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listning was easy but i m confuse in some spelling like mould and mold which one is right!! Can any one tell me ?

amrita, answers is not in order. I just wrote what I could remember, and yes there was a museum! Conserning mould, I am not sure whether american spelling of word is accepted as right. Maybe Simon could clarify on that point. All the best!

american words may be correct or not in ielts listing

can anyone tell me ?

sory i m using this site frst tym so i did not know about that now i know and yes i know more answers like smoke and yes confidence is ryt or confident bcoz i m not sure what was the question

and yes 3rd one answer is Fifth

listening ans are very helpful ..can you please post more ans listening and reading as well

It would be hewlpful for all of us :)

I want answers

I want answers 24 may 2018

Please share if anybody has the ans key of reading and litening of 24th may 2018

Just passed my speaking exam in Baku, Azerbaijan, it was about public transport


Please add me 9041887324

Please you can tell me, in exam same topics available in India?

Some advocate that tenured employees should be prioritized to promotions. However, others, on the other hand, believe that priority is to be given to more skilled and qualified workers. to what extent do you agree or disagree?

hello my name is daven i will be very happy if some one can help me with the questions of 27 april qatar

omg I have general test on june 29th, and I haven't study at all XD
Is it hard to get overall score 4.5?

Can u tell me answers of reading test on 7 june

Hi everyone. Who take Ielts on 23 of june? Please send me an email

Hi guys, I am new to this. is there any possibility to get same questions in different time zones/?

Pls guys help me

Hi. Is there any Candidate who take IELTS ON 2 of june?
Please send me an email before sit at exam ( )

Academic IELTS

Describe the place what you are currently living at?
What kind of music do you listen?
Do you listen to music when you are studying or working?
Do people listen to the same music that people used to listen in the past?
Do you think music will change in the future?

Describe an important event that you celebrated,
Who you celebrated with,
In which place did you celebrate,
Describe why it was an important event.

Why do people celebrate events?
What kind of event do you celebrate?
Is it important to have a large number of people at an event?
Why people invite large numbers of people to weddings?
How could be ensured an event is successful.
Are international events positive for countries?
What are negative aspects of international events in countries?
What could put in danger countries holding an international event?

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