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Thursday, March 29, 2018


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Dear Colleagues,
I’m going to sit for the exam on next 07th April.
I bought IELTS Cambridge Books 12, 11, 10, 09 and the last week, I ordered online IELTS Cambridge 08 and 07 for more practice. Unfortunately, the online shop has sent IELTS Cambridge Books 08 and 07 without CD/ audio tracks for the listening test. I have only one week left for the test. I emailed to Cambridge Support center also but, no reply yet.
If anyone can share with me listing practice voce record/tracks of Cambridge IELTS 08 and 07 would be a great help for me at this juncture. Also, I can share all my resources with you all. My email is: ksamantha021@gmail.com
Great help!

In 2000, business travellers spent the most amount of money per day.

Three categories of visitors are shown on the graph.

The figures of three categories fluctuated.

In 2005, the figures of business travellers are similar to the ones of tourists

ose who visit friends or relatives spent the least.


You can find audio tracks for these books online.Just search 'ielts book (number) audio'.

In 2000, spending per day by business travelers was the highest.

The graph shows 3 different types of travelers.

There is a fluctuation in the figures for all types of travelers.

In 2005, there was a similarity in the figures between business travelers and tourists.

Travelers visiting relatives and friends spent the least.

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