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Monday, July 30, 2018


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Hi that must be c. Because the passage discuss different people

The answer should be C because this article indeed discuss "Who invented the cinematograph".

A - A more popular version of EVENTS = telling stories?

could be C as well- There is much to...identity of its inventor.

I think the answer is C.


The answer is C -> "It was invented in the 1890s, but there is much dispute as to the identity of its inventor."

Hey friends, I'm having difficulty with the question type of matching headings, T/F/NG and Y/N/NG. The main problem is that all these types require an understanding of the overall meaning of the passage, not just to find synonyms. Sometimes, I'm very confused :((

Does anyone have tips to overcome these questions? I"ll be grateful to hear

I Prefer B as Answer.


The correct answer should be C because this paragraph describes possibilities of the patent of cinematograph.


C= the first conceptualized the idea (what is cinematograph)

I think it would be B


Main idea is who coined the term "cinematograph" .So option C

My answer is C.

Simon sir,
This type of question requires good comprehension skill in IELTS reading. Sir,is there any technique to find out answer of this type of question? I am not confident to answer such type of question.

I suppose that the answer is C. We can know it from the first paragraph.


C coz the article focuses on who is the inventor.


i think it is c , as it is discussed about different persons


The answer is C- the identity of its inventor

I watched 'Sortie de l'usine Lumière de Lyon' on youtube.
It is interesting to learn about the film history.

It should be C for the answer

I think the answer should be B, anyway is a question sentence allowed to be a title? If it is then i choose C.


It must be A.

thanks for sharing


I choose C


c is correct,because this text is discussing about different possible inventors,not invention process or introduction of this device.

It MUST be C. According to the last sentence of paragraph 1(but there is much dispute as to the identity of its inventor)... certainly it’s talking about SOMEONE:)

i think C is correct.



The key sentence is this one:
"there is much dispute as to the identity of its inventor"

Paragraphs 2 and 3 are about different theories regarding who invented it.


I think the answer is C

It seems like "c" is the right answer.


C is my answer.


I think it is c which is the best answer with a short paragraph.

would you please tell me, where I can find the right answers?

Thank you.


As like majority of the commenters, I would say it is "C". The main idea of this article is indicating of the creator of this device.

My answer is C

where i get right answer for this passage question ?


If u read the given comments above, u could see the simon's answer for this question.


The answer is C

The rules of matching heading,you can see the answer from the first two to three lines or the first paragraph of a write up

More so,the bone of contention is who did invent the cinematograph


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