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Can someone please share ur speaking questions? today Ill be taking the IELTS speaking module.. Thanks a lot!

I csn gave the exam on monday....n her speaking topic was--- an intelligent person you know
Later the questions were on... Genius vs intelligent person and some on technology

I took Speaking test today, the part 1 is about Park/ Garden that I visited, Place I currently live, Advice. Part 2 is about a situation that I had to ask advice. Part 3 is about making decision by ourselves, or whether asking advice is good or not, etc.

Sorry its my csn

Another two part 2 topics were about (1)a school you attended (2)positive change /phase of life
Gud luck jammie

My speakingtest held on 31 july cuecard topic was someone took photohraph of u when amd where why its imp for u
Que related to photography in 3rd dection

pls share writing topic who have exam on 2nd august

Thanks everyone for sharing questions!

So,I've faced my speaking test 1hr ago today and my questions were

1.General questions(Myself,workplace,My job ,tasks ..etc)

2. Topic given to me was
City that I've visited recently
-With whom

3. Advantages of living in a city, Why not live in country side,3rd part is more like opinion based questions.

All the best!

Btw.One of my old friends has taken the exam at the same time,same place with a different examiner he said he got

"advertisement" for his topic question and also his wife got "clothing,attire" for topic question.


hi guys i m parav i have my exam on 21 aug plz help me who have exam on 21 and i m from india

and i have ielts idp exam is there someone who have exam on 21 aug around the era

Anyone FROM AZERBAIJAN that will take an academic module on the 2nd of August?

Pleaseeeeeeee give us some updates.... thank you friends from Azerbaijan! Maasalaam!

Please share August 2nd General module - questions.
Many Thanks!

My test results for 19 July general module: L-8.0 R-6.5(which is good considering it was too difficult ans I missed some answers while transfering to answer sheet) w-7.5 s-6.5 which is very low for me though it works for me as well. I will appeal for speaking part. Does anyone know how long it usually take?

This is what i required... I will retry for 7 each, i dun know why listening is 6.5, even though it went fine.

Anyway thanks everyone for useful information.

I took the IELTS academic exam on 19th July, just got my results now. All credit goes to Simon and Ryan. I didn't even buy any books, just prepared according to Simon's (mainly) advice.
Listening: 8.5
Reading: 8
Writing: 6.5 (considerably good as it was my first ielts exam ever)
Speaking: 8
Thanks Simon (once again)

Here are my results.

L 7
R 6.5
W 6.5
S 6.5

Need each 7. I am going to sit for the exam again on September.


frinds speking test over very badly so i have exam tmrow so any can send me recent exam task 1 and 2 for gt please 02-08-2014

Is there anyone taking academic exams tmr in time zone +11 or +12, can u pleas post the writing questions after finishing exam?

Thank you a lot

Disaster struck again...!
My Reading scores is getting pathetic..!
not sure of what I am doing wrong here, got my scores
L: 7.5, R: 5.5, W: 6.5, S: 7.5

Hi mates,

today ive received my results:

wr:7.5 l:7.5 r:7.0 sp:6.5

I am extremely happy about the results.

Thank you so much Simon!!!

Btw.: I would like to recommend Phil for essay correction. He works together with Simon and Simon recommended me Phil. In comparison to my previous outcomes Phil helped me to increase my writing score from 6.5 to 7.5



Anyone taking the 2nd August test academic module
please share your Writing question immediately after finishing it, especially if you're in Australia and New Zealand.

You will be helping a poor soul here. This IELTS test means the world to me since I am from a poor family and cannot afford to retake the exam. Please help me, I would be eternally grateful to you.

By the way, I'm in Vietnam, GMT+7, so the time gap is small. Thank you!


my score

R 7
L 8
S 7
W 6

:( I needed 7 each for immigration ! someone suggested me to go for revaluation for writing part - what do you guys suggest ?

What about revaluation for Reading 5.5?
Will it be ok? i m really disheartened after seeing my results.
L: 7.5, R: 5.5, W: 6.5, S: 7.5

Reading happens to be more complicated area for me. I did my best last time...practised all the IELTS cambridge test 1-7 and scored 32-34. I was very much focused in reading exam but lost it towards the end.

Iips welcome from anybody on how to improve reading :)

Correction: Tips but not lips

I am wondering if the exam questions in IELTS will be the same in other country? Can anyone enlighten me about this.

cant get my results online,,took the exam july 19, in riyadh k.s.a... what is happening?

@Wolfia Which country are you from???

anyone from AZERBAIJAN than will take their exams academically, tomorrow?

There is no use of going for rechecking for reading section as it is marked by administrators not by ielts teachers.You might be doing some mistakes in required number of words or might be doing mistakes in TFNG answers.Please do not write more words if they ask you answer in one or two words.OR if they require you to answer in YES NO NG instead of TFNG. So these are very important. I did this mistake and got 6.5.

Please give some tips regarding speaking?I am very weak in speaking section.i got 6.5 in last attempt and reappeaing again tomorrow.Please give me some tips.
Where did you take your ielts exam? i mean which city of UK?

Hi all
I just checked the result of 19/7/14
I've got
listening 8.5
reading 7
writing 6.5

What do you think to get remarking the score?
Has anyone got same score like me and got changed score??

Please let me know what do you think

one more thing always write all your answers in capital letters if you are doing mistakes in writing,i mean you can forget to write capital A for April which they can incorrect easily.secondly, for TFNG only pick NG if it is not in the text.some times it is hard to differentiate in between F and NG. So read carefully.
Hope this will help

@Sofia I took my exam in London. Well for speaking section, firstly and most importantly be confident (to impress the examiner and give eye contact); secondly listen to the questions properly and try to give extended answers (but don't go off topic), thirdly for task 2 make sure u follow the bullet points on the cue card and talk accordingly (for around 2 min until the examiner stops you). Last but not least believe in yourself and try to talk as much as you can

Thank you so much...

Any body who want speaking practice can add me on Skype I'd is simharnz

Dear people, Could you please share August 2nd General IELTS paper questions as soon as you can?I'd be very grateful.

Again iam giving my id simharnz add me for speaking practice

anyone from Azerbaijan doing academic module on 16th august ?

@Sofia No problem :) When is ur exam??? Where r u from (if u don't mind mentioning)??

my ielts exam held on 2nd august please help me to get min 5.5 each band.
I've the problems with writing task.

hi kim
iam in a similar situation but remaking takes 8 to 10 weeks and cost almost same as taking another test. However it is possible to get 0.5 improved. so if you have a deadline to complete IELTS have to be careful if you are requesting a remark.

Anyone taking the 2nd August test academic module
please share your Writing question immediately after finishing it.

Again iam giving my id simharnz add me for speaking practice

My test is on 21aug Again iam giving my id simharnz add me for speaking practice

any body going to appear for the test on 6th of september????...............please let me know..........need help in writing module..... :(

Skype I'd is simharnz

Dear people, Could you please share August 2nd General IELTS paper questions as soon as you can?I'd be very grateful.

I want your help to improve my reading. Am now studing in UK but i have problem with reading.

anybody giving exam on 20th sept general...

Please let me know..

I got me result of 19th july
L 7.5 R- 6.5 W-7 S-7..

need at-least 7 in each module for immigration.
So guys let get together and share information material and information

ping me @

Please let me know...through which organisation it is better to give the exam

IDP or British councill...

Last one i gave through british council

Hi, anyone from AZERBAIJAN will take the academic exam tomorrow? Please share your written exams as soon as you finish. Thank you

I am taking IELTS 3rd time tomorrow in Liverpool.I am taking academic IELTS and i need 7 band in each component.last time i got Listening 8.5
Reading 6.5
speaking 6.5
writing 6.5
Hope i can achieve my required result this time.


@Abu Hadi Yeah sure I can help u with ur reading. How do u want me to help u, dear??

@Sofia I needed 7 overall (atleast 6 in each section) and I thought I won't be able to achieve that as I only had a week to prepare for this exam and it was my first time. I hope u'll achieve ur target band this time. I'm sure u can do it, just have faith in urself.
Best of luck

Hi Zaynab,
How did you write answers to listening & reading papers?Was it block capitals or lower case?

Dear All, I gave IELTS-Acad in Sep 2013 (L:8.5 ,R:8.0 W:S:6.5) and then IELTS-GT in Feb 2014, (L:R:9 W:S:6.5) but need 7 band each badly for immigration. I have registered for IELTS-GT Sep 2014 session at BC-Riyadh. Any tips ?

from MIDDLE EAST, INDIA and EUROPEAN COUNTRIES people.... PLEASE POST YOU the questions in TASKS 1 & 2 immediately after you finish the exams, yes, please. :) thank you

@Jammie Hi I think I used lower case letters, I'm not really sure if writing in capitals or lower case matters in that exam, but then again I'm not experienced at all as it was my first go. Hope that helped and best of luck :)

Yes..idp hire bangali teachers.They mark wrong in speaking..its my personal experience.

hello friends... is anyone there to challenge the exam on aug 16 at canada....

This is my e mail if it possible to contact me

Hi Zaynab,
congratulations for your score. I live in London too. Could you please recommend a well-known test centre. Regards.

@Abu hadi Hi when is ur exam?? I'll surely contact u tomorrow.

@H Thanks dear. I wasn't really well aware of different test centres, so I chose the nearest one. For me it was the one in Wimbledon. If u want any further details u can e-mail me (

@Zaynab I'm from Philippines. I have been reading the thread and not much people from my country are posting here, so I'm thinking if the questions in IELTS varies from every country. Any thoughts about it?

Please anyone has done Ielts exam 2 augedt in east country ??
I'm in Qatar

got my desired score! thank God and thank you St. Joseph of Cupertino and St. Thomas Aquinas! the patron saints of test takers.

Please guys has anyone finished IELST exam , please help us I need Writing acadmic tasks1&2


Again my Skype I'd is simharnz I need 7 in each module so please let practice hard for it in order to attain desired score


Writing task1 2 bar charts of workers in agriculture, industry and services sector in Germany, USA Japan and China

Task 2 children committing crime, reasons and solution

Any one finished Ielts exam of 2nd August, please let me know about GT writing task 1 & 2

Please guys can you share your today's ********General exam paper questions? ******* Especially writing task 1 & 2.I'm going to sit for the exam today with big hopes.
Love you all!
All the best for everyone.

Please anyone has done general Ielts exam on 2 august please share questions

hi,any one appearing on 16th aug?

Pls share gt writing task question !!!!

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