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PLease can anyone add me to whattsapp group

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I am taking exam ON 13th of May. GT.

Good luck to all.

I am Jeta from Kosovo. I am taking exam on 13th of May. GT. Pls. post writen topicks 1 and 2.

I am taking general module on 13th May

Please add me to whattsapp group

I am taking general module on 13th May

Please add me to whattsapp group

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Could you guys please add me to the group on whats app. My number is +91 9513366883. My exam's on May 13 in Bangalore,India.


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Hello guys
My ielts exam on 29 April please help me this the last chance for me I need to find acceptance from university

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Hello this link for Ielts 29 April

I took the speaking test today in Moscow

part one
shoe topic
mirror topic

part two
describe a famous person

part three
about celebraties, what do you think about this social phenomeno

Please add me also +91 8860567777, I have general training exam on April 29th 2017

Hi there,

Can you please share the questions if you are taking the test on the 29th April. Many thanks! +44 7 576 447 717

Hello, is there an ielts group for academic exam 20 May ?
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please help me to. I live in Australia and my last chance. please help me for ielts general reading

any one who sit for exam australia or japan newzealand pls share your wrting topic as soon as posible

Yeah, plsease share your's as soon as possible. It can be vital for someone!!!!

6 may
almaty 87058518909

Are there someone who takes IELTS tomorrow in pakistan, india, egypt, saudi arabian and UK? Could you share your writing topics as soon as possible? It will be great help for us, i think

Has anyone already done the academic ielts 29th april? Pls post questions here would appreciate it!

anyone already done the academic ielts 29th april? Pls post questions here ASAP

Hi guys!!! Come on, let's share!!!

From center in Korea
29th april 2017 Academic Ielts

Taks1: diagram about plastic item recycling process

Task2: discuss both view and give your opinion. Whether the time children speng on watching tv is more influential on their behavior OR the contents they see on tv is more influential

29th april 2017 general ielts (dont know the centers)

Letter on general ielts - on planning a party

information on general ielts essay is about advantages and disadvantages of renting a house

Hi Gemini! thans for you but Is this topic the same with Uk?

Are there someone who takes IELTS today?.please send me reading answers as soon as possible?

Hi i am not sure it will be the same but its always best to just prepare for it anyway

Yeah, i think so THANKS!!!

can any body send me the whatsapp link and how to join this ielts group.

That is the watsapp group.

Garden or pool?
Stay or hotel?
15 december

Section 2
Don't remember 2 answers but was easy this one
F(owned by nation)
b(was missing for a long)
Social meeting
Section 3
C?(complex business )
B or e
Help another assignment
B or e
Don't remember
Section 4
Play or commercial?
Don't remember but was easy

Ielts task 2 29/04/2017

Because of computer can now translate quickly and accurately learning a foreign language is a waste of time.

To what extend do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Different questions in different countries, ours was about traditional ways in modern life

General task 2 - some people think that schools might be more effective if students could decide how to run it... something like that.

General tas 1 - you received a letter from your friend who plans to come and see you next month. It is not possible. Write a letter and
-explain the reason
-suggest other option

Share the whatsap group link for 13 or 25 may.

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i willbe taking the exam in june.i really need help.thanks

Hi guys, kindly add me to the watsapp group. Preparing for ielts asample well.

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Hello Tik....we did same listening test, I think the answers for number 4 is South though. Please add me to the watsapp group also +2348163886450

Sorry I meant number 9.

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Kindly help to add me in the Whatsapp Group for Academic IELTS.

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My exam date will be on 6 May.

Thanks a lot.

I did a very good ielts whatsapp group for people doing the ACADEMIC exam on the 6th, 13th and 20th of May
Please talk to me on my whatsapp number, so I can add you, if you doing the Academic Ielts test only (not general ielts).
My number is +971582954465

Hello Everyone, I'll be taking my exam on May 6. Is there any WhatsApp group I could join?

The whatsapp group link for Academic test on May 2017 is

Please add me +8801733735848

Hi I have exams on 13/5/2017 plz adde me +968 95975434
If any body can share Middle East ilets exams plz contact me

Hi I am Nisha from India and I'll be taking exam on 25th may for general training. Is there whts up group that I can join

I'm Amaninder from India. my IELTS exam is on 25th may, I need a speaking partner. previously when I took the exam my score was like L-9, R-8.5, W-7, S-6.5. so it's the speaking where I am lagging. if somebody who shares this need can contact me on WhatsApp +919646127774.

In Listening test, has any of you ever tried to flip the question paper during the instructions? I mean to see what is in section 3 or 4, or may be to mark the keyword? I just wanted to confirm that is this allowed or the invigilators would make big deal out of it.

I would appreciate your comments.

Hi Afsheen

Yes, You can do that. Once listening is start, you can see and mark keywords in any section. Its not be a problem.

Plz add me in ur group i really want to need ur belp

Plz add me my 9876548362

Thanks Nisha, such a relief, I was worried because I didn't do this in my previous test, and also I remember the page flipping sound of almost all the candidates when recording says; 'now you can turn to section 1'.

Thanks for the help.

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Hi any body did the test today in India and Bangladesh?
Can you share your writing task 2 question please


m gonna give general exam on may 13 in canada. add me on whatsapp group. my no. is +15197098349

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IELTS May 6TH-Canada
Task 1-Table comparing consumption of wheat,rice and maize in four countries-Egypt,Meaxico, Poland and Cambodia.
Task 2-In some countries, criminal court trials are broadcasted on television.Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?
Speaking Part 2-Describe a Quiet Place you go to
You should say-Where it is
When you go there and
Why you like going to

+989354016229 please add me

I hope someone will help me , i have Ielts test on 20/ May/2017

I hope someone will help me , i have Ielts test on 20/ May/2017

I am in the united state

Please add my number +84 925 779 590 to whatsapp group

hello , i will be giving general training exam on 13 th may .. can anyone add me in group

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can anyone share watsapp link for 13 may general training exam

Hello Everyone,
Hope all is going well for the exams !
please add me to the whatsapp group too ! (+1) 6393178970
I'm in Canada.


Hello, I'll take Academic Ielts on 3rd JUNE. Can you add me watsup group, PLEASE +13235431635
I'm in US, LA

Today I had my speaking test, here are the questions:
Part 1
Do you work or study?
What do you want to do every day after finishing your work?
What do you think about robots? or do you like robots?
Did you watch any cartoons related to robots in your childhood?
Do you like robots helping you at home and driving your car?
When you buy shoes do you prefer convenience or the style?
Do you like to buy expensive shoes?
Do you think people buy many pairs of shoes?(don't remember exactly)
Did you ever order shoes online?
Part 2
Explain any good customer service given to you at any shop or a hotel. Describe:
where was it?
what was it?
who gave you the service?
And how did you feel about it?
Part 3
What do you think is the good customer service?
Why do costumers want to be treated in a special way?
What are the important aspects of good customer service?
What should people do if they don't get a good service?
Do you think to complain about the bad service can make any difference for the future customers?
Who should be blamed for the bad service employer or the employee?

@Afsheen, Could you tell us about writing test please?

Hi GRJ, writing test is tomorrow, will do that after the test.


Hi, I want to take an exam on 3rd of June. my number is +15875777608. Please add me in whatsApp

Anyone tell us about the test today
How it was ?

2 Joy
I intend to take the general IELTS on June 3rd.

Any thought and answers for todays GT test? UAE

Can anyone share today's listening anwers please?

Can anyone please add me too?

+98 912 695 1393

My General Academic test is scheduled for 25th May.
Anyone attempting on the same day and gets to have the writing task 2 topic will be highly helpful

Can anyone share today's academic reading answers ?

Chandraveer I don not remember anythink. first part was about potato plants.

Pls share the answers of 13 may, 2017

Does anyone remember the answers for listening or reading ielts test 13 may, plz share

I think 13th may exam was quite hard.
1. False

I'm shure for this. I can't remember other.

Writing task one was hard(proccess): peanut production

is anyone having IELTS exam on 25th MAY from India?
contact me at WhatsApp +919646127774

Questions: 13th May-GT Writing Test
Task 1
Write a letter to an airline and give your feedback on your recent travelling experience.In your letter describe;
why you chose this airline
what you enjoyed the most
suggest any changes for the improvement of the service.
Task 2
I don't remember the exact words but it was about the retirement age that the retirement age is 60-65 but many people think that workers should be allowed to work as long as they want.
Give your opinion and use examples.

13th May- Listening test was ver easy, part 2 and part 4 were all 'fill the gap with the one-word answer'.

Part 1 was about the art course admission= multiple choice and form filling.

The map in part 3 was different than usual maps, it was a city map where we had to find the locations of theater, sports complex, park, etc. But in usual map speaker usually, tells about the starting point and gives the direction through the paths but here they just told the location or roads, for example, they said theater is next to carpark.

Part 4 was about the plastic topic.

Reading-last chapter was about the ants, focussing on their hardship.

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