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Anyone know 21 jan reading test Passage

Hello, Everyone please add me on Iielts group +919646474147
I m going to attend ielts exam in march. Please help how can i speake well.

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Hı everybody. I'm gonna attend Ielts. Could you add me the group. +905360244204

hello i have my test in barcelona the 24th february so if someone is taking the test here in Barcelona can you tell me please what questions did you have?

hello everyone
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please anyone there who give ielts exam on feb 11.

Hello everybody!
I'm having General IELTS on 16th February in Azerbaijan. Is here anybody who booked the same day but in earlier time zone than UTC +4?

Hi... is there anyone taking ielts on 26-02-17 in Uk?

If you have an exam on 16th February join to this group

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Hi,Everyone,i will have an academic exam on March 18th,Could you joint me to your group?Thanks.

hello my test is on march 4 please add me on whats group india +918288825620

hi friends, i also have my exam on march 18
iam going to write acadamic.
my reqirement is 7 in all
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plz friends help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
any one of u plz add meeeeeeeeee
thank u sooomuch in advance

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Hi everyone. I will take IELTS academmic on 18 February 2017. Could you please add me your whatsapp group? +905304304676

please add me on IELTS group

I have exam on 16 Feb ...
Is anybody else have exam on same date ?
Plz contact especially from Australia or Dhaka side country

I have exam on 16 Feb
Anyone else have exam on same date?

I have exam on 16 Feb
Anyone else have exam on same date?
Please contact

Anna and rav..
Join whatsapp group for 16

hi all ,

i need to get 7 in IELTS any idea or some technique to get this score please ?

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Hi my name is Subash, ill take GT on 16 Jan, add me in your whatsup group. 0096560061890

Hi my name is TOM, ill take GT on 16 feb , add me in your whatsup group. +420608850099

Hi everybody! Is here anybody who is taking ielts on 25 february?

Who took ielts today please share questions there anyone frm Uk giving ielts in march..please let me know


I'm Touhid. plz add me in whats app.
my number is +8801681524535

Hello everybody ! Hopefully all of you are fine. I am going to attend IELTS exam on 11th Feb. Please add me to your group , so far we can discuss & share. My no is +971552146000

Hi! I noticed that so 1 frm feb test takers shared their questions.pls share! Tnx!

What a
group are u taiking about ?and how can i ?

Hi all!
I'm taking IELTS speaking exam on February, 15. Could you please share questions with me ? General Exam will be on Feb 16. Pls help if you can. 00994504230911

+380637118585 guys I need a help with speaking questions please add me

please let me in WhatsApp!!! I'll sit for test on 25th Feb. Thank you!!!

Hi senti thomas
I have booked ielts academic for the same date in would U like to contact.?

if u r interested doing some practice....saba09363@gmail is my email.

All the best

please add me to your conversation. I'm from Sri Lanka and i'm going to sit next 16th February 2017 in Sri Lanka for IELTS exam. Anyone knows 21st of January IELTS exam papers and answers.Please help me.

my contact number +94774902992


I have exam on 16th February. If someone has at the same day and if there is a group plz add me

11 febr ielts. PLZ add me whatsup +447404036496

Hi teacher Simon thank you very much for kind help my exam was 21 Jan I make same mistakes before , I will make my exam again 11 feb Iam afraid from exam and I need help how to start study

please anyone have the ebook please send because i do not have any method to pay the fee. my email is (

if anyone have ielts whatsup group so please add me
my number is (00923348022548)

Hey everyone, I am taking IELTS exam on 11h February in USA. Please share recent exam question of all part. Is anyone giving test from USA on 11th feb?

hey, could u add me to the group? +48698470497

Hi, I will attend IELTS on coming March 4 in China, I want to join a whatsapp number is 15504613497

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I have participated speaking part on 6th february in tashkent
Can you tell me your full name
Where do you live
Do you use public trabsport
Might public transport increase in the future?
Would you prefer single best friend or many friends?
Part 2
Describe a historical event that you considered important
Where and when
Who played a vital role
How do you know about it
Why do you think it is important
Museums are important?
Should be museums be free
Why do you think it should be free
In future what might be seen in museums?
Now what kind of items are saved in museum?

Hi Simon my Ielts result is permanently withheld. It is unfair descision as I haven't engaged in any malpractice or cheating. Is there is anything that i can do ? I really cannot afford it anymore especially that i need to travel a long distance in order to retake it . Any advice plz

please add me to the whats app group chat +972546334862

Hi frieds


I've never heard about a result being permanently withheld before. You really need to complain to your test centre and ask for an explanation. I'm really sorry to hear about this - it seems very strange and unfair.

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please add me to your group

Hi, i am appearing in ietls exam tomorrow. any help will be appreciated.

hi folks,
i am having my IELTS General test on 4th of March,accordingly , i am creating wht'sapp group discussion , please if any one interested add me +201069190671


Hi guys
My exam is on 11th feb plz add me in whatsapp group.

Hi friends and Simon. I will have an academic exam on 11 february 2017. I have only 20 hours for the exam. I am worriying about it, now. So, If someone take ielts before me, help me, writie writing themes and listening reading answers which is you remembered, Please. Could someone help me?

I'm from Uzbekistan

Please add me in whats app group

Hi everyone, please add me to this group +27812691285

Hi, anyone with General Training test answers for 11 Feb 2017?

Please add me in groups for test dates 11 Feb 2017 and 4th March 2017. General Training

please add

I am going to attend IELTS on upcoming March,So please add to your group.
Contact No: +8801711937644

Did someone took IELTS test today`s one. Let's share our answers!!!

please write what was topoc for task 2 writing urgently. i am going in

Yeah, I am going in too

i will be in 5 minutes please write it quickly

Where are you from, Ed?

Briefly, it was 'students are living and studying away from home / agree or diagree'
I took a test in Korea, hope it can be helpful to you guys
And good luck!

How about Task1, Listening Reading

Task 1 wasnt that difficult, chart about food and goods were bought in three europian countries in 1998 and 2008.
Reading, well I cant remember all.. its about bridge physics(?) and language (minority and majority)

Could you tell me about answers Listening Reading?

Which is you remembered

Anyone who took IELTs today please share writing tasks and listening please also anything you remember for general training module


Did you get the same question as seowon? M going to take an exam on feb16. Hoping someone will help like seowon

Ielts listenning
1. Thompson
2. 19 July(19.07.1978 but it was required no more than 2 words and a number thus I wrote 19 July maybe I did wrong help with this)
6.Color blind
cant recall the rest but answered to all questions

part 2
people killed
cant remember the rest was very difficult
predict future I put middle -agged
Scary I put Blu??
Dont kno whats going on Heroine
Town HAll
part 3
I chose the following
1. people reaction
2. realism
3 to community
4.dont remember
5.Olympic logo
rest part easy
1. abstract images
2. Flowing water
3. Colorful food
4. landscape
5. dont remember
part 4
learning behaviour
dont remember the rest but it was easy
please share with me your ideas and answers

For reading general
i have one doubt was it 'working week' or?

also laboratories

Hello Tik,
The name is Tackson, not Thompson.

Hello Tik,

It is ok to write the date by numbers, because they didn't mention how many numbers should we use. Anyway I wrote 19-07-1978.

Hi Nad are u sure? She clearly spelled THOMPSon I remember it.
What about section 2 answers ? Are the rest please share

Is 19 July a wrong answer?
Also, what about section 2 ?
And section 3 anything you remember please share

Hello Tik,
19 July is totally right.
the name is Tackson , I'm sure.
I don't remember any answer from sec 2 and 3 as they were multi choice. But what you wrote are right in sec 2 and 3

Waiting more share plz from all people.

Thanks Nad.
So u chose the same answers in section 2 and 3?
Please guys be pro active
Do you remember the rest section 4 answers?

Btw I took test in Armenia

Sorry, I remember only one answer from part 4:


What was the last answer in GT reading Nad, "computerised records"??

Anyone who took test today in the UK and whose listening section 4 was on people working night shifts? Please share your answers.

Hello guys,

Please share listenning answers

Hi Tik! Which country did you take the exam?

Hi Poly
I have already mentioned Armenia
Please share your answers

what was writing Task-2 question

Buying more second-hand things and less new ones

GT - writing task 1 - writing Task 1
your chlid have a day off from school write a letter to head teacher of the school
describe for family celebration event
tell why it is important for chlid?
suggest how he can caught up with missed lessons?


Nowadays people purchase few new things and more intereste to buy second-hand things.
Describe positive and negative trend.

In some countries, people purchase few new things and more second-hand things.
What are the causes?
Is this a positive or negative trend in your opinion?

Speaking for GT was to speak about mirrors.
Do many times i look at the mirror.
What do i think about the mirror?
Is it a nice decoration, and what it gives to the room?

Cue card was about restaurant service experience. When i received a good customer service, where it was, what ocassion.

GT - UK.

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