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Can you check this for me?


I think it is very vital to doubt any decisions and ideas by the authorities such as government, policemen, courts and laws and others. All of us have right to deserve for a better life.

First and foremost, after World war II, there’s a lot of racism conflict around the world such as apertheid. It was a terrible discrimination towards black people by white people. The book entitled The Help by Kathryn Stockett revealed this discrimination. All the white characters in the novel, with the exception of Skeeter, were racists, even though many were not aware of it. They treat the black maids poorly because they believed that they were stupid and inferior. Throughout the novel, the whites were always referring to the maids or, blacks in general, in descriptive terms that usually apply to animals, suggesting that blacks had more in common with animals than humans. The whites in the novel built social barriers between themselves and the blacks mainly based upon their fears. Their fears were unfounded, which exposed their raw hatred that in turn was displayed in the daily abuse they inflicted on the black maids. However, Skeeter turned out with her brilliant ideas to write a novel about true stories of black maids. She opposed the perceptions of every single persons in her society. After the novel had been debuted, it became the national bestseller and soon the people in Mississippi realised that they should change their perceptions towards black people. If Skeeter didn’t take any action of it, all the black people will continue to live in as slaves in the society.

Besides, Stephen Hawking who is a genius physicist is a good example in this topic. He was diagnosed with motor neurone disease or commonly known as ALS during his 21st birthday. The doctors in the hospital predicted him to be alive for another two years. However, Stephen hawking did not believe the decision that someone else had made for him and continued his life and research as much as he could. He wanted to achieve his dream of proving the whole universe by a single equation. He kept thinking without fail even his whole body was deteriorating. Even he was being wheelchair bound and dependent on a computerised voice system for communication and other people to manage himself, he still could survive from the disease for about 50 years after he was diagnosed by it. According to Leo McCluskey, an associate professor of neurology and medical director of the ALS Centre at the University of Pennsylvania,it’s just an incredible example of the variability of the disease and the hope for patients who have it that they could also live a long life. Hence, if Stephen Hawking just gave up all his dreams after the diagnosed by the doctors, he would never contribute anything to the world about time relativity and the universe.

In a summary, we need to ask and believe in ourselves before accepting any decisions and ideas by other people. Some of the ideas may ameliorate our lives, but some of it will just jeopardised it. All of us have our own rights to choose and decide our own lives.

Wht is this MissH?? I am nt getting it
...Please explain

Is anyone going to have speaking exam tomorrow???

Sana I hv exam today at 5:00 pm as per IST

I live in kuwait(UTC+3:00) and my exam is at 1:40 pm i didn't get ur

I live in India(UTC +5:30) nd my exam is at 5:00pm

Cn u tell me wht has cm In speaking I will be highly greatful to u

Ive just attend speaking exam in Turkey,

Part 1:
What do you do on weekends
Part 2
Is there any speacial thing which you would like to buy in the future?
Part 3:
Consumerism questions.

I am going to do IELTS tomorrow ...
Could you tell me what was task 1 type in pervious exam ?

In which country or city people give the same exam( with the same writing questions) before Azerbaijan (UTC +4:00)? India, China, Indonesia where? Maybe somebody have already noticed it?

Pls give me writing back questions. On 16th may 2015

Please share your exam questions

plz upload todays answers

Hi All...

I am looking for a serious study partner through skype or in person. I am in the UK, Manchester area

I am taking IELTS Academic module on 27th June 2015. Please let me know if you are interested to join for combine study. We could do 2-3 hours per day to start with and then plan on intense revision towards the end of exam.

Email me for Skype ID.



IELTS writing part 2 question on May 16 in Saudi Arabia
People tend to watch foreign movies more than local movies these days. Should government financially support local movies?

Thanks selim!

Anyone can share more oral questions for this week?

Hi every one

I took ielts academic today
Writing qustions:
Task1: it was a table
Task2: something like this ;people watch more foreign films than their localy produced films:
Should government support local films financialy?

In turkey:

Writing 1
Table question. They were asking about reasons of passengers who travelled by bus
Writing 2
Most of the people choose to watch foreign movied rather than locals. Why is that and should governments support local gilm industries

What do you do, what do you think about wheathers etc
Describe a toy which you bouht when you was a child, why its memorable for you..
What do you think about childrens toy prefers etc

Btw reading was really hard..

For the one who foun in listening part 4 about history of people movement to America
What is the last answer please ?
Could you put some listening answer

Section 1
April 30

Section 4

Hey guy
This is the question of academic essay today

That means the questions are repeatable !!!

Hi friends,

Speaking Exam questions yesterday in Azerbaijan

1 part
why do you like your home ?
What kind of home would you like to live in the future ?
How people make friendships ? where ?
Friendship past and now

describe a situation when you meet someone you know and surprised

part 3

about natioins
how do they come together ? where ?
is it necessary to preserve national identity ?

Hi MO,

I think the last answer for listening Part 4 was "Current"

Thank you ashi
Is it current or currents ?
And I wrote navigation instead of navigational skill . Do you think it would be wrong

listening 1st... XW..T.
april 30
key board


Listening section one not in order
April 30th
I cant remember what else
Section 4 not in order

Hi ,
I've found these answers another website . I'm just wondering could you remember me where the answer Plants and wind appeared ??? Could you remember the meaning of the sentences ?

Can someone kindly comment in Academic Readings in yesterdays test

Well . Honestly I I've found the first passage little confusing . The second and third passages were fair comparing to the level of past ielts exams. But the problem is usually the first part is easy ant that what I didn't found it yesterday .
Anyway this my opinion.. I need to hear from you guys

Actually first part was the hardest among the others..

To join ielts group
.just text me...

.+91 7359242549

the questions 32-35 in passage 3 were T/F/NG or Y/N/NG. Because i wrote T/F/NG on answer sheet and somebody was telling me that it was Y/N/NG. Will i get marks or not?


what was the questions in UK on 16 may for academic exam? plz some1 share it.

@sasha the same as in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and India

if anyone knows about the tasks in the US or Canada...Could you share them, please?

Hi I have exam on 30 may please help me. General module. Who take same date in different country please share their writing topics

Hi every one
Please upload your recent ielts speaking questions

Hi Dixika,
I am also taking my gt module exam on 30 May. Where u r residing currently.


Hi Neha. I living in Anand, India

Hello everyone my cousin having IELTS exam for academic module on 21th may 2015 in India (GMT+5:30) so please anyone who has exams on the same day before this time on Thursday then share the Writing Tropics. Please its will be good for my cousin.

Hi Dixika, as I am residing in UK, so u'll receive your test 5hours before mine. Hope you'll going to mention your questions specifically writing tasks, here on Simon.

I'll looking forward for that. Thanks

I am going to sit for academic ielts exam on 30th may from Bangladesh (UTC +6:00). Please help me.

I am taking the General module on 30th May from Vancouver, Canada ,and I would be much appreciate if anyone in an earlier time zone could post or send me the writing topics and the speaking topics after their exams.Thanks

I am taking the test on 30th, Nigeria. Please help by posting your writing tasks and speaking. Will appreciate that.

hi neha
i am going to give exam from anand on 30th may 2015 general module.
please share writing and speaking material

hi there

did anyone had ielts exam on 16 may in India

hi guys, can someone tell me the last questions of writing in India? Or i have to say "cekme anani bacini sikim cekme o kariyin amina koyim cekme"

thanks a lot..

Hi Neha
Sure I will share my writing topic with u.

hey fd i am also going to sit ielts acadamic xm is on 30 may from bangladesh...........plz help me .

which countries xm question are similar to bangladesh plz friends reply me nd cnct with me my whats app number is 01851414002....i dont forgot ur help .

hi jui apo where u plan to British Council or IDP.

Please anyone who are going to attend writing examsexams before India (GMT+5:30) especially from Turkey or Saudi Arabia share Writing reading listening topics here please.

Please anyone who are going to attend writing exams before India (GMT+5:30) on "21th May 2015" especially from Turkey or Saudi Arabia share mainly Writing or reading listening topics here please asap

same here...test on 21 may acadamic module
plz share writing or speaking topics as soon as possible

Please help me. I have exam today 21st may for academic in india(GMT+5:30). please anyone who are done with today's exam post the writing topics please.

Anyone plzshare exam ques

Hi Simon, I have made one spell error in each of the writing task,1 and 2 respectively. How bad will that affect my band score. Rest, I assume I have made a logical progression in the achieving the task. I have used linking words appropriately and have used less common words.And, have used a mixed variety of sentences. Used an introduction and conclusion with 3 supporting paragraphs. But, I am really scared of the spell error I have made. I need a band score of 7.

Any1 who gave speaking test plz share

hey there i am taking ielts test this 30 may - academic. can anyone pls help. i am at australia

hey everybody which countries question are similar to bangladesh.if anyone know plz commant ........plz plz plz............i do not forgot ur help. nd best of luck for everyone,,,,,,,,,

which countries question are similar to australia anyone know.if anyone know plz comment these countries name.

in india academic task 2 was people these days using less bicycles why? tell them abot the benefit of using bicycle to motivate them to use

does anybody remember tht listening ansers in today's ielts test.thx

does any body still remember listening section 2 and 3 topics or answers ?
what about the reading topics ?

does any body still remember listening section 2 and 3 topics or answers ?

Dear Simon, I would like to clarify certain doubts regarding IELTS writing and speaking. I had taken my IELTS academic module on 16th of May 2015. Previously I had taken IELTS GT in 2013,and have achieved the following bands: L-8.5/R-8.5/W-6.5/S-7=7.5.

This year I took IELTS academic to get resisted with Canadian nursing council. I need R-6.5/W-7/S-7/L-7.5. I am sure about my listening and reading. I did well in those parts. From my previous experience I assume that I am weak in academic writing.

In my speaking, I did well in my section 1, but was little confused as the examiner rushed up with questions, she started asking before I have completed my answers. IN section 2, I received a topic on an 'eduction series I have watched'. I talked well but at the end I ran out of content and used some sounds like 'ahh/umm' at least twice before ending my speech. In section 3,topics were pretty dry,based on T.V and advertisements. However,I managed talking fluently. But, I feel like I spoke very fast,may be I was nervous. But, I used quiet a variety of less common words. SO,my question is will those hesitations I had during the section 2, i.e, the sounds I made, will affect my band badly? I need band 7.

In my writing, I got an easy topic in both the tasks. I have achieved the task response in both,especially task 2. My queries are,I wrote 160-170 words only in task1. And, I made two spelling errors in both the tasks,i.e, one in each ( respondent- respondant; Alleviate- aelivate). Besides that, I assume I have progressed logically in paragraphs and have not made any major mistakes in punctuations or grammar.

So,depending upon the information I have given here, please suggest me how badly will the mistakes I have done would affect me? I cannot afford taking up another IELTS, as I need 7 in both speaking and writing.

I thank you in advance for the valuable help you are doing for me.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks @mandy for sharing! does anybody know something about the ACADEMIC writing tasks in the Pacific zone and in the American zone? Many thanks in advance!

Hi everyone!
I'm taking ielts exam 30th of May.
Everyone who are taking 30th let help each other and share any information we know and will get from the exam. Let's create a whatsapp group in order to get easier and faster acceess to one another.
Everyone who are interested add me:

Okay guys result of ielts 9 may is online now!! I got my result which is 6.5 .. I already need just 5 for master program and am happy that i made it.. Good luck every one :)

Got result just now.
Listening 7.5
Reading 6.5
Writing 6
Speaking 5.5
Overall 6.5

My requirement is Overall 6.5 individual 6.

I still do not find mine. :( How long does it take?

My L,R,W test is on 30 may morning..
But my Speaking test is on wednesday 27th afternoon (AEST). is anyone having earlier speaking test before that?

Finaly I got my result:

Overall Band 6.5
Listening 7.0
Reading 7.0
Writing 5.5
Speaking 6.5

I can not believe my writing was that bad. :(

no one share information reagarding 21 may academic test???.

21st May Azerbaijan
Harvey, 45,13 July, temple, castle, breakfast, ferry
more damage of houses, road, voucher, volunteers come in the morning, bicycle road - plan cancelled, main road- cant reach with car, hospital- repaired, school- need changes-furniture.
not appropriate own ideas, refer to title, quotations clarify difficult meanings,spcial form of university, in example of this case, analyzed data.., reports, ideas, examples, reading
seeds, sea, mice, climate, doctor, grass, wood, light

reading quetions- true false, yes no, paragraphs, who said what, complete sentences, complete ideas, tests

bar chart (1 column for 4 countries)+ table(1 column for 4 countries). life expactancy for person born in 2008 bar. increase in life expactancy in years from 1983 to 2008.japan korea usa indonesia

in some countries number of people using bikes as main transport type is decreasing, even though it is so beneficial. why this is so? how people can be encoraged?

Please anyone who will give exam on 30th may ,5 to 6hour before Bangladesh time ,inform me. It will be grateful for me. My mail is :

I am also canditate of 30 may academic xm.Here anyone have who take ur xm before 4 or 5 hours befor from bangladesh plz dr bro/sis inform me.its really helpful for email is /////best of luck for everyone.

Hello guys, who among you has already taken ielts for ukvi? Is it really thesame with the regular one? Thanks a lot.

Hi friends,
To join whatsapp group for ielts

Text me
.+91 7359242549
For 18 June exam

I have my academic ielts on pakistan GMT+5:30 , kindly share anyone who is before mine..thanks.. I will have my exam at 6:00gmt .

Hi everyone i am going to do my İELTS 13 June. If someone attend at same day please help each other. Waiting for info +90 546 650 19 92. Good luck

Hello everyone
I'm going to give IELTS GENERAL exam on coming 30th may in CANADA. Anybody giving the exam on same date please contact me on my email below or plz share the speaking and writing topics.
Watsapp- 0012049517861

Everyone taking on 30th of May, you are welcome to our wp group:


Hello IELTS Aspirants,
I'm giving my IELTS exam on 30th of May ( R,W,L ) of this Month. And Speaking is on 26th of May. Anyone who can help or suggest any tips, Please ping me on Whatsapp @ +91-9492859936 . Anything positive will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance


Hi..everyone speaking test is on 2nd june2015,plz inform me about topics if anyone have before me...

Plz tell me answers of 16may test

Why do you need 16th May test answers???

Anyone from Australia who are giving their IELTS General on 30th of May???

any prediction for writing task 2 on 30 th may ,, academic writing task... please share

Any prediction for writing task 2 on 30 th may genreal Test?

I am giving Ielts on may 30,june 6 and 13. I am following these updates about question asked on same day in countries ahead of time so that people livjng in time frame behind can get benefit. These people think questions are same and repeated but believe me they are never. I used to follow in one of my ielts but then i stop following updates from countries ahead in time frame from mine.
Did any one got lucky that same questions came in exam which were asked in other countries.?

Hi @scorpian! yes, you're right it doesn't make sense during the day of the exam because the questions are different depending on the time zone. I've been following the questions since January and I've seen that sometimes they repeat part of the exam in next dates in other regions. For example the questions, the question about animal extinction (if it's ok or not to spend money on that) appeared on the 31st of January in APAC, on the 18th April in the UK, and on the 25th of April in America (not exactly the same, but very similar). The same the questions about banning mobile phones in public places and another about the noise that people can make. Both appeared in two different places on different dates.
The same about task 1. A diagram about smoked fish appeared on 18/04/14 in APAC and on 09/05/15 in America.
So, I follow updates just to practice. Even when people post their questions two days later, for me is useful. You never know if that questions will appear later in a different region.
Some parts of the texts and listening where the same as well. Of course you cannot memorise all the listening and reading tests, but maybe have a previous idea or it can sound familiar to you...some people remember the reading test al find the article on the internet and post it...
So...I'd like to say to all the people here that sharing their questions whenever you have time, it's highly appreciated.
If someone knows the ACADEMIC writing tasks in APAC (Asian-Pacific) and in America, on the 21-05-15, please, I'd like to know something about that. Only people from MEI/Europe shared the questions on that date.
Thank you very much!! :)

You are right Lau02 . I have been writing down the essay questions since January and I've found that some of them were repeated . I sat on the 16th of May and my essay was about foreign film industry . I was shocked after the exam when I found the same essay appeared on 2012 . So , it is a good idea if anyone spend sometime on looking for the last 2 or 3 years . Here in simon website you can access easily to the old lessons .
Thank you .

Hi Lau02,

I use the black writing ieltsking prediction book to predict the answers because they are planned.

We always predict answers in Asia with a good chance.

It is a free book. I think the new one is available on the ieltsking.

Mr Asia Fantastic Super Man Ice Man

Hello ... I am desperately looking for a English speaking partner. Anyone interested to join plz ping my skype : impayel


any recent speaking topics pls

Dear Simon

Hello, good day.

This is more of a spelling and etc matter and it doesn't seem to go along with the most of questions here but all the other pages were full, so please understand.

The answer was '3 times' and unconsciously I just put 'three times'. Putting numbers in words would this matter? I understand that it is a risk or just can be accepted but is it always case by case? Where can I see the official IELTS policy about acceptable answers?

I appreciate your time. :)

Hello! Goodluck to everyone! Thank you for sharing your exam questions!

message from Hong Kong
Just sit for 9 May 2015
it finds the result quite horrible. I got writing 5.0. Now, i am planning the appeal for this paper.
In speaking, the examiner discussed the building I knew.
Hope helpful

I also find that the assessment standard from Youtube is not same as actual situation.
I think my speaking is quite more fluent than the youtube quy who claims the mark to be 7.0. However, i just get the score 6.5 only even I am confident my grammar and speed correct

Hello friends,
There is a whatsapp group
. For those who have test on
. 18 june

Text me to join group
.+91 7359242549

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