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@ LeeSung . which country u taking exam plz provide me email and whtapp number

Post everything today as soon as u finished the exam

Hi, is there anyone taking ielts exam today on Jan 14 in Australia or Asia. I am taking today here in Sweden. 1

I took exam on 7th Jan.writing Task 1 was about the chart that shows the average minimum and maximum levels of two pollutants co2 and so2 in 4 big cities:Beijing, calcutta, mexico city, and los angeles.
I still don't understand how to organise the comparison of 4 kinds : minimum, maximum, so2, co2 of 4 cities only in one year.

Who did the exam today
Please share your answers

To join whatsapp group for 21th of January add me


I'll create a web of information

When you have your exam , which version and country please. I have my exam academic on 21 January in the UK.

Today 14th of January exam in the UK

Listening answers

Section 1 (removal company)

Section 2 (new shopping center)
- buy the land
- display art work
- proud of blind signs
- **i don't remember
-**i don't remember
- Few entertainment as there is in the city already
- map location of stuff in the shopping center 4questions

Section 3 (mosquitoes nest)
- From an administrator
- Egypt
- a (soliders) or b (it was very dangerous)
- owners have to buy them
- **i don't remember
*Part 2
- investment opportunity
- **i don't remember
- ** i don't remember
- production output

Section 4 ( languages)
- Ordinary
- "*i don't remember
- Greek
- Children
- uncommon
- **i don't remember
- Complex
- mixer
-** i don't remember
-**i don't remember

IELTS exam in the UK 14th of January
Academic IELTS
task 1 was a linear graph about banana sales in 4 countires from 1994 to 2004
Task 2 an essay about consumer goods advantages and disadvantages ?

Aisha, woow, great job! Love u )

Hi all and simon,

I did academic Ielts exam yesterday and on writing part 2 the topic was about :

Some people think that ''consumer goods'' have become an important things in our life. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Could you please discuss about this topic on writing task 2 discussion?

The writing ielts part 1 topic about :
a line graph about the price of bananas in four different countries (Japan, Germany, France and USA) from 1994 to 2004.

The speaking test :
Part 1,
About study :
What is your subject
Why do you choose that subject
About chocolate
Do you like chocolate
Why do you like chocolate
When do you give someone chocolate

Part 2 about an event

Part 3
About how to organised

The reading topic :
part 1 about Global warming
Part 2 about children learning process
part 3 about the author of pirates book

I don't really remember the answer
but overall the topic is not really hard to answer

Hey mrt we will create whats ap group for24 jan academic my number

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Hi Dita,
Do you remember anything from reading answers ??

Hi everyone! I am having an exam on 11 th of February? those who are taking on the same day, lets create a whatsapp group. my phone +905535096242

A recent (14th January in Melbourne) essay question part 2 (Academic): In schools and universities, girls tend to choose arts while boys like science. What are the reasons and do you think this trend should be changed?

What was the question module of second passage of reading?
Can anyone recall it please.
1.Yes.No.Not Given
3.Fill in the blanks.

hello anyone know about the answers of listening test which one held on 14 jan 2017 india

hi guys pls add me in your whats up group my number is +639364415003 ill be taking the exam this jan 21 for the LRW. THANKS!

Hi, my name is mely, I will take academic ielts in January 21. Please add me in whatsapp group, my number is +628159839934. Thanks

Hi my name is vishal i will take academic ielts in jan 21 Add me in wahtsapp group my name is 8058083489

Hi my name is TOM, ill take GT on 21 Jan, add me in your whatsup group. +420608850099

21 Jan 2017 exam

You can join our what's up group on:


Thank you, but i cant do this because i have Nokia (not smartphone) and this link is not opening my whatsapp app. Can someone invite me. Thanks

Hi, can anyone add me to the group - +84964121190, I can not access from the link below. Thank you.

Anyone taking academic exam on January 21st in Brandon, Manitoba?

hi my name is yash,i will take academic on 21 jan plz add me to the group 9818049494

hi everyone i need your help guys to sort out with reading how can i handle with this ?

Hello everyone...
This is Hardik
i have exam on 11 feb (ac & british counsil)
plz add me in groupmy number is= +919408215120


Hi anyone from P. I . , taking an exam on January 21?

I did AC IELTS on the 14th of January - UK
And I would like to share what I remember from reading answers

*Passage 1(Ski resorting and Global warming)
#Questions 1-4
- True
- False
- NG (they loose £number million in 2002)
#Questions 5-8
I don't remember

#Questions 9 -13
Connect science name w what he said

* Passage 2 (learning by doing errors, wood blocks)
#Questions 14 - 17
- NG (teacher should learn student to listen)
- Yes (success in achieving task was more with younger age)
- Yes (teacher was not helping students)
- No
# Questions 18 to 22 (Full gabs)
- metals
- individually
- i don't remember
-i don't remember

* Passage3 (Priates)
# Questions 23 to 27
-No (sales was nothing)
- Yes

# Questions 28 to 32(Multiple choice)
- research very well done
- the movies airfiy the picture of parets

# Questions 33 to 40 (Full Gaps)
- retired sailor
- Commitment business
- worldwide traveller
- knowledge of ---
- i don't remember the remaining

If anyone remember any more answers, please share

Hi my name is Dilber , ill take GT on 21 Jan, add me in your whatsup group.

Hi aisha
Don't have a words for your amazing memory. Wish everyone had a memory like you.
I have my exam this coming Saturday, how can I contact you to take some tips and guidance.
If you don't mind

Hi. a friend wrote that the writing 2 question of 14th of January exam is "Some people think that ''consumer goods'' have become an important things in our life. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?"

The more correct one is: "Some people think that ''consumer goods'' have become MOST important things in their life. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

can someone be my speaking parther please?
my exam is on 11th february 2017
especially girls please.
my email is

Can anyone join me on whatsaap for speaking my test is on 11 of feburary my number is (92)03075639541

My exam was on 14 jan 2₩17 india idp
listening answers
1 Age
2 21.50£
3 4.50£
4 parking
7 i dont remember
9 i dont rembr
10 i dont rembr
13 donkeys
14 6$
31 to 40
insects ..heat ..volcanic dust..sunlight .honey .medicines ..sea ..

Can anyone join me on whatsapp for English language improvement please, My whatsapp contact no: +92-333-287-0297



Hi all and Simon,

First of all I want to say a massive and tremendous thanks for this amazing blog.

I did IELTS Academic exam on 7th January 2017 and I've got overall 6.5 with L:6,5 R:7 W:6 S:6. It feels surreal because I only had 2 weeks for study and preparation and I was stuttering during speaking test but I managed to stay calm and relaxed during the last sessions and the examiner seemed interested with my answers.

It was hard but anything is possible, again thank you Simon for your time and dedication to create this blog, especially for IELTS takers out there.

Hi my Name is Jagjeet singh.. I will take GT On 11 feb.. plzz add me in group .. my number is+919216040009

anyone has exam today in Australia? please update the writing test as soon as u finish the test. It would help many other candidates in different countries. Many thanks!


+61 426695384, appearing the GT on 11 Feb , add me to the group if you guys can.

Are you taking the exam on 11 th February? Join this whatsapp group by link.

Hi Guys, can anyone post answers of GT 21st Jan? Listening module was really difficult in this one. Thanks in advance for your help.

Any listening answers for 21 please

Task 1 jellyfish islands in 1990 and now without road
Task do new parents need a parenting course to brought up their children to what extent do you agree or disagree


Please share answers for map and plants matching headings

Please share answers for general reading 21st January

Listening part 4


HI Simon!
I'm NaRuTo from Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
21.01.2017, Today I had pass IELTS exam.

In Writing Task 1 There were two map and should compare information where in one map given situation on Juneville Island in 1990 and in second map illustrated nowadays situation and changes.

In Writing Task 2 was ' New parents should be attend a parenting course to learn how to bring up their children well. To what extent do you agree or disagree?”

I think that i got out of topic. May you give some ideas how it should be writen?
Thank you for attention!

PS: Are there someone, who took IELTS Exam today, please share your answers on Listening and Reading. Because Listening was a bit harder and Reading I think was really hard

I think reading first topic

1- not given
2- true
3- false
4- true

If I remember
I don't know exactly their places but first one not given and there are two true and one false

Could you tell me about IELTS Exams test materials. For example, Today I took exam in tashkent and someone took ielts in Australia. Did we the same test?

hello NaRuTo, i have taken ielts today in UK and i think we got the same questions in writing.. yes reading was indeed difficult and confusing, specally passage 3... guys plz share answers of reading and listening.. thank you.

I sat the test in Nottingham and the task 2 question was that, How international sports has impact on the world peace. Awkward indeed... Task 1 was an apology letter to my boss that the company documents had been stolen from me.

Hello! I had my GT today in Baku. Listening part was surprisingly hard. Is there anyone who remembers correct answers of the section with sport facilities plan description? Tennis court, swimming pool, fitness, changing room, etc.

Hello everyone
My exam topic for speaking (in canada)
Describe an occasion where u were excited to do an activity for the first time

And writing topic was
Some people agree to use of animals for human purposes while other argue to use for human purposes.

Hi, Ivette! I had the same topics for WT1 and WT2 here in Baku. In fact, both topics were very easy to write.

Yesterday exam-21/01/17
task 1- your bag is stolen write the letter to your office manager and told him about the important document..
What the important document is
How it was stolen
why that important was important to you

TASK-2 is international event contribute in world peace

Listening was tough. Map was a bit fine.

Hi anyone frm the Philippines. Done taking ielts.GT exam plss give some tips or exam is on feb 11..thank you



I had trouble for reading passage 2. (tatoo in polynesia ). What have you written in the image's gaps? my answers: Dye , coconut Sheel , soot

Anyone can add me on whatssapp for ielts takers group 09274114416 plsss tenku

please share the answer of 21 academic

Please share some invaluable information about reading. Because I have some problems from reading passage

Anyone can add me on whatsapp for IELTS takers group +998933930388
Thank you very much

Hi everyone :)
I am talking my first Ielts exam on 8/4/2017 I need help please how to do task 1-2 in writing and how to do passages :\ can I have some help here please

Thank You :)

please who can help me by using her/his phone number I am confused, afraid, and lost how to start in studying .....please answer me :)


hi. im going to take my academic ielts soon. i need someone for speaking practice. add me on whats app. thank u.+639165881009

+966(0531688474) please text me for helping me and please add me on IELTS group :)


For the images in the reading 2 (about tattoos)
I think they were pigment/balls/coconut shell
Wing bone/ heart wood

what about sleeping disorder I think
fourth one I don't remember

fourth one is
I miss two I may be its grooming or dialogue
in 1st section


Section 1:

Section 4:

Q37 not sure I wrote grooming, but I doubt whether it is correct.

Is that GT answers?

LISTENING few answers as I remember it:

Section 1

Section 4:

Folded to newspapers

GT Reading few answers as I remember:

Section 2, Parking:

1st October
The nominated contractor
Pre-arranged tickets

Current vacancies

Assessment techniques
Benefits page

Section 3, Vertical Farming


Hello, Simon!

First of all, thank you very much for your kind help and all useful information you compiled here on your web-site. It is indeed very helpful.

I have a question with regard to WT1 of the recent GT - your bag with important documents was stolen. Write a letter to your manager...

The greeting of the letter was Dear ... so I wrote Dear Mr. Johnson, however at the end of the letter instead of writing Yours sincerely, I mistakenly indicated Yours faithfully which I know is not correct when you know name of the person you address your letter to. Will there be a penalty because of this mistake?

Thank you in advance!

Speaking test (23 Jan) topics:

Part 1
Introduce yourself
Do you work or study?
Do you like working hard?
What about house work, such as cleaning, washing, dusting, etc.? Do you do any house work?
What is the house work that you don't really like?
When you were a child did you help at home?
Do you think it is important for children to help their parents at home? Why?

Part 2
Describe a house or apartment that you like.
Say where this house is, whose house it is.
Why you like it?
When you were there?
... Would you like to live in a house like that?

Part 3
Do you think it is good for adult children to stay with their parents?
Tell me about energy that being used in your buildings.
Are there any alternative types of energy that could be used?
Do you think that government should control construction of buildings? and why is it important?
Do you think that government should provide houses to poor people?

I think that is it. If I remember anything else I will add later.

speaking (some more questions I remembered)

Do you have an object which you take out with your every day? What it is and why you need it?
Is there a different thing that you take out with you in the evening?

Don't worry too much about putting "yours faithfully" - this won't really affect your score.

Hi .... please I need help how to solve passages :)

Hi ,could you tell me academic ielts reading answers of exam 21 January ..(india)

Any body please share the answers of reading test of 21 jan 17..

Simon, thank you very much for your response. Much appreciated!

My best regards.

Can any body tell me answer of 21?

Which is the correct answer the nominated contractor or the contractor?

Also, I have written ticket:(

Plz friends, give conformation to me regarding this site, is there any chance to repeat IELTS from other countries
Iam planing to give my Ielts acadamic on march 4 in hyd. Is there any whats app group plz add me.
7702314817 is my number.

1.21. 2017
Part 2 describe a time when you are not allowed your mobile phone.
how did you feel

Part 3.
Do young generation and old generation use the mobile phone in the same way?

When learning English, is watching TV or movies helpful?

What kinds of TV program do you watch?

please post listening and reading anwsers of ielts academic india exam 21st january please...............................

listening part1 jan 21
one answer i forget
listening sec 2
ccaa multiple choice questions first 4 questions
and next 6 questions are are matching i do good in this section
listening section 3
chemistry lab
explain experiment
next seminar
26 th november
last three are mcq
listening sec 4
11 months
railway track
bar code
negative these are listening anwsers of india academic please check and any wrongs please comment
and reading
sec 1
human behaviour
and 1 st blank is 2 answers i dont remined
and last 2 answer i dont remained
i dont remained
4 months
body mass
i dont remained last 2 anwsers
3 mcq
please comment answer if you remained
2.not given
5.not given
please post answers if you remained
writing task1 table
task 2
if you plannedtown parks and sports facilities rather than shopping malls agree or dis agree
speaking part1 watches,indoorgames
part2 two people in same family
part 3 families
so please comment your anwsers if you know....

any one know the name of reading pessages phani in you're listening many question u answer are worng

can you post the correct anwsers gh which are wrong
these are correct anwsers i ask so many numbers

Can anyone join me on whatsaap for speaking my test is on 11 of feburary my number is (91)9744675653, also kindly add me on whatssapp for ielts takers group

Anyone know about reading answers of 14 january

Can any 1 give me suggestions for improving mu reading skills ???
I do the same mistake again n again does any 1 have ielts trainer book who can send me on my email id

Hello everybody ! Hopefully all of you are fine. I am going to attend IELTS exam on coming March end. Please add me to your group , so far we can discuss & share. My no is +8801871589609

hello, Everyone please add me on IELTS group +919815131603

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