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Hi I am takin the academic exam on the 25th March
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I am taking general exam on the March 25th

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I live in Manchester city and I am looking for someone or for a group (studying IELTS) ,I am very keen to join them to study together as I have exam on 22/4/17.
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Hi, everybody.
Azerbaijan, speaking exam for 25 th of MArch(I had it on the 23rdof MArch)
part 1
1.are u a student or do you work?
2.what is your faculty? you think you should work hard sometimes? you wear a watch?why?
5.what things do you take when youleave home?are the things different when you go out day or evening?
part 2
describe an activity when you first did it
1.what is it
2.when and where you did do you feel
explain what did it give to you
part 3
1. should people do dangerous activities
2.should they get their realtives' approval
3.should government ban dangerous activities

that is all.
p.s. I could not remember some questions exactly. that is why i wrote what i was difficult for me to catch the questions because the examiner was giving long explanations sometimes(((
good luck to you)

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can anyone shares with me Simon's writing course video on ....TY

Hi guys! Please add me to the Whats app group.

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Hi !! my IELTS exam is on 8 of April pleaas added me to the IELTS group on the whats app ! my last test was 5.5 however i need 6!..plz add me thank you a lot !!!!

Hi !! my IELTS exam is on 8 of April pleaas added me to the IELTS group on the whats app ! my last test was 5.5 however i need 6!..plz add me thank you a lot !!!!+16474588053

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pls AUSTTRALIA students share the exams questions.....PLS........



25 march task 2 increase fuel price to save environment agree or disagree ???

GT or accademic??

hi guys, plz add my no. +64 220381863 on whatsapp group. so that i can know all of yours experience on ielts test.

Can anybody say today's answers and eassay question please

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IELTS FOREVER group link :

Listening answers:
Bank details or account???
Map :
Tables :
Study skills?

The college is open for public and student ??
The cost 20$ include every thing

The cyclist wait on many stations
Can buy from the something ?
Be before 30 min ?
Part 4:

Reading :
Volcanic glasses
Trade wind ?
Are they the original inhabitant ?
False :they travel 2000 mile in hundreds of years ?

Part 2:
Microsoft : recent education
GE Less privileged
food company : Buy goods

Part 3:
Family ?
Rate ?
He mention a scientist talk to add weight to his talk

Hey @Ajmed
Account what I wrote. Also told number of course I do not remember by heart.
College available for all students but not for public
Cost 20 for everything
There is one more can't recall

Study skills
Summer school
Section 2
Can be picked up from different places
Be before 30
Can buy something
Individual queries
The part 4 is all correct yes "dark" answer as well. I wrote diseases instead of disease. Is that correct? Also, was it winter or summer I wrote winter.

Also, can someone tell me if instead of yes no not given I wrote true false not given is that a big mistake or they will consider these correct?
Please any ideas. In the instruction it was yes/no/ not given

Reception ? Or reception staff?

some people like to earn money and enoj less other like to enjoy more and earn less .wht expend do u agree or disagree(ielts general 2)

some people like to earn more and use less free time other like to earn less and enjoy more free time .give ur own opinion .(general que writing 2)

Plz post the answers of 25 march listening

Tik and sam where are you from or where did you sit the test please? Please add the city or country where you sat when you post your questions or answers. Thanks a lot.

I took the test from Moscoe

can anyone remember yesterday,s exam reading answers


In part 4 it is winter

Plz post readinh gt answers of 25 march 2017

tik: have you done academic or general. I did genreal and for me I cant remember wether there were yes no NG. I worte True False NG.

Pls in part one listening, was the answer station or market

Market i think

It was Market, but the question here is it wrong if I write market not Market??

unfortunately yes cause its road name 😏

Anyone taking the exam on March 30th? Add me on whatsapp +639175729488

Tik, thanks for the reply.Yes, you'd need to write exactly what it says. If you wrote True instead of YES,you would not score. The general reading was easy but I missed 6-8 questions in the Listening. I have Academic on the 30 th March/2017. And I will (probably) sit the General test again on 8th of April. Are you on whatsup Tik?

Hi guys i have a query regarding reading section. In fill in the blanks part i wrote complete word rather than letters eg ability, families ,area etc aganist A,B etc.will it be counted as wrong

please add me 971565668545

hi dear sir, i just got confused in my ielts exam that how to write a perfect intro to task one could you help me in this?

In the listening part for the location of some restaurant on a chart, I guess the first two answers was A and B can't remember the remaining three answers

In fill in the blanks.. did they give options for reading... I didn't see it ... can anyone tell me please... for march 25 exam reading

Academic reading

Academic reading

please add me +905327649478

Anyone had the writing task 1: Bar chart showing the percentage of men and women using internet for different purpose.

Was the percentage for games higher for women/

thanks in advance

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tahir hussian

Unfortunately, It will be wrong answer

who has the test on April 8th in AUSTRALIA !! plz add me WhatsApp +1 6474588053 i have the test in Canada plz share some tips !!!!

+994 50 697 48 47
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It is a very good passage. Thank a lot!

good day
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+905513991993 pls add me too

Would you please add me to any group or personally.
I will take the test on 29th April.

For map in the listenning I wrote
I put G but later changed to E I don't know if I did corrext
Yes I am in what's up
I asked inviligator they told me it is ok to put True instead Yes so I am not sure at all. So when the results are out if it is 7 so I did wrong if it is 8 or more then they would count true instead yes as a correct answer I will post my results on 7 April

In general reading there was exceptional circumstances as an answer right?

ANY ONE KNOW ABOUT WHAT IS IELTS UKVI .is it same study module as ielts.

hi simon,
plz tell me about IELTS UKVI and it modules of study.

Please add me +8801820885181 8th April is my exam. I need the recent questions.

Plz post the listening and reading answers of academic ielts test paper,30 march 2017

Tik your invigilator is not an official person of the Cambridge IELTS.It is incorrect to write TRUE when the prompt is YES.

Today's IELTS Academic (India)

Reading passages 1: detective stories and its golden time in the UK ( started with Dupin, Sherlock holmes,Agathe Christy and its decline)

Passage 2: The size of a successive group ( 150 not more than 200) in a social or commercial setting.

Passage 3: Children's play games during medieval time

listening--Section 1: was about Tourist trip to NZ and ALEX and his uni work feedback and then the final section was about Fossils. Ah, there was a map too.

Writing : Task 1- 2005,2007 and 2009 contributions in billion dollars toward the country's economy from different areas ( I suppose) , which was a Graph and then a pie chart of 2009 employed people's contributions from 6 or 7 areas.

Task 2 - a lot of traffic issues in many cities and towns -- causes and solutions

All the best and cheerio

pl share today's topics

im taking exams on the 8th of March. Can you add me on to the watsapp group please. +447970718954

Hello everyone ielts exam on 22 april. Plzz add me in your group

My mobile num is 9779509288

Hi guys, please add my phone number +573208465527 in your Whatsapp group, my IELTS test on 22 April. Cheers!!

Hi guys,
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Hi!Guys I have got PLAB 1 study material.Please do let me know if someone is interested in buying .The material includes notes,subject vise questions,Mocks ,1700 questions file,subject vise queation solved by Sush.

Hi all,

Just got my online result yesterday.
Overall 7.5

This site helps me a lot with my writing. I used the techniques recommended by Simon in the exam.

All the best.

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Hi All,

I have created a whatsapp group for the students who are appearing for IELTS exam on 8-Apr-17 .Please follow the below link and join the group to discuss about the questions & answers.


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I am Nisha from India. I am taking exam on 25th of may. GT. Pls. advice me if there is anybody.

Hello guys ..plzz add me in your group exam is on 29 num is 9779359288...i want some tricks and tips plzz help me ..

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