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please anyone has Ielts of the 1st of March to post the writing question as soon as possible good luck..

Hello,I'm from Sri Lanka.i have my speaking text on 28 th February. Another text on 1 st of march. Plz ... Send me some guess guestion for writing task 1&2 and speaking test. Plz.........
:( :( :(

ielts test same topic in punjab india as in sydney nd saudi arabia

@Dr.Muayad' I'm from Sri Lanka

as if anyone wil give speaking test on 23rd february...pls post the topic as soon as possible...bcz i have my speaking on 24th february....plss postt the speaking topics of 21stnd 22nd feb tooo...thnkuuu friends...

Mehdi can you please post the speaking and the writing question here or send to me by email as soon as you finish? if you need help in speaking or any other task I am ready to help

Dos anyone have listening answers?

Hi,does anyone recall answers for reading passages for academic test which held today in uk. Thanks

I don't have idea academic reding's very difficult to me.i want to get reading text 6.0.therefore I want to get 23 mark. It's so hard Dr.Muayud.can you help me.i have few days for my exam.:( :(:(:( :( :(

@parminder , can you please post the writing task questions which happened yesterday ?

Anyone else know obout that how to give mark writing task 1 and 2? Plz tell me. I don't have any idea about it,

Speaking questions on 22 Feb 2014
Part 1
.Climate in your own country
.Do you like rain?When is the rainy season in your country?
.Do you like to cook?how often? why?
.Do you think children should learn to cook?
.Describe an Event that changed your life-Good Effect on you.
.When was it?
.What was the change?
.What was the Good effect?
.What do you think about change in life?
.whom do you think is often changing ? whether youngsters or other people?
. Why they like the change?
.Do you like change in your life?

Writing topic on 22 Feb 2014
Task 2
People spend all the money they get it,never save them for the future.
What are the reasons ?
Is it a positive or negative effect?
The data outlet of a conference hall build in 1981 and planned for 2015.
Represented by two diagrams .
1.Build in 1981
2.Planned for 2015.

@yaswanth ws the same as posted by bhavna,,,

@Mehdi, yes I can help don't worry , what is your email or skype? and please don't forget to post the writing questions and the title of the reading passages if possible here as soon as you finish the exam!

Sorry, This may be out of topic here. But has anyone taken the exams at Macquarie University Sydney ? I am wondering how the speaking time and dates are allocated. Do they test on Thursday before the other tests ? Or Do they give us a chance to choose what time and date in the following week like Navitas does ? Thanks guys !

Hi,can anyone recall and post the listening and reading answers of academic ielts test which was held yesterday in uk.Thanks

22/02/2014 some listening answers
998704 (not sure)
2 weeks
lock all windows
play music


22/02/2014 listening

is the answers for theater on the map the letter G ?

And hospital C?


@Dr.Muayad,what do you think about my academic writing task 1?
Is it line graph ,bar graph, diagram, map ,flow chat, table, ... Like that?

iam a srilankan taking the exam in saudi arabia. which country's exam is same as in saudi arabia?

i have register in website and send me loads of speaking and writing questions of real exams.
good luck

Hi there, it looks that we in Canada were the only one with different topics.
task 1: map that compares big sea ships and small boats fishing
task 2: In the past, we used books for keeping knowledge, now internes. advantages and disadvantages.

some listening answers

if anyone remember answers of listening and reading pls post it.Thanks

Hi, I'm going to take IELTS, academic version on March 1 in Canada. Since this is my first time, I will really appreciate any advice. I've heard that the topics in Writing part can be repeated. Is it true? Can they give the same topics two times in a row? Thank you.
Kova, since you have written in Canada,can you give any advice?

i from Bangladesh.Any idea about Bangladeshi IELTS question?

Rita, I have no idea. It was my first time as well. I tried to follow eastern topics but it seems that Canada is not covering the some ones. I cannot believe that no one got the same test as we did. Even the reading and listening for my academic test were different.
Where are you taking the test?Which city?

Hi Rita, I have no idea. It was my first time as well. I tried to follow eastern topics but it seems that Canada is the only one with different academic test. I cannot believe that nobody got the same topics as we did. Even the reading and listening were different. Where are you taking the test ? Which city?

I'm taking it in Toronto. My biggest concern is the writing part. How about you where did you write the test?

plz share listening answers abt map questions on 22/02/14

I did it in Edmonton. For writing I did first task 2, since it is worth more. I haven`t get enough time to finish task 1,and don`t know how it`s gonna affect my score. I`ll see in 2 weeks.

Hello Kova,

How are things going?

Could you write down your ideas about this essay?

task 2: In the past, we used books for keeping knowledge, now internes. advantages and disadvantages.

Have a good one.

Hi. At the academic exam Listening on 22/02/14 was terrible. Voice wasn't clear. Nobody could understand anything. From ielts center they said that it is from disc. What can I do? :( it is their fault not our :(

@Moon where? In Azerbaijan? I took exam in Azerbaijan on 22 february.and i couldn't write listening :( voice was very bad. I think the problem was at headphones. I didn't understand anything. Generally I write 7.0-7.5 from listening,but in this exam it might be 6.0 or lower ((

@Senan yes,I also took in Azerbaijan.

hi all i booked my exam 15 march and i need speaking questions and GT writing topics as well please thank you all

Hi JuanM, I made a mistake in the topic, internet instead of internes.
In the first paragraph I described advantages of internet keeping ( convenient,save place in libraries, in school kids doesn`t have to carry all their books, just a computer...)
Second parag. I used for disadvantages (electronic data are more sensitive, books preserve information better..and example)
In intro and concl. I gave my opinion in favor of using books.

Kova,good luck!!! Do you know whether your question (writing)appeared in previous exams?

Thanks Koda.
I appreciate the information which you gave me. Good call!.


There are various benefits and drawbakes of books to get information.the main pron is that handy and convenient as well as cheaper.secondly;it provides in depth knowledge of any subject.finally;it describes authentic information.however,it sometime is time consuming to read.for example, we frenquently have to turn all pages to complete book for getting knowledge...
There are numerous benefits n drawbacks of internet for knowing knowledge.the prime advantage is that it is an oscen of information.another positive outcome is that only by kicking a finger,one can search any information on any topic of any subject with in few addition , it is less time consuming.0n the other hand,some websites except Google and wikipedia dont depict reliable information as this such websites can easily be manipulated and we can't put our fingers on mouse to get information for enhancing our know ledges.

The worst IELTS exam was seen in 22 February in 2014 in GRBS in Azerbaijan because of listening

Hey Kova..

you took the IELTS exam last Feb 22 in Canada, right?
Do you think the topics were the same for the upcoming IELTS exam on March 1st? or they will give another topic?

-Hi Rita, it was my first time and don`t know anything about previous topics.
- You`re welcome JuanM
- Angelyn, yes it was AT, Feb 22. I`m not sure whether they are gonna use the same topic. There is nobody here to confirm if they had the same topics as I did. You could prepare this topic just in case, but I believe that they are change the topic every week. ANd we didn`t have any problem with listening, they even asked us if the volume is fine and adjusted it.The quality of CD was fine.

Sound quality was terrible in listening part in Turkey., like under water.We did not hear anything. It is their fault and unfortunately this will effect our score:/


Please find out the difference between "effect" and "affect" then complain about the sound quality.


Hello Ece. Before the listening test begins, they check the sound quality and the volume.
Did they do that? If the answer is yes, what happened next?



I'm going to take GT on Mar 8 in Hyderabad. Any suggestions about exam? what will be the expected schedule data for speaking ?

I also encounter with sound problem.They checked sound and said that problem is in the CD in Azerbaijan.

Hi Simon
Hello All

In listening section some questions require two words for correct answer. How can i know to which question i have to go with two words?
e.g 1) if i write "record" then its wrong and the correct answer is "record yourself."
e.g 2) i wrote "meaning to words" and correct answer is "meaning".
Please note that answer limit was three words.

Someone please help me. I have my exam in a couple of days. May God bless you.

Hi everyone,
I'm from Turkey

Guys my exam date is 15th of March. Are there any candidate for same date from eastern country which are Australia, Korea, Sri Lanka, India. We are looking your help for listening and writing sections. Could you Share your exam questions of 15TH MARCH ACADEMIC ..

Hi guys I am taking general test on March 15th in Sydney. Can any body help me in writing task 2 ??


I am doing the writing exam on 1st of March at 1 pm SriLankan time. Please guys if you can some one post the writing question. Thanx

Acedemic Writing

hi Kethees ,Mustafa Sarigul
I am alos taking the test in March 15,2014
hopefully I get a good score

hi Kethees,mustafa and jhon i'm also taking my exam in 15 march 2014 GT , I would like to ask if there is someone from Sri Lanka will take it, to e-mail me the writing topics (before 5:00 am GMT )@

@Mark i am also have an exam on 1st of march am from jordan , and i think you will take it before me so pleas post the question directily after the exam i wish good luck to you and to all

Is anyone writing exam on 8 march from any country ?

To anybody from Australia please post your writing questions, I have exam on the 1st of March.
Kindly share your post as soon as possible

hi sheko I said that I'm from Turkey that's why I'm askin from Eastern Country's candidates.
Australia, Sri Lanka and Korea please contact us

Who will be appear for 15th March Academic ?

I have IELTS exam on March 1st.Can anybody give tips to get better score


Hi, eveybody.
Pls, anyone from Australia contact me

Hi Macky
I will appear on march 15th.

Hi A
would you please share your exam experiences on March 1st after taking exam, it would be helpful for all who have exam on March

Have good exam

hi Kethees,mustafa, john and sheko

I have my exam on march 15 too, im from Ecuador. It would be very helpful for me that you please post the topics, especially writting topics.

Thank you very much guys and good luck!

Dear Ielts crackers... :) ... My ielts results are out... I wrote exam on Feb 15th /Riyadh/Gen.Trng

First of all thanks simon for this wonderful blog.

My Scores : Listening : 8.5
Reading : 8
Writing : 8
Speaking : 8.5
Wishing all a great preparation time ahead!!

@Kill-ielts ... what about you bro?


Hi kumar

Did you check your result online?

I tried but it said no results found.
Can you please guide me how I can find?


ok I got my result and I failed :( I need someone to help me with my writing task 2! I register for another one 15th of March.

@Hina... Did you write through british council or IDP?

If its through british council we can check it online.... i will enquire for IDP.

This URL is for results from British Council :

Lemme know.



I was one who initially had very bad writing skills, but i made my score touch 8 band for writing. This is not impossible , but you need practice and infact smart practice.

Lemme ist know whether you are trying for GT or Academic module? How much are you expecting in writing and if possible share your present score, then i can help you out.

Practice and determination are the key to success


Hi simon! Thanks for ur blog. I got my results fort exam on 15th feb
Reading 7.5
Listening 9
Writing 7.5
Speaking 8

Thank u so much. I got the scores I was aiming for. Good luck to everyone preparing for the exam.


I got the required Band 7 in all the sections as well. Hurrayyy.. Thanks a bunch for all the help provided by Simon and the friends over here. All the best guys.

Hello Kumar,

I am stuck in 6.5 (W/S) in my last two attempts.
Could you give me an advice to up my score in the GT?

@Kill-ielts.... Hope you are trying for Australian immigration as you mentioned you required 7 in each band..Well am trying for the same... Let me know so that we could help each other further too...



Well, 6.5 to 7 in writing means you are not too far but you do some silly mistakes or you dont do some simple tips for getting a band 7.

The best approach would be to analyze your writing first then comment. If you could send me out an email to me at , we will take it up from there.. I will try my level best to help you out. Also lemme know when you are trying your next attempt?


Hi I recently graduated from Australia .now as per rules I need 7 each to apply for permanent residency.i m looking fwd to gv ielts on 15 anyone else on the same boat???

I am going to have the exam next March, 15.
I ll send you an essay as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance. Have a good one.


It was good to know that you passed IELTS with flying bands :)

I appeared for IELTS-GT 15 Feb 2014 in Riyadh via British Council and my result is as below:

Listening : 9
Reading : 9
Writing : 6.5
Speaking : 6.5

What i need is 7 band each for AUS immigration, i need your tips to get to band 7 level in W/S.

Secondly, i was wondering if doing IELTS at IDP Riyadh gets any better results or are they lenient as compared to BC?


Hi all,

I gave my IELTS Speaking exam today. I asked about Town I live. Describing about it, Why i like living there?,

2 minutes topic was about TV series i like to repeat again,
What is it about?
What is it that you like the most?

General discussion was about photography, What kinda pictures you click? what you like the most about those pictures? do you read newspapers? Why you read them?
Advertisement? Why some people like it? why some hate it?

That's all I remember.

To anybody from Australia please post your writing questions. That will be great help.

Thanks in advance and all the best everybody.

@ kumar

Thanks for your reply.
I just checked my result.
L = 6
R = 7
W = 5.5
S = 6.5

I need 7 each for immigration. Please share some tips how I can improve especially writing.
And most important topics as well.


Hi Kumar,
Many thanks for your generous help.
I had my first exam at 1th of Feb i got 6.5 for general writing. Funny thing is that i sat on 15th of Feb for the same exam and i got 5.5. So crazy. Now i m so confuse what was wrong! I was just doubtful about the length of writing which was not 250 words.
I desperately need 7,7,7,7 for immigration. At the moment, I m in Australia and i had my exam with idp. I m to somehow alright with other skills. Just need to improve this writing within 2weeks. Please help me.

@ kumar

My email address is

Please help me.


First of all you seem to be confused about this whole thing. I would first advice you to keep your mind calm and be relaxed. I prepared only 10 days for the exam. When i first did my analysis my score in reading was 6 and listening was 6.5. I was shocked to see the score, but later i understood what i thought was the correct way to deal the questions was totally wrong. And now i ended up in 8.5 and 8. Anywayz am helping out 10 to 15 gyz online , so if you could email me, it would be better to know your skills and then help you out personally. My email :


my speaking topic today

Describe a garden or park you enjoyed visiting.
You should say:
where it was
what it looked like
what you did (or, were doing) there [or, what people were doing there]

hi Simon and all ielts-takers,

I have been a silent user of this useful and informative site but today after receiving my ielts result i could'nt stop myself from posting a comment.

Like many other candidates i needed 7 band in all domains. I was desperate to achieve this band score so that i can apply for my pharmacy registration.I had taken 3 academic ielts exam before and this was my 4th time,the results for all 3 tests were as follows:

1st time: L 6.5, R 7.5, W 7.5, S 8
2nd time: L 7.5, R 7.5, W 6.5, S 7.5
3rd time: L 8.5, R 8.5, W 6.5, S 8

I thought i was unlucky because i always lagged behind by only 0.5 band, however, deep down i knew that i can achieve it, but how??? This was the question i use to ask to myself. And then somehow I came across this site and when i started using it all the unseen ties in my brain were opened.

I took my test in the U.K (academic module)on 15 feb after reading all the tips from Simon, and thankfully i have passed my exam. Although not with flying colors, i have got the reasonable band score which is as follows:

4th time after spending £600(altogether):
L 7.5, R 7.5, W 7, S 7

I'd like to thanks SIMON from the deepest core of my heart for helping all of us in achieving our desire scores and taking time out to maintain and update this site with useful information, this site has bought all the ielts candidates all over the world on one platform to be friends with and to share and help each other in useful ways.

My message to all the ielts-test takers who are still trying is that go thorugh this website thoroughly and try to grasp every little tip which is given by Simon, you can try and incorporate these at the time of test , i'll be more than happy to help anyone who need my assistance.

Thanks alot Simons, God bless you.
And good luck all test- takers there will be a day which will be yours, don't give up keep working hard you'll get it one day. Believe me all you need is strong determination and positive outlook.


Can you please share the points you discussed in your letter and essay?

Anyone from India whose test is on 1march..please share your in canada and my test is also on 1 march.due to time zone difference I can prepare that latest questions.



Living in big cities is bad for people's health. To what extend do you agree or disagree.

I knew it will be diagrams in task 1 :(((( . What was your speaking questions Githin? I was asked to describe a course I've done in school or universities

@Githin ,, @Annie please whats about others questions is it the question in today exam ??? the digrams was about what i wait your replay

Hi could u pls post listening answers who had exam from Australia 1st march 2014

Ielts Academic 01/03/2014 Australia
Wrting task 2
Living in big cities is bad for people's health.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

I couldn't think good ideas :'(

Task 1 was two plans of college (like maps) one for present the other for proposed development 2015

I found listening n reading parts relatively easy compare to last wks.. there were no true false or yes no questions and no title marchings.

But writing was really tough in my opinion...

My last attemp was w5.5 R7.0 S6.5 L7.0


Any pointers about writing? Can you give pointers to Task 1 and two of writing?


Have any Ideas about task 2 and some brief idea about overall reading and listening will helpful.

Thanks in advance,


What's your method to write task 1 in your recent ielts exam?
Introduction + overview + detail+detail or introduction + detail+detail+conclusion????

I am confused about which method should I follow? Because my ielts teacher said that if u don't write conclusion in the end ,u will lose your 0.5 bands in exam as it right?? Plz help me out...
Thanks a lot.

Writing Task 2
The lifestyle of people in urban areas is generally unhealthy. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people believe that The government should impose a heavy tax on industries to reduce pollution.other people believe that there are other measures to manage pollution problems.Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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