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i wanna participate in online ielts lesson

Hey guys! I have something to ask. I have done some ielts practice tests and my score on each section is between: listening 7-7.5, reading 6.5-7, writing 6-6.5 and speaking 7.5-8. Soo i just wanted to know whether I can improve my overall score to 8 until July?


Thanks for your advice.


I'm afraid I don't use Skype, so can you be contacted by email?


Academic or General?

If you practise everyday without fail, you would get through. Your English must be generally very good. Otherwise, you wouldn't have got 8 for Speaking. So, you wouldn't need a great deal of time to improve your score.

Are you in the UK?

anyone taking ielts on saturday 25 April? Mind sharing the writing topics?

You motivated me honestly, thank you~
No im not in the UK. Did you take an IELTS?

Hi Plab,

Can I have your email please, thank you.

Hey guys ,
Has anyone here had ielts buddy e books . Please I need them and I wasn't able to buy them online .

Can I have a copy as well please. thank you.

My email is as follows


. +91 7359242549

I am a Dr, and struggling to get 7.5 band in IELTS. My exam is on 9th May. Anyone interested to practice please contact me via email. I have got 7 in each and 7.5 in listening last month but in writting 6.5...
my email address is

Listening test on 18th April 2015

(1). Orchard Avenue
(2). 9613-2266
(3). trademarks
(4). Renounce
(5). Sunk
(6). A
(7). C
(8). A
(9). Denial
(10). Chocolate
(11). Subordinate
(12). Curry
(13). Vulnerable
(14). Appeals
(15). Balloon
(16). Preceding
(17). Sustained
(18). Frugal
(19). Mandatory
(20). Mongolian Literature
(21). Misfortune
(22). Privileges
(23). Alumnus
(24). Cancellation
(25). Soup
(26). Atmosphere
(27). Obsolete
(28). autumn
(29). Foil
(30). Pester
(31). Vivid

Writing 1:
Bar chart on the amount of time students spent online from 6 different continents.

Writing 2:
Some people believe that studying literature is important for individual character building while others think it is a waste of time. Discuss both points of view and provide your own opinion.

hi i m giving ielts in canada on 9 may

Is anyone taking the IELTS on 30 April. is it possible to share topics on writing and speaking ,,,??? i really need your help.

thanks in advance

Is anyone from azerbaijaan?

Yes, I took Ielts. Which module are you going to do? Mail me if interested.

Mail me on

I'll contact you shortly.

Let's prepare together if you like.

Hi guys,

I'd like to have partners to practice speaking.
Please add my skype : ChloeChaw.


By any chance, did you take IELTS test to sit PLAB exam?
Are you originally from English speaking country ?

enyone taking writing test on 25th of April??? pls email me:

Yes, I took Ielts and have been preparing again in order to get the required score. If I was a native speaker of English,you would not see me here.

PLS PLS PLEASE. Anyone from Australia who is taking writing test on 25th of APril!!! email me:

Any plan to improve my writing and reading from 6.5 to 7 in just two weeks. I am just wondering about camridge ielts 10 book . Do you know if it has been published ?

Il be taking this coming may 9 2015

could you send me an e-mail about test on 25th of April (academic module) in Australia? My e-mail: thank you!

I am taking the exam tomorrow (25th of April)in UK, anyone else taking the exam tomorrow from east part of the work please help me with Task2 writing topic. my email is

Thanks in advance

I am taking the exam tomorrow (25th of April)in Ukraine, anyone else taking the exam In Australia, New Zealand or others - pls help with answers
My email is

Thanks a million!

pls help to receive answers for ACADEMIC IELTS ( 25/04/2015)

Natalya, be aware that you're not in the same time zone with Australia. So the questions in Australia won't work for you. You need to rely on Middle East/Europe test.

Thaks, Yasin!

is that fr sure?

Disappointingly for you, what the above post says is true. It seems that we are no longer able to benefit from those taking Ielts in other regions. So, make your mind up now!

hi all
i appeared for the exam on 18-04-15... for speaking examiner asked about wearing "shoes"... task card was about "historical place visited".. discussion was about importance of knowing history as well as about historical movies

Hello Plab, thanks for inviting me for joint study. How can we help eachother? Have you booked ur exam?

Hi all, I'm going to appear in Ielts general module on 30th april 2015, Is anyone from India will have same day exam, so please send me writing topics for both tasks.

Could you please tell me that India and Canada have same Ielts Papers for general module on same exam date.

Time zone gap would help for topics??


Anybody who want to join WHATSAPP GROUP FOR IELTS.
.TEXT ME ON +91 7359242549

anybody done with their Academic Test for today, April 25th? Just wondering if you could help me out with some tips and topics from the exam. I'll be taking it tomorrow here in Canada. Thank you! Good luck to everyone.

from jimmy's ielts

[IELTS Exam 2015.04.25]

The information so far~

If you want to check your answers with other people, post your answers first. If you just ask, you'll always be asking and waiting.

---- Writing APAC ----
• Academic WT1 (Bar)
UK people's internet usage data from 1998 to 2004. % of use at home, workplace, college, and library.

• Academic WT2
Young people who commit crimes should be treated in the same as as adults who commit crimes. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Hi guys is there anyone who has already given the speaking test for the exam being held in 25th april?? Plz post any speaking questions that are being asked specially in Punjab, India. Thanks

@rakesh the exams in Canada and India are not the same., I have checked it with one of my friends in Canada and it was different..

@acha, @plab and others, plz correct my essay. I would be grrateful if you give your feedback.
(written in 35 mins)

It is true that rate of crime is increasingly alarming among young people all over the world. Although there are some good arguments in favour of different level of punishments to these teenagers as compare to adult criminals, I personally do not agree with this view.

One of the main reasons adult criminals are dealt with strict punishment is because they are mature. Adult individuals generally make conspiracies with deep planning to achieve their motive. Furthermore, these convicted individuals often have no regret for their crime. It is clear that they have chosen to break the laws with their consents and therefore there is a little chance that they would become good citizens of the society again. At their age, it is expected that they would be responsible for their behaviour. The best way to handle them is the put them behind the bars so that society could become free from their terror.

On the other side, I believe that young criminals generally chose wrong path due to the circumstances they grown up. These teenagers never have freedom to chose their company of living and therefore they are the most vulnerable section of the society. They could be easily trapped with a few money without even knowing their consequences. However psychologists believe that with proper counseling at rehabilitation centers, these teenagers could be brought back to the main stream of the society. They have all their life ahead and in my views, we should give them another change to start their lives.

In conclusion, it seems to me that intent of crime by teenagers and adults is different and therefore immature convicted should be dealt with moral education rather than hard punishments.

Correction in Introduction sentence 2-
Although there are some good arguments in favour of same treatment between all ages of criminals..

Hi everyone,

Please can anyone telling or teaching me how to score band 7 in general reading?
Thank you in advance.

Please anyone share your answers for Reading and Listening in the Academic module.

Reading was hell.
Things about fire, sleep depriviation and something else (cannot remember)

Anyone from Azerbaijan post their questions

Please share your exam questions

Anyone who have a confident today's academic exam?

Hope to check answers on Listening and Reading section.


What is about writing apc


I have a question
What is the topic of writing
I confused between 2 topics

Some possible answers from Listening (Academic)

Answeres are not in order and couldn't remember all

Part 1:
Name(T... something)
Telephone number
1st April


plastic bottles

educational... something
food intake
eating patterns

Omg bad memories...
Please somebody add other asnwers

Also for Reading section, thanks

Hey all, for the test in MEI/EU, writing tasks are;

1) worked hours a weeked for male and females, self-employed and employees in 2007, in the UK.

2) the news is an important media in modern world.
What are the reasons?
Are these positive or negative, the effects of news.


how about of listening and reading?

Can anyone share reading answers ?

what would be the best approach for the task 2 question? thanks


Can anybody give me reading answers.....


Section 1(in some order)

*A telefon number (has 2 parts)
2.15 pm

hai frnz, I am planning to take my IELTS on next 30 th ( may ) in the UK . could you please help me ,which regions questions can help me to do my test better. please give me a reply.

which set of questions would appear for people living in Canada? MEI/EU or the APAC? thanks.

thanks Eli

Is there any hope, i am in Canada writing gernal writing on 30th May.


For ielts test in Thailand today(25th April 15)
Writting part1 (acadamic)
Line graph (not hard)

Writting part2
Young people who commit crime should be treat as same as adults. Agree or not.

-I'v just forgotten
-retail shop
- The element of dream (not sure about the tittle but it's all about REM (google it) and I'm so lucky for this part because I'm a biologist.)
Hope it help you all.

HI, is there anyone who took speaking already?
what were the questions?

Can anybody give me listening answers.....



Do you study or work?
What are your responsibilities at work?
Do you like your job?
Do you have a favorite teacher?
Why are they your favorite?
Do you still in contact them?
Have you ever tought to be a teacher?
Do you like doing households?
What can we do to make households easier?

Describe an app on your mobile phone.

Relating converstaion about technology.

Has anybody wrote composer for the question about locals in listenin section 1

IELTS UKVI Academic in Thailand today (25th April 2015)
Listening part:
Section 1 : Insurance company (Telephone call)
Section 2: About vacation (radio program?)
Section 3: Experiment of creating 3 different rockets. (Speak in front of a class)
Section 4: New Zealand Nutrition survey

Passage 1 : Traditional Retail Store in New Zealand (It has a specific name but I cannot remember.)
Passage 2 : First weather forecast in UK - Robert Fitzroy
Passage 3 : Theories of Dream (ex. REM, brain functions, emotion therapy,etc.)

Task 1 : Bar chart about a UK survey where people mostly used the internet (from 1998-2004?)
Task 2 : Young people who commit crimes should be treated in the same way as adults. Do you agree or disagree?

what was for speaking?

Part 1 :
What are you doing (studying/working)?
Do you like or dislike it? Why?
What kind of advertisement do you usually watch?
Where did you watch it?
Have you ever brought any advertised product? Why?

Part 2 :
Describe about a good habit that your friend has and you want to develop it.
Who is you friend?
What is that habit?
Why do you want to develop it?

Part 3 :
Do you think people should develop good habits since they were young?
Why do children develop their habits ?
Can a good habit in children disappear when they grow up?
What is effects/results of good habits that children develop when they become adults?

P.S. I can't remember all questions.


is there anyone else who can share topics for speaking?

hi there, im taking my IELTS general training exam on 30th of April in Abudhabi, does anyone can give me some clue of what topic they would give?

I took an academic module today in Canada. The writing task was about a graph. The prices of black and white, colour television, and the Japanese average monthly salary in 1953, 1963, 1973. the task 2: human activity has had negative impact on plants and animal specious around the world. Some people believe that it is too late to save them but some believe that effective action should be taken to improve this situation. To what extent do you agree or disagree


I'm pleased to see you follow my most favourite lecturer, Simon's advice on how to structure an essay: short introduction (2 sentences), 2 body paras (about 5 sentences per para) and a short conclusion (1 sentence). As well as this, you have used some good words related to the topic and tried to write several complex structures and idiomatic phrases.

Having said that, many mistakes are apparent:

....rate of crime or crime rate committed by young people are increasingly alarming....I wonder why you used among
....treatment for criminals of all ages,........
One of the main.reasons for giving strict punishment to adult criminals is that they...(deal with doesn't sound good)
Generally, adult individuals are involved in conspiracies...
Conspiracy = secret plan, so no need to say deep planning
...have no regretS about... Not regret...this is an idiom.
...break the law...Not laws...again idiom.
.....consent...This is uncountable. Not consents
...citizens in society....Not the society
...'is to put them behind bars so that society can .....Not the bars! This idiom is informal though, use prison instead cos this is an academic essay.
On the other hand is better
...choOse A wrong path.....circumstances in which they grow up/they are brought up.
...choose their company of living....Better to say choose who they can live with...
....section of society.
...trapped into committing crimes without knowing the negative consequences.
A few money?? Some amount of money.. Use it as an example to show how teenagers can be trapped into bad things. You wrote ..'their consequences' . What does this their refer to?? No sense!
However, ... Comma is important.
..mainstream of society. One word!
...all their lives my view......chance....
...seems to me that when committing a crime, the intent of teenagers is different from that of adults...
...immature convicts should receive moral....

Apart from the above-mentioned grammatical and spelling mistakes, the organisation of the ideas is not good. What are the ideas in each para? Also, you didn't include any examples! Likewise, you didn't use any conditionals. You didn't use the word 'this' to refer to the previous idea or situation.

Furthermore, your essay is not so persuasive. You could answer in three different ways: you could agree, disagree or partly agree.

If you agree, you should say why young criminals should be punished as adults.
If you disagree, you will write why young criminals should NOT be punished as adults.
If you partly agree, you have to tell why young criminals should be punished and also you should tell why they should NOT be punished. However, you can't tell why adult criminals should be punished, which is what you have done!
In your essay, you say you disagree with the view. It would be easy to write two reasons in two paras to say why you disagree. But you have written 50% of the essay for nothing. It seems that you are confused with discussion essay.
In your case, if you want to look at both sides, you should say in one para why it is argued young criminals should be punished. And then you have refute. That is, why this argument is false.

So, be extra careful when writing about both sides!!! Simon's approach is the safest! Also, no showing off! For eg, if you write prison you might get 8, but if you write behind the bars you will not even get 7 for vocabulary.

So, TR - did you answer the question well? No. Talked about adults. No examples. No idea what score you would get for this.
CC - well organised essay? Not to an extent that would deserve 7
LR - hard to get 7 with these mistakes
GR - articles, no if and this, other mistakes, so 7 is difficult

So, learn the difference between argument and discussion. Don't look at both sides unless you are so confident. Understand the Q ver well.

Make a plan. Think about Eg. Use connectors like firstly, in addition, from an educational perspective, etc. Use common linkers such as on the other hand, despite this, however, etc. Try to write topic sentences.

Avoid spelling mistakes if possible. Don't use any words or phrases if you are not sure of their usage or spelling. Use a simple word instead. Read again to check mistakes.

Use if in Eg. Use this, it, which, passive, models, etc.
Hope this helps.

anybody taking the May 9th exam?

i m taking ielts on may 9 in canada

Thanks plab.

Thanks for your comments. They are really helpful. Opinion kind of question need to be addressed in three ways.

Please correct me if I wrong.

Discussion essay -
1 para on one of the sides.
topic sentence, firstly, example, secondly, finally

2nd para on different side
topic sentence, explain why, explain in more details, example, explain why they believe so..

But in opinion essay
I can't use firstly, secondly....
because for that I need at least 3 ideas for one para and I also need to elaborate some more ideas in 2nd body para.

Instead of this, one idea per para would be easy option. In such case, how should be the 5 line paragraph structure?

please advise.

Pleas share ielts buddy e books with me... I m unanle to buy.. Plz

Yeah guys I need to read ielts buddy e books . If you have them please let me know .

Hi PLAB , u seem familiar with essay correction . Could you give us examples about when I can get band 7 in each criteria . Just example especially a task response I want to know If I respond correctly to the question . Dose this mean I will achieve 9 in this criteria ?
Thanks in advance

Really no idea. I doing my reading, the question requirement says "choose no more than two words". I writing down my answer in my answer sheet as portable container. The answer showed portable.

Am I correct in this question?

Can anyone help me solve my problem.

Thank you.

I wish I could help you.

Have you read and analysed the public version of marking criteria? If you do this, you will get an idea of where you stand. From a candidate's viewpoint, I would say that it is difficult to get 9 for TR. Im afraid I am not an examiner to give you examples. Nor am I a teacher. Post an essay here so we can discuss.


1. Topic sentence
2. Explain it in 1 or 2 sentences.
3. Specific eg
4. Effect of the eg

1,2 and 3 are essential.

Air traffic is increasingly used to export various types of fruits and vegetables to countries where they cannot be grown or are out of season. Some people believe that it cannot be justified. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is true that goods are exported by air to the areas where they are in demand but rarely available. While some people argue that air transport should be avoided to sending these items, I believe that it has become necessary to use aircrafts to export such items.

I can understand the arguments against increasingly use of airways for goods' transport. On the whole, airplanes consume too much fuel and contribute more in carbon emission than any other modes of trasport. As a result there is a devastating impact on the environment and many countries face adverse effects of climate change. Furthermore, transport of goods by air creates air traffic. Consequently, the demand of airports and other facilities are increasingly alarming. This creates further pressure on existing infrastructure. Many cities all over the world require more airports to accommodate cargo planes which is simply not feasible for every country.

In my opinion, there are several reasons to believe that fruits and vegetables need to be transported by airplanes. Firstly, agricultural items like fruits and vegetable cannot be preserved for a long time. Air transport is the only mean to send these products to remote areas before they get steal. For example, export of mangoes to Russia from India would be impossible, if it takes months to reach them to their buyers. Secondly, airways cover majority of areas which are impossible to reach out by traditional means of transport such as roadways or waterways. There has been more markets opened for farmers and local businessmen to sell their products. Finally, with the increase demand of export, airline industry has benefited with more profit and governments receives enormous revenue in terms of taxes. This money could be used in priority sectors like healthcare, education and infrastructure.

In conclusion, there are convincing arguments both for and to, but I believe that transport of necessary items should be allowed by airways and local governments to do everything possible in connecting more markets by air.

Conclusion last line - local governments should do...

Hey guys,

I need someone to practise on a daily basis for speaking part.
My skype adress is adrlmz.would appreciate if u guys add me.


If you make mistakes like arguments for and to, increasingly use of, reach them to the buyers, governments receives, you won't get even 7! Steal?? export from Use if correctly, in the eg why it takes months? Not sure about majority of areas. Find a better word for alarming!

CC within paras is OK, but CC between body paras is not OK. To understand this,

Change the Q into an argument essay and post your answer here!

The last sentence in the Q: To what extent do you agree? But use the same ideas and look at both views!

In future, take an Ielts Q to practise cos the above Q doesn't have the typical wording of Ielts Discuss Q.


Where did u take an IELTS exam?

These questions are the same with writing tasks took in Azerbaijan.

Hello friends,
To join group on whatsapp

. +91 7359242549


ielts academic test in uk 25th april

writing task1
4 pie charts comparing male and female working hours and male self employed and female self employed working duration

task 2 ( 2 question based essay)
news media is most important in this advanced world
why it is important?
what are the positive and negative effects of news media?

part 1
as usual question regarding yourself and leisure period

part 2
a habit of ur friend that you want to develop
what is it
why you want to develop

part 3
how parents can develop positive habits in their children?
how a child can get negative habits?
what parents can do to protect the child from getting negative attitude?

***sorry cant recall exactly the listening and reading topic

reading passage 2 was about apes, gorilla
reading passage 3 was about dream


In Ankara, Turkey.

hey guys... please help me out with the topics. i registered for 30 Iran.. I'm desperate and I need your help i need to get 7.5. thanks a lot. god bless you all.

let me know If you think you can help me then we can chat in whatsapp.

Does anyone from NewZealand/Australia have academic exam in 30th April? contact me please.

Overseas doctors coming to work in the UK should achieve 7.5 in Ielts.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people think that overseas doctors coming to work in the UK should achieve 7.5 in Ielts. Others, however, argue that they do not have to sit this exam.
Discuss both views.


Q as above but discuss both views and give your opinion.

Ideas for 7.5:
1. Communication is vital for diagnosing and treating.
2. Ielts is a proven evidence.

1. One cannot pass Plab without knowing English very well.
2. Doctors have studied in English medium.
3. Most of the Reading and Writing topics are not related to Medicine.

I would like to ask you that will questions in another country be the same in another countries?
For example, If others' students did the exam in 27th of April 2015 it will be similar to others countries????
Please response on my question??

Speaking Test Part 2 - Sri Lanka 28th April 2015
Describe an interesting conversation you had with someone you didn't know. You should say

- who the person was
- where the conversation took place
- what you talked about
- and explain why you found the conversation interesting.

Hello every one,
I have my exam on 9th may in London. Anyone from Azerbaijaan,please help me in writting task 2. Please contact, as I heared that same questions from Azerbaijaan come in exam which held in london.
Thanks in advance...


These are some writing task 2 predictions. These questions would be better to prepare than from Cambridge with a higher chance of appearing in the exam on April 30 and May 9th - but there are more in the IELTSking book.It's free in Facebook. Maybe they will or won't be in your test, but try them all and your chance will be better. There are not many.

1/ Modern society still includes many problems that existed in the past and even new problems. Many people feel that this is due to our over-reliance on technology.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

2/ Animals are killed and consumed for human needs. Some people consider this as cruel. However, others consider this as mandatory.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion

3/ In some cultures elderly people are highly valued, while in some other cultures youth are more valued.

Discuss both reasons and give your opinion.

4/ Some people think that young people should follow traditions of their society, and others think young people should be free to behave as they will. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Good luck,

Sagon (Follower of Simon and IELTSking)

Any predictions for General task2 ?

Please post general writing task predictions for may 9

hi, I have a question about writing task2. Is it same for general and academic IELTS?

thanks a lot

I am taking ielts on 30th April, istanbul, turkey.. Could you help me? Which time zone i should be looking at? Thanks good luck everyone...

i took the speaking test today for tomorrow's exam.

part 1. talk about the house you live in.
part 2. describe an invitation you held in your house or party , with who, where...
3. public holidays, how long it should be what type in your country.


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