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Sunday, April 01, 2018


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Some vocabs I collected:
1) recommend S.O for the position of X
2) having worked closely with him/her for (a period of time)
3) highly qualified
4) significant management experience
5) demonstrated exceptional organizational, team building
6) described S.O as dedicated, hardworking and enthusiastic
7) professionalism and commitment make S.O a perfect candidate for S.T
8) questions about S.O's suitability for the post
9) do not hesitate to contact S.O

Good work Nhan!

Hi Simon,
Can we begin with 'dear sir' if we are addressing to a landlord. Or is it wrong?

Modern practice is to use the addressee's name whenever possible, so probably "Dear Mr Smith" or similar.
"Dear Sir/Madam" would only used if for some reason we do not know their name.

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