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I atten exam on first time coming murch 24th so please say anything tips

24 February (Hong Kong) Academic module

A complain of an air fright company
A gardening plant position map
A future city environment

tea import to different countries
Children behavior experiment
About Whale (sorry, I just read the question)

Writing task 1
The bar chart show the percentage of consumed the amount of recommendation fruit and vegetable in UK

provided 3 years information (2002,2006,2010) and 3 types of people (men, women and Children)

Writing task 2
Nowadays, some employers thought formal academic qualifications are important than life experiences and personal qualities when they look for employees. Why is this trend? Is it positive or negative?

part 1
what is your full name?
How do I call you?
Are you working or are you a student?
Do plan to be on a boat someday?
Do you think you could buy a boat in future?
Do you think Hong Kong people use the boat to transport?

cue card
What is the name of the book?
What is it talk about?
how the book influence on you?

part 3
book and film question
1. what do you think about young and older like to read which type of book?
2. Do you think Hong Kong people like to read"Harry porter"?
3. Do you watch hero film?would you prefer to read the book or to watch the film?
4. What is the different when you read the book first?

I am sorry about some missing question and may be some of them are not accurate. Thank you Simon. This blog is great and helpful.

who has his exam next month on 24 March I need you to share your writing topics with the speaking questions please.

Yes my exam on 24th March

yes my exam on 24th march

plz send to me some writing task 1 and 2 samples for 7 band

What can you do if exam is on 24th march 2018

Do you have a magic stick with you


Hello visitors,
I've got some good advice from this website and the videos and other stuff. I had my speaking part today March 02.
Part 2 question was:
Tell us about an advertisement that you find effective.
What was it about?
Where did you see it?
Why it was a good ad.?

Part 3 was an extension to part 2 and it asked about advertisements affects on children?
Is it good to increase them?
What is the right age for children to be exposed to ads?
Is it good to address children on advertisements?

03/03/2018 Malaysia Academic
Writing task 2:some people think that new houses should be built in the same style as the existing houses in that area, some people think that people should build their houses in any style they like. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Speaking part 2: describe an event that you had to be polite. Some of the part 3 questions were discussed in this blog before. And I described a classcical music event, I am not sure that my answer is acceptable or not.

thank you so much. please as soon as you finish the exam write what u got for writing task one and two.

and I will too.

Please guys, anyone taking the exam tomorrow, please share task 1 and 2 academic, as soon as you can.

Hello guys, I want a partner to practice with him/her for the speaking section,I am from Cairo,Egypt and I don't know if i can post any info about me in this comment, but if Simon allows, my email is shiccorama at gmail.

10/03/2018 India Academic
Writing task 1 Diagram about sheep's wool processing
Writing task 2 Some individual do activities which considered as crime and antisocial behavior, society is tend to blame in general.
What are the causes for this behaviour?
Who is the responsible for their behaviour?
Reading section1 - Australia's Dentist
Section 2- Stress
Section 3- English World
All the best guys

My exam is on 14th April .. suggest me writing and speaking topics

who has his exam on 24 March in Australia, I need you to share your writing topics with the reading and listening topic please.

who has exam (Academic model)on 24 March in Australia, I need you to share your writing topics with the reading and listening topic, After the exam directly please.

Speaking topic for long turn
1: a website that you use frequently
2: Your favourite plant
Discussion question
1.why youngsters are choosing to work in MNC rather than sectors like agriculture? you think the internet will replace teachers? per recent trait which methodology of reading is much popular, either books or E-books? your country how birthdays are celebrated?which particular year do people celebrate more?

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