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Friday, April 13, 2018


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1.Yep!Very much!Although I took drawing class for only half a year, that is my happy memory.
2.I really want.But I never do it.Sometimes the intersting pictures come to my mind,I want draw them down.But when I pick the pencil,I donnot kown how to draw. I
3.Mybe 3 years ago.When I worked in Beijing alone,I always spent my weekend on art gallery or exhibition.
4.I think I want hang on some scenic or family photos which I took.

1. When I was a kid, I used to attend an art school. It was a great time. Currently, I'm quite busy person, but if I had more free time, I would definitely go there again.
2. To tell the truth, I haven't drawn for a long time. I have various hobbys and don't waste any minute of my precious free time.
3. As far as I remember, it was a year ago. I was told that our local gallery has an amazing and marvellous exbibition regarding modern vision of history. So I visited it with my pals and we were extremely delighted by its beauty.
4. Unfortunately, I don't have my own apartment, but I like to decorate my flat with reproductions of masterpieces made by well-known artists.

1. yes, i did. i was fond of drawing.
2. i draw fruits and vegetable in my spare time.
3. it was six months ago. i visited louvre museum.
4. i have landscape photos, movie posters.

1. Yes, I enjoyed much doing different types of art works such paintings, sketching and other color paper works, for instance, making flowers, drawing flags and so on.

2. Very often, especially when I get free time. Sometime I help my nephew to do school paint works.

3. It's about one year before I went an art gallery with my teacher . I spent nearly an hour as I had a research work in that art hall.

4. Okay, I usually like pictures including village scenes, butterflies, river, boulevard and also some family pictures as well.

Here is My record, hope to recieve many your comments, thank you

Please kindly find this link, Thanks

Thi is finally my record for "art" toeic,

1. No, I hated art lessons. The main reason is from my art teachers: they used to judge students' drawing on their own standards which led to my discouragement of enjoying art.

2. No. I'm not confident in drawing. Every time I pick up the pen to draw something, I always recall bad memories from my elementary art teachers and lose excitement.

3. The last time I went to an art gallery was six months ago. I went there with a friend to find him a painting for his new house.

4. I'd love to have a picture of nature scenes at home. Something like a foggy mountain in an early morning or a sunset in the ocean. Natural wonders make me feel relaxed.

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