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Sunday, July 22, 2018


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Dear Peter,
Thank you very much for inviting me to your birthday party, absolutely I'll come along as we didn't catch up recently.As I had such this party last week I have some suggestion to make it as memorable as we can. it is better to invite your close friends with a dj and of course it could be thoroughly enjoyable if you invite a singer.More over,you could cook out whether your party is at your place or it's somewhere else.
It is a birthday party so,normally we can have a party with friends.By inviting our friends you probably have a memorable time.I'm sure it would be great.
If you're going to do as I suggest, it is better to have it in a garden as it is far away from humanity and we needn't be worry about the neighbors.
I wish you the best and a happy birthday.
All the best,

Dear my best friend.

I am very appreciated for inviting me to your special 40th birthday party next month. I would love to join in and help you out through the big day.

I know you have not decided on your party plan. I have some suggestions to organise your special day. I understand it is not easy to have a party at home.

Firstly, You could hire an ocean view beach house with a pool from my friend. My friend Lisa has the house and does a catering business as well. The home has a big open living space and deck on the ground floor, and it has a beautiful lawn in the garden. Its very friendly area for little children. You can invite a maximum of 50 people, and there is enough car park space along the park next to the house. Secondly, she can organise your party food and drinks for your guests, and you do not need to worry about anything. Also, you do not need to clean all mess after the party. If you want to stay overnight, 15 guests can sleepover. Finally, she will give you a reasonable price for the party.

If you like the idea of your party, please let me know as soon as possible. I will contact her and organize the party for you.

Best wishes


Dear Simon,

I have a question regarding the order of phrases in our sentences. Could you please discuss that shortly in one of your daily lessons.

For example suppose that we have the followings:
- dress codes
- good reasons
- certain professions

and the sentence is:

I believe that dress codes still exist for good reasons in certain professions.

Can the sentence be changed as:

- I believe that, for good reasons, dress codes still exist in certain professions.

- I believe that in certain professions, dress codes still exist for good reasons.

- ...

It could be great if you give us some comments on this.


@ Mahdi

Normal word order in English is Subject Verb Object Manner Place Time (SVOMPT)
Some adverbs (especially of frequency) are usually placed between subject and verb (as in this sentence). Also question words such as "how" may head the sentence. Apart from this moving adverbs to another position may be done to put a short adverb before a long adverbial phrase, but we DO expect the object to follow IMMEDIATELY after the verb. (So don't split the verb and object.) Word order is important for comprehension in English as the language is largely un-inflected. Contrast for example Russian where word order is much freer as relationships are indicated by the endings of the words.

There are certain special cases which are a hang-over from Old and Middle English where the verb comes as the second item in the sentence:

In modern English, there are roughly at least four or five reasons for straying from the "normal" word order:
a) for emphasis: "I believe that, for good reasons, dress codes..."

b) to put the old or already known information first and the new information last: I believe that for good reasons in certain professions dress codes still exist .

c) to put a short phrase first and a long phrase later: The incumbent President solemnly swore to properly uphold henceforth the office of the president and the dignity of that position, and stop tweeting. (Note we have slipped "henceforth" between the verb and the object: this is seldom done: perhaps a better alternative would be ...to henceforth properly uphold the office....)

d) Adverbs of frequency usually precede the verb.

e) Comment and linking adverbs often start the sentence.

@ Mahdi

One-word adverbs of manner (how it was done) often precede the verb so that a longer phrase can come last. Compare:

A) Looking down at the aged lifeless corpse, the freshly-widowed young woman quickly bade a silent, tear-free and bitter may-you-burn-in-hell to the rich old billionaire who had brought her so much grief and humiliation.

B)...woman bade a silent, tear-free and bitter may-you-burn-in-hell quickly to the rich ... [This version is liable to be misunderstood]

Dear Maham,

I am delighted and can not thank you enough for inviting me on your birthday party.

furthermore, in order to make your birthday a memorable event, I have few brilliant ideas for the party.

First and the foremost, I would suggest that you organise a rather imformal party, so that everyone can fully enjoy.

secondly, you should a fine and comfortable place, such as, Creek Club in Defence Housing Authority phase 8, it is a very relaxing place, it has a enormous garden, a large swimming pool,and fine food. also, if you would inform them, before hand, about the party and number of guests, which you have invited, then they would make all the arrangements, and trust me, you will be happy by their service.

do write back, inform me about your thoughts on my suggestions.

I look forward to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,

Dear Brian,
I'm very glad that you have invited me to come to your birthday party. After thinking, I have some considerable suggestions for the party which you may like. First, in my opinion, this should be an intimate party. Therefore, the visitors should be only close friends and family members. Second, I think your house is a suitable location for the party, which has a pool and enough space for up to 20 guests. Moreover, due to the close rapport with the guests at the party, it would be more reasonable to choose your house. Third, you should order foods and drinks from a nearby restaurant or better with employing a good cook for the party. And finally, the decoration should be well prepared. If you find it hard, I suggest Laura help you with this work or employ a profession would also be a good idea.
Send me a letter if you find these suggestions useful.
Wish you a happy birthday.
Your best friend

Dear Andrew,
It is my great honor to join your birthday party next weekend.Maybe, you are bothered about how to celebrate it in a special way.I am glad to give the advice as to how it should be celebrated.
Firstly,the place to hold the party should be taken into account.A beautiful sealand in the open ocean takes the priority as it provides the beautiful viewsight.A glorious Five-star hotel in which we could flourish the party with bingbing star-like lamps hanging inside the room and dozons of red roses decorated around the corner.The party can host 50 people at most, as is suggested to build a mini party so that people here can know everyone well.Besides,we can rent a yacht travelling on the sea, enjoying the beautiful sunset and hanging out fishing.
Send me a letter if you find these suggestions useful.
Wish you a happy birthday.
Your best friend

Dear Massarah,

I'd like to thank you for inviting me to your great birthday,I've many thoughts about your party which could be interesting for you.

By knowing you and our history together,I think that you're going to love an outdoor party with lots of candles and balloons.
Also we can choose a place with a private pool,So people can enjoy swimming while attending the party.
Hope that I helped you someway.can/t wait to see you and attend your remarkable party.
Best wishes,
your friend Shireen

Dear James,

I hope you’re doing well. I’m writing to thank you for the invitation to your upcoming birthday party. I've got a few ideas regarding how it can be made a special moment of life.

My first suggestion would be arranging professional artists like singers and dancers who can entertain the audience that night. Secondly, you should invite all of your close beings to come to the party to celebrate with you. Lastly, the cake that you will be cutting should be multi-layered and ordered from professional bakers.

I know an awesome place where you can throw a wonderful party and that would be the famous restaurant The Tree on the outskirts of the city with perfect sea views. I am suggesting this place because they are very well known for their hospitality and quality food. Also, they have a very large space available both indoor and outdoor which we can book to make the party a grand one.

I hope you will like my suggestions.

Your friend,

Dear John,

Thank you so much for your lovely birthday party invitation. I’ve no doubt that I’ll enjoy every single moment with you and others. As I know you haven’t made up your mind to come up with a party plan, I’ve some great ideas which might sound helpful.

A paintball party is one of the most fun-filled birthday party themes for youths. One of the first things you’ll need to do is to make arrangements with a paintball organizer in order to book an appropriate time. Not only all the costumes and weaponry will be provided but also they will offer you different party packages at a fair price. It is interesting to know that they will offer a free birthday cake if you have more than 20 guests. You can ask them for further information while you want to make your booking.

I know several paintball clubs in the city but the best one is called Battle Land which is located next to Vermont Lake. They have a really huge battlefield with a decent decoration. It is accessible by Bus number 21 within minutes and free parking is also available on site in case of taking there by private vehicle.

I hope you enjoy the party and happy birthday.

See you,


Hi Henry,
I am writing to thank you for asking me to join the birthday party that you are going to host. I am really excited about being there and have got you some suggestions.

I think that a party with dressing code is always popular and interesting. Since your birthday is closed to Halloween, I assume that Halloween dressing code will definitely fit your party. If you have not found the ideal place for your party, my house will be your best choice. My parent will be out of the town and I can promise them that I will make everything intact after this crazy party.

In addition, you can offer some desserts and soft drinks for your guests but not dinner, because it is much harder to clean up dinner than only desserts, especially I assume that we will be exhausted when the party is done.

Do not hesitate to tell me if you need my house to be your choice and tell me as early as possible so that I can make some arrangements. Anyway, I am looking forward to attending your birthday party. See you soon.


Hello James,

Hope I,m hereby appreciating for your invitation and hopefully to share with you some ideas and suggestions of your happybirthday celebration.

However,according to my previous birthday of last month, that's where I want to share some ideas if it can suit to you.

Firstly,the place was a bit far from the city on upper hill called x and it was nice view of the city.dress code was also compulsory and there was soft drink and barbecue.

I can't wait to hear from you and hopefuly to be part of your organizer.

Sincerely yours.

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