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UK- 29/09/18 - Academic

Part 1- what you do, all about my work
Where do you spend your free time, how, with whom?

part 2- A method you are using to get concentration on your studies.

part 3- All about concentration, different situations concentration needed, for example driving, work place etc.


・Do you work or study and all about my work(dislike, like, improvement)
・Do you often go to a park?(like, open park or athletic park, improvement)
・Do you like shoes?(why, what kind of shoes do you like and why)

Part2:Describe a lectures or seminars which you have attended.
・who and when
・where and what kind of
Why do you remember,,,?or something like that question

Part3:About a good speaker and a good listeners, Is it important for people having confident when they speak and why? How people can have confident when they speak etc.

Hi guys.
My writing topic Task 2:
Money for postgraduate research is limited, therefore, some people think financial support from governments should be provided only for scientific research rather than less useful subjects. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Task 1.
Average retirement age in 7 countries. Two chart for male and female.

Speaking task.
Where do you live?
What kind of music do you dislike?
Cooking at home?
Task 2: A complaint you made and you satisfied.
Task 3: More question about complaint, Why? Who do more complaint: young or old people?
What psychology of complaint? Tough question!!!

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