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Hi everybody,

I will be taking the written IELTS test on Feb 27. I would highly appreciate if someone can share the questions, especially those who are in Australia or New Zealand.

All the best,

HI guys,I think about in what date to register to IELTS,I've choice between August2016 and September2016.Can u suggest any of them? or it doesn't matter.
Will appreciate)

Hi guys!
And good luck everyone with IELTS exams.
Am from UK, I have academic IELTS exam on 5th of march. I would highly appreciate anyone who has any related topics to share..

Hi tky im going to write ielts on 27 feb

Can anyone share answers of 2.13 ielts test?please

I will be taking the written IELTS test on Feb 27. I would be grateful if someone can share the questions, especially those who are in Australia, Asia or New Zealand

Hi @Mina. I will write it in Saudi Arabia. Where will you take the test?

Dear @Emmanuel,

I will also write the ielts on 27 Feb. May you kindly share the questions with us.

Dear @meeha and @Sukhwinde,

We are also taking the ielts on Feb. 27. Can we share questions, please?

Tky im going to write the test in pakinstan im bit nervous

All the best emmanuel and tural

So am I @Mina. I will take the test at 10:00am (Pakistan time). Which time will you write?

10:30 @tky

Hi everyone,

Are there anyone to take this exam in Istanbul ? I will take ielts exam on March 19 and we can talk and study together.


I will take ielts exam on 19 March in London

hi guys i will take IELTS exam on 19th of march in Uzbekistan and it would be better if you have something to share with me!!!

Hi there.
Today I had speaking exam in Azerbaijan.Here are the questions .

Part 1
Where you live
about your room
about parks in your city

Part 2
. Describe a family not your own that you like
- whose family this is
- Where they live
- Who are the family members
- Explain why you like this family

Follow ups
In a typical Indian family who plays the leading role?
In India what kinds of family members usually live together?
Do young and middle-aged people live with old people?
Do grandparents educate their grandchildren in your country?

@ Hi Sevda

What did you answer the first two questions of part 3?
I did not meet these kind of questions before

hi mina in which city of pakistan r u taking exam?? my exam will be on 27th feb...

Karachi @ielts exam

Anyone form usa or canada can post listening or reading answers of 20 feb

My speaking test yesterday in india,,for gt
Part 1
Intro nd mobile phones
Part 2
Describe a
happy moment of your childhood
Part 3
Very confusing questions,,don't remember any

i have done my speaking test today in IDP Indonesia

Part 1
about hometown and what you like from your country, have you visit many parts of your country, in what ways your country have changed?

Part 2
Talk about a time when you had to make a difficult choice.

You should say:
What and when?
Why is it difficult?
What was the outcome of the choice you made?
and explain if there were any consequences?

What difficult choice that people must to choose in their life?
Who do you ask for advice to choose that choice?
Do you think children don't listen from their parents anymore?
Choosing between money and freedom, what do you think most people from your country would choose? Why?

@Sevda you are from Azerbaijan and they asked you about the Indian family, is that true? doesn't that confusing guys ?

I am taking an IELTS in Vietnam on March 5th. Can we talk and study together via Skype?

March 19- bangkok!

-Nurse from Philippines

AC march 19 @bangkok

Anyone who were going on to give exam on 27th feb pls post the writing topics as soon as possible plus reading passege heading

Hi guys!
And good luck everyone with IELTS exams.
Am from India, I have General Training IELTS exam on 5th of march. I would highly appreciate anyone who has any related topics to share..

hi friends

Please share your number on to join IELTS FOREVER


I will take the exam on 2nd April General, I would like to practise speaking, my skype is irena.sirkovic

Hi guys!
And good luck everyone with IELTS exams.
Am from India, I have Academic IELTS exam on 5th of march. I would highly appreciate anyone who has any related topics to share..


Dear jig$,

I've sent you my mobile number but haven't joined the group.

i got exam reults academic took on 13th feb

it was my 3rd attempt and i got

listening: 9
reading : 8
writing : 7
speaking :7.5

by the grace of almighty Allah i got the required band
this website has proven really helpful
thanks Simon

in my first attempt i got
6.5,7.5,6.5,7.5 = overall 7

second attempt on 9th jan

i got 6.5,7,7,8 = overall 7

now 9,8,7,7.5 = overall 8

dnt give up keep working hard and you will ace it
on exam day just be relax because this time i went with a relaxed mind like i am doing practice test at home and could more concentrate in listening reading and speaking ....

Many congratulations to you
You have fantastic performance
Please share about your successful story and that did you appeared first time or?
Please advice us that any particular technique or which part of Simon website you followed most

With respect to the Feb 27 test, is there any one who just took the test in Australia or New Zealand till now?

Someone pls post exam paper of today in 1 hour

Hi can you any one post reading and listening answer from Australia 27th feb plz

Writing task in Australia 27th feb
Task1 chart shows five tourist attraction in European countries between 1981-2001
Task2 more and more young people from wealthy countries they do unpaid work for poorer countries such as teaching and building houses.
Why they young people want do this?
Is both have a benefits young people or communities.

Any body from Saudi Arabia pl post writing academic question pl pl

Pl post writing task question

I had my writing exam in Azerbaijan. writing task1 line graph about different types of technology in ik household from 1997 to 2001
writing task 2: some people say that government should pay for pieces of art and place the in outdoor places.
what extent do you agree or disagree
I dont remember questions exactly but meanings are same

I am sorry
*ik -UK

*the -them

hi tural
do you remeber listening test?

hi morvarid

generally i remember about topics of section but i dont remember answers

Listening in UK

name, mobile no,

section4---ash,carbon, park.fountain,

section3---have bad experiece about previous presentation, not worried,


can anybody remember more in post here.worried about listening

Listening map UK

1 E
2 F
3 next to room a(right side)
4 C
5 D

Share reading. sARA

UK reading passage 3


How many of them will be correct

SARA , please reply

Passage 1 UK reading

Not given

I am quite sure about that
U can check ur one

Please I am from Serbia, I am taking test on 2nd April, so if there is someone from the other part of the world who are going to take exam on the same date, send me the questions. My email is

@Bee, there are few remaining listening answers, Wind,Disply,shower,

Please share more reading answers as well.Thanks

Reading passage 3 UK

37 C
38 A
39 C
40 not sure

Passage 1 Uk
1 options

Filling blank passage 3 uk

They were very easy

Small legs

And so on

Reading passage 2 uk
Filling blank

Basin sink
Tomb or homb last one

Who can confirm passage 3 yes and no questions

@Bee, can u recalled the reading passage 3 filling the blank answers?Thanks

U can see above

@bee, but not all answers of filing the blanks. Thanks


Something happened in 30 years, last one

One another left






Tell me about passage 3 yes and no


@Bee@Sara thanks, can you recalled the last 4answers of passage3.I think I wrote option d,b,d,b. Really not sure the answers right correct.



They were 5 questions can you mention another one as well
I could not read them and just did

How many will be correct ?

I read just the first one it was no , I could not read others



Bee, are u taking ielts in the UK.How much score u need.

Guys I took the test yesterday in the UK for academic.
Would like to share my speaking part 2 because I find it a bit difficult.

Describe the law you would like to introduce in your country to protect the environment in your country.
- what the law is
- why
- will people accept it
- explain consequences. (not exact questions because I can't recall them all but hope this helps)

@ sara
minimum 7 and overall 7.5

anybody did the test in canada or US on 2.27 ,plz contact me

Speaking test in pakistan part 1:photograph 2snacks part 2:thing once you borrowed 3:related to borrowing thihgs

@Bee,can u remember few listening question
section1----able to deal with-----people
section3 27,28,29,30--can u write fullanswer
setion4---question39 pl

@Bee, was it basin sink or wash basins??
I think the word present in the passage was "wash basins"

@sara.. every walkway :fountain
center of the city:park

@piyush--it was oval basins

@SARA.. I am sorry.
It was oval basins.correct

@SARA.. what about
every walkway :fountain
center of the city:park

I have academic on 5ht of march post anything you have those who in Australia

@Sara @Bee
what about the museum
Mr Brigg Wanted local art to be in the museum

the special show will be at a certain time

And what about the last q in passage 2
Selecy 2

I chose
A and b

And what about passage 2 headings
I thunk 1 q about the first passage of the royal places

Are you asking regarding the presentation topic of those two people??

No reading passage

Reading passage 2
The last q was to select 2 options.
What was the answer

Which one,about mesopotamia!!!


One answer was location??

I wrote one option as improvement in communication means
The other one I am not sure

And what about passage 3 the last 4 .
1- although work it is endangered
2- 2 different env
3- other solution
4- farming

And in passage 1 the q about that the internet will not be fixed soon.
I wrote

If you can ask the specific question,
I can recollect the answer
The last paragraph was about some reptile.

I mean the last passage

Correct it ll be ng

What about city center :park

Yes in passage 3 reptiles
There were 4 questions
1- what passage e talk about.
I think it was that there are few chance to survive.

2- about the word last chance.
Captivity is the solution.

3- that these species need different environment.

4- farmers

Yes your answers are true

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