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Hi Guys ...

Idid well in task 2 , but missed around 60 words in Task one !!

Do u guys have any Idea how much would this reduce writing my score?

I need at least 6 in W

u got the essay, more money more trouble ? less money more happiness??

Is it important to write task1 in task1 sheet only?...and task 2 on task 2 sheet//can we write some lines on task2 sheet..or its like we should not do that and ask for another sheet write remaining task 1 over there..
Also if someone can put ans to reading test...
Alsohow much writing matter in writing its needs to be very neat?

Yes Su.

I had the same topic as you in Spain

Task 1:
Write a letter to the restaurant manager whose restaurant is next to your house.
Inform him about the repair work of house that you're going to undertake
Tell him what could be the possible problems
Also suggest possible solutions to him/her

Task 2:
Money if only just sufficient for your needs leads to happiness. Money in excess may lead to many problems.

Do you agree or disagree?

Task2, advantages and disadvantages about private health and public?

The speaking examiner ask me what do u kniw about business managment.... Sucks thats bullshit.... I am not a student of business managment.... Why did he ask me this question

can someone out reading ans plzzz of 15 mar gt?

Hello Saala khindo,

Does Business management your cue card?
What were the questions related to?



Your score for task 1 will be limited to 5.5 or even less if you do not meet the 150 words count as it will affect all the writing criteria.

If you managed to score 5.5 in task 1 then you would need to score minimum 6 in task 2 to get the overall score of 6 in writing.

The formula is (Task 1 + 2 * Task 2)/ 3 should be greater than 5.75 for the roundup to 6.

Hope this helps.

Hi guys
I've just came back from my Speaking test in Leeds in the UK.
What do you do?
Are you interested in your job?
Would you want to carry on your job?
What was your hobby( reading ,playing) when you were a child?
Do you think children's hobby has changed now compared to the past? Why?
How often do you see your relatives?
What do you do when you visit them?
When did you see them last ?
Describe a TV programme that you watched and like to watch again?
What was the programme?
When and where you watched it?
Why you like it?
Why you like to watch this programme again?
Was about advertising and TV channel

reading ans of 15 march gt..plzz plzz

Does anybody have answers for academic reading?? :)

Kill-ielts ...

Thank you very much my friend
I have an Idea now how to count or predict writing score ...
I have also found a praperd table in this page ;

and it tells axcatly what u have said

now Iam forced to book for new exam, because Iam sure I will get even less than 5 in task 1 ... and task 2 would fall between 6.5 or 7

Thnaks again


what were the writing topics ( in tasks1&2 )?

thank you in advance.

March 15 in Myanmar

speaking : part 1 about ur self, what do u do etc.
fashion and clothing buying habit
type of music you like
writing : task 2 is it good to have large public spaces in towns and cities, agree or disagree?
: task 1 share of total world production compared in Europe, asia and the rest of the world. it's a bar graph

Reading : not too difficult but don't remember now.

sorry i forgot to mention part 2 and 3 for speaking test.
part 2 : a comic actor you know,
part 3: types of entertainment for children and adults, entertainment for different gender, computer and entertainment


Speaking part 1: about job like From Leeds had. But I had only 4 or 5 questions. Was it a bad sign or something?

Part 2: A conversation with complete stranger. I saw exactly the same topic on this site.

Part 3: Everything about chatting - do you like it, what is the difference between a conventional chat and using some messengers. Why it is easy to speak honestly to stranger than to an acquaintance. Is it easier to tell truth when using the Internet.

The conversation was relatively short. For the last question I gave only 5-word long answer when the examiner stopped me.

I don't know that to think now.

Ooo yes, my conversation was short too. I am a little bit worried...

Hi Ann
It was on 15th of March
Task1 ...
5 reasons why students selected perticular university in UK in to different years .

Task 2...
Some think its better for old people to stop working in old ages,while others think the opposite. Do u agree or not?

Thanks Sllom

Where did you take the exam? british Council or idp?

and how was the result from your last one?

I did it at Biritsh council ,and results will come out after 1 and half weeks.
but Igonna book for aditinal exam on 5th of April ^^

Hi everyone, can anybody tell the listening and reading answers (GT) on the 15/3/2014 in Australia please?
I can remember some answers from listening which I found for listening:
phone number with 4 digit already given in question
- 17th April
- a cake
- flowers
- humidity in no.40
- pubs
- Cinema
- harvest
- easy to know
- really challenging
-93 in no.2
- 68% for multiple choice
- the status for multiple choice
- Forgot others guys,
if you can please pls share the answers


aha, I thought u took it last time! and this is your second.

I'm going to take it in April too :).

Good luck hope u will get what you want.

in turkey same questions at 15th march exam

Topic one:write your neighboor who have restaurant about your repair work that you will do your home,what problems can occur and suggest him something for overtake them

Topic 2:more money brings more happiness or more problems?agree-disagree?

But reading's last 10 questions had very stong and complex structure

Speaking:first personal queastions

second:polite people?who acted you politely when you are child

third:tv programmes and regulating to advertisment on tv

Hi,I am from UAE - Abu Dhabi, my Academic Ilets exam will be on 5th April ,if any one have the test in the same day or the day before can you please share your exams topics, especially if you are in region more than +4GMT like Australia, India or east Asian countries?.
I will be so happy if any one can help as this is my first experience.
Thanks A lot for siomn and all of you!

I want to know the same as Yomma for general training module. Is there anyone who will appear IELTS at April 5 , GT? please post the questions right after you finish the exam. I know it will be a little help in the examination hall because the time lag is really small.

Thanks in Advance

did anyone get the results, 8th of march exam? test date can see from the website. but result is not there.. :(

Hello All.

I got a test last saturday and I made a huge mistake in my test especially in reading section. Instead of writing "FULL" TRUE, FALSE, NOT GIVEN, I just wrote T, F, NG. Do you think I can get a score on that? if my answer is right?

Hi everyone,I took the academic module under British Council here in Caribbean last March 8 2014. I saw my scores yesterday night and it was a good score. I got above what I need.
And before anything else I would like to thank the owner of this site for the useful information in preparation for the test. Indeed the site is very handful with exam topics and tips.
Anyway,below are the exam questions that I could remember.
Academic Reading:
1. Bobbie Birds - about migration, eating habits, mating, taking care of their chicks
2. About Egypt largest quarry in Aswan (this one took me lot of time to answer)
3. Topics about stress management, meditation, exercise
1. Are you working or studying?
2. How interesting your work is?
3. In cultural perspective, how polite people in your country?
4. How do children learn politeness?
5. How polite people now compare before?

Que card:
Discuss about family business that was successful say:
How successful it was
Define your customer
Define your market
How your family benefit from the success of your business

Follow up:
1. Compare the advantage and disadvantage of small and big company
2. In your own opinion, in which company do you prefer to work? Why?
3. In world trade, how exporting will benefit a business? And then the economy of your country?

I'm bit surprised about the questions the was asked by the examiner in the speaking test specifically about business world. I'm pretty sure that I never encounter them before at least.

Lastly, some tips in my experience especially in reading test manage your time efficiently.
Some passages are not strategically made for scanning the answers. You must read and understand the whole passage. Some question are really vague at first glance but if you understand what you had read. You'll be fine.

God bless to all!

I almost forgot about the academic writing topics:

1. Two civic center plan/blueprint: Current vs propose future plan
2. Information are now available widely and free from any other source. Do you agree that teacher are no longer needed to provide this information for the student.

Regards to all

Thanks a lot Simon for this wonderful blog......I have achieved my desired band score of minimum 7 in each section in my 5th attempt only by following your advice.............My scores are
Listening 8 Reading 9 writing 7 speaking 7.5 Overall 8

Hello Simon,
this question is recently asked in the exam.
Could you please provide good points to write this essay?I think writing essay for such topics are a bit hard.
"Some say it is important for parents to teach their children about the importance of money. Why and how should they do it? Include examples from your own experience?"

no exam today? no question posted yet?

Anybody applying for test 5 April like me ,
I seek for speaking study mate ,
My Skype : asurgeon80

Hello everyone,
I got my IELTS results L- 8.5, R- 7.5, w-7 & S-7.5 with overall 7.5.
And I would like to say a big "Thank" to Simon.
This site was very useful.I followed many of your advice.

Here are some of the questions from my exam- March 2014,UK.

Writing task 2 - Advertisements try to sell unwanted things to the public. Agree or disagree.(note! wording are not the same but the idea.)

part 1- Where do you live now.
What are the disadvantages in your city?
Why you like it?
Do you think that you will live in this city for long?

Cue card - Describe an old object ( Simon has posted and worked on this topic already)

part 3 - Why do you think people collect old objects?
What about keeping old buildings, good or bad?
Do people learn from past?
If yes, why do wars still going on?
Why do people fight?
Do reasons for fighting change with time?

hi eva

you are very lucky
please give us some advice and info.
how many times did you take ielts exam ?
tell us about your marks in the past, please.

how did you improve ?
what did you use for writing exam , pen or pencil?
where did you take ielts exam.i mean in which centre , because i am also in uk . and i am trying to pass ielts with minimum 7, but i cant

thank you

Hi, Ahmed. I also apply for 5 April from Azerbaijan.

congrats! Can you tell me important points to achieve highest score in all section but particularly in reading section .I need 7 in each please provide guidance. I have difficulty in heading match questions.

Congratulation,we need to know your own tips and tricks to get a high score.
Thank you

Hiii friends I m from Canada. Here, exams questions are totally different from other countries's test centres, even on the same day..... I gave exam on 1st feb and got speaking test's toughest questions ever...
The part 3 speaking questions were abt the international obligations.
- I didn't have any idea abt this term.... but examnier was good.he tried to explain me in simple way but I had very few words to speak. So I got only 6.5 bands in speaking. Soo friends plzzz be prepared abt these surprising questions......

I had exam on april 5th i'm 4m india
any one have xam on the same date


I also have exam on 5th of April in Australia.
I found another constructive website which is highly recommended. I suggest everyone to visit it before sitting exam.

I have exam on 5th April at 9am in Azerbaijan

Thanks Simon n everyone.
I got R8L8W6S6.5 at academic on 1st March.

My previous score
R7L7W5.5S6.5 (February 2014)

Big thanks!

Hello, Sandi, Hello Rus!
Can you give me your emails?

hi simon!

i really wonder if i can change forms of some words just to fit them to the spaces given in IELTS listening and speaking test? because it is said that the answers must be correct grammatically.

i had exam on april 5th i would like to practice speaking any one interested my SKYPE id :sandi14141515

Hi, Sandi. Where are you from?

hello notanish give ur mail id will ping u :)

4m inida

Hello every body,
I got 6.0 in IELTS " R 6 L 6.5 Wr 5.5 S 6 " what I need is at least 6 in each part and 6.5 overall band,is it possible while my next turn is in 5th April!!

So troubled! I'm going to have my Ielts result tomorrow - 28/03
God bless me please!

@Zoha for reading lot of practice is needed and time management is very essential to complete all 3 sections follow Simon's lessons and Practice from Cambridge IELTS books 1-9(that's what I did) for listening I think most of us get confused in multiple choice questions again lot of practice not only just from books but also try to listen bbc radio and while practicing try to understand how the speaker tries to confuse you for the right answer Initially my weak area was writing for which I strictly followed Simon's advice this time .

If anyone needs any cambridge book 1-9 soft copy please email me at I can send you as soon as i check your email

I have exam on April 5. I will share questions as soon as i leeave the room.

@Fox i took me 13 months to get this score. i took the exam 4 times last year but always got 6.5 in writing. The main trick that helped was patience and lots of practice.

i m also having xam on april 5ht whr r u 4m guntakin ...?

I'm also having exame on 5 th .rus can I hv yr skype or email

I'm from srilanka

Il be having exam on April 10 here in New Zealand. Hoping to get a good score.

Sandi I am from Azerbaijan. I ask candidates from India, Srilanka, Australia share their writing topics on 5th April, may be it can help us

Hi guys.
I'll be on exam on 5th of April. Please do not hesitate to share your exam questions and answers after exam. In particular, writing tasks :) we have 6 hour time period with Australia.
Bunch of lucks to everyone

Guntakin where is your test location? GRBS?
I'm from Azerbaijan )

Hi Mosu)Mine British Council

HI AZERI STUDENTS! @Guntakin I need your advices and comments, pls! ) I want to take intensive IELTS preparation courses at the British Council. Sorry, Can I please your email address? If yes, pls write it here or you can write to my email adress directly ( ). because I would like to know detailed information about the courses. By the way I took exam last year and my overall band is 6. Yet I need 7,and I should retake exam in June. Due to it, I want very helpful IELTS course...

Hey.. Just to let you know, results are out for dunedin , NZ! I Took the test on the 15th of March. Got a 7,5 in average..
R:6,5 s:8 w:7 l: 8,5
Only had 2 days to prepare for the test, so the results are ok! The text in reading was pretty fucked up.. I just prepared with ielts Simon! So thanks a lot for giving us free access! :) you could probably make more money out of it!
What do you guys have? If you have any questions, just ask!
Have a good weekend everyone!

Hi all, I went to test centre today and my results are:
L8.5 R8.5 W7 S7
Module: General Training
Location Melbourne Australia
Therefore I can proceed to the next stage. It is my 4th attempt.
1st 14/12/2013 Academic L7 R8.5 W6S7 - applied for remark but negative
2nd 11/1/2014 General Training L7 R8 W7 S6.5 - applied for remark but negative
3rd 1/2/2014 General Training L7 R8 W7 S6 - the speaking examiner kept asking me why rather than giving new questions, so I stammered.

PS: If you are going to take IELTS, then I would suggest you don't go to the IDP test centre in CBD.

I would write more later.

I got my results today
Listening: 7.0
Reading: 8.0
Writing: 6.0
Speaking: 6.5
Overall: 7.0

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Best site ever!

I will have speaking exam at 13:20 in Azerbaijan. please share your speaking question.

Today got result from India
British council
LRWS 6.5,6,7,6

Thank u so much Simon sir.
Finally got 7.0

BC IELTS 15-Mar-14, India (First attempt):

L/R/S - 8.5
W - 7
Overall - 8

THANK YOU SIMON! Especially for my Speaking score.
But, I'm very surprised and unhappy with my Writing score - 7. I needed 8 in each module. I thought I followed every instruction that Simon suggested. I strongly feel that my score would bump up by at least 1 band if I go for a revaluation in the Writing module.

Should I go for a reval ONLY? OR should I ALSO simultaneously book for the next exam?How long does it take to get the reval results?

Any ideas will be much appreciated. Thanks.

i am very sad . i think i cant achieve 7 in each part. if there is any advice , give me .
this was my second attempt .
i will try once more but i think i cant pass it. anyway , i am looking for your advice mates.

listening 7
writing 6.5
reading 6.5
speaking 5.5
over all 6.6

last time i had 6 in speaking and this time 5.5 . i really dont know, how it is possible. this time my speaking exam was better than last time.
thank you simon

sorry over all 6.5 not 6.6


Are you in uk?
Did you take exam in uk?
I can't find my husband result on British counsel website.

I took the exam in Turkey and I cant see my result on British Council.

to hina
yes i am in the uk
try you can check it , or go to your test centre and collect your result

to hina
i was with crest open centre.

22/2/2014 L-9 R-8.5 W-6.5 S-7.5
15/3/2014-L-8 R-8 W-7 S-7

I need 7 in each and I got it, yah! Thanks Simon!
Anyway, I think the ielts marking standard is very subjective especially in writing and speaking. I think I have done better in speaking in second time as I was more confident but the result is reverse. Also, I was pretty confident in my first writing test but it came out as 6.5 only.
Overall, good luck everyone!

Hi Simon,

I am happy to let you know that I recived a overall band 8 15/3/2014 - INDIA

L - 8 , R - 7 , W - 8.5 , S - 8.5

I am very thankful to you , in giving all of us this invaluable information to excel in IELTS.

Your essay book helped in understanding and building a plan for the essay and also helped in gather some valuable points for speaking.

Your website indeed is truely worth following

The only thing I would like to add here are a couple of points :

1) Students appearing for general IELTS , if you could focus more on letter writing once every 2 weeks , then that would be brilliant

2) I recon it would be useful to students , preparing a likewise material of topic specific vocabulary for Speaking and brief ideas on 2 minutes speech and part 3 & part 1 of speaking topics apart from the speaking lessons once a week.

Many Thanks Once again , your work as an instructor is worth adapting for candidates who want to learn and score higher on english

I will have speaking exam on 29th march. please share speaking exam from India

Hi everybody !

I sat for the exam in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2 weeks ago. I must say that Simon webpage contributed a lot to my performance. It really made the difference !! Thank you Simon !!!

The questions were:
SPEAKING: - Talk about a gift (not a computer or mobile phone) that was given to you and you have kept for many years.
a) Why it is so important to you? b) How often do you use it...
- How important is marketing nowadays, different marks, buying for necessity or consumerism ? (something similar, but same idea)

A) Two bar charts showing CO2 emissions for 6 different countries and the CO2 emissions in those countries by person.

B) Advantages and Disadvantages (and opinion) of having a private healthcare system.

READING: Honestly, I don't remember it very well but it included
a) an article of the different kinds of management in organisations described by Mintzberg b) An article of the spiders and the silk (similar to one we have gone through before in the practise tests).

I hope this will help you !


my skype id is fall.out99 i am also taking xam on april 5.please add me

Hi there,
Please share your speaking questions ASAP )

15 Mar 2014, General, Singapore (sorry, belated post coz of work & kids..)

Wr task 1 - Write a letter to an employment agency to find you a job overseas. Explain what kind of company/work you'd like & why you want to work o/seas.

Wr task 2 - Children should be taught abour money. Why should parents teach.. and what should they teach? (Prob / Soln )

Speaking - Do you work best in the morning or afternoon? Why should pple be punctual? Is punctuality important?

Cue - Talk about a film you did NOT like! What was it? When did you watch it? Why?

hi how do these people remmeber the reading or writing answers ? all 4o. i am surprised.

Hi Simon, I got my results last week.
Listening: 7.5
Reading: 9.0
Writing: 7.0
Speaking: 7.5
Overall: 8.0

This was my 3rd attempt and finally I got my targeted band 7 in each part after study your web and ebook.
Thank you very much !

Dear all
how wold you deal with this writing topic?
Write about the following topic:

Should arts-related entertainment venues such as museums and art galleries be free of charge for the general public, or should a charge apply for admittance?

Discuss this issue, and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Hi guys anyone who wants to practice speaking for the test on 5 April, please add me on skype : slloom2014
I wanna get band 7 in S

I got my results W6-S6-R6-L6.5
overall; 6
unfortunatly I need overall 6.5 :(
thanks (kill-ilets)

Hi guys anyone who wants to practice speaking and writing task
for the test on 5 April,
I wanna get band 7 in S

hi i did my exam 15th mar in lahore pakistan but did not got result. It says on email that for quality assurance my result is held. what does that mean . did someone else has same problem.

can we write by pencil in i llets exam sheet or we have to use pen ?


You have to write in the LIstening / Reading test sheet by pencil.
For the writing part you could use pen or pencil.

Have a good one.

Hi, guys)
I have exam on 5 April in Azerbaijan, our exam starts at 08:30 a.m. GMT +4. Please, share your writing task question as soon as possible)

@Mercedes Annibali,

I just wanna learn are you gonna take one more IELTS exam on April 5th? because I took IELTS exam on 03/15/2014 and our questions were same. If you take exam at that day could you please share your questions with us?

Good luck.

i m ready for my speaking test tomorrow...............5th attempt....i want 7 band in each module .....i hope i ll do it...........

guys,anybody from India Chandigarh here who's exam is on 5th April?

hey sandeep kaur this is Anmol i want some practice. my exam is on 5th April in Chandigarh my Skype id is anmol3180.


G test
L 6
R 6
W 6
S 5.5
Overall 6
I did not pay time to do the exercise. Just use this website to learn IELTS.
Speaking is about the "tourist attraction".
I will do more in next time.

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