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@fiona & @ Charlie - r u guys giving exam in London?? Me too this sept 6. I don't think there's anyone giving exam on this date from Azerbaijan :(

Anyone who gave academic exam today in uk, plz share the writing taskm1&2 question..thank u

Anyone who just took the exam today please share to us your writing task 1 amd 2 questions. My exam is on Saturday already. Thanks.

my ielts exam in 6th sept ,i have difficulty in listening and writing ,can any one from australia or india or East Asian countries or iraq,jordan ,qatar ,turkey ect... help me please help me to overcome this mystery.
give us your questions in writing and reading

Dear H,
I am going to face the ielts exam on 20th September from Bangladesh. However, I am worry about writing task -2 and listening MCQ type questions. I need your kind cooperation in this regard. Please send me some writing task-2 formats and listening tips. My email address is :

Thank you in advance and waiting for your prompt response.


Hi everyone!

I am also going to give ielts on 20 september. I will post my writing tasks. anyone else who is taking ielts on this date pls post topics of writing task 1 and 2. and speaking test too. as you finish with your test.

hi, ANY one giving exam on 6th from Australia IELTS GT, please send writing here

if anyone gives ielts on 6 september then plz post writing tasks here. thanks i will do the same as soon i am done with test.

I had the speaking test today. The questions were:\Part1:
what do you do?
are you happy with the work
Questions on break in between works

The prize you have waiting to get?
Why do you need it?
How are you going to get it?

Which part of the country I belong to?
Where my parents stay?
Places of attractions to see in my native?

My exam on 6 sep. PLs give me writing task 1 and 2

Shira satnam where are you from ? If i am done with test earlier than you i will post here writing tasks. Plz you do the same if you are done earlier.

i am taking the test on 20th september.. any one from Azerbaijan doing academic module please post the question ASAP.
any one knows the writing tasks on 4 th september exam ?

Anybody completed writing test today for general IELTS today

I have a Test Tomorrow plz share Writing Task 1 and Task2 if anybody has taken test today for General Training

how many questions must do to achieve band 6.5 reading listening

Hello gegggege

Check it here

4th of September exam:
Task 1 : describe two charts (line graph and bar chart) about the prices of tickets for a theatre performance throughout two years and the percentage of the sold tickets.

Task 2: greed and selfishness is common in the modern society. Return to the old, traditional values as well as respect to our families can create a better world to live in.
To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Jmielts I know about that, I asked how many questions musto to do to achive band 6.5 in reading leastening I'd mean If i make 26 i achive band 6.5 or less? do you know something about this...thanx

I have academic IELTS tomorrow 06/09 in Cambridge...

I will try to post the writing as soon as I can..

PLEASE do the same, anyone from Azerbaijan India,,, please share your question on ths page we will be waiting ....

Hi Razan,

Where are you from?



i have the exam tomorrow ,please share the writing tasks(GT).please

no idea


pls send me ielts writing task one nd 2 i m n india

Please share task 2 for academic, i have an exam on 6 th of september

Hi H

I'm a palestinian :) and you ?


Did you check the link?

If you write the number the correct answers, you get the score.

For example: Listening General = 29 (6.5)'s_world_people_are_known_to_be_selfish_and_greedy_How_far_do_you_agree_with_this_statement

any update on Today's exam for Essay tasks

Going to hv it 12.40 sl time

Ausis guys, please - Essay Task 2 for 6th Sept exam - GT ??

plz share listening and reading answer
who has given exam
on 4th September...........

Writing Test:
Task 1
Recently you attended a conference. Write a letter to your manager for preparing a presentation for the colleagues.
Why it is required for colleagues
are they interested on the presentation

Task 2
Young people are getting more influenced by friends than parents or teachers.

Do you agree or disagree.

Major cities become to more grow.what problem for young people...some solutions

Please share task 2 for academic, i have an exam on 6 th of september

@JPM and @Chirag, thanx guys, may i know your country pls.

There is a saying. 'Tell your friends and I will tell who you are'. I believe that friends influence young adults more than their family. In this fast world, parents do not have much time to spend with their children. As the kids grow, they spend more time with their friends than with their family.The lack of bonding among the family members in the so called nuclear families also drive the young children towards their friends.Moreover, they have a tendency to listen to the advices given by their friends than by their parents and teachers.

Today people have to run after everything for their living . When both the parents work and when they come home after work, they are either tired or have other household works, that they cannot spend time with their kids.The kids start developing their own friends and as they grow, it is quite natural that they get influenced by their friends.

In olden days, people used to live in joint families. There were grandparents, uncles, aunties, sisters, brothers etc., to look after the kids. There was a strong bonding among the members of the family. Nowadays due to the lack of tolerance among people, they live in the so called "Nuclear Family". The kids spend more time with their friends. The lack of strong bonding between the kids and their family members ,make the kids get influenced by their friends.

There is a feeling among kids that the parents and teachers never listen to or understand their problems and they simply advice them. But when their friends advice them they feel that being the same age they understand their feelings and they have a general tendency to listen to them. Thus today's children are influenced by their friends than by their families.

Dear Mr.Smith,
I am writing to bring to your attention regarding preparing presentation for the staff members which I attended conference.
Basically, the conference that I attended is totally targeted managing human resources. The presenter attractively described the way employee should work and how employer prepare attitude of the employer. It took me to think more about what we provide for a company and how company is looked after our families. I think it is countless session for the minor staff as well as personals which not having pleasant image about our company.
Also it is a very interesting session, because the lady presenter involved with the audience and made them laugh while she adopted and attracted to her speech.
I would like to make arrangement to this session to involve our company staff, so we can expect more productivity than before. Also I can arrange small refreshment to the colleges during the session.

Thank You
Pradeep Cooray

Hi guys anyone taking the academic exam from India or Azerbaijan? Please kindly share you written exam as soon as you finish. Thank you guys

Academic wt2 on sept 6 in asia
Part 1 : donation received by 4 countries during a period. Table shows the total amount of each country
Part 2 : urbannization : impacts on young peple and solutions

I also took exam today and the topic exactly the same as yours. Do you remember answers for reading and listening test?

Is india and australia's academic writing tasks are same ??+ please tell me exam on 20th sept. I will post qus. Please tell me

Please share the writing test question on 06-Sept-14

@ Huong and Natsume where did you took the exam?

India used to have different writing exam than Australia, but recently I have noticed that both had the same topics earlier in August...


can you tell us where did you take your exam please ?

@razan...thanx bro.
Hope so i wl same on 20th spt.

Please share GT reading answer please

Can anyone tell me listening and reading same in all.countries ????

I took in Vietnam

any writing or listening for today exam ,help my exam less than one hour?

Please anyone from Azerbaijan share the questions

Hello ,

My friend attended ielts in Malaysia, he got this questions

1. Recently you attended a session which is useful to you. write a letter to your manager for asking permission to have a session with your colleagues on this

2. Young people are easily influenced by friends rather than teachers and parents.

writing task 2
fresh water demand increasing but not enough supply

Hi guys
I did my exam today in oz. the writing was exactly the same: donations for 4 countries and problems and solutions of cities growth....Can somebody remember the answers for the listening? Did anybody wrote broken egg in the mimbles part? Lol

My task 2 writing went upto 308 words. Will it reduce my score?
Whats your expert opinion.

Some speaking questions 5,6 september please at least the topic

Writing task 2 general india....

Cheaper air travel.... some consider it as positive development. others not
....agree or disagree type

@bd. No it will not reduce mark

Writing task 1 india...letter to tutor for learning foreign will it help in work

@dipin same as sri lanka. Im way to home

@dipin : you posted before me :) , let's hope somebody gets lucky.

in Iran the questions are the same Qs in India.please share the answers in listening and writing.
in listening:
food price

To @ferry


Part 1

eggs - football - 15.75 - pool are ok

Part 4

Could you share the writing task 2?

To Dipi

Do you remember the listening and reading answers?

Please share listening answers

Reading was more or less easy

Finger crossed for listening

Multiple choice were.tricky

@ Everyone,

I took the exam in Vietnam too.
The answers for listening test are:

Section 1: a conversation about membership for gym
1. 24th August
2. Fox
3. D (keep fit)
4. D (business)

I'm not sure I remember the right order of the 5-10th questions, but I will put the explanation in blanket

5. B (I was confused between A and B - interested in future and interested now - because she said it was interesting but still didn't choose these classes)
6. C (training at pool)
7. A (swimming pool)
8. C (sauna)
9. A (child minding)
10. don't remember

Section 2: licence required and location to fishing on island

11. passport number
12. proof that you past the exam
13. type of licence
14. details of your accommodation

15. calm days
16. rainy days
17. at night
20. between March and April

Section 3:
21. save money
22. privacy
23. women
24. financial
25. supports
26. advice
27. networkers

Section 4: midden
31. I couldn't here (sth like eggs or acts or arts - I'm not sure )
32. bone
33. permit
34. birds (eat huge birds)
35. roads (were built)
36. travel (habits of Maori people)
38. lakes (in the mountain)
39. glass (I think it's wrong)

(I will add more answers when I remember)

UK: academic: 6/9/14

wt1: Table regarding the use of public transport in the 7 cities in Australia amongst adult who are going to work or school/study.

WT2: limited resources of fresh water globally.
What are the causes and how will government can help and so the people (how to resolve).

Not the exact phrases but its something like this...

Who can share reading answers in uk plz!?
Thank you so much;) especially the last section!

Yaaay... i cannot remember everything.


Sri Lanka 6/9/2014 - same exam paper of 28/6/2014

Go through this link to find answers

Thank you marie I just guessed at the end
I wrote down 4 yes...

1 : Does date of birth supposed to be dd/mm/yyyy and is considered as a number ??? its weird to fill any application form with only day and month though. but 24 August may be reasonable as "a number and/or a word" was asked to be filled.

10: I think this one should be C... (a strange name of club or sth, cant remember)
12: I think the answer is "doing some sort of exams" rather than "proof of passing..."
18 and 19: autumn and winter
28: creative
29: social (women exchange social information)
35: road (not roads, pretty sure)
36: migration
37: rare
39: glass (objects)
40: soldiers

I took the exam in the UK / Leeds

Part 1 sea/ football / pool/15.75/ eggs/ fire

Part 2 multiple choice question

Keep a space between the two bins
When they should put their bins outside from council service

They should put off bottles
Gap filling
Card / glass/ car/ spare/ coloured
Part 3 multiple choice question and flow chart ( most difficult part

Part 4 gap filling about suburbs


First passage about a company
Which paragraph contains
Multiple choice questions
Matching endings

Second passage about recycling in the USA
Short answer types
Third passage about language and technology
Summary with word list
Multiple choice question

Writing task 1 a table about the percentage of adults in seven cities in Australia using public transport system when going to work or study in 1996and 2006

Task 2 Fresh water has always been a limited resource . Today, however,there is growing demand for water that creates problem.
What are the causes of this increasing demand and what measures governments and individuals could take to solve this problem

Sophie: is it possible to have 4 yes'????

Today, 6 September 2014 I attended Cambridge IELTS (General) at Pune center. The writing task 2 was:

Some people think that the increase of cheap air travel has brought many benefits while travel others argue that this development has its drawbacks to the world’s environment and resources. Discuss these two points of view. Whats your opinion?

The writing task 1 was:
Write a letter to a person who takes language classes in you neighborhood.
1. Explain how you came to know about the classes
2. Explain why you want to attend the language classes
3. Ask few questions about the language classes

@marie haha i dont think it is possible
Btw in reading section 2 , is it T/F/NG? I remember I only had yes and no questions.. So sad

Guys please post listening test 3 question India

21 n 22 I think both were A

Sophie: it was yes No Notgiven!. Victory for you!

Well done @Masha... you have a very good memory! But there's no T F NG. it was Y N NG. I agree with you, last part of the listening was harder than usual. No 9s for me this time. I am still hoping and praying to get 7 in each module...


Section 2

Not to buy too much paint
Take bottle tops off

Section 3 dont know
SEction 4

Over crowed
Large scale
food prices

can any one remember the answers from last section of listening...from India

listening 21 to 24?
please let me know if they are correct...any one


Do you remember the listening last section answers ...if s pls share......
i am feeling that i am going to loose many marks in this section

I am going to lose mark in listening question 1. I put August 24, 1979. Many people are saying that 24th August is the only answer acceptable with respect to the instruction. This is a dirty trick because it does not measure your listening skill. It also does not make sense to ask for the date of birth without a year unless it is an informal conversation with your friends in which your birthday is asked for them to remember the day.


Yeah, I hope 24th august is the right answer. And in section 3, networkers create website to make sports schedules and PLAN HOLIDAYS.

How about your reading answers?? I don't remember exactly, but something like these:

Passage 1: biometric
- matching application of biometric to different levels of biometric
1. C ( third - level of biometric)
2,3,4,5: dont remember the order but there are:
2A (first -level): + box-shaped car
+ don't remember

2B (second - level): + extract from marine plants (seaweed)
+ cosmetics (L'Oreal)

- T/F/NG:
7. NG (box-shaped cars are the best seller of ....)
8. NG (....have branch in all continent)

- Multiple choice:
10. Paragraph six: apply other feature of nature besides their shapes
11. ultimate sophisticated biometric: recycling materials for individuals
13. final paragraph: change in relationship between humans and nature

Passage 2: circus
- matching states with paragraphs:
+ some examples about subjects were taught at circus school (don't remember the name): E
+ some examples about physical injury while training: E
+ background of a student of circus school: B
- Fill-in-blank: summary paragraph about famous gymnast
18. gymnast
19. (finest)costumes
20. humour
21. beauty
22. courage
- Matching ideas with people:

Passage 3: cooperative working
- complete the sentence:
27. Dancing with partner: don't need verbal communication
28. Driving a car: we constantly work with some one we don't know
29. Building a model: each people involved have to have clear view of the task
30. Computer-based study: cooperate with other even it makes the task harder
31. Predicting the weight: don't remember

- Multiple choices:
32. subjects are influenced by factor they were told not to notice (finger's direction)
33. brains react stronger went dancers watch sb dance like them (the words are not exact but something like this)
- Y/N/NG
35. not given
36. yes
37. no
38. no
39. no
40. yes

@Natsume: First of all, WOW!!!! for your amazing memory. I agree with most of your reading answers except for:
Passage 2:
I considered between E and F for physical things as they mention at F about the fact that people may fall down if their friends don't help catching them. but I doubt it because when they say letter can use for more than once, there should be one repeated letter. I was stupid at this point.
Passage 3: I think I did really bad and yours sound very accurate.

31. Predict the weight: people have different perception when they cooperate with s.o... cant remember exactly, but its sth like that

33. was it stronger or identical ???

@Gilbert: Its funny as I said: Who would fill the form with only day and month for date of birth ??? really, it doesnt make sense...

33. The exact word mentioned in the text was "weaker" regarding reacts of .... dancers' brain when they saw ballet dancers perform, so I think "stronger" was the right one.

Passage 2: I remember that the principal of circus school mentioned some type of injuries (in details) while training in paragraph E. And in paragraph F, the main ideas is that the hardest thing when performing is to completely trust your partner rather than physical things.

For T/F/NG and Y/N/NG questions, did you have the same answers as mine? I'm not too sure when it comes to this type of question :(

Hi, I've just took IELTS today 06/09/2014 in Cologne, Germany.

Part 1:
- Do you work or study?
- What do you study?
- Do you like what you're studying?
- Do you have a favourite teacher?
- Why did you like her?
- What do you think, can you be a teacher?
Part 2:
Describe a sportperson that did well in an event
Part 3:
- What kind of sport is the most popular in your country?
- Do people here prefer to play for a pleasure or to compete?
- Is it good for children to play various types of sport?
- Are competition good for children?
- Some people believe that top sportsman are paid a lot for nothing. Do you agree?

Hi guys,

I m from Pakistan, registered for IELTS General exam on 20th September...

Can anyone tell me which country post should I follow in order to get to know topic In advance.

Looking forward to receiving instant and favorable response frm your side.


@Natsume: I had the completely same answers for the passage 1 T/F/N. I didnt have to to do the last 6 so I just kind of use YES for all... LOl... hopefully to get at least 2 correct answers. haha... Thats my strategy for last passage. Anyway, gluck ! I think you will score really good for reading and listening. Thanks for sharing your information !

Try hacktheielts on facebook or They predicted the question of academic writing and gave 8 questions in the final list for 06/07/2014 They blogged on their facebook page one day before.

Anybody remember this answers for GT reading 6/9/2014

Hello... Just finished my speaking test... Topic wss.. A city you visited....
The examiner was writing on her sheet something... 1,11,12... What does it mean??? Friends plz tell me

Plz help me guys post sme questions related to general test

Exam yesterday in UK I missed most of the answer in section 4

General writing task 1 you want to join a language school w.a.l to the u came to know about him... Ask some questions about the course
Task 2 air travel is getting cheaper in some countries is it positive or negative discuss both views

Tell me guys what does it mean... 1,11,12 :-(

hiii frnss...i had my ielts academic module on 6 sept 2014 from Nepal...i too got confused in section 3 and four of listening section
writing questions are same....
task 1;use of public transport by adult population in seven cities of austraila
Task2:causes of increasing water demand worldwide and discuss different measures from government and individual side to solve this problem

whats your full name?
what shall i call you/
are you a student or job holder?
do you like your job?
which colour do you like?
did you wear bright colour dress when your were young?
do you think we can judge personality by sumone's handwriting?

describe about a company whose service you like the most?
you should say___what kind of service that company provides?
who helped you in that company?
what service you get from that comapny?
explain why you like that company .........

part 3:
which job need public interaction?
what is important while dealing with public?
do you think staff has any role in success of a company?
is innovative ideas necessary for success?

anyone who has exam pls share reading question

any one from Azerbaijan doing academic module on 20th September?

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