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Hi. Plz share listening and reading ans of 3 june gt exam in india

I dont remember all answers Gurpreet

Gurpreet U share ur whatsapp number I will cobtact U on whatsapp

Reading ans 2 was Not Given

I am sharing my Whatsapp number. PLease add me - +917204135213

Hi Please share recent ielts general exam US.

Hi Anj. Mine is 9988986961

Hi my name mohammed and i am preparing for my exam and i have confidence problem so if anyone can help me

english speaking partner is required. Skype I have got my IELTS result.It was a big disappointment for me.This was my 6th attempt.I have scored L8,R6.5,W5.5 and speaking 6.5.I am really heartbroken.

2 Khan, what scores do you need?

I don't know my results yet, but it was my 6th attempt too. I'm worried and have to wait a week and a half till I get them.

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Hi Svetilnik... I need 7.5 overall with no less than 7 in each component.

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aaalert('Hi Simon!')aa

Hi is anybody given academic ilets meddle east plz contact me on 968 95975434

Hi is anybody given academic ilets middle east on 17/6 plz contact me on +968 95975434

Can someone tell me answer of 3rd june exam ?

Can someone tell me answer of 3rd june exam ?

can anyone share with me 3rd of june answers (academic)?

I am doing ielts general test on 24th June. Is there anyone who is doing general test the same day?

Hello everyone my exam on July 8th could any one help me to get 7,5score ? i got issue with reading, listening and writing this is my e-mail :

please add me for june academic updates. my num is +919998977283

Gihan, I will be taking my ielts general test on 24th June as well. Where will you be taking your test?

I will be taking my ielts general test on 24th June from India

June17 my ielts academic from middle East
Can anyone share the questions


Hi WC,

I have my exams in Sri Lanka. Where will you be having yours? my number +94 710 868 354 add me on whatsapp

Mr. Darpan added me I have exams on 17/6 too , in Middle East , I had a good materials to practice here my number +968 95975434

Hi there , please Could you add me to whatsapp group , my test on 8th Jul ,
My num is 07402597786

Hi I am taking general English test on 24th June from India, can anyone share good practice material to crack it?

my contact No. 91 9739548268

Hi, i am taking Academic test on 24th June, can you please add me to Whatsapp Group my contact is +965 99976845

Hi ,I am going to appear for ielts general on 8th July ,Please do add me on wts group.
My Contact number is : 91-8390811060

Please, could you share the answers of reading and listening 17 June (if you remember )?

*with answers

My name is Harpreet my test is on 24 june in india please add me with contact +9815451255

please let me know what is listening and writing test expected in india on 24 june 2017?
Thanks in advance..........

Hi I done my ielts academic. Today in uae
Writing task 1: line graph shows energy consumption by wind in 4 different countries us,Denmark,india,germany period between 1980to 2005
Wrtng task2 .Teaching situation and classroom will exit by 2050 do you agree or disagree . Explain both views with relevant knowledge example and skills

Hi I am taking general IELTS on 24 June in UK, please add me to WhatsApp group.
My numer: +447512118638

please addme to whatsapp group and what is expected in ielts on 24 june 2017?

please addme to whatsapp group and what is expected in ielts on 24 june 2017?
my no is +9815451255

writing task 2:
in uk:
june 17

In some countries, criminal trials in law court are telecasted on Television for public. Do you think advantages of this outweigh its disadvantages?

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Hi I am going to give IELTS General here in the UAE. Any body having the same module on the same day?

It is on 24th of June.

Please add me on wats app group +91 7798598516

Hello iam teja i have general ielts exam on 8th july.please guide me anyone who is going to finish their exam in the month of june.iam tensed to take test.
Iam in no is 971-561668872

Add me whoever is going to sit for 24th june

please add to me in best ielts group.i need help .this my no 9896734601

Anyone is going to sit academic for 24th june??

I am taking ilets on 24tg June here in uk ?how can some one help me .if some one can post questions of writing task 2.

I am taking my exam on 24th june.i am quite tensed.can somebody post the recent exam questions for LRW that could be expected.
Thanks in advance

Anybody has predictions for GT writing task 2 for this Saturday?

HI.. i am preparing for IELTS of 28 july. anyone wanna practice speaking?

my whatsapp is 0929962601

Add me for the tomorrow exam paper 00971504189747

Hey Guys I have Ielts General Training exam on 8th July . Who else have exam
is there any group for that so please add me or make a new group if there are others on same date.

cell : +17806807409

Hi,everybody!I'm preparing for academic IELTS on 8th July in Cambridge,is there any groups or parteners for practicing?I need to get 7.5 overall and 7 for each elements.

Academic today in Australia

The population with actual and prediction among three counties.
The computer controlled car in the future is good or bad,explain the reason and opinion.

Reading: History of doll
Borch in Scottish
Listening: Dancing class
The project research
Gym diagram
The crime discuss

Not the exact topic on the test book, just which I can recalled

Hlo my exam is 15 july nd 29 july...... anybody also...??? My contact no is 8728985008 add me whtsaap

Hi..has anyone appeared for ielts test today

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