelling away from home, how why what.

How to keep memories when travelling? Do you travel?

I guess as soon as you guys finish your IELTS sitting then hoooola write it here and help our fellow... coz this ielts is like a business now, everyone needs to take ielts for this and that reason... lets help one another... angels be with you... ♡

@ranjan thanks

Do u remember any other answers

Action [movies]
Flow chart - 6 questions
Digital divide - 3 or 4 questions
Author - john smith (5 questions)
Not resp
Next day
Not resp [?????]

anyone taking AT ielts exam on 22nd Feb in New zealand?


have you remember the answers for digital devide sectioin?
and how many digit were in the phone no? :(

Hi, guys!
Those who are taking AT exam in India, Australia & NZ, please, share topics of W1, W2! I'm very concerned about this part.
Thank you & GOOD LUCK!


Hard to remember the number count after the exam :) can't remember digital divide section answers as well

Hi Friends,

I am surprised that the reading question papers are being sporadically reused after few months. The great fire of Britain essay was given in 2012, below is the link that I got in the same website(Scroll down to Manisha's comments with answers who got band 9 in reading):

the great fire of Britain is also came on Ielts of November 2008 !! hey guys they repeat the topics :D ... it seems they re-use topics every two years :D

Hello All,

I had my GT speaking today at Hyderabad. My task 2 was a thing you cannot live without.

The surprise was the question mentioned that it cannot be about a mobile or laptop something which surprised me.
So start preparing for something other than a laptop or mobile.

I need help and maybe some explanation.

I read above that @hope and @Nir were talking about Listening section. I had the same answers on my exam 2nd Feb. BUT I've got only 6.
Reading section where I understood everything - only 6.5

Can anyone explain why my IELTS results are reduced in Ukraine? Is there some sort of discrimination? :(((((

And maybe there is some possibility to see my mistakes? I think there is some foul play in my country.

If you are confident with your listening and reading but you got shockingly low scores, than it might be due to:
1. You are overly confident. Almost everybody thinks he deserves more mark.
2. On listening/reading answer sheet, you wrote the correct answers in the wrong blanks.
3. On reading answer sheet, you wrote YES/NO in where you were supposed to write TRUE/FALSE, or vice versa.
4. There is a map question in listening or there is a paragraph headline matching question in reading, where incorrect answers tend to take place together.

Anyone else has taken their Speaking test for this coming weekend IElts AT exam?

Hi, I am going to appear IELTS academic on 22 Feb from Karachi / Pakistan.Please gives any clue about Writing and Speaking sections.

18th Feb Speaking Colombo

Where do you come from?
What do you do, work or study
do you like your work?
IS this what you wanted to do?
Do you use a dictionary? How often do you use it?
Would you like to get a dictionary as a gift?

Would you like it if you were asked to write a dictionary?
DO you think people nowadays buy a lot of clothes?


Describe a restaurant that you visited recently.
1. Where is it
2. When and with whom did you go
3. Why would you want to go there again


Why do people go to restaurants
Why do people go to fast food restaurants
Are people more aware now about health and food.
What are the disadvantages of going to restaurants.
Do you feel that people's attitudes have changed towards fast food, do they feel its a fashionable thing?
Do you think the government should do something about fast food restaurants?

1. Maybe a bit after 5th failed exam, IELTS teacher lessons and business trips in England and Japan where I had to use a lot of English :)
2. No way :)
3. Double checking before answer.
4. Listening.

Listen, I'm sure I can read and listen on minimum band 7. And tendency shows that same situation with many MALE candidates.
Interesting, where IELTS check our tests? In Cambridge or directly in Ukraine.

By the way, Ukrainian business model - get more money at any costs even is it means foul play. Because price for test rather big. :(

Hi everyone, Are there anybody who have applied for IELTS Academic modul on 15th of MARCH speacially from Australia or Eastern country I'm from Turkey and we are waiting your share about exam questions

Best Regards

I've got my IELTS Speaking exam in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (18/02/2014) and here are the questions:

Part 1:
Tell me your full name.
Let's talk about where you live. Where do you live?
What do you like about where you live?
Do you read the news?
How reading the news is important to you?

What is your favourite singer?
Do you still sing today?

Part 2:
Talk about moving home / to a new place

You might say:
Where do you move to?

Part 3:
What are the main reasons that people move homes?
What are the advantage and disadvantages of moving to a new place?
Do you think children will adapt to changes more quickly than adults?

Also, my Writing test part 2 (15/02/2014) at the same place:

Some people believe success in life comes from hard work and determination. Some think that success in life is determined by other factors such as money, appearance, etc. Discuss both view and give your opinion.

In part 1, a 4-line graph was given.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,

any one appearing on 22nd feb 2014 in ielts ?

I took the academic IELTS last feb.15.

TASK1- about the graph of people who downloaded from the internet in UK. ages bet. 18-64 from the year 2002.

TASK2 - is it true that nowadays people are using new technologies to save more time? give some examples to prove it....


tell me about a historical person that you admired?
Do you have a bicycle?
when did you learn how to ride in a bicycle?

tell me about something you wear in a formal occassion?
what your friends say about it? how do you feel about it?

Hi Dazdraperma,nice nickname!
The IELTS is big business and earning money is its prerogative! I don't think the matter is about Ukraine only, everywhere -the same!!!

Hi Muhittin
I have applied for Ielts exam on 15/3/14 on Dekalb,Usa.
I think practicing recent questions esp writing task is very helpful.
it seems some times questions are relatively simillar.

Best wishes

Hi...Mine was GT...Seoul...15th Feb.


safety, rope works, navigation, equipment, lunch, Awrkright, shoes, 20%, something like "camping" (dont remember exactly) etc, then at the end Waste disposal, Sea, Domestic, paper making or recycling (something like that), then there was a graph que in which answer is C, filters, chemical, tested etc..

Reading: was confused in licence related para, first 1-9...but solved and dont remember answers, however, if someone remember answers from 2nd section (something like calling card or plan scheme)..I need to know answer of last question..I wrote "True" (the question was like plan using before 8 am monday etc)....then at the end I answered 38-recipients, 39-rivals and 40-dont remember.

GT Writing: 1) You had a meal at your frnds home with his/her parents. -- what you enjoyed meal and meeting family members and invite or suggest arrangements to invite ur frnds to your home as well etc..

2) Some people believe that tax is the best soln to reduce industrial pollution while some suggest that there are several other way to solve this trouble. discuss both the views and give your opinion. ---I have tried my best to cover all part, unfortunately I have mentioned why tax is not a fair solution...but missed to mention that what some people believe it to be a fair one....though wrote around 400 words for the rest....lets c on 28th...

Speaking: name, work or study? I said work..

1) the work/research r u carrying was decided prior or after some uni study?
2) lets talk about cooking. who cook in ur home..
3) why to think cooking for man is imp?
4) Did you help ur mum in cooking when you were a child?
5) do you thing children should help their parents in cooking? why?
6) which public transportation you use? train, bus, car etc? if train? then why?
7) 2 min speak: which sport you play or enjoy most? what kind of game is it? why you enjoy? benefits? how one can play it? which kind of dress and equipment needed? etc etc...I spoke for almost 3 or more mint.


8) lets talk about fame..? is it good? young generation should follow famous personalities? what is imp...hard work or luck?

9) intl sports and their advertisement should be encouraged? why?

Thats the end of test...

Unfortunately, I felt examiners voice to down to hear have had to ask some que in return to him...hope at least to get 7..

all d best guys...

if some has answer of GT reading 2nd section last que then let me know

the que was like: xyz calling plan is okay before 8 AM monday ?

@K i m going to appear on 22feb.

@Amber from where u r appearing on 22nd feb?

Please show me answer for this essay
Public health is a major issue nowadays. Some people say the government should make laws to restrict fast foods and to change nutrition habits of people for healthier ones. Others argue that this is a totally personal issue and everyone should take care of it on their own. Do you agree or disagree?

@K I m gonna appear from Karachi/Pakistan at 11.30am
Where are you from?

@Amber i'm appearing from london

any one appearing from australia or nz on 22nd feb 2014


do you the answer for a question in first part



Which exam question was that ? GT or AC.. Also listening or reading..

hello everybody ,
i got overall 6 band but unfortunately i got 5 in writing section :'( ... my result , its wasted .. :'( :'(

good day every one

i m going to appear on 22feb

any one appearing from australia or nz on 22nd feb 2014

My exam will be on Saturday morning in Istanbul but my Speaking exam will be tomorrow.

Good luck everyone. Those who take exam earlier than us, please share questions. Thanks :)

i am appearing at australia 22nd feb AT

Hi, everybody. Good luck on your exams!
Anyone appearing on 5th april :)

Or on 4th april?

Hi every one
any suggestions on academic reading materials?I read national geographic magazine,but beside that if there is other good material then please let me know.

hi guys
i'll be passing academic ielts on 15 march
and you know guys how can i improve my reading passage???

@vivian can you please share ur writing questions n other questions soon after ur exam plz
@zak can you please share ur exam with us on Saturday

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