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Saturday, August 25, 2018


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Hi everyone. I just took the test today but didn't do very well in Academic writing section, especially task 1. I ran out of time and did not complete task 1. The last paragraph needed 2 more sentences (I followed Simon's essay structure). So can anyone give me an estimated score for task 1 with my average score for task 1 was 6-6.5. I know I can't do anything to change the results but to wait for it, but at least it can help me to calm down and prepare next steps. Thank you!

so aggressive language , seems Simon has personally experienced it.



let it all out Simon, let it all out.
we are on your side:)

But anyway, an excellent answer and it contains many awesome phrases.

I did let my imagination run free for this one! Luckily I don't go to that gym!

Thank you so much. What a great letter!

thank you

thank you for your letter simon. it is great. while comparing to my letter in real ielts exam, yours look like novel. i admire you :)

In a part of a sentence "some form of compensation for members", is the word "form" right? I think it should be "forms".

he li

"Some" here is being used in the sense of "one but unspecified" so is followed by a singular noun (as in some-one, some-thing, some person): meaning #4 here:


2) "some form of compensation" is by far the more common:



3) "some forms of compensation" is possible if we are discussing or comparing various different types.

Overall, Simon is saying the members deserve compensation, but is not insisting on one particular type, or dictating exactly what form this should take. For example, either a partial refund, or free training, or free towels - it does not matter as long as there is some type of compensation.

@Beyonce Thank you for taking the time to make the detailed explanation

I think GT writing 1 is much harder than academic writing 1.

Hi Simon, i am following your page since 2014. I also recommend my friends to follow ur page. Do u have any ebook for gt writting part 1? This is my email: uzzalcu@yahoo.com. Please reply me

Hi Ussal,

I don't have an ebook for GT task 1, but I've made some video lessons that cover everything you need to know about it.

Look for the GT task 1 videos near the bottom of the page linked below:


is the spelling of mold is correct????

Hi Simon! Can u please solve my query . we usually write " I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction". Can i use word ' manifest' in place of 'express' in this context?


"mould" is the British spelling, and "mold" the American spelling (according to my dictionary).



No, I wouldn't use 'manifest' there. It seems too strange - nobody would really write that.

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