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please tell me some more tips about reading i need 7 please

any one taking their exam on 18th of april please post your writing tast 1 and 2

hello people

who all are giving ielts general in india???

hello people

who all are giving ielts general in april in india

guys lets get together on wats app for instant sharing of tricks and material

Yes I heard the word ineffective , also heard expensive, really I don't know the correct answer, plz share

It was expensive in last section

@laila: i got 8.5 in reading. If you want to do reading well, there are three important things you have to remember. First, do not try to find answers from your background knowledge or answer based on your own thoughts. ALL answers are in the reading passage. Just get familiar with "paraphrasing". Secondly, "time management" is the key. I start transferring my answers from the booklet to my answer sheet before I get to start reading the last reading passage so that I can manage my time better. If you feel like the first reading passage is difficult, try to answer the other two reading passages first. Lastly, read questions first and circle keywords in the questions and find them in the reading passage. The same principle applies to listening part of Ielts exam as well. Reading is fun!! You can do it! Good luck!!


anyone took exam on 28th march .plz tell me reading answers.i remember some of the answers of

this task was also given in 2010
so i think examiners are repeating same tasks.

Anybody sitting in academic ielts test in Pakistan or india?

11th of april 2015?

Yea I also gave IELTS 28 march
Yes these were the answers
Can anyone tell in listening section 4 what was the first blank about netherlands?

Can somebody tell me that lelts test in 4/1 about the subjects?
All of them like listening, writing and speaking, what are the titles about them??? thanks a lot

Also metal , plants in section 4 as I remember


28 March,Sydney, Writing task 2
Some people think that the increasing use of computers and mobile phones for communication has had a negative effect on young people's reading and writing skills. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

I had speaking exam today and my questions are
part 1- 2. managing time 3.acommodation
part 2- describe an occasion that you have found that you lost
part 3 - 1 skills of using map and some related questions about traveling

Hello everyone.
I just want to share the questions that were given to us in the Academic IElts taken on March 28.
GMT +3

-Accommodation at Lum Po Island
-Plants in New Zealand
-Map at Hobbe Park
-Visual Arts, Music, postnatal, children, emergency units
-Carbon Dioxide Emission

-Darwin Experiments to Plants ( Carnivore Plants) with Fill in the blanks (one word); Yes/no/not given
-Line Production and Mass production
-Energy and Time , Human Behavior with Matching Headings, Multiple choice and Yes.No Not give questions

Map and pie charts that shows how agricultural land is used in some regions of USA in terms of land used for crops, forests, animals and other uses.
Some people tell that history has no/little value. But history is needed today to learn from the past.Discuss both views and give your opinion.

-What is your name?
-How can I call?
-Where are you from?
-Are you WORKING or studying?
-What is your main JOB at work?
-Do you have a clear handwriting?
-Is handwriting a skill?

Part 2
-Describe an app (mobile device) that you find useful.
What it is?
How can you use it?
Where can you use it?
Why it is useful to you?

Part 3
Almost about Technology .

Hope these information helps everyone to prepare for the IELTS Exam. Goodluck !

Wow thats the exactly speaking exam which I had in islamabad on 27/3 @baking

Really. That was my speaking questions here in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia.
Hope all of us who took the exam in March 28 will pass the IELTS. :-)

Anyone from USA Texas please

I am worried about my second attempt in May 9 as I need overall score 7 with writing band score 7. However, I am not good at writing and speaking. What should I do. I am also a service holder. I don't get much time to study.

I am worried how to get higher band. I have a problem with reading and listening .. anyone have special tips plz share. It's really helpful . . .

hey hi ,
Is there anyone from india or pakistan who is appearing AC Ielts on 11 april 2015??

I am from Malaysia, sitting for iELTS exam on 11 april 2015 too.
Good luck guys. Let's make full use of our time for preparing.
And Thank you Simon, I appreciate your sharing especially for the writing part.

hai frnz......Iam having my IELTS exam on 11/04/2015 in United Kingdom....could you please help me........thank you.

yes.....I am gonna attnd my exam on 11 th of april

Tara where r you from?...

i am from india and have my general exam on 18th april.please share any tips regarding speaking

hi, i am xue yen from malaysia. I will be attending ielts exam on 18th april. I need someone to practise speaking test with me. Feel free to add my skype account: txueyen


Hi everyone,
Could you please share your writing questions after the exam.I am taking it on 11 April in UK.

Good luck everyone!

would you please give me your E_mail?
my email:
Thank you

I am from UK.....

basically I am from India, now here in the UKdoing my Post graduation, am a nurse by profession , I need to clear my IELTS to do my adaptation here....can you please help me frnz ...........

could you please share your writing, reading and listening questions / taking it on 11th of april........

helo frds my exam date is 18 th april...can u hlp me frds...

Hi sunaina,
my name is Lilit, My exam is on 18 April too. where r u going to take the exam?

@Thara which time your Ielts test will be teken?

@princess which time your Ielts test will be taken?

helooo hie everyone my ielts exam on April 18th IDP in hyderabad... anyone here

My exam is on 11th april...anyone with speaking before 11th? Plz share...

Only few samples are available in General Training Writing Task 1 section.

Could you provide few more samples with band 9 vocabulary.

@sunaina, lilit and candy,

I'm taking the the test on the 18th here in the Philippines. Where are you going to take the test?

haha so many people are going to April 11 about the test.
Me too let's fighting together:)))

I m posting the questions which was asked to me on 28/02/2015 general IELTS (Kuwait)
Writing part 1 --> informal letter - invite your best friend to a party which you are going to organize.
-explain the occasion
-describe why you need your friend at that occasion
- give direction to reach at the venue
Part 2 --> Tourism have a negative impact on the the places you visit. Why people behave badly when they visit some places ? What can be done to solve this issue ?

Speaking-> hometown, advertisement, favorite climate, family
Cue card was about to Describe an old age person whom you know & respect.

All the best friends..👍

I'm gonna sit for the IELTS tedt on qpril 18 at Bristish council KSA. Anyone who'll take the test on the date? Add me on skype khaye8888able

I'm gonna sit for the IELTS test on April 18 at Bristish council KSA. Anyone who'll take the test on the same date? Add me on skype khaye8888able


I'm taking the test on the 18th..
Can I have your email? Don't have skype.. :-(

Hi Third, are you going to take the exam under IDP or British council? will you take academic or general? I am going to take as well on the 18th here in UK.

@jessie can u tell me when is your speaking??

hi Jim and Third,
I'm taking academic in London:)))

Hi everyone, I'm gonna take IELTS Exam at British council in Vietnam, HO chi minh city on April 18th, time zone GMT +7. anyone takes exam on the same day as mine please tell me the topic on writing and speaking. Thanks in advance.

Oh I forgot, my e-mail is, also my skype ID, please add. ;)


I am taking the academic test in Uk 18th of April,
Would you please send me an emial if you are taking the test on the same date from east side of the world. my overall is 7.5 just need to take the exam for writing to get 7. I can help you with your speaking.


my exam starts at 10 am. ( 11/4/15)

todays listening Q card topic was "what u wnt to buy in future?"
and my friend got "thing which u borrowed from ur brother or friends or relatives ? "

sorry guys its not listening , its speaking ...

academic module, British council.........please do help me to pass......I need individual 7 for all .....pleaseeeee

Hi is there a whatsapp group for April 18 takers? Let's all help each other.

Hi Lili, Jim and other takers on the 18th,

I'm taking the academic IELTS..
email me,

Which country will be the first to take the test?
Let's share questions..


I'm taking the academic version under IDP..
How about you?

Who is having speaking for 11th plz share topics...plz help...

Hi all. I'm going to take Academic IELTS exams on 18th of April, please help with writing test by sharing topics, if you take exams earlier than me.

Time zone GMT +5.

My contact info:
skype: abbasov996
whatsapp: +998945544434

Thanks to advance


I'm going to take ielts under British council..


will the questions be different between IDP and BC?
I'll share the questions if I take the test earlier..

email me,

Hi everyone,iam taking general18th April in babangladesh,timezone is utc+6.00 Would share with me of topic who is taken in advance pls.I begging ur

Hitahra,iam too nurse by profession And iam also appearing 18th April gt from banhgladesh.If u have done earlier help me pls thaks.

I'm taking academic on 18th April from Sydney, please help me with your exam topic.....

Anybody from gmt +4 taking the exam on 18 April? I can help study with writing


email me:

I'm also taking the IELTS Academic test in April 18..

k dear............i will share the questns after the exam.......

please help me out by sharing attending on 11/april..staring time is 10 am ( UK ) ......please am expecting some help from you frnz.........
thank you

Hi all. I'm going to take GT IELTS exam on 9th of May(GMT+5.30), anybody taking exam on same day?

Thanks for great assistance could u share me pls mainlylistening n reading answers of 18th exam.general n ac after finished the test.ur assistance greatly appreciated.

how can I get help.? is anyone has any idea about question...? my exam is on 11 th..........

if any persn g
have given spkng test plz snd me q card v
cz my spkng date is 13 april...

Hello everybody!
I didn't understand. Do examiners ask the same question in Reading and Listening parts around the world?

can anyone help me with answering a speaking part question
describe an occasion that you have found that you lost
thanks in advance

Hi is there any one have doing Academic ielts on 11April? Please share writing and reading questions once you done your exam. It would be appreciated if you can send it within 16 hours from now.


perth April 11th. pleaseshare your speaking topic.cheers

I recommend you to buy 'cambridge official guide to ielts'. it cosists of authentic 8 tests and one of reading passage was given on 28th of march test. it is worth to pay, and luckily i got my score at first attempt.

I got my result: L: 7, R: 7.5, W: 5.5, S: 6.5, O: 6.5
I am really disappointed! I was quite confident. I was expecting at least 7 for speaking, 6.5 or 7 for writing. I will apply for an enquiry for Speaking and Writing tests.

hi all,please share writing task questions (11 April_academic) just after your exam. Last year i shared and it helped some. So now i need your help,thank you in advance

is anybody has any idea abt questions and answers............tomorrow is my exam. pls help me

hello friend,iam been having exam on 24 april 2015,please help me,what type of writing and reading may come

I just did my speaking was about describe your favorite famous people . I want to ask you if I didn't answer part 2 correctly what will happen for example I talked about famous person on my country I forget to mention his name . I finished quickly I didnt what to talk about .. Did this happen to someone before

I just did my speaking was about describe your favorite famous people . I want to ask you if I didn't answer part 2 correctly what will happen for example I talked about famous person on my country I forget to mention his name . I finished quickly I didnt what to talk about .. Did this happen to someone before

@ man........excuse me...where did you took ur exam.? was it academic? could you plz share the questions and listening reading answers..? thnx in advane

Uk just took speaking written is tomorrow
part 1
Do you work or study
What do you do in your job
Will you see your job will change in the future
What places you prefer to read in
Have you ever been before to place you couldn't read

Part 2
Describe your favourite famous person
How long have he or she been famous
What he make to became famous

Question about influnce of the famous people in my country

Hi Simon,
I have just checked my Ielts GT test results taken on March 28 and I am very happy! I received: listening 8, reading 8.5, writing 8.5 and speaking 8 with an overall score of 8.5! My past score was listening 7.5, writing 8, reading 7 and speaking 7.5. So you can tell I am very happy that my result has improved quite significantly!
Aside from doing Cambridge Ielts test (4*9=36 sets of test), I contribute my result to your website! I read all your posts religiously and I find your writing tips extremely beneficial. In fact, I don' think I would do so well in writing if not for your posts: 1. The formal and informal tone of the first letter writing task and 2. The structure of the second essay writing task. So thank you so much for your wonderful work!!

Hello i need to get score which is for speaking 6 and for overall 6 again but i get this exam second time and i get 5.5 overall and 5 point for speaking. İn my first exam my speaking was 5.5 but it seems decrase i dont know what can i do for increase it there is my scores for both of two ielts exam


Speaking 5.5
Listening 4.5 (i missed so many things and i wasnt good at multiple choices

writing 5.5
Reading 5.5
Overall 5.5

Second Exam

Listening 6
Writing 5
Reading 5.5
Speaking 5
Overall 5.5

İm waiting for your advices thank you

Pls share academic writing tasks of apri11th. Who is taking exam before India time zone

@ radha...I am taking on 11 th.......from UK.......I think ur exams starts earlier than mine......could u plz share ur questions.......>

The question for Ielts test 11apr
"Nowsaday, more and more older people who need employment compete with the younger people at the same jobs.
What problem causes it?
What is solution?

Hello friends if any one is interested to know about today's exam here it is
Topic 1
2 graphs with line chart and bar graph about traffic and co2 emission by cars trucks and vans
Topic 2
Nowadays old people have to compete with young employer to be in workforce.
What are the problems causing this and their solutions?
Hope you're hat will help

Thank you Jalpa!!! What solutions did you propose for task 2?
Can you give us more info about task 1? What was the conclusion?

Guys... these task are belongs to British council or IDP.....?

thanks for posting writing task Kate le and jalpa
listening and reading answers do u remember??

Task 1
You are recently attending a course which is not as same as the description in the brochure. Write a letter to the principal and
1. Advise what course you are attending
2. Give details of what's the difference
3. Tell the school what actions would you like them to take

Task 2
Many people think television is a good thing because of it makes our life more interesting and enjoyable. Do you agree or disagree?

Well I think the writing is pretty easy and I mentioned to some extent it brings numerous advantages to our society, while without proper supervisions and guidances, it might bring several drawbacks to our lives especially for the group of young children. So my opinion is 'partly agree'

Despite the fact that I'm quite confident in writing part, I possibly screw up my listening test LOL This is my very first time that I was completely lost in section 3 and 4. I think I have made more than 8-10 errors. Never mind :p I'll keep improving and I'll also update the latest speaking questions when I finish my exam. All the best to you :)

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