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Hello everyone,

Just trying my luck if anybody can help me or be my study partner? Im based in Singapore and working as a nurse. I need help in writing, that's all. I'm honestly struggling to get a score of 7. I'll be taking the exam on April 30th.

Hope this works.


My exam will fall on1may..i need 7band each...suggesting something


I would like to share my experience with you.

I was a TOEFL taker and my best score in TOEFL (2014) was R30 L29 S23 W29. I started studying for IELTS this year.

1st attempt (Jan 2016): L7.5 R6.5 W7.0 S6.5
2nd attempt (Feb 2016): L7.0 R8.5 W6.5 S6.0
3rd attempt (Mar 2016): L7.0 R9.0 W7.0 S7.5
Writing: Cambridge IELTS 9 and 10, Simon's ebook & blog
When I wrote Task 2 in Simon's style, I got 7.0.
In contrast, when I wrote in a different style (my style for TOEFL), the score dropped to 6.5.
I strongly recommend to follow Simon's advice.
I did...
1. analyze his essay structure
2. pick up his ideas & vocabulary from his ebook
3. practice

Best Regards,


I cudnt view my result of idp .I'm writing for.the 3rd time .how shud I view the result n there is holiday for 3 days I'm stressed. ....


Glad to know about your success
Please would you share about any strategy in reading
I m very poor

Hi Amina,

Reading is my favorite part, and I improved my reading skills by reading many materials for TOEFL.
When I started study for IELTS, I needed to learn some skills for IELTS.
For IELTS, I studied with Cambridge 9 and 10 and Simon's blog. I recommend you to follow Simon's advice.
My style is...
1. read questions and pick up keywords from questions
2. find keywords in the passage
3. start the 1st question such as choosing the title (I start reading the passage at this step.)
4. when I come to the paragraph for other questions such as gap-fill and True/False/Not Given, I answer the questions.
I was wondering why I got 6.5 at the 1st attempt, and I guess I was very careless. At the 2nd and the 3rd exam, I reviewed all of the answers in the last 5 min of reading section.

Good Luck!

Hi Simon

I did an exam in Feb 2016 (Academic,In Australia)and unfortunately I could not finish the first task of writing and I got 5.0 for my writing. Then I attended another exam in March and I wrote a very good writing and this time I got 5.5!?! It is very strange and confused me. Do you have any idea what is going on!?!

hi everyone
if anyone took ielts on 19 March, in Melbourne - Australia, for the academic module, could you please share the writing and the speaking questions

@ Toru
Thank you very much for tips

my exam is on 31st march please give me some advice

I'm sitting IELTS exam on April 31st, I'm able to manage with rest other section quiet well, but my Speaking leaves a lot to be desired.It'd be nice if anyone gives me any tip to improve confidence and fluency in speaking and It'd be great if someone is looking for speaking parter.
My email_ID is


It is Murat from istanbul, Turkey. I need your suggestion. I have receieved my toefl result 70 (r:11 l:19 s:20 w:20) I need to get 75 for my application or I should take 6 from Ielts. But, I am confused after this result. What do you suggest me to do ?

Why are you guys post Toefl results or so?! This is ielts not toefl!!!

Hi Murat,

I recommend you to read more materials and have a tutor for TOEFL or IELTS. I do not know which exam will be better for you.

Hi H and other members,

The reason why I showed my TOEFL score is that I did not want to say I had some magic to improve reading score from 6.5 to 9.0 just in 3 months. Reviewing answers is very important.

I am sorry for my comments. I will not leave any comment regarding TOEFL.


hi friends i have an exam on 2 April 2016 please help me how to practicetest


Anybody have exam on March 31st academic ielts . I have exam pls post the questions who complete exam earlier than me

Hello everyone.. Wish me luck, got my IELTS test scheduled this 2nd of April 2016.. Good luck to all test takers too

Hi can someone please post their writing task once they are done for April 2 thanks




Hi friends

Please share your whtsap number on to join IELTS FOREVER GROUP for all IELTS exams.


i have ielts test on 2ed of April and I'm poor in reading so do any one have any suggestions?

Answers pls for March 19, 2016--- Bangkok/Philippines

Any IELTS group on whatsapp???
My test on 2/4/2016

I will take IELTS test on April 16th.
I tried 2 times before but i just get 5.5 speaking.
Please add me to whatsapp group : 00841653762710. Thanks you.

pl share today's writing and speaking topics asap.

In today's exam , reading
First question was 500 or 75 years ?

I opt 75 years.another answers?what do you select?

@ shahla
I chose 500 unfortunately

How about 36 to 40 reading passage 3, multiple choice.

I realise that 500 is correct answer:(i cant remember you remember something passege 1 or listening questions?

I think 75 is correct because in question they said over ......, years

I wrote all c from 36 to 40 , how many will be correct ? I had no time


Where was ur exam which centre , mine uk

Really?simultaneously,i didnt any time to do passege one.😂also i write all questions c.surprise for me the same exam place in azerbaijan

However i didint know how many corrects there are

27 april

If i write 27th april and not personality personalities?is it wrong?or correct?

27th April is also right but it is not personalities

Thanks a lot:)

Hello everyone.

Hi please help me with the writing question on 31th March.

Can anyone share the writing question on 31st march?

Can anyone share the writing task 1&2questions

Dear Simon,

I used your site to practice for my IELTS exam. I managed a 7.5 for writing and an 8.5 for all the rest. Thank you very much, your advice was very helpful!

hi guys!

i took the IELTS yesterday and would like to share qustions i'd got on the test.

in task 1 we were given a table with the prices for 7 product items in two different years and percentage changes.

in task 2 the question was regarding the building styles, whether countries should protect their cultural identity through allowing construction of new buildings in a traditional style.

@ Raluca

congratulations with such astonishing results! how did you manage to get such high band in speaking? hats off to you!

does anybody know how many correct answers should we have in order to get 8 in listening and reading? there're so many matching tables on the internet, that contradict to each other. Any thoughts, buddy?

Any one done with general writing and speaking tasks plz post topic
Many thanx

For 8 band in reading and listening 36 correct answers

Aus acd 2 april
3 pie charts
Governments foucus on help pplwho need help in their country only
Do you A or D

Thanks Hhh

Plz share writing

topics of 2nd april

Guys pls share writing topics

Helpp anybody take exam 2 or 1 april

Ielts test 2/4 in Melbourne- Australia
Writing task 1
Pie charts show different courses with age profile of the attendees
Writing 2
It is impossible for governments to help all people around the world, they should foucu on their countries ( wasn't exactly the same in the booklet but I hope it is clear enoug)
To what extent you agree or disagree
Good luck guys

If Anybody remember answers of listening section of an Australia Ielts exam please post them

Thanks Amina! Hope this will work

I am not perfect for in ielts test ...nd hardly get 4.5 band in writing and 4.5 reading and listening 5 and speaking in 5 band .. .. can you suggest me pizzazz

Please I humbly request ... Please suggest me

All about magazine article
Y to read wt kind?
Magazine are papolur or newspaper
and wts there future
Radio TV which z better

Travelling by taxi or by bus which z easy
Science as a subject

Just came home, feeling pretty numb. Had my test in Manchester. I didn't have time to complete writing task 1. Reading the 3rd text was very hard, it's all about phycology:-( writing- task 2 was ... I can't remember the precise task but smth, people think that going to a university leads to success in life,others argue about it. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
Speaking was the best part of my test, i had to describe an older person who i admire. After part 2 she asked me a lot about differences in generations, does media raise the concern about lifespan rise.
Overall, it wasn't easy:-(

2 nd april writting tast 2 general
why some people love dangerous sports and why they play it and wht shd be done to reduce it

2nd april general writing test
task 1 you have got a good news and inform ur friend about it
wht imp this news have in ur life
invite him in a celebration
task 2 why some people are play dangerous games and how the danger should be reduce

please can someone tell me the answeres of reading and listening test held on 2nd april 2016 in punjab india (general)

Hey falguni sent email I'd I will send u tips and material for ielts

Ielts 2-4-2016 answers
Garage , pet,,park, garden , traffic , 6 months, noisy ,

2nd part about sky jetting
1-at angle , safety , decrease spread , safe , equipment? ,
A map :


Thanx Raichal, the last one is tin, isn't it? I heard either timber or tin, but put timber on my exam paper:-((

I took an exam yesterday.
In listening, all the accents were Australian. Section one a conversation btw a real estate agent and a future renter, filling the blanks. Section 2: 3 multiple choice questions about things doing before a free parachute jump. Also a map and some places marked, you listen to find out which place is which. Section 3: About turbines in an Australian town. Section 4: Some person talks about a theorytician's ideas about digital language and some other people's views (mult choice and write the thinkers' names next to the ideas)

Reading: 1) A text about Malawi fishing plummet 2) Feeding children at school in an African village 3) Watson and his behaviorist views in psychology

Writing: 1) One line graphs shows two Austrlain cties's maximum and minimum temperatures throughout 12 months. A bar chart shows same cities's rainfall amount for 12 months.
2) Some people think university education is the best way to sucess. Others claim nowadays this is not true. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Speaking: Where is yor hometown, are you happy living there, why why not. CUE CARD: what is your biggest success. why do you think it is like that. other questions about snacks, when do i eat them, what type of snacks. what do you think about internet fame and so on.

For the cue card they asked my friends about magazines and a long walk they took.

Good luck!

Oh by the way I took it in Turkey.
I wrote "metal" first, then changed with timber. Before I gave my paper ot I changed it to "metal" :/ Because a turbine being timber doesn't make sense to me. It would be awful in rain I thought :P

Ayse, thanks for sharing,the same questions were here in Manchester. I know timber doesn't make sense, tin is logically correct, but nevertheless i put timber:-(

Hi H,
Well, two of my friends said they put "timber". It was quite a hard one i think. I heard the girl talking about what the turbines are made of, if it's metal, man laughed and said yes, then stated fiberglass (which was written), i thought ah that's it, wrote metal down and relaxed. Then he said tin and i was like "wut??" Is he going to say which metal? Should i write that instead? and before i get a hold of it he started to talk about timber :/ they baited us badly. This isnot about measuring English anymore. They should have stopped after fiberglass mentioned. It gave me a false relaxation.
So in the end i couldn't be happy with timber and changed with metal again, but by the way of his speaking i think all three must accepted correct -_-

HI Yash, I am also not perfect for in ielts test can you also mail me the ielts tips

Australia and newzeland any body take exam on 21 may I need writing and reading answer

I m taking exam from Singapore any one take exam on 30 april from Australia its possible u update me ones u finished exam immediate around Australia time 12.30 plz message me I give my whatup number

Guys, share, please, answers General Reading from 02th April. It was really difficult, don't you think?

I only remember last ones
38. tags
39. toothbrush
40. diet

Hi guys
I also took exam on the 2nd of April.
What did you put when it asked "made in...."?
I put Australia. But i also heard smth about Europe???

Speaking test
Part 1
About teachers in my institute.
Are they strict?
About snacks...
Part 2
Describe a recent event that made you happy
Part 3
About happiness
What makes older people happy?
When do you feel yourself happy?
And smth about money also

It was Europe. The man said there's manufacture in Australia as well but not grans scale so they buy theirs from Europe.

They also asked about my teachers at high school too, I forgot to mention.

Thanks a lot Ayse!

Hey, I am quite confused with expressing quantifying differences in writing task 1.
"In Ireland, there were six times as many adolescents who favoured playing computer games (60%) as those who preferred reading. "
Is this sentence right? And could you please give more examples and other patterns? Thanks!

Hi Raluca
u have any notes for writing plz email me

I m taking exam from Singapore any one take exam on 30 april from Australia and newzeland its possible u update me ones u finished exam immediate around Australia time 12.30 plz message me I give my whatup number

In listening, all the accents were Australian. Section one a conversation btw a real estate agent and a future renter, filling the blanks. Section 2: 3 multiple choice questions about things doing before a free parachute jump. Also a map and some places marked, you listen to find out which place is which. Section 3: About turbines in an Australian town. Section 4: Some person talks about a theorytician's ideas about digital language and some other people's views (mult choice and write the thinkers' names next to the ideas)

pls can someone send me the answers via my

Am sahil from india i need help my exam is come on15 july anyone
Tell me about how to improve my reading and writting please or add me on whatsapp please

Who give speakin test for april 16?

Pl share recent speaking & writing topics.

Why do people say " give speaking?"..... It doesn't make sence to me and it's totally incorrect. Or am I wrong!?


Hello everyone,
I am writing this from India, and already booked my IELTS (General Training) exam for May 21st, 2016.

Albeit, I am preparing for that yet I am less confident about my result especially for listening as well as writing modules as I have to score minimum 7 band in each one.

Hence, any body throw some light and please guide me in perfect way, so that I will hit my target very hard.

I anticipate prompt replies. Feel free to contact me at and my watsapp No. +91-9996487775.

Thank you.

Hi Guies,
Plz share ur experiences and Questions that u face in ur IELTS exam including exam date and country.

Most of the time people are posting experience with not mentioning any question of his IELTS.

Any one interested for IELTS speaking test preparation. I am looking forward to hear from anyone for 16-04-2016 test. It will help both. u can reach me through whatsapp 0092 321 4035318

hi everyone. i think reading was really difficult, i never had timing problem but i could^n't done last question becouse of the lack of time. Also i had acedemic and general test but academic was higher altought i thought that it was worse than general. Am i being paranoid or are they making general test scores lower.

anything had exam in Europe like Denmark

Hi guys,
I took the ielts on the 31st of March and got the following results: L8;R8;W6,5;S6,5 overall 7,5
I'm confused with the range of my scores in subtests

Most of the people are not posting any questions rather they tent to express their interest. So I am highly requesting all to post recent question whatever we find in the Blog of IELTS Blog.


can anyone please send march 31st complete listening answers

any one take exam on 21 may from Australia and newzeland its possible u update me ones u finished exam immediate around Australia time 12.30 plz message me I give my whatup number thxs

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